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After more than 40 years at Happy Valley, Sun Tung Lok has now moved to Tsim Sha Tsui. Its menu has a strong focus on contemporary Guangdong cuisines, with signature dishes including the Dry-aged Beef Ribs and Mushroom Stuffed Crab Shell. continue reading
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Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2012-2017) Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2011)
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Mon-Sun: 11:30-15:00; 18:00-22:00
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Level2 2017-02-02
Having been a frequent patron of Fu Ho, in the same complex as Sun Tung Lok, our family decided to give this restaurant a try since their name and reputation did speak for itself.Upon entry, the staff were pleasant, efficient and the decor was very nice. It was a very well run establishment     and i have no knocks on it for service. thats for sure. The pricing was a big higher than expected considering Fu Ho next door was roughly 30-40% cheaper on average, despite still being in a similar class of restaurant. The easiest comparison would be Fook Lam Moon in terms of     class/reputation/pricing. There are plenty of expensive Chinese restaurants but they rarely carry the same type   target market etc. Sun Tung Lok, as i learned, catered to a much more family type of environment with reliance of frequent customers or "Sook Hak". The food itself amazing in relation to taste. As i learned from my dad, the type of dim sum they served was an old style with stronger tastes and much more detail oriented. It's hard to explain over text, english albeit, but it was     very good. We ordered around 8,9 dishes for the 3 of us and it was enough. Usually there would be a need for a       rice dish or noodle dish to complete the meal but due to the size of the individual dim sum, it was enough. That brings me to the next point. I think that in this day and age, expensive is synonymous with small when it            comes to food. the more you pay, the smaller the dish. The same is true for dim sum. Hop on down to your                  neighborhood "cha lau" or restaurant and you'll see large "siu mai", "har gow" and "cha siu bao". I'm not saying         that it's a bad thing but usually that is the case. However, here at Sun Tung Lok the size of the dim sum was large, Large to the point where three could easily have passed as a full dish instead of 4. Usually, there is a saying that      the more of something there is, the less of a novelty it is, or something like that but that didn't ring true here.        There was no loss in quality, each individual dumpling, slice of turnip cake of flour roll still tastes as good as the      last. All in all, the food was amazing, the environment and decor was comfortable and the staff was excellent but             is it worth the 30% premium on another very good establishment that serves marginally worse food? That's up to you. continue reading
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Level1 2017-01-26
新同樂嘅 羊腩煲 及 乾燒排翅 - 唯靈話齌,天下一絕。 香港最好羊腩煲之一,先炆後斬,骨牌般大小,保留羊羶味重而羊羔油甘,上品中之上品。腐乳用 官涌廖孖記,加多1分全港最好魚翅,而此 乾燒翅配高湯 更是 新同樂 魚翅菜式中 之表表者。 此魚翅高湯之品質、內涵、功夫,香港無人能及。魚翅撈飯~乃 70,80年代所創,為各大金牌股市經纪所追捧,有幸一食。火膧燉翅,翅量多,湯汁清 而帶濃濃金華火腿香,質高於坊間一般火朣翅。紅燒鲍翅,效之上兩個魚翅作品歹遜色,但仍高質。XO 牛舌,從未嘗此牛舌滋味彷如和牛一般,單嘗一件便了解師傅用了極大工夫在此前菜,但只係98蚊……… 一絕乳豬釀百花蝦,手工高,可惜非我所愛乾煏牛肋骨,原汁乾煏6小時,香酥而不油膩,招牌菜。米之蓮三星得獎菜式,可一試,不過不失食過比 '尖咀頂好' 與及 '太子志記' 的生炒糯米飯,,新同樂 應為少數可擊敗他們的, Maybe 在我心中暫時全港最好…… continue reading
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Level4 2016-08-02
買了團購一試新同樂。訂了位,在門外但等了二十分鐘仍在等。難道團購真的deserve 如此待遇?我倆一直坐著等,待應視而不見。二星餐廳就是這樣的服務嗎?我們去過衆多星級餐廳,也不會受到如此待遇。希望餐廳可以改善下。鮮蓮白玉珍湯:所謂白玉即冬瓜,説穿了就是冬瓜湯。湯很清亦很鮮甜,有上湯味道,唯冬瓜唔夠稔。廣東點心薈萃:手指尾大的蝦餃:外形十分精緻,味道一如蝦餃,但蝦太細粒,食唔到蝦味;什菌餃,有什菌同芫茜味,味道清新; 燒賣:肉有少少韌,蝦肉唔多,但肉味濃。岩手珍珠乾鮑扣黑豚肉:鮑魚入味軟滑,有上湯煨過;黑豚肉像是五花腩,同像是非常軟稔,索哂D汁,幾好味。檸檬蔬菜焗雞鮮筒:炸雞脾肉包著時蔬配上甜甜酸酸的汁,味道一般,因鷄肉無乜點醃過,但都幾飽肚。鮮圍蝦上湯煎脆麵:蝦有兩隻,蝦肉彈牙,生麵脆囗沾上湯汁,不錯,反而有驚喜。甜湯:紫米露,輕甜,感覺好健康,有西米花生同紫米。味道平平。相對上次非團購時,味道的確比較細緻一點,今次有點像食快餐一樣,每様食物的上菜時間好緊密,無時間停一停再食。食物味道水準中上,但服務待遇則團購體驗。以團購價銭是抵的, 二星service欠奉。一時一次過連續上菜,未食囇又第二道菜,一時又等非常耐先下一道菜。若果想平民價食好嘢,這又不妨一試。 continue reading
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We decided to drop our perennial favourite, Lung King Heen, in favour of trying out the other Michelin starred Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. And Sun Tung Lok (the TST branch) it was, seeing that it had 2 stars (down from 3) and wasn't too far a walk from our hotel.Housed on the fourth floor of Miramar Shopping Centre, Sun Tung Lok (STL for short) comes across as your typical upscale Chinese restaurant with earthen colour tones, targeted lighting and some measure of noise. We were lucky enough to snag one of only three booths for that marginal bit of privacy.Shark’s Fin Dumpling with Supreme Soup (懷舊魚翅灌湯餃) - One of STL's specials, the shark's fin dumpling was unfortunately average at best. The dumpling skin had dried up in some areas and although the portion of shark's fin atop was relatively generous, it came across as tasteless and unnecessary (画蛇添足). The dumpling itself was filled with a combination of fatty and lean meat and tasted very similar to xiaolongbao (小笼包), albeit much bigger and alot more nauseating.Roast Suckling Pig Stuffed with Minced Shrimp (百花脆皮乳豬件) - Another of STL's signature dishes and one recommended by the Michelin guide. At first glance, this dish looked dry and unappetising but it was surprisingly good. Crackling crisp skin with a tinge of porkiness and a thin layer of fat underneath; complemented by the juicy prawn paste with a lovely crustecean finish. Very interesting combination and best eaten hot lest it becomes nauseating.Hokkaido Fresh King Crab Leg with Inaniwa Udon (北海道鮮鱈場蟹腳 伴 稻庭麵) - The pièce de résistance and highlight of our lunch, a simple bowl of udon with crab meat. And boy did it blow our socks away.The Inaniwa udon was reminiscent of kway teow, just slightly thicker and chewier; soaked in a rich crustacean broth filled with generous servings of sweet, shredded crab meat.Baked Abalone Puff (特色鮑魚酥) - Comparisons with Lung King Heen's delicious rendition of the Baked Abalone Puff is inevitable and sadly, STL's offering doesn't quite pass muster. The puff consisted of lightly sweet pastry encapsulating a small piece of abalone covered in a mildly starchy gravy. Palatable but hardly a contender.Baked Egg Tartlet Topped with Bird’s Nest (燕窩雞蛋撻) - As far as desserts go, this was rather pedestrian. Flaky pastry with a lingering oil taste coupled with faintly sweet custard and bland strands of bird's nest made for an average offering. At HKD 65 a piece, I was seriously expecting something a lot better.The both of us chalked up a bill of ~ SGD 150 for lunch and I must say that it was generally quite underwhelming, save for the suckling pig and udon. Service was good but at such a price point, I'm definitely sticking with Lung King Heen or even the one Michelin starred Lei Garden.  continue reading
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Level3 2016-06-13
農曆年赤口一心想食餐好,決定去呢間星級中菜吃餐好。之前去過中環分店覺得食物質素一般,今次就試一試尖沙咀分店,結果食物質素同樣令人失望。今次點了套餐,鯖魚沙津很多骨,實在不宜用來做沙拉,而且沙津醬太多。海螺燉雞湯並不鮮甜,感覺就像湯還湯煮,螺還螺煮。刺參伴鮑魚的刺參小得不容易找到,鮑魚正正常常,沒覺得怎樣出色,個人覺得很多其他中餐廳做的鮑魚都要比新同樂做得出色。當日没有套餐內的招牌慢煮牛脊骨肉,換來的是炒牛肉,我查查餐牌看到慢煮牛脊骨肉跟炒牛肉的價錢差很遠,於是向經理查問,經理便説這是廚師的安排,當我再查問有沒有其他價錢跟牛脊骨肉相若的選擇,經理便向我們説廚師的安排就算我再向你解釋你也不會明白的。這樣的態度簡直惡劣,令人難以接受,而且相信他們已經觸犯了商品說明條例。再說牛肉絕對不是上等的牛肉,就連我媽媽用來炒菜芯的牛肉都比它優,有被騙的感覺。黑豚肉炒飯炒得夠乾爽,但細細粒的豚肉沒有口感,而且數量極少,松茸亦奇怪地沒有應有的香味。椰杏汁紅豆露的紅豆浸過糖水,甜得不能入口。總的來說,食物質素令人失望,服務態度極之惡劣,無他的,當日所見,大部分客人均是拖喼的大豪客,招待我們這些本地客當然不需要態度好。但我總算明白為何米芝蓮會把它降級,減掉它一粒星。相信很快它就會連一星都冇埋。 continue reading
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