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The British restaurant, which is helmed by Michelin's two-star British chef, is decorated in a modern and comfortable environment. It specializes in fine British cuisine, and the ingredients are mostly delivered directly from the UK. For example, the Soda Bread and Cultured Butter, is decorated with oatmeal. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2020-21)
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12:00 - 14:30
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12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:30
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Tasting menu at RoganicCost: $980(Wine pairing +$380)Roganic serves a sophisticated take-on modern British cuisine. I like the idea how they source their ingredients from local farms to better their food with freshness and refinement. The whole concept has delighted us. The farm-to-table dining experience is brought by Chef Simon Rogan from London who swept up his first Michelin star in Hong Kong in February last year. Had a conversation with my friend the other day that many high-end restaurants are overpriced because not all of them can reflect their value in their food. Roganic offers however great value for money.Added $200 for the dry aged beef and oyster with cep and caviar~The food was incredibly delicious and had all the right balance of flavours. Despite the fact that I don't normally like some of the individual ingredients (e.g. shallot, leek, celeriac), they managed to ramp up the flavour with the right portion and selection of other ingredients and herbs mixing together that created gourmet delicacies. That's what I call the mastery of flavour and cooking techniques! continue reading
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Roganic由米芝蓮二星英國名廚主理2020年剛剛摘了米芝蓮一星的英國菜 未食已經充滿期待⭐️餐廳位於銅鑼灣信和廣場 人流不算多 餐廳有種自成一角的感覺整體環境相當舒適 裝修設計都挺雅緻大致分為main dining room/open kitchen以及VIP房間只要點short tasting menu/tasting menu便可以選擇訂VIP房間私隱度會較高 適合想靜靜地享受美食的大家但main dining room的梳發位置設計個人都好喜歡呢!充滿田園風除了環境不錯 食物水準亦發揮得好出色 十分適合慶祝生日/特別日子☺️❤️.Roganic的確係一間相當適合慶祝的finedine餐廳當日同朋友一同到訪慶祝生日🙈整體服務同設計都睇得出係別具心思的🥰在揀選完course後 餐廳會特別印製一張寫上壽星名字的menu作紀念 係一個小小的驚喜呢❤️.餐牌選擇主要有三類 分別為𝘛𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘔𝘦𝘯𝘶 ($980)/𝘚𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘵 𝘛𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘔𝘦𝘯𝘶 ($680)/3 𝘊𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘦𝘴 𝘚𝘦𝘵 𝘓𝘶𝘯𝘤𝘩 ($280)如果budget不多的朋友但又想一試 都可以選擇3-Course 3-course Set Lunch~但望落份量偏少🤭.🔸𝑺𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒕 𝑻𝒂𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝑴𝒆𝒏𝒖 $680/𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒐𝒏🔸Short Tasting Menu總共有9道菜 每碟的賣相都異常精緻同具有藝術感 (靚到每張相都想放做cover haha).👉🏻以下為九道菜的Menu-Ragstone, pickled onion and shallot confit-Hong Kong pea, elderflower and radish-Soda bread and whipped cultured brown butter-Dill brined cabbage, mussel and wasabi-Maitake mushroom, whey, celeriac, salted egg-Salmon, leek, roasted walnut and baked potato-Three yellow chicken, sweetcorn, garlic and chilli-Roganic-Bee pollen and chamomile cake, hay with strawberries.挑選了幾道個人挺喜歡的主菜同大家分享.✨Ragstone, pickled onion and shallot confit頭盤為羊奶芝士撻 沒有太重羊的膻味 所以不吃羊的都不用擔心撐外皮非常薄脆 同羊奶芝士creamy的口感有強烈對比 挺不錯的.✨Hong Kong pea, elderflower and radish賣相就好似小小的盤栽 使用了食用花做裝飾 十分貼合餐廳farm的主題味道清新 真的令人有種置身於花園的感覺菜式中帶有少少咸味令人胃口大開 作為前菜真係好合適.✨Soda bread and whipped cultured brown butter第一次嘗試愛爾蘭梳打麵包 上面鋪滿燕麥片 口感十足麵包質感同scone/muffin有丁點相似 入口鬆軟配上brown butter更富有層次感.✨Salmon, leek, roasted walnut and baked potato其中一個最好食的三文魚外皮微微煎過 肉汁鎖住係魚入面肉質鮮嫩 熟成度拿捏得很精準 入口勁滑三文魚仲用了大蔥佐碟 成個dish香左唔少☺️.✨Three yellow chicken, sweetcorn, garlic and chilli賣相望落十分精緻的一道菜 分別為雞胸 雞脾 雞皮 三個不同部位雞肉肉質尚算軟焾 雞皮有點似脆片 超脆的但令我幾驚艷的係粟米竟然都異常地很爽甜 很好食😋.✨Roganic即使未食過Roganic 都應該會見過呢個咁signature嘅dish吧☺️望落去金色的 十分photogenic實情其實係pear sorbet, compote, pear juice的配搭組成上菜時會在客人面前徐徐倒入梨汁 梨汁內仲帶有少少果肉 口感豐富☺️味道食落酸酸甜甜 完全可以refresh下口腔.✨Bee pollen and chamomile cake, hay with strawberries成個short tasting menu以呢個甜品作結 十分滿足👍🏻以蜂花粉同洋甘菊作搭配 不會太甜膩 底層仲有士多啤梨同粉量果肉 一點也不寡.生日慶祝的話 餐廳仲會係最後另外送一個迷你的小蛋糕呢 🍰 continue reading
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Level4 2020-11-18
一年多前剛開業來過,印象吾錯,當時都未攞到一星,今次剛剛拿到一星,所以再來.今次叫左個SAMPLE SHORT TASTING MENU($680),今次總體感覺系-環境簡單舒服,吾使有特別dress code.要浪漫氣氛就吾適合-訂位要留信用卡號碼,咁無卡系眯吾歡迎-比2019年3月剛開業時明顯退步-除了甜品比較西化,食物質數太香港化。味道無突出,每個菜差不多都系帶小酸。-擺蝶非常一般,吾似高級餐廳-胃口大的人一定吾夠飽。cauliflower cheese tartlet-芝士味好濃,帶點酸,做前菜不錯hong kong pea, elderflower and radish-香港豌豆打到蓉,接骨木花和蘿蔔,都系酸酸地,賣相幾好soda bread and cultured brown butter 蘇打麵包系整個menu最好食咖啦!暖暖地,加埋鹹鹹地的棕色黃油,絕配。dill brined cabbage, mussel and wasabi 蒔蘿咸白菜有系香港化啦,青口幾新鮮。maitake mushroom, whey, celeriac, salted egg舞茸味道幾濃,可以話系整個餐排第二。poached grouper, spinach and jerusalem artichoke水煮石斑魚系幾滑,但真系無魚味14 days aged duck, turnip and shisoAged 左14日鴨,又系無乜鴨味,仲幾勒,比超市20蚊一盒仲差。roganic 甜品whipped pecan praline, brownie fudge, cocoa nib-兩個甜品都no good. continue reading
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Level4 2020-10-29
We arrived quite early but the restaurant packed up extremely soon.The full tasting menu only costs $980 and given so many courses it was quite a deal.Each course was quite small but up to the end you will be quite full. This way you get to try many items (there are even 3 desserts)The ragstone tart despite its filling was quite a good appetizer having the pickled onions giving it its needed tartness.In my last review at Aulis, the only thing I was disappointed with was the waffle. However, this time, their waffle did not disappoint. The chicken liver topping matched well with the cranberry layer. The waffle was warm and soft without being soggy this time.The next dish resembled a garden with its vibrant colors. The mousse was smooth and the toppings gave it is extra flavor and keeping it refreshing and cool.Initially, I thought this was a salmon but it is actually the tomato. It was really juicy. The cod roe went well with it but if you eat the cod roe alone, it will be a bit salty so eat both of them together.I really love their soba bread here. It is soft and aromatic. It has a wonderful light flavor but you can definitely add their brown butter to give it a more intense taste.The mussel was fresh and the cabbage was juicy. The wasabi on top however was a bit underwhelming becoming more of a decoration than really giving it the wasabi flavor that I was looking for.The mushrooms despite was seasoned with salted egg actually had a lovely sweetness to it and was my favorite main out of all 4.The salmon was cooked just right for me but my friend felt it was a bit too raw. It was not too oily and the walnuts in the dish also brought out the flavors of the salmon.The chicken breast was seared just right and the sauce in the middle was also prepared with chicken, giving it its needed flavor. The chicken skin was crunchy and tasted just like chips(a compliment)The first dessert was really refreshing with its yogurt fillings.Next came their "Roganic", which is chocolate and pear compote.  I think for someone enjoying chocolate desserts this is more than welcoming but for people like me who enjoy a fruitier side,  I felt the flavor of the pear was a bit overwhelmed by the chocolate.The last dessert had a great balance of sweetness(bee pollen) and tartness(strawberries) giving it a wonderful ending to the dinner. continue reading
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Level4 2020-09-24
又幫襯一間米芝蓮~今次三個女仔黎食甘岩lunch menu 每個course 都有三款揀,甘我地就每樣一款再share 食店員每次上碟都有略略用英文介紹下但就明顯唔算好專業,都係照menu 講,無額外comment先上小食,menu 無寫既撻皮做得好薄好脆口,入面好creamy~但餐前黎講未算fresh 同令人開胃依款鬆餅又係menu 無架~燕麥鬆餅 鬆餅鬆軟度都唔錯,但食唔出係咩味,面頭燕麥有少少痴口,但上碟都係暖,都唔錯到上前菜,依款tartare 都係係你面前淋醬佢係蠔tartare 再加青瓜汁,都幾freshwaffle 依款都唔錯,有d 脆口,同埋上面d 菜葉擺盤幾cute依個下面係蕃茄黎,都係酸酸味味~溝埋d 脆片都幾特別依度主菜招牌估唔到係烤沙律,但烤得好香好焦,但唔燶,係出面或者自己已經做唔到d 菜唔係好甜,但個陣焦香係令人一試難忘既~對比另外兩款都明白點解依款係招牌三文魚唔算全熟,類似火灸半生熟feel, 外脆入軟,都重味再配埋上面既cream, 反而多左少少油膩感第三款主菜係雞,雞皮好脆,雞肉算滑唔鞋但個汁真係奇怪左d, 唔算太夾, 中間係生蛋黃溝埋一齊感覺好一d, 三款之中依個最一般依款係yoghurt~好fresh, 但作為最後既甜品,略嫌fresh 得滯,有d 似餐前依款咖啡mousse, 第一啖係勁重酒味,中間先係咖啡醬, 比較滯, 溝埋上面脆片有好少少。。依個下面d 莓都係酸甜~加埋上面mousse 都唔錯total 開左三支水, 大約都係$40 一支埋單每人約$350, 三個course 比較出色係前菜,主菜烤沙律或者三文魚都ok但甜品上既調味同作為甜品既定位都把握得唔係甘好 continue reading
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