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Review (34)
Level4 2021-05-25
Summary: Tasty and reasonably-priced pasta, but the rest of the menu doesn't add up; wasn't worth the price we paid. You won't find these dishes anywhere else in HK, so maybe worth a visit, but don't know in what situation we'd go again. Try as many of their pastas as you can fit, at the expense of their other offeringsWhy is Italian food so expensive in Hong Kong? Go down the list from 8½, 121 BC, Carbone, Posto Pubblico, Associazione Chianti and even the Italian Club and Capo (borderline); they’re all just too pricey for what you’re getting. Fresh pasta is great sure, but most Italian food should be sort of homey and simple; why is every dish over 200$?Anyway, with that said, I love Italian, and we do try to visit all the big places… though we usually come away a bit more broke and a lot more unsatisfied. Lucale was pretty much the same,I’d tried many times to book Lucale and they’d always been packed, though after visiting not sure how that was possible – it’s pretty big! Plenty of seating by the front, and a large room in the back. Kind of rustic décor, which works really well, and nicely spaced out tables give the place a comfortable feel. Here’s the menu:The appetizers are pretty limited, but smart; who doesn’t love ham and burrata? While the pastas are mostly reasonably priced, the mains are somewhat exorbitant. Maybe I’m cheap, but at a regular Italian place, 300$ entrees better be something special – the one we had was not. Here’s what we hadBurrata Deliziosa (300g) with 24 month aged Parma Ham300g of Burrata means two giant balls of milky, creamy goodness. Make sure to drown it in olive oil and pepper and enjoy Lucale’s wonderful bread. We took half of it home it was so massive. Obviously delicious, but how could it not be?Cappelletti in a Parmesan Bolognese sauceDelicious at first, but you know when there's too much parmesan in a sauce, it becomes kind of sticky and gummy over time ? There was so much parm in here that it was quite an effort to finish. Still fantastic, just be ready to shareChitarra spaghetti with Truffle and PecorinoA winner - truffle in every bite without resorting to offensive and overbearing truffle oil. We made a mistake by ordering two cheese-based pastas, but this one was fantastic with the perfectly chewy spaghetti. Would probably recommend this one over the CappellettiSlow cooked baby cuttlefish in tomato sauce with peas and fennelThis was a real headscratcher - at 298$, i was expecting something quite elaborate, if not inspired, and instead we got a tomato-pea stew with chunks of small cuttlefish. The sauce was certainly full of seafood flavor, and delicious with the bread, but there were just SO MANY peas. The small chunks of cuttlefish were tender and not-offensive, but they take a definite backseat to the PEAS and tomato sauce. We finished it because it was 300$, but I'm not sure where the cost of this dish goes. Very odd, and I don't recommend you try it. Overall, I think Lucale is worth visiting, if only to try the homemade pastas, which are unique, delicious and well-thought out. They're more interesting than the pastas at the Capo restaurants for example, at roughly the same price. Apart from that though; the cured meat platters are fun, but nothing special, and the one main we tried was frankly a flop. We paid just over HKD 1,000 for the two of us with no drinks (but mandatory mineral water), which seems like a lot. I might go back and limit myself just to pasta, but it seems quite a compromise. This is the state of italian food in HK though, I suppose. continue reading
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之前被小红薯種草了,所以就去了這餐廳一試,餐廳入口有點隱蔽,是在一條小巷子裡面的。.因餐廳是用過濾水,所以位位必須以$28選用過濾水,可以無限續杯,並不能要普通的tap water。.Beef Tartare $188 是我的all time favorite,這店做得色香俱合,帶有微微的酸香,加上米脆,非常配合。.肉碎意大利麵🇮🇹$168,是自製的意粉,口感確實不一樣,建議寶寶們也點他們的意粉。.Beef sirloin $328,這個非常非常好吃😋!不要看它擺盤平平無奇,但肉質鮮嫩,厚薄適中,油潤細緻,非常驚奇。.可惜,除了有些應該是從廚房出來的同事,整個餐廳的侍應態度都很差,她們總帶著不耐煩的眼神和語氣,感覺是我們求她讓我們成為餐廳的客戶一樣🤣。西營盤好多好吃的意餐,大部分都好吃服務又愉快,所以我猜我不會再去這家了....⭐️性價比:3/5星💰人均:$300港元.💕關注【香港美食餐廳攻略】,尋寶美食優惠一起吃吃吃!喜歡的請給贊和收藏❤️ continue reading
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Level4 2021-08-12
好多朋友都大讚嘅意大利餐廳,唔知係咪期望太大,好失望嘅一餐🙈龍蝦意粉嘅蕃茄醬汁好淡,而Homemade Fettuccine 冇咩質感;另一款Black and White Tagliolini就好少少,但調味都係偏鹹😕成晚最好嘅係個前菜Burrata.🔻🍽 LucAle📌 地址: 西環西營盤第三街100號A地舖 continue reading
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Level1 2021-07-16
專登happy Friday 過來食,點知食到一肚氣,同埋食物性價比唔高。首先佢係一定要人用安心出行,呢下已經想走,但既然訂左位就算,照食。入到去坐低佢不停用好差既語氣,當你犯人咁監視你,望實你電話有係scan到個安心出行 …其實我明你驚犯法,但個態度可以好d囉,同埋你間野入到去完全無internet,個wifi又收得唔好,都要時間下載番個app大佬…但佢好堅持你唔scan 就唔俾落單,其實都係果句啦,明既你驚犯法,但個語氣可以好d囉。given 你個價位,我諗我唔接受茶餐廳服務,其實人地服務可能都好過你。到落單又係一肚氣,我同女朋友兩個人食唔多,叫一個main 一個前菜share,點完,個女waitress 用非常不置可否既語氣,frown 少少好大聲咁講:that’s it?!!?! 嘩,果刻我真係覺得好surprised 以為自己去左澳牛。你話哂都300幾蚊一碟野,裝修都靚丫,但唔該你地成個軟件要配得起件事囉。咁我就同佢老細反映啦,講完就明點解係咁。上樑不正下樑歪。佢話無人咁同佢講過佢地態度唔好,又話佢信佢d staff ..咁你信飽佢啦,咁既態度,無回頭囉。講番食物,點左個紅蝦burrata cheese ,都值7.5/10 分,但如果要300蚊一碟加咁既態度,你自己諗啦。另個龍蝦twist pasta, 都有4-5件龍蝦切件,個pasta 係homemade 平心而論都al denote 味道都不過不失。但都係果句,唔抵食囉,唔係食唔起,而係不論擺盤,用餐體驗,定d staff 既professionalism ,都唔值個價。最後,連埋d sparkling water (唔俾人叫tap 呀,去caprice 都有tap , 呢度唔俾叫,真巴閉)都要近$700。你想伏一次就去啦。 continue reading
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Level2 2021-07-11
came here for sunday brunch, food was fine, loved the burrata, parma ham and salami platter. ❌ however, they put all asian-looking customers into the back room of the restaurant, while caucasian customers sit in the main area❌ furthermore, the asian waitress was rude and had the biggest “resting b*tch face” when serving asian-looking customers. but she was all smiles when serving a caucasian couple 🙄definitely won’t be back! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)