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Tosca is an Italian dining restaurant inside the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The restaurant offers a set lunch and set dinner option and also has an a la carte menu. Dine at this restaurant to enjoy sweeping views of Victoria Harbour. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015-24)
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Romantic Dining
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Dress code for gentlemen: beach sandals, open toe shoes, shorts and sleeveless shirts will not be appropriate. Child policy is applied to Tosca di Angelo that children aged 3 years old or above are welcome.
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12:00 - 14:30
18:30 - 21:15
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12:00 - 14:15
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12:00 - 14:30
18:30 - 21:15
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朋友生日黎到呢間向102樓的意大利餐廳食午餐搭2分鐘電梯到103樓落一層到達餐廳, 一入到餐廳就被環境吸引住, 餐廳嘅裝修高貴雅緻, 仲有一個開放式嘅廚房. 安排坐左窗口四人枱, 可以望住維港景色, 鳥瞰尖沙咀紅磡及港島.頭盤芝士配搭了番茄 加上番茄醬墊底 配搭開胃加上鯷魚羅勒另一碟半熟油甘魚一點岩岩好又味道不腥, 加上甘筍角豆非常鮮味第一道菜點左羊奶士麻花卷粉及白肉鮮魚西西里扭紋粉, 粉非常煙韌好味, 加上醬汁真絶配 主菜地中海鱸魚: 鱸魚魚肉結實,加埋番茄味道清新伊比利亞豬肉: 伊比利亞豬肉煮得啱啱好,食落口感非常軟熟甜品必點既義大利芝士蛋糕系呢到特色甜品,   系自己中意不濃酒味芝士餅, 好易入口好味道. 仲點左軟芝士脆卷,  脆口好特色, 仲有額外嘅朱古力同埋小蛋糕,  甜品真系好值得讚, 做得好味不普通.每一道菜餐廳職員都有解釋食材及做法, 非常愉快的一頓午餐 continue reading
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Level5 2023-11-28
This Michelin 1-star Italian restaurant is located in Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, on Level 102 of ICC in Kowloon. Diners will need to go up to the hotel lobby at Level 103 before taking the escalator down to the restaurant. Helmed under Chef Angelo Agliano, it is known for its exquisite Southern Italian cuisine.Seated at the window side looking out to the gorgeous view of Victoria Harbour and the HK Island skyline, the restaurant has a couple of fountains, a very high ceiling, and the overall ambience exhibits exquisite luxury while not overly restrictive and formal. A cozy and comfortable setting.I start with a glass of J.L. Vergnon ‘Hautes Mottes’ Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut Nature 2013 ($508). The wine is completely vinified in large oak barrels on lees and bottle aged for a minimum of 6 years before disgorging, with a good nose of lemon and biscuit, creamy silky palate of good acidity and chalky.The Amuse Bouche comprises of three, with the first a pan-seared tuna cube with tuna sauce, French blue lobster with tarragon jelly, and Burgundy puree tart with mullet bottarga from Sardinia. All the three bites are great in taste, but I am particularly impressed with the blue lobster on the thin crunchy toast, with the umami of the lobster balancing perfectly with the acidity of the jelly.The second Amuse Bouche is Sicily red prawn jelly, with a celery foam and caviar. The red prawn has good sweetness and umami, matching well with the delicate celery foam. The caviar not only provides a prestigious but additional layer of umami and a bit of saltiness as condiment. Equally impressive.The Sourdough is very good, with a crunchy crust, fluffy inside, and a good sour note, perfect to pair with the four types of olive oils available to choose from. The bread is so good that we finished the whole loaf before the first course is served, and I am tempted to finish the second one too if not to reserve space for the courses to come.We have picked the Ricordi menu ($2,988 each), featuring the chef’s signature dishes with also white truffle. And I also go for wine pairing ($1,580). The first wine paired is Villa Bucci Verdicchio Classico Superiore Dei Castelli di Jesi 2021, a refreshing white with green apple and lemon zest notes.The first course is Capesante, Cavolfiori, Tartufo Bianco. The thinly sliced Hokkaido Scallops carpaccio is sweet in taste, with some pieces of crunchy air-dried Cauliflower to give a contrast in texture. Paired with Puree of mushroom and cauliflower on the side to give a bit of earthy note, matching well with the shaved Alba White Truffle on top. A very good starter.The second wine paired is Anselmi Capitel Foscarino 2020, made from 90% Garganega and 10% Chardonnay, and demonstrating fresh and floral notes supplemented with some ripe apricot and stone fruit, and a hint of salted almond and herbs on the finish.The second course is Fregola Sarda Artigianale, Scampi e Cime di Rapa, Tartufo Bianco. My favorite dish in the evening, the Organic Sardinian Fregola has a wonderful al dente bite, with the New Zealand Langoustine sweet in taste. The chef has made a puree from Rapini Flowers, bringing forth some peppery and mustard flavors, and then add the shaved White Truffle on top. A feast of delightful tastes.The third wine paired is Tenuta Selvadolce ‘VB1’ Vermentino 2020, an orange wine made from Vermentino with very short skin contact. There are nice oxidization and honey notes reminiscent of sherry and also good nutty characters of almond and a bit of saline in the finish.The third course is Triglia di Scoglio, Daikon e Porri, Tartufo Bianco. The chef has prepared a seared Mediterranean Red Mullet fillet which showcased its original flavors, with Daikon and Baby Leek to balance the richer taste, together with the Champagne Soup which has the nice fragrance of the mushroom and topped with some Alba White Truffle. Really flavorful combination.The fourth wine paired is Mastroberardino Radici Taurasi Riserva 2016. With a deep ruby color, the wine is 100% Aglianico, showing complex and fine notes of red cherries, balsamic vinegar, tobacco, and spices. On the palate the licorice and black pepper is noticeable and good match with the wagyu.The fourth course is Kiwami Wagyu, Peperoni e Cipollotti, Tartufo Bianco. The Sirloin of Kiwami Wagyu Beef has been seared medium rare, very juicy but got some tendon so requires much chewing. The Piperade and Spring Onions on the side is a good complement, while the green pepper sauce is flavorful. The White Truffle adds further fragrance to the beef. A bit of a letdown because of the meat texture though.Before transitioning to dessert, a palate cleansing Sorbet is served. Under the lemon sorbet is the diced aloe vera, and the staff then pours in some extra-virgin olive oil, made from olives harvested from very old olive trees. An interesting and highly refreshing combination to good effect.The fifth wine paired is Donnafugata Ben Rye 2020. A highly recognized dessert wine, it is made from 100% Zibibbo, or Muscat of Alexandria, with concentrated dried apricot and peach, orange marmalade, and sweet figs, followed by plenty of honey and caramel flavors. Sweet but not cloying.The fifth course is Cioccolato di Modica, Frutto della Passione, Gelato al Miele. The plating is artistic, with the Modica Chocolate Fondant Tart with Passion Fruit cream, with caramel and mint sauce to complement. On the side is Honey Ice-Cream, which is not too sweet and helps to balance the richer and more indulgent chocolate tart to good effect.For Petits Fours, the staff shows us the cart with a multitude of sweets. I end up choosing a blood orange jelly, sea salt chocolate, mandarin skin chocolate, and macaron. Together with a cup of Double Espresso ($90) it is a fantastic finale to the meal.The bill on the night is $9,316 which in my opinion is on the high-end. The team is attentive, and the sommelier Anthony in particular is very engaging, sharing and checking in to ensure everything is in good order. But somehow, I feel the staff are not as enthusiastic as I would expect. Overall, I would rate this restaurant as very good, but not great. continue reading
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在“云端”吃fine dining是什么感觉?全港Fine Dining意大利菜的天际线在这里。·Tosca是香港最高餐厅之一,也是蝉联多年的米一,窗边位海景无敌,而且不难预定。Chef Angelo来自西西里,专攻(在香港不多见的)意大利南部菜,之前在卢布松担任主厨。以上几点,已经足够吸引我安排此行。·高速电梯先到达103层的Lobby,走下到102层的餐厅时视觉相当震撼。中央伫立着充满艺术感的喷泉,走廊则装饰得绚烂夺目。层高在全港高级餐厅中首屈一指,更有梦幻的水晶吊灯垂下来,尽显气派。·跟对面的米二天龙轩相比,Tosca并不只是卖环境的餐厅,食物质素很也高。午市套餐选择丰富,三道式已经吃得很饱。菜单随季更换,一些招牌菜则会长期保留。·【酸种面包】厚墩墩的餐前面包很优秀,边陶醉地咀嚼着,边暗暗感叹意大利菜真是西餐中的碳水宇宙。四款橄榄油中的三款风味依次是由淡到浓,还有一款最平衡的Blending,散发着独特的青苹果和草本香气,选择困难症友好。·【Amuse Bouche】香料气息扑鼻而来,给人一种秋冬的踏实感。清凉细腻的南瓜purée覆盖以同样柔滑绵密的栗子泥,黑胡椒的点缀让滋味有了从甜到咸的转折。·【地中海金枪鱼/扁豆/香草汁】Pan-seared tuna不仅厚实大块,而且熟度理想:中间极嫩,富有弹性,仿佛亲吻婴儿的脸颊。扁豆凝练的酱汁以鲜美衬托鲜美,我竟然觉得有点像浓缩的豆汤。·【红石斑/鱼汤/橄榄/番茄/水瓜榴】西餐少有蒸鱼的做法,这道招牌主菜我倒觉得有几分在向粤菜致敬,个性十足。鱼的品质也经得起蒸的考验,切开瞬间就能感受到它有多么弹嫩了。·现场浇上的鱼汤,让一股异香从桌边飘散开来。有点像意大利版的马赛鱼汤,但鲜味更加奔放浓厚,纵横都能在味蕾间拉开深度和广度。·应该用了不止一种番茄,才能给这么复杂和鲜美的风味支撑起骨架。橄榄的咸、水瓜榴的酸和洋葱的清甜之间仿佛被打通了壁垒,在这一盘热汤中柔和融洽地结合着。·舀起鱼、菜、汤满满一勺入口,能感受更饱满复合的鲜味,贴心配了脆面包片,这下一点鱼汤都不想浪费。·【香料酒浸梨/青提/仙人掌果雪葩】甜品既清爽又浓情,红酒渍梨的馥郁香料味极其优雅迷人,可惜梨切得太厚。仙人掌果sorbet感觉很特别,但口味不是很有记忆点,颜色介于覆盆子和蜜桃之间,漂亮。·【Petit Four】有柠檬玛德琳和菠萝软糖,我说不要巧克力,就变成了两颗软糖。看起来平平无奇,一吃还挺惊喜的,像果溶一样一抿即化。 continue reading
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Level1 2024-04-12
六年后再到香港,很想找家米其林餐厅品尝一番。无意中在open rice book了TOSCA,102楼无敌海景瞬间吸引了我。到店前一天,店员电话询问我的饮食注意事项,并告知穿着要有仪式感。正式到店后,服务员都专业热情,尤其是为了配合我赶车的行程,特意加快了做菜速度,非常贴心。第一次吃意大利菜,我全选了四道式,并且全部让服务员小哥推荐,结果变成了海鲜大餐,全部主菜都是海鲜。菜品总体还算满意,比较推荐红虾意面,意面弹脆,鲜虾配汁浓郁,其它菜品感觉惊艳不多,可能我本身就在海边长大,海鲜吃多了。主厨和老板都是外国人,见到都热情和我打招呼和问候,让我惊喜不断,红着脸各种中式英语交流。TOSCA绝对米一,环境米三 continue reading
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Level4 2023-12-15
Tosca di Angelo 🍝.Finally visited this upscale Michelin One Starred 🌟 restaurant overlooking the Victoria harbour 😍 .Food was absolutely incredible. I have never had pork so tender that it felt straight up like premium wagyu beef! The Sicilian red shrimps were so sweet, it was out of this world! The red grouper was tender with a delicious tomato soup. I also loved the very distinctive flavour of the Busiate with white fish belly, though it might not be for everyone.. The most unimpressive item was their beef carpaccio, the portion was small and the flavour profile was very simple. The hamachi was a much better choice in comparison. .😋Recommend? ✅ 👩🏻‍🍳Food rating: 5/5👩🏻‍⚖️Overall experience rating: 5/5 continue reading
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