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Pierre is a modern French restaurant that serves intricate and elaborate dishes. The restaurant is owned by Pierre Gagnaire, a chef famous for his artisitc and innovative French gastronomy. continue reading
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Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2011-12, 2014-2017)
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Romantic Dining
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La Bretagne Le Homard de Trois Facons Le Sirocco
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Level1 2016-12-31
服务员有会中文的年轻人,态度很不错,原本以为去高档餐厅会有点拘束,却完全没有这个感觉了。帮我们选的红酒也很搭配食物!耐心的讲解,亲切的笑容!餐具之美,之有品味。摆盘之美,看照片自己体会! continue reading
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Level4 2016-08-02
今曰打風,我同hubby 都不用上班,所以繼續米芝蓮美食之旅。今天要試的是Pierre!餐廳位於文華酒店25樓,走時尚高雅路線。週一至五有executive lunch.Executive lunch 分別有二個或三個course, 498/588.Welcome snack: 青瓜小食,口味十分清新,精神為之一振!另一小點帶咸香;而餠乾脆片沾上鷹嘴豆醬風味十足。麵包很新鮮,牛油很香。黑麥麵包甜甜地;麵包條有旦香十分鬆軟;法包很脆。不錯!Chantilly of foie gras, watermelon,melon, beetroot, and baby potatoe with Campari:鵝肝jelly味道濃郁,質感軟滑味道細緻,配上西瓜、紅菜頭同蜜瓜粒粒,甜甜爽爽,感覺清新,中和左鵝肝的膩。好像是鵝肝醬的夏曰變奏版。Mackerel and grill octopus , jelly of shrimp, shizo paste, horseradish snow:Hubby 的烤八爪魚肉質彈牙,熟左少少,未夠嫩口;mackerel 魚肉不錯,混合蝦啫喱同牛奶雪花,味道非常清爽,一嚐食材原始味道,有如一口把海洋吃掉。Grilled heart of rib eye, diable sauce , Lebanese couscous , pommes pallies :烤肉眼,我們都要medium rare. 肉眼是切成one bite 的大小,很方便進食。肉的外層焦香,內𥚃嫩滑透紅。diable sauce 的 味道十分濃郁,濃濃肉汁味之中又夾雜蕃茄的微酸,同少少mustard,就像畫龍點睛一樣, 令食味更有深度;配上香菜同幼滑的薯蓉,無論是肉質,味道層次同質感都十分豐富。強烈推介!Pierre gagnaire s summer chocolate cake:好像是chocolate mud cake 同mousse cake 的混合版。半溶的朱古力旦糕質地幼滑濕潤,中間夾着酸酸甜甜的果醬, 令甜味一點也不單調;加上伴碟的raspberry sorbet, 醇香朱古力味中有一酸甜味調劑下,實在太好食了!非常邪惡,但非常好食!果然是Pierre!Strawberry syrup with kirch, sherbet of red fruit,Strawberry 粒粒加上忌廉同酸酸地的啫喱,酸酸地爽口質感,加上忌廉,比起剛才的朱古力旦糕味道雖然無咁多層次,但係碟甜品好靚,色彩繽紛,都幾好食Cappuccino: 超級奶滑又香醇,加上香濃的朱古力粉,甘醇之餘又帶點甜!正呀!Petite fours: 這一小片朱古力十分甘香,軟滑之中又有少少crunchy 的威化,有口感,好好味!總結:食物質素同Robuchon , amber 等差不多,由前菜到主菜到甜品都十分出色,服務一流,環境雅緻,是慶祝紀念曰的好地方。 continue reading
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Level2 2016-07-23
一轉眼我哋認識左多年,慶祝多年嘅友誼今次選去文華東方嘅法國餐廳,適逢le French May, 我哋就order 左French May tasting menu通常高級酒店都會送餐前小食這酒店當然也不例外,特色在於照片上右邊,這一片葉子上的魚沒什麼特別,但葉子生長于養殖生蠔的地方,所以蠔味濃郁,好神奇。老實講其他菜式普普通通。我記得嘅就係到最後嗰一粒朱古力了,好好味 continue reading
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In roughly thirty six hours I head off to Paris for a Gastronomy tour of arguably the home of modern cuisine. To say I'm excited is an understatement.I've been dining out at quite a few French fine dining restaurants of late, really getting myself psyched for the real deal in Paris. I did have a cunning plan to go on a short hiatus from French food in the month leading up to our Paris trip, mainly so I didn't overdo a good thing. It didn't work out so well though, barely a week into my self imposed ban, I found myself booked into Pierre at the Mandarin Oriental.I like to tell myself that it was because I was having lunch with a mate from the UK that I needed to go somewhere special. I also told myself that since I'd made a booking for Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, and surely I needed to have dined in the Hong Kong outlet before sampling the French maestro's own cooking. In reality, I'm just a sucker for French cuisine and any reason seemed like a great idea a the time.Located on the 25th floor of the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Pierre is one of the dozen or so two Michelin Starred restaurants in Hong Kong. Pierre Gagnair is a culinary genius who needs little introduction in the world of modern French cooking and his Asian outlet is fronted by Gagnaire protégé, Jean Denis Le Bras. At just 39 years of age, Chef Jean Denis was the perfect choice to lead the Pierre team in Hong Kong, accumulating an impressive amount of experience in his native home before spending time honing his skills in London.In a perfect world, I'd have preferred to have visited Pierre for dinner, but my buddy from London was only in town for a short time and we had just enough time to squeeze in a decent lunch. After making our way to the 25th floor of the Mandarin Oriental, we were led through the plush interior of Pierre to our seats, which had spectacular views of the Hong Kong skyline. There was quite a modern feel to the dining room, the low and lazy chairs were almost as comfortable as lounge chairs and, while quite a formal setting, felt quite relaxing on a Friday afternoon.As relaxed as we felt, there was still a little stiffness from our wait staff, a formality that only partially felt right in the setting. Our menus were presented with a flourish and we stopped our joking around for a few moments while we contemplated our lunch. We'd decided to go with the Express Lunch menu, which it had to be said was very well priced for a two Michelin starred restaurant. With many delectable looking items on offer, we compared our possible selections and it was at this point that I was slightly berated for an item that had caught my eye.I'm a big fan of foie gras, and mentioning to Johnzo that I was likely to order the foie gras on the menu, only to be given a lecture about how the delicacy is created. I won't go into details now, suffice to say it's pretty ugly when you get right down to it. So, I'd agreed to alter my choice of second course, just to appease my dining buddy. This is an important and funny point, which I'll get into a little bit later.Shortly after placing our orders, our waiter was back with the offer of freshly baked and crusty mini baguettes, along with a nob of specially imported salted French butter. The crusty bread was joined by a tasty amuse bouche of gin meringue topped with a cucumber slice, which was totally ignored by Johnzo, allowing me to snaffle up both portions.Given we were partaking in the Express lunch menu, true to form, our meal was prepared and delivered with military precision and pace. Our first course was the marinated mackerel with grilled octopus, brown shrimp jelly, shizo paste and a butter milk and lime granita. I quite liked the plating of the dish, which was contemporary messy where everything was carefully placed to appear rustic. The dish itself divided the table, with Johnzo not particularly liking the dish, with the brown shrimp jelly being a little overpowering. Being a little more accustomed to Asian flavours, I did't mind so much. I thought the mackerel was lovely, fresh and a little fatty, it was the star on the plate. I was a little disappointed with the octopus though, which looked and tasted much more like calamari to me. When eating octopus, I want to see the tentacles and feel the texture!We went in different directions for our second course. I'd ordered the poached organic egg, 'Hervé This', leek fondu, Bordelaise sauce and shaved mimolette cheese. I'd been quite looking forward to the dish, but in what can only be described as the ultimate irony, I agreed to swap dishes with Johnzo, who'd accidentally ordered the foie gras soup! After giving me so much grief about the way foie gras was created and prepared, he'd misread the menu and ordered the very dish I was looking at! I never did get to taste the slow cooked egg, but Johnzo said it was pretty tasty!My second course ended up being the foie gras soup with amontillado, gambas and grapefruit. Initially presented with the bright orange of the prawns sitting on a bed of stewed onion, the foie gras soup was poured at the table. The light and bubbly soup looked quite lovely as it was poured, but upon tasting, wasn't the rich and creamy texture and flavour that I'd been expecting. I love the flavour of roasted or grilled foie gras, which is creamy and sweet, but the soup had a harsh flavour that sat uncomfortably at the back of my palate, it certainly wasn't rich and creamy. The prawns were beautifully cooked and the stewed onion was actually quite nice against the bark of the foie gras soup. I'd have loved the dish if that foie gras had been creamy...I think Johnzo got the best of mains with his selection of grilled heart of rib-eye, served with roquefort sauce and sweet potato croquette. The beautifully presented beef was perfectly cooked, and the wonderful colour of the sauce was the perfect accompaniment for the very strong beef flavour. The croquette was lovely and golden, matching the colour of the roquefort sauce nicely. For Johnzo, the meal had started off slowly but had finished off on a high with simple and delightful flavours.There was nothing inherently wrong with my dish, the flavours from the scallops with zezette broth with Paris mushroom and mange-tout, were really quite nice. My main problem came from the presentation, with the beautiful scallops being quartered on the plate. Call me a traditionalist here, but I like my scallops served whole with that beautiful caramelisation driving the rich sweet flavour of the scallops. The star of the dish was the zezette broth, which is a concoction made from herbs and coconut milk, I sure would have loved a lot more of the broth in the dish.It was time for dessert and Johnzo decided that he'd had enough, so it was left to me to finish off the meal. I was super happy with my choice of 'Paley Cuimet; mulberry velvety' an interesting sounding dessert that was incredibly pretty on the plate. To this day, I still don't really know what the dessert was, but there was a creamy parfait like cream sitting on a biscuit base, surrounded by a very tart mulberry sauce and sorbet. It was essential to mix the sauce and sorbet with the creamy substance, the sweetness balancing out the tartness, but once you got the balance right, it was delicious.I'm always a little worried when I go to a Michelin starred restaurant for lunch, especially when you're getting a cut priced version of the main menu. I forever ask myself if the meal will be the same quality as the full priced dinner version. There is a part of me that want's to believe that there should be no difference in the food coming out of the kitchen, but another more practical part of me that would be disappointed if the food quality was the same at quarter the price!Did I love our meal at Pierre? Not particularly, but I didn't dislike it either. It was serviceable and for the price, there were no complaints at all. But therein lies the problem. If I'd received the same meal at the regular pricing, I would have been very disappointed and felt just a little ripped off. I will go back to Pierre for a dinner with the girl, I'm really keen to be blown away and I'm hoping that a dinner at Pierre will be substantially better than lunch. In the meantime, I'm booked in for dinner at the three Michelin starred Pierre Gagnaire in a few days time in Paris - my excitement has not at all been diminished by lunch experience - after all, I knew what I was getting myself into.@FoodMeUpScottyWe were given a couple of chocolate tarts as a pre dessert - beautiful pastry and very chocolaty continue reading
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Level3 2016-02-06
went there for dinner with my darling .We ordered 4 course meal eachl. The starter's seafood and it looked absolutely stunning! its fresh oysters and some beautiful eatable flowers for side .Its appealing !! We had duck and beef for main . they are nice but not very impressive. The dessert and drinks are lovely . Weidn't take any picture as we were too busy enjoying the dinner. Service s okay. They all too busy ! but didn't spoil anything !good atmosphere but quite pricey !! continue reading
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