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This famous traditional Cantonese wonton noodle restaurant is located in Central, but also got a number of branches in other districts. I used to frequent more the one in Tin Hau where I lived before, and it was the first time in fact I visited the one in Wellington Street.The decoration is also a bit different, more elegant, neat and got a bit of original feel, such as the traditional tea cup they use instead of the more common plastic ones you saw in most Chinese cafe. The place is bright, clean and well-managed, and since it was early (about 11:30am) not too busy yet. I ordered the Wonton Noodle to start, while Ivy went for the Beef Tendon and Wonton Noodle. Yes, the portion is small, but that is the right size per the original serving. The noodle has the perfect texture, got a nice bite, and the clear soup was very good, full of flavors and delicious. Of course the wonton is their signature, with the shrimp very crunchy, with each wonton of bite size and having the right balance of shrimp and pork. Definitely one of the best wonton noodles in town in my opinion.As the portion is not big enough for me, as my routine I ordered another Dumpling Noodle. The same noodle and soup base, but instead of the smaller wonton the dumplings are larger, with the wood mushroom further adding the crunchy texture for enjoyment. It is equally tasty.With the three noodle and nothing else, the bill was $142. For many they would say it was a bit expensive, but nowadays considering you have to pay $100 for a Japanese ramen, I would not undermine the value and all the effort in making this wonton noodle, so for me it is of reasonable value for money.My overall rating is 63/100. continue reading
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Level2 2017-06-16
麥奀依個名字聽就聽得多,但真係未試過,剛好公司搬了去中環,放工百無聊賴,走去試一試佢啦!叫了碗細蓉(雲吞麵), Size確實比其他雲吞麵店細碗,湯底本人覺得冇乜特別,面很好食有咬口, 雲吞不是太大粒亦覺得蝦不夠爽!總括嚟講OK啦!$40一碗麵喺中環來講係正常價!但本人比較喜歡西營盤的麥明記! continue reading
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Level3 2017-04-17
今日去行吓中上環既特色街道,大概5點半,未到食晚飯既時候,但大家都有啲肚餓,我地入左去麥奀記食碗麵,待應姐姐好有禮貌,廚師有型,制服好有乾淨企理,我地叫左兩樣野,蠔油蝦籽撈麵同上湯水餃麵。因為幾都肚餓,麵來到時,賣相精緻,但說實話,真係有點小,個撈麵3啖都食哂,上湯幾羹飲完,水餃湯麵size係用屋企裝飯碗盛麵,普通飯碗size有幾大,裝住麵,湯,3粒水餃,份量可想而知真係好少,而值得讚係水餃用料係好足料,湯好清甜,麵無皂水味,係好味既!但做午餐或晚餐要考慮一下,價錢都不便宜,唔飽肚! 2個人,1人1碗麵共$102,只可當下午茶! continue reading
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Level1 2017-04-09
今天一家人本想坐䌫車去山頂,但適逢清明節放徦人太多,就改道到中環找吃的,在威靈頓街看到好幾家餐館,最後選了這家麥奀,地方乾淨,但有點擠。自己點了一個炸醬撈麵,家人點了薑葱撈麵和雲吞麵,碟頭很小,正合我心意,個人不喜歡份量太大,看到就不開胃,但對於喜歡大件夾抵食的人就可能覺得太小。食物來的很快,麵條非常爽口,湯底味道適中,炸醤汁味道好,不怎麽辣,肉絲夠焾,其他人也贊麵條好吃。整體來講是不錯的麵家,有經過會再來。 continue reading
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Level2 2017-02-12
My wife and I are picky about Chinese food to our own detriment, but mostly because of all the mediocre and overpriced Chinese meals we've had in Hong Kong in the past. Trying a new dim sum place, seafood joint, or noodle shop just isn't something we often contemplate. We've got our standard places, and we know what to expect.But through a friend, the prolific mjhk of OpenRice in fact, I learned of this place and managed to convince my wife to try it out with me. She huffed and puffed all the while, expecting overpriced mediocrity, but eventually my charm overcame her, and we entered what I will first say is a very nice looking establishment---perhaps the nicest I know of as far as noodle shops go---almost *too* nice even, but given the steep-ish price, however, this was a pleasant surprise. Although I would have preferred cheaper noodles in a more "classic" environment, I did manage to appreciate the decor, especially the serving dishes. I've never been impressed by bowls and spoons before, but this place managed to do it. Well done.The menus both English and Chinese sit under the glass plate on the table, and the first thing we noticed after the decor was the price: soup bowls *start* at $40. Now I've had overpriced noodle soup bowls in Hong Kong before, but never quite this expensive, since usually if I see $30 for noodle soup I turn the other way. $40 for noodles is hard for me to even comprehend. That's mostly because I've been consistently disappointed with noodles for that kind of money, and the cheap ones typically do the trick just fine. This time though, I was not disappointed. Far from it: this noodle soup was delicious.My dish: The beef brisket soup was  the best that I've had in Hong Kong. I've had better elsewhere (in mainland China and in Taiwan), but as someone who has tried at least a dozen or so noodle shops over the past 4 years I've lived here, and as someone particularly fond of the general five spice beef brisket broth, I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. The broth had a creamy, rich texture that honestly reminded me of a good Japanese pork-bone ramen soup, only with the flavor of five spiced beef stew. The beef itself was soft and tender, as it should be, but the flavor itself really shone through. The noodles themselves were surprisingly good---surprising not because I expected worse, but because I hadn't had better. They were neither overcooked and mushy nor undercooked and crunchy (the latter is the more common misfortune, in my experience). My wife's dish:The soup of course had less going on, so was less impressive, but it didn't need to be. The won-tons were the main attraction, and they shone excellently. These little pockets of flavor made the dish, and I think next ti me I return, which I will, I'll opt for them---or go really crazy and get the beef brisket and won-ton combo. Overall, the price borders on being too high, but the quality is there so you don't feel like a fool for paying that much for noodles. Also, the complimentary tea is quite good. continue reading
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