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Tosca is an Italian dining restaurant inside the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The restaurant offers a set lunch and set dinner option and also has an a la carte menu. Dine at this restaurant to enjoy sweeping views of Victoria Harbour. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015-20)
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Romantic Dining
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18:30 - 22:30
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Review (14)
This Italian restaurant is located in The Ritz-Carlton, at the staggering 102th floor of the stately ICC building in TST. With a fantastic view overlooking the Victoria Harbour and the buildings on the two fronts, the restaurant, which has been managed by Chef Angelo Agliano, has been awarded Michelin 1-star status.Arriving early in the evening the restaurant was not yet open, and the staff showed us to the nearby bar to wait out. After a short wait we were seated at the window seat, at a nice comfortable table allowing us to enjoy the gorgeous view. There is a high ceiling, a nice fountain and majestic chandelier, with the open kitchen in the background where we could see the team busy preparing the food. I decided to order the 6-course Signature Menu ($1,988), while my wife had the 4-course Piccola Degustation Menu ($1,580). Before the Amuse Bouche we were served a home-made cracker with herbs, as well as three bite-sizes appetizers. The cracker is certainly crispy.The other bite-sized appetizers include a zucchini and tomato on shortbread. The zucchini has a creamy and rich flavors, while the tomato is certainly intense on the taste. Alongside there is also a deep-fried crab ball with a nice crumb on the outside and a great taste of the crustacean inside. I have a feeling this would be a great meal from these start. After serving a nice bread with a choice of five olive oils from Sardinia to choose from, we have the Amuse Bouche, which is a layered dish with a langoustine jelly and meat on the bottom, a foam from cream and cheese, with some caviar on top. Recommended to have all the three components together, the langoustine is rich and have a briny taste, balanced well with the light foam and further reinforced by the flavors of the caviar. A fantastic starter.The first course is Tartare di Hamachi e Ostriche con Salsa allo Yogurt, Pachino Confit e Caviale, it is a tartare made from Hamachi and Gillardeau Oyster, together with Yogurt Dressing, Tomato Confit and Caviar. An interesting blend of the tender flesh of the fish with the creamy oyster, the tartare tasted wonderfully rich, reminiscent of the ocean. The dressing added a slight acidity to freshen up the dish and the caviar further supplemented the savory note. A great dish. The second course is Vellutata di Zucca e Arancia con Capasanta al Guanciale. The Pumpkin and Orange Veloute is a rich soup, with the sweetness of the pumpkin permeating through. The Hokkaido Scallop is large in size and intense in flavors, with the Guanciale Lard giving a great taste from the cured meat which is surprisingly matched with the scallop. Another nice dish. The third course is Spaghetti Mancini al Granchio Reale con la sua Bisque e Olio d'Oliva. The spaghetti is truly amazing, with the perfect texture of chewiness and bite, and the bisque fully coated at the pasta to provide tremendous flavors. The Alaska King Crab is meaty and sweet, and overall this is a feast of taste which is one of the best spaghetti I have experienced in town. The fourth course is Sogliola di Dover con Broccoletti saltati all'Aglio e Olive Taggiasche. The pan-fried Dover Sole has a great firm texture, seasoned perfectly to highlight the original taste of the fish to the extreme. The sauteed broccoli, garlic and Taggiasche olives on the side not only gave extra touch of colour, the mixture of the different flavors created a harmonious experience to the fish, making it vibrant and satisfying. The fifth course is Kiwami Wagyu Beef con Gnocchi di Patate Dolci ai Funghi di Stagione. The pan-seared Kiwami Wagyu beef sirloin is cooked to medium rare, juicy and full of intense flavors, and I like the jus on top as well. On the side there are sweet potato gnocchi and seasonal mushrooms. The gnocchi is soft and with the natural sweetness from the sweet potato, while the mushroom giving great aromas and a contrasting bite. Before serving the sixth course, there is a Raspberry Sorbet served to cleanse our palate. Appropriate in sweetness, the sorbet gives the good balance of acidity to make it refreshing and removing the fat from the previous dishes, getting us ready for the dessert. The sixth and final course is Millefoglie ai Frutti della Passione e Gelato alla Fragola. The passion fruit millefeuille is delicate and I like the citrus taste of the passion fruit making it appealing and not cloying. The strawberry ice cream is decent and the Zabaglione is something I have never tried before. Made from egg yolk, sugar and Marsala wine, it is a great finish for the meal. We were also served a Petits Fours with a chocolate, a yuzu tart, a hazelnut pastry, as well as a chocolate puff. All of them are great in taste and with a cup of coffee it was a really comfortable, satisfying finale for the night.The service was great throughout, with the staff coming to explain to us briefly each course. Also, the staff came repeatedly to remove the bread crumbs on the table. While this is nice to keep everything nice and tidy, it is a bit disturbing nevertheless.The overall bill on the night was $4,078 which is quite reasonable on the price, considering the quality of the food, the overall ambiance and the services provided. Next time I hope I would be able to also have the wine pairing to see how well their sommelier in that respect. continue reading
Level2 2019-12-25
這天晚上在這高級的意大利餐廳享受晚餐,早前都試過3次,每次都是早一個月訂,但都訂唔到窗邊位,今次終於訂到窗邊位(應該是因為訂坐時有向餐廳提及是在當晚求婚)所以在兩星期前訂枱也可以安排窗口位),在102樓向外望,份外高級。餐廳環境很華麗,十分高級。侍應也服務週到,首先會有一個頭盤,然後每一道主菜也很精緻,每次上菜時侍應也會作介紹。今次因為特殊關係,餐廳也有為顧客作特別配合,更額外送了一份甜品及紀念品給客人,令客人留下一個難忘的晚上。雖然價錢是貴了一點,但無論餐廳環境、週邊景觀、食物質素、侍應的服務都是頂級,絕對值得一試! continue reading
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Level3 2019-12-06
老公今年揀咗依間餐廳慶祝我地結婚Anniversary 。好明顯市道低迷,咁遲訂都有窗口位坐。因為近年食少左嘢,所以冇食set,祇係散叫,加埋送的前菜、麵包及甜品,已經好飽。服務同食物都有水準,加埋靚景就非常滿足。 continue reading
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Level2 2019-11-10
Tosca佔據地埋優勢,ICC 102樓可飽覽維港景色,可惜餐廳內部裝修有點土(不是contemporary,也不是classic). 枱布有很多杯及碟印及餐具普通有點不配Ritz Carlton 的水準(頗失望)。服務方面,服務人員是足夠的但食物介紹時較急速。說話技巧示有待改進。整個流程較慢,4-course要平時其他餐廳8-course 時間。食物方面,平均來說很美味,就是美味...如要升級可加添食物的層次感,刺激味蕾。 continue reading
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Level2 2019-11-04
係諗唔到食咩之際,咁岩見到呢間餐廳做緊特別餐牌,淨係兩日嘅特別餐牌🙌🏻所以就去咗呢間食啦。當日嘅餐牌就係咁樣,係一個seven course 嘅Menu入到去環境好好人客唔算多對住維港夜景食飯好舒服長話短說即刻即刻睇下啲野食🙋🏻‍♀️呢個係個course嘅餐前小食,佢好似啲芝士慕絲咁鹹鹹地幾好食幾開胃嚟到第二個course,呢個係配魚子,感覺好fresh第二個course就係焗小型龍蝦配海膽,好鮮味😋呢個係意大利飯,口感係al dente嘅感覺,正👍🏻然後就到呢個煎焗劍魚,好香口幾好食!然後到甜品嘅部份,呢個係仙人掌做嘅雪巴,個雪巴係好食,但係佢個底下面嗰啲仙人掌蓉就係有啲仙人掌嘅刺喺度所以口感麻麻最後嘅甜食甜品有芝士雪糕,呢個雪糕比起啱啱嘅雪巴好食好多👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻整體泥講呢間餐廳都值得試,服務同環境都好好👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)