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Kaika, having just been recommended in the Macau and Hong Kong Michelin Guide 2014, will take diners in wonder with Japanese teppanyaki veteran Adachi Futao coming on board. The new chef humbly embraces 25 years experiences in teppanyaki and will be bringing to Hong Kong his original dishes which will reshape Kaika’s menu. His signature dishes include Grilled Kinki Fish with Herb Olive Sauce, Baked Top Shell with Butter Herb Sauce and Grilled Ayu.
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Teppan Miyzaki Gyu(beef) Grilled Kinki Fish with Herb Olive Sauce Baked Top Shell with Butter Herb Sauce
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This Japanese teppanyaki restaurant is located in The One in TST, and while it specializes in teppanyaki, there is also a sushi bar as well, but still the better choice would be going for its teppanyaki. After passing the sushi section which has got no window, the main teppanyaki area has a corner view with all windows, and in the middle features the teppanyaki counter in which we were seated on the day. The decor is nice, but I am sure if you are like us, the focus is on how the chef prepares the food all the time, and you might not have paid attention to other things.We ordered the New Year and Valentine's Day Set ($2780 for two). The first course is Japanese Snapper Carpaccio. The thin-sliced fresh snapper is paired with a sweet cherry tomato, with small pieces of monkfish liver too. I like the two sauces accompanying, including pesto and yuzu vinegar, which enhance the taste profiles of the snapper. Then the chef started his 'show', preparing for Pan-Fried Foie Gras. The foie gras are so nicely seared to give a caramelized surface while the interior is still soft and moist. The chef also grilled some Brussels sprouts to put it in, after decorating the plate with a brush of balsamic vinegar. The carrot puree underneath the foie gras gave some acidity to balance the fat level, and along with a natural sweetness, it is highly complementary to the foie gras.  Next is Teppanyaki Lobster with Herbs in Lobster Bisque. The live lobster is cut in half, and when put onto the grill the legs were still moving. After searing for a while, the chef put a bunch of herbs on the lobster and then adding some water before covering with lid to cook through. Then he prepared a butter sauce and scooping onto the lobster before serving, adding lobster bisque. The lobster meat is sweet and tasty, and the chef had already removed the shell from the claw to eat it easy for us. The lobster bisque is also rich and flavorful, and overall this is one of my favorites in the menu. Next we have the Sashimi 3 Types, including scallops, sweet shrimp and striped jack mackerel. The sashimi were all fresh and good in taste, and served as a good intermittent dish between the teppanyaki.Then we have another signature dish, Teppanyaki Abalone with Herb Butter Sauce. The chef first used a piece of leaf on the hot plate before putting the live abalone on top, and then adding a piece of lemon on top, before putting a piece of kombu to cover them, infusing the abalone with the flavors of the seaweed. After it is cooked, the chef then removed the shell and cut it in halves, along with the liver, serving on the plate, together with grilled mushrooms. The chef then adds the butter and herb paste on the abalone, allowing the heat of the abalone to melt the butter to form the sauce, before putting some croutons on top. The abalone is tender and not rubbery at all, and the sauce is also a good match. Another must-try in my opinion.Next is the A4 Wagyu Rib Eye. The chef asked for how well we preferred the beef to be cooked. And then seasoned it with salt and pepper. Seeing the skills of the chef in grilling the meat and then dicing it is like a show, and the caramelized skin with the juicy inside still brings saliva to my mouth when I write this. Pairing with salt, black pepper and mustard, the chef advised us to try the beef in original taste first, and there is also deep-fried garlic and some onion shreds with yuzu sauce to help balance the palate. Another great dish. The show continues with Fried Rice, Pickles, Miso Soup. The rice is cooked on the previous day so that it is sufficiently dried before cooking, and then the chef added different seasoning, before cutting the rice repeatedly to break up the chunks, making each grain distinct in the process. He then added some garlic and butter to the rice to add extra flavors. It was really good and together with the miso soup and pickles completes a wonderful and fulfilling meal for us. We have chosen Grapes with Wine Jelly as our dessert. The jelly is delicate but one can certainly feel the wine there, and there is also a yogurt and honey paste which adds the sweetness and a nice creamy note to the dessert. A good finale.  There is also coffee or tea included, and the bill was $3,058. Considering the nice ingredients and how everything is nicely put together, I would say it is good value for money. The service is decent and the chef was a bit shy and did not interact much with us. But overall it is still a good teppanyaki and I certainly would recommend it. continue reading
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Level4 2021-03-21
-《Teppanyaki kaika鐵板燒海賀》食個靚午餐好嗎?wif my心愛女友人☺️靚景色靚太陽🌞下午兩點嚟到啱啱好。叫左個‘精選商務二人套餐A4和牛美國頂級牛柳定食·$1180一位 定食包括有👉🏻茶碗蒸/沙律/漬物/鵝肝/龍蝦/牛肉/炒飯/甜品🍮鵝肝和龍蝦過關✔️牛肉就有點失望🤲🏻鹹到一個點😥份量不多!牛味係好濃但唔知點解鹹到咁樣⋯同埋九成都係肥膏🥵個鵝肝就比得高分🌛煎得外脆內軟、配左季節性的柑橘醬汁😋即刻冇咁肥膩!龍蝦都比8分!龍蝦肉好爽彈!同juicy!配埋佢熬製嘅超濃龍蝦湯!😍一流!跟住炒飯就一般貨色啦!仲有個麵豉湯!甜品🍮牛奶布甸配時令生果🍊都唔錯😘食完呢肥膩野來講配呢個甜品剛好!#japjapjap尖沙咀______________________________地址:尖沙咀The One 19樓 continue reading
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Level3 2021-03-10
Harlan’s同層一入去會經開鐵板燒位置再埋邊就係靚景位是日Set Dinner原價$980/位 折左每位$728/位唔食哩個餐,有其他再高質素同價格過你揀我哋唔食Set, 決定就自己喜好點餐服務員介紹幾款生蠔🦪我哋點左「令和貴物」來試黎到見到個名原來係 怪物😅$180/隻 味道一般 Creamy的,海水味唔重平日自己即開款「美人魚」仲好食極尚刺身併盆 $980哩碟野好正香濃海膽 來自北海道吞拿魚腩一整件都係入口即溶甜蝦 甜得黎肉質脆口整碟各款刺身都真係鮮甜 美味海膽手卷 $168/條唔好諗住細細條呀八卦打開黎睇一整條都係海膽架$138/碗 雞湯烏冬味道好清,但湯係好濃的質感好似個湯汁可以掛係個烏冬到咁海賀炒飯 $98/碗炒得好香口,味道同雞湯烏冬有好大反差我哋一邊食一邊睇 幻採fing啷啷舒適的環境+可欣賞美景= 俾更多$$$兩人埋單加一服務費整體:其實刺身係ok生蠔唔抵食哩個價錢對比下 並沒有驚喜再有什麼什麼慶祝活動,我或許會試鐵板燒 continue reading
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Level1 2021-02-28
以為去佐高級食府, 除咗個景係得之外,冇一樣嘢得, 同佢講話啲豉油好 咸,根本冇人理你, 一間高級食府有乜可能零基本魚生豉油都冇, 用普通豉油, 食到一套氣,叫咗兩樣魚生, 又唔係話好新鮮, 即刻埋單走人 continue reading
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Level4 2021-01-31
可以望住海景坐bar檯睇住廚師整鐵板燒真係一大享受可惜這些機會不是我的😂😂我係坐另一邊bar檯影過去,下次要預早訂位。Order左廚師精選二人午餐$1180日本真鯛魚肉結實又滑溜,配埋清甜既舞茸菇湯好順喉,飲落好舒服日本A4和牛肉眼,鐵板5至7成熟最好味,牛肉味濃又無渣,只是份量不多,配炸蒜片一齊食好好味。我平日唔食生洋蔥,怕又辣又帶苦,師傅話洋蔥切絲後不斷沖水就可以去除苦澀辣味,加上柚子汁,甜中帶酸好開胃炒雜菜就有少少苦,一般,無影相。鐵板炒飯落左大量飯素一齊炒,好香口唔油膩,粒粒分明。麵豉湯就是普通的麵豉湯甜品不是柚子雪葩或綠茶雪糕有少少失望,不過鮮果奶凍都唔錯。 continue reading
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