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Level1 2019-04-16
Delicious food, fresh ingredients and big portions guaranteed in this place! Even this place is a bit more expensive than other restaurants in Mui Wo, it's definitely good value for money! We had rib-eye steak with mashed potato, garden salad and mushroom sauce. Steak was perfect "medium" as requested and the mash reminded me of my grandmother. Salad was fresh and mushroom sauce very taste. This portion meats many of the steaks in Central restaurants. Value for money is very good. We also had moussaka which had an amazing thick cheese sauce on the top. Best moussaka I have ever had in the restaurant!  For started we had hummus platter which was really nice. For drinks the famous Lantau Island Ice Tea is a good choice. continue reading
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Level2 2017-05-02
Had the Moussaka with fries. For about 200 dollars, the portions are not only good, but the quality is very nice. Couldn't really taste the eggplant or cheese so much as the lamb, but it was very good. Their fries are delicious. while I didn't have the lime soda, I highly recommend it, since it's not the regular Thai soda with a slice of lime, but rather crushed lime with soda in a large glass.Beware if you're allergic to dogs, as they have shelter dogs there, but those are super tame and don't bother anyone. Despite both this and the fact that the place is quite aged, the hygiene is good. continue reading
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Level2 2016-09-04
Spending one night at the Silvermine Bay Resort for a weekend getaway and my British colleagues recommended this restaurant. We did some morning hiking around the waterfall area and finished at 11:20am. The restaurant opens at 12 on weekends so we waited at the beach side for just less than one hour until the restaurant opened.  The building was in fact a previous beach club facility and there were some tables around the balcony area. A lady kindly offered us a table for 6 (We are a family of 4 with 2 kids) as long as we could return the table before 2:30pm. In fact, we were aiming for 1:20pm ferry so of course it'd be okay.However, another waitress wanted us to switch to the 4 seater table and at the end agreed to let us stay where we were provided that we return the table by 2pm. She then mentioned we should start with ordering drinks. Without having a chance to check out the drinks menu in detail, we ordered an iced tea, a fruit punch and a coke. Instead of leaving to place the drinks order she still stayed by the table side and kept rushing us to order food. We didn't have time to go through the menu, first part was bbq food, i was up to the second page and saw some pita, moussaka, etc. We remembered the blackboard on the groundfloor showed dishes like ribeye, lamb chop, etc (some common international dishes) so my husband asked if there were any burgers  (Wanted something kids friendly.)The waitress showed an extremely annoying face, as if we had asked the silliest question on earth, "Burger? This is not a Chinese restaurant!"We were shocked by her rudeness. We kinda mentioned in fact burger is not a Chinese dish but she then just said maybe Chinese liked burgers. Up to that point it was quite clear that her attitude implied that we Chinese should have gone to a Chinese restaurant. We ended up leaving the place.When passing by the bar we told the "kind" lady what happened but she just said something like "Ok burger is American."If the owner of the restaurant would ever read this piece i sincerely hope they understand the waitress could have just said, "Sorry we don't have burgers." Or perhaps they simply do not want to see Asian faces in their restaurant (yet settling in HK!). And next time, if you don't mean to give your customers a bigger table, just don't do it. Chinese/ Asian can also distinguish Mediterranean dishes, but only if they are given enough time to check out the menu. We ended up having a great time at China Bear near the pier. Had "American" burger, excellent service and still managed to catch the 1:20pm ferry. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-11
十一月二十七日 (星期日)由愉景灣行到梅窩,路途不太遙遠,四時半已差不多行畢由於當日天氣炎熱(次次行山都擇了個最熱的日子),行了三個小時已經很累了去到行程之末,前往梅窩碼頭的路途上,忽然見到一家餐廳店外的一塊黑板寫著Homemade apple crumble and ice cream吸引了我的注意同行友人提議吃個下午茶才搭船走在這麼熱的天氣和身體疲倦的情況下,不失為一個好提議!到了店子,比想像中的舊應該開了一段時間在露台位,全被老外佔了唯有坐廳中的一張長檯,足夠我們八人一起坐因為肚子餓,大家都心急叫店員落單自家製的apple crumble,上層脆得似曲奇,極富牛油香下層是醃製過的蘋果,果肉頗新鮮,略嫌酸了一點雪糕透心涼,crumble加上溶了的雪糕吃,效果十分好兩條香腸,是早餐腸那款外表煎得香脆,內裡肉質香而爽口薯蓉令我們讚不絕口,是加了牛油,令到薯蓉更滑更香非常豐富的一頓下午茶會到梅窩的話,不妨一試 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)