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The British restaurant, which is helmed by Michelin's two-star British chef, is decorated in a modern and comfortable environment. It specializes in fine British cuisine, and the ingredients are mostly delivered directly from the UK. For example, the Soda Bread and Cultured Butter, is decorated with oatmeal. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2020-21)
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Level4 2021-05-22
I quite like Roganic. I didn’t think I would. I have been to a good handful of restaurants playing with variations of nouvelle cuisine and, while I mostly walked out of those restaurants happy with my meal, there were not many that I wanted to return to as a regular. Partly that is because I shun heavy meals, partly it is to do with the long list of restaurants I have marked down to visit, but mostly it is to do with the food looking better—and their story or concept sounding more promising—than it really tastes. I think that may have a lot to do with personal preference, so again I am only sharing my two pennies.Roganic is definitely not very British in the stereotypical way many people might understand the cuisine to be. Perhaps there were dishes that borrow and reinterpret old British classics in the history of the restaurant’s offerings, but that is certainly not a focus, as on our occasion I found very little iconic Britishness in terms of culinary technique and content. None of the hearty dishes or roasties or pies were spotted. If anything, perhaps, one could argue that Roganic’s focus on fresh, good quality regionally sourced ingredients is in line with that of many up-and-coming young British chefs in the fine dining scene in Britain. But other than that, the fine line between cuisines of different nationalities does seem increasingly blurry. Indeed, chefs everywhere are being inspired by ideas from around the world.Sourcing locally is supposed to be a theme at Roganic, and on our taster menu we were only aware that the pork and fish were local, though I imagine lots of veggies would have been local anyway as that would have been the most convenient and natural thing to do, even for kitchens without any conscious sustainability goals. Supporting local agriculture is an appealing label to some as it seems to encapsulate a certain lifestyle and ideal of sustainability and economics, but often times it lacks genuine economic or environmental sense upon deeper investigation. I can only hope that this is one of the rarer occasions.Our short tasting meal was a pleasant tour through robust and imaginative cooking and flavors up to the point of our first main course, a poached bream that was just slightly disappointing. But our least favorite dish was the second main course which came after that—the Wah Kee farm pork. While still solid, we thought both dishes paled in comparison to the rest. Because everything else was brilliant, however, I still thought the meal was memorable. I especially liked that there wasn’t an attempt to cook or dress everything in a lot of grease or salt to enhance flavors. The stars of each of our dishes were allowed to take center stage and express their original character. I also noticed a penchant for a bit more tanginess, mostly from fermented and pickled foods, which I thought was enjoyable, especially given the hot weather. Portion control was excellent.The restaurant itself is located in a somewhat offbeat location in Causeway Bay. The dining room is quite contemporary with neatly decorated plants throughout and a relaxed vibe. Hospitality is OK, if a bit cool. A different person would come with each new course, hastily regurgitate a short description of it (usually on the side of the gentleman rather than the lady), then disappear. Despite that, I imagine Roganic would be suitable for any occasion. If you like this kind of food, a visit to find out whether you like it wouldn’t hurt. A three-course lunch set starts at $320+10% per person. A short tasting menu is $680 (with the option to add $200 for a sea urchin custard and caviar), while the full tasting menu is $980.Food RundownShort tasting menu with sea urchin custard, at $880+10% per personCitrus cured salmon and seaweed tartletThis was my favorite. I really liked the thin, crispy seaweed tartlet and how it worked with a tangy paste. The pickled cucumber, the light hints of yuzu and vinegar all complemented well with the popping roe and aromatic salmon, which was cured in citrus for a day and a half.Chicken skin, parfait, yeastThere was some salted plum condiment to go with the liver parfait which of course by itself was nothing uncommon, but to have that on top of a perfectly crispy chicken skin was new. Again a symphony of textures and umami here—especially with nutty toasted yeast, all working their magic in your mouth.Sea urchin custard and caviar (+$200)This was an excellent amuse-bouche on its own, but I would say its name led to unmet expectations, as Hongkongers are mostly in love with and all too familiar with sea urchin. If you had sea urchin (or indeed an enhanced version of sea urchin) in your mind as you take your first bite in anticipation, you could be disappointed, as you might well not know there was any urchin in the custard if you weren’t told. Sea urchin seems to be one of those things that is best eaten as is, the fresher it is (unless you have enough of it to make a noticeable difference in your fried rice). Caviar was also a miss. Other than that, it was a pretty dish, gracefully executed. I liked the thin veil of pickle jelly on the custard, and I loved that it was chilled. I think it could have been made with more ordinary ingredients and still be wonderful.Soda bread and cultured brown butterThe signature Irish soda bread here was a little bit like a salted muffin, soft and fluffy on the inside with a crunchy crumbly crust and a light brush of honey (or some similar syrup) and oat. Tasty.Marjoram brined cabbage, soy and miso glazed shimeji mushrooms, wasabiThis was my third favorite dish, and a hearty one. The sweet cabbage and earthy shimeji paired well together with snips of miso, chestnut, soy sauce and parsley. The more surprising part, however, was the wasabi emulsion, which was creamy yet light, adding more body to the dish.Pea, salted egg, hazelnut, wheyWhipped pea purée and the sweetest fresh peas stood out boldly against a delicate backdrop of buttermilk whey sauce, salted egg and lemon gel. But wait, there’s more crunch coming from lightly toasted hazelnut and mini croutons. It sounds like way too many ingredients, but it was divine. My second favorite dish.Poached bream, asparagus, caper, lovageApart from a neat piece of bream, the other part was a mousse made from flesh from the tails and mussels—the idea of which reminds me of Casa Lisboa’s baked cod with scampi mousseline which had set too high a bar. Plus we eat a dozen if not more kinds of fish every week, and this bream was sadly rather bland in contrast, not having very much to offer in terms of flavor. It lacked richness and depth for me. The asparagus, the vinaigrette and the lovage sauce were enjoyable.Roasted Wah kee farm pork, artichoke, onionThis was a shoulder cut and was aged for five days. The pork was fairly tender, but I didn’t think the ageing was quite there yet for the optimal tenderness and for the flavors to fully realize. The brown sauce (not photographed) was very much like a typical Hong Kong style homemade chicken wing sauce with sugar, soy sauce and some herbs. The rest of the dish was good, however, as I liked the braised baby artichokes.RoganicThis was a burnt honey and chamomile parfait with pear compote and juice. The parfait was fine, but the highlight was the refreshingly citrusy pear compote beneath it.Whipped woodruff yogurt, blondie fudge, cherryComing down to the final course and tartness continues to be a theme, this time coming from black cherry and a flowery yogurt. If you like, you can enjoy the dessert in two parts—first the black cherry sorbet on while chocolate tuile, and then the yogurt with fudge and salted caramel and cherry jam. continue reading
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Level4 2021-04-28
今年摘了兩棵星-米芝蓮一星及綠星的 Roganic 取價不進取,$320/位的三道菜午餐附上兩款餐前小吃,即是五道食品,每一道皆用心製作,看得出工序多多,配搭複雜有新意,多彩悅目。 我最喜歡小吃,三文魚韃鹹香出眾,蕎麥包甜甜地,鯖魚他他太漂亮,雞腿肉醬甜甜鹹鹹幾好味,甜點不過甜,唯獨主菜賣相討好但味道並不特出。 餐前小吃: Citrus cured salmon and seaweed tart 三文魚韃三文魚用 citrus 檸檬汁浸過,面頭鋪上三文魚子,入口濃郁的鹹香,媲美魚子醬,唔覺酸,大啖入口,回甘悠久。 Soba bread and cultured brown butter 蕎麥包配黑糖,包包一點也不嚡,棉密中有些少空氣,口感有些像香蕉蛋糕的質地,而且甜甜地,塗上黑糖牛油添潤澤。前菜: Chicken leg terrine  並非一般肉醬混至糜爛,反而保持類似手撕雞的質感,中央有果醬。 所以食落味道甜甜,配厚多士吃,亦甜亦鹹幾好味。Mackerel tartare賣相吸引,鯖魚他他上鋪上一層本地蕃茄,有些白汁,醒胃的口味,配亞麻籽薄脆同吃添層次。 Slow cooked duck leg看來精緻,令人有所期望,齊齊整整的雞腿肉鋪上一片炸過的羽衣甘藍,旁邊又是一件切得齊整長方型狀的紅菜頭。 紅菜頭是甜的,味道濃厚;羽衣甘藍脆薄,紅酒燒汁濃稠;可惜鴨腿肉無肉味,有些位嚡口,影響整體感覺只是一般。 Bream, white asparagus 擺盤齊整,白蘆筍與魚肉平排,青色醬汁點綴,味道可以。甜點:whipped pecan praline,Brownie fudge, cocoa nib我認為中央那一片由可可豆、合桃及糖做的薄脆是亮點,大大提升這布朗尼的食味。Salted caramel custard tart, milk ice cream這個焦糖批與平常吃慣的焦糖燉蛋不同,可能是英式做法,並非燉蛋口感,質感更錦密,不一樣的幼滑,重點是鹽味很出,甜美可口。 位置有些迂迴,但多走幾步是值得的,環境寬躺,佈置高雅有品味,服務態度很好,值得一試。  continue reading
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終於去試bookmark左好耐既米芝蓮一星餐廳,roganic主打英國菜,lunch最平$300有找,依加晚市冇得堂食晏晝都可以去試下~.goat cheese tart已經好有驚喜,芝士蓋面入面有醃洋蔥粒,建議一啖咁食,臨尾撻皮再有陣芝士鹹香味散發出黎,配上pickled onion酸酸地解膩又帶到陣芝士香出黎;另外佢地signature既soda bread面頭放左燕麥皮增添口感香氣,酸忌廉牛油軟滑有焦糖香,唔錯但冇芝士撻咁大驚喜~.二人同行既關係每個course都揀左兩樣唔同既野share,starter有chicken leg terrine同mackerel taretare,經香草醃過既雞腿肉製食既肉醬,同頂層布冧醬唔太夾,入面仲有啲nuts碎,同五仁月餅有幾分相似😂 相比下鯖魚生蠔他他好出色,以山葵、醃小黃瓜作調味,即場淋上青瓜水同茴香油,果種清新感好有層次!.到左main dish揀左14 days aged duck同bream,鴨肉皮燒至脆身,age過後鴨味濃郁,附有幾種醬汁,duck sauce、莓醬、無花果蓉,每個combination都帶出唔同味道;而魚肉煮得岩岩好仲保留肉汁,淋上既mussel sauce好creamy,底層用上時令蔬菜,輕輕燒過後逼哂蔬菜本身既甜味出黎,真係唔怪得沙律係呢度既招牌菜!.3個course最滿意係dessert🤩guinness黑啤雪糕、espresso糖漿、牛奶薄片,完全係stout既味道,咖啡同guinness味道balance得好正🥺white chocolate cream pudding濃厚醇滑,椰子cream口感輕盈得黎又可以將椰子味濃縮為一小塊,同pudding好夾,作為一餐既結尾好滿意~ continue reading
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Level2 2021-05-31
🅿️Causeway Bay🌟綜合評分:8.5/10🌟食物口味:8.5/10🌟環境:7/10🤩亮點:米芝蓮一星西餐,最好味嘅fine dining之一!餐前包配嘅醬超驚喜!無敵好味!擺盤靚lunch set勁抵食fine dining食左好多間,impressive嘅就少之又少,呢間餐廳本身唔抱希望因為lunch真係好平,結果好大驚喜!!我係工作日lunch偷跑去銅鑼灣,揸車jam到一個點,最後遲到差唔多一個鐘返office🥲(好彩冇被發現)但我覺得抵曬!食完整個下晝心情都勁好~lunch set $340+10% per person作為米芝蓮一星,呢個價錢真係平,就算加埋sparkling water都係400蚊多啲啲per head~首先係finger food,脆卜卜包住啲魚子同拖羅茸,有少少鹹,但非常新鮮;餐包端上來,我同frd都傻左:完全唔係平時果啲餐包,係兩舊好似muffin cake嘅嘢擺係一碟麥皮上,配奇奇怪怪顏色嘅醬,結果證明飽勁好食,醬就更係驚喜!係有啲咖啡味嘅類似牛油又有啲似美乃滋口感,完全停唔到口,我frd仲用醬撈埋之後嘅前菜主菜食🤣🤣前菜我同frd分別揀左mackerel tartare同chicken leg terrine,兩道都非常好味!mackerel即係鯖魚,成碟嘢清清淡淡,可以食到魚本身嘅鮮甜,配埋啲dill同horseradish,又靚口感又豐富~chicken leg terrine配埋一片脆卜卜餐包,frd連連稱讚,話超級驚喜~主菜我揀左魚,整到好似個毛巾卷咁😂魚肉鮮嫩,醬汁好驚喜,我覺得好少西煮魚可以煮到咁好食!frd揀salad,菜係有啲焦脆嘅但又一啲都唔油膩,配黑松露醬勁香,呢個絕對係我試過最美味嘅salad!甜品揀左啤酒雪糕同焦糖撻配雪糕~個啤酒雪糕display勁藝術,焦糖撻絲滑香濃但同平常食d撻feel有少少唔同~ continue reading
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🇬🇧Roganic (銅鑼灣)銅鑼灣告士打道255號信和廣場UG樓8號舖🥳抵食英國菜😍平民價米芝連一星!$280 Michelin 3course menu! #密切留意下個Post甜品驚喜😚🥗鯖魚青瓜他他Mackerel tartar, oyster, pickled cucumber, horseradish ✔️酸酸甜甜開胃✔️鯖魚同蠔粒粒鮮甜✔️汁好似甜咗啲,搶咗蠔/魚嘅鮮味🧈梳打麵包+自家製英國牛油Soda bread and whipped cultured english butter✔️個牛油有淡淡焦糖味,真係難以忘懷✔️麵包好重梳打味,好鬆軟,好夾自家牛油✔️主菜前上,令你食得飽,又唔會太膩🍖莓汁鴨胸Dry aged duck, pumpkin,raspberry and hawthorn ✔️鴨胸又林又多汁✔️pumpkin paste同鴨胸好夾✔️雖然份量少不過食得好滋味🤩見到網上有好多人話唔抵食,我就覺得lunch $280試到咁多樣嘢真係抵到爛☀️可能平時唔多食高級餐廳,總覺得性價比來講唔錯Igable:9/10Taste:8.5/10Worth revisiting:8/10 continue reading
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