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12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:30
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10% Service Charge
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Review (139)
Level4 2023-03-21
This is a Japanese restaurant that serves different types of Japanese cuisine. We came here for their teppanyaki and was impressed by the quality of it. Though the decor was a bit old and the location is slightly inconvenient, the food here definitely lives up to standards. .They provide both a la carte and different set menus and we opted for the Australian Beef Teppanyaki Set at $1600/person. .🥂Sashimi (3 kinds)Tai, Aji and Tuna were served. All were very fresh and I especially loved the Aji as it was light and buttery with a little fat.🥂Appetizers Appetizers include octopus, jellyfish and seaweed. Slightly spicy and sour in taste which was very appetising.🥂Salad🥂Silver Cod and ScallopThe silver cod was really soft and silky in taste. The scallop on top was very fresh that resembled the taste of the ocean. Paired with herb sauce and topped with a really crispy fish skin.🥂PrawnThe prawn meat was fresh and juicy, went perfectly with the crispy sakura shrimps on the side.🥂Australian Beef (Sirloin and Sliced Sirloin Roll)We ordered the same set so we could try both ways. The quality of it was definitely surprising as this set is the cheapest among all. It was very tender and flavourful with the right amount of spices. Sesame sauce, garlic sauce and soy sauce were served on the side but I prefer to taste its original flavour.🥂Miso Soup and Pickles🥂Fried RiceAdded some sakura shrimps, it was flavourful and not soggy. Though we were really full but still managed to finish the whole bowl slowly.🥂Sesame Ice-cream Honestly didn’t expect the quality was this great. If you download their app you may receive a 25% discount too!.💰Australian Beef Teppanyaki Set: $1600/person (original price).Overall rating: 8/10jsv_foodie continue reading
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Level2 2023-01-25
Having seen their (Sagano) on line teppanyaki menu, we booked Sagano to try out. It was a festive season public holiday and part of the teppanyaki tables were already occupied by guests when we arrived. We were then seated at one of the teppanyaki tables next to the window. The decorations of the restaurant was simple, yet clean with Japanese flare. I opted for the Momoyama Teppanyaki Set Lunch, and since I wanted Japanese Wagyu beef, it came to $990 per person which included the following: Appetiser, salad, sashimi, sautéed vegetables, prawn, scallop, salmon, sirloin / sliced sirloin roll, fried rice / fried noodles, miso soup, dessert. I did not like sashimi so they suggested replacing sashimi with tempura which I agreed. My friend chose the same teppanyaki set lunch but with Australian beef ($690). The following were some of my tasting notes:Appetiser and salad- couldn’t hide my disappointment when they were served . Just a small bowl of marinaded Japanese daikon and a pretty ordinary looking lettuce salad with a bit of seaweed on top. The salad though fresh was pretty basic and lacked finesse and creativity. Certainly not what I expected for nearly a $1000 meal……. Tempura- the plate comprised 2 prawns and vegetables like shishito (Japanese pepper) and aubergine. The tempura batter was not thick, coating the prawns and vegetables which were done crisp and cooked just right, but if the batter for the prawns could be thinner, that would have been perfect. Whilst we were eating, the teppanyaki chef started on cooking the prawns, scallops and salmons. Prawns, scallops and salmon - they were dished out and presented on one plate. The cooking of the prawn, scallop and salmon were acceptable particularly the prawn head which had held its distinctive flavour. The salmon skin which was cooked separately from the flesh of the salmon was crispy also. Sirloin Wagyu Beef - the teppanyaki chef showed us the beef prior to cooking. the Japanese Wagyu had a fair amount of marbled fat as compared with the Australian beef that my friend was having. I asked for my beef to be cooked medium and it was cooked just right, slightly crisp on the outside, juicy and buttery inside which was flavourful and paired well with the crispy garlic slices. Fried rice and soup- these were not bad but not wow. I chose Yuzu ice cream instead of melon slices (forgot to take a picture) for dessert. General: in terms of the food that they served, personally, I thought it was somewhat over priced. Overall, the beef and the seafood were not bad but not giving the wow factor. In terms of service of the staff team, though they were trying to be attentive, we felt being rushed to finish our food……. Maybe they had not yet mastered the art of being truly attentive - giving time to their customers to enjoy the food at their own pace and not interrupting too much to clear their plates. They were able to offer 25% discount on the menu for joining Epicure as members. We were told that members of Epicure could enjoy discounts at eateries in New World Millennium Hotel. continue reading
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Level4 2023-01-18
認識30年的好朋友為我提早慶祝生日,她建議在千禧新世界酒店找家餐廳(她是酒店常客),酒店内的餐廳,我只吃過中菜桃里,味道很好!但我更想試試未吃過的店。鎖定La Table French Brasserie或嵯峨野2選1,法國菜已訂滿,我們就吃日本料理。午餐的選擇很多,有點花多眼亂。。。。終於選好,我吃“12月季節御膳”,包括以下的:#野菜沙律:配油醋汁,酸酸甜甜,開胃。#前菜#刺身:厚切油甘魚和吞拿魚,各2片,鮮味十足,好喜歡!#鹽燒鯖魚:肉嫩不柴,鹹淡適中,配白飯,一流。#汁煮金目鯛:稍稍過甜,有改善空間。#天婦羅:葷素搭配,魷魚天婦羅最好味!#味噌湯:鹹中帶鮮,挺好喝的。#甜品:黑芝麻雪糕,為豐富的午餐配個 happy ending,滿足!朋友點了壽司烏冬定食(她每次都吃這個),5貫不同的壽司,她說每件都好吃!冷烏冬是她的最愛,冬天也吃得津津有味!吃得開心的birthday lunch!😊😊 continue reading
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Level3 2023-01-05
早排係官網預訂咗千禧新世界嘅「享‧饗」住宿禮遇~package包下午茶、午餐/晚餐同早餐~晚餐我就選擇試吓呢間日本餐廳,menu總共有7道菜。餐廳座位私隱度高,坐得舒服。✦ 三款季節前菜✦ 鯛魚、吞拿魚及油甘魚✦ 日式煮鰻魚伴洋蔥及雞蛋✦ 吉列池魚✦ 八爪魚酸食✦ 牛肉飯 配味噌湯及醃菜✦ 時令水果/ 雪糕餐牌會定期轉,刺身鮮甜,吞拿魚同油甘魚都好正,而且幾厚切。炸池魚有驚喜!外皮炸得好平均香脆,肉質好嫩滑都幾厚,有魚味!旁邊仲有日式薯仔沙律。牛肉飯好大碗,牛肉算幾靚,但係成個飯就油咗啲,食咗幾淡就算。特別一讚柚子味雪糕,超濃同埋好fresh比較少見。總括嚟講各樣食物都唔錯,但如果食曬嘅話真係幾飽。 continue reading
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Level2 2022-12-07
由於係新世界會員有特別折扣,雖然之前幾次食晏食物質素一般,但仍然決定給這間以往一向很出名的日本餐廳一次機會!今日下晝到達餐廳,我們點點了兩份牛肉網燒套餐,份量細都不是重點,但牛肉是凍的,也有筋比較硬,四片刺身,味道一般,最不能接受的是,飯不夠熱,總括嚟講味道極差,而服務也比以前低劣,一點兒都沒有高級餐廳的質素😢埋單時服務員循例問我哋食物質素如何,我老實回答食物太凍,服務員只是冷冷回應「唔好意思」!這間所謂高級日本餐廳,我以後都唔會再幫襯,最重要係價錢一啲都唔平, $540 一個餐,雖然有折扣買單都要$918 ,CP值極低! continue reading
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