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Level4 2021-05-25
Summary: Tasty and reasonably-priced pasta, but the rest of the menu doesn't add up; wasn't worth the price we paid. You won't find these dishes anywhere else in HK, so maybe worth a visit, but don't know in what situation we'd go again. Try as many of their pastas as you can fit, at the expense of their other offeringsWhy is Italian food so expensive in Hong Kong? Go down the list from 8½, 121 BC, Carbone, Posto Pubblico, Associazione Chianti and even the Italian Club and Capo (borderline); they’re all just too pricey for what you’re getting. Fresh pasta is great sure, but most Italian food should be sort of homey and simple; why is every dish over 200$?Anyway, with that said, I love Italian, and we do try to visit all the big places… though we usually come away a bit more broke and a lot more unsatisfied. Lucale was pretty much the same,I’d tried many times to book Lucale and they’d always been packed, though after visiting not sure how that was possible – it’s pretty big! Plenty of seating by the front, and a large room in the back. Kind of rustic décor, which works really well, and nicely spaced out tables give the place a comfortable feel. Here’s the menu:The appetizers are pretty limited, but smart; who doesn’t love ham and burrata? While the pastas are mostly reasonably priced, the mains are somewhat exorbitant. Maybe I’m cheap, but at a regular Italian place, 300$ entrees better be something special – the one we had was not. Here’s what we hadBurrata Deliziosa (300g) with 24 month aged Parma Ham300g of Burrata means two giant balls of milky, creamy goodness. Make sure to drown it in olive oil and pepper and enjoy Lucale’s wonderful bread. We took half of it home it was so massive. Obviously delicious, but how could it not be?Cappelletti in a Parmesan Bolognese sauceDelicious at first, but you know when there's too much parmesan in a sauce, it becomes kind of sticky and gummy over time ? There was so much parm in here that it was quite an effort to finish. Still fantastic, just be ready to shareChitarra spaghetti with Truffle and PecorinoA winner - truffle in every bite without resorting to offensive and overbearing truffle oil. We made a mistake by ordering two cheese-based pastas, but this one was fantastic with the perfectly chewy spaghetti. Would probably recommend this one over the CappellettiSlow cooked baby cuttlefish in tomato sauce with peas and fennelThis was a real headscratcher - at 298$, i was expecting something quite elaborate, if not inspired, and instead we got a tomato-pea stew with chunks of small cuttlefish. The sauce was certainly full of seafood flavor, and delicious with the bread, but there were just SO MANY peas. The small chunks of cuttlefish were tender and not-offensive, but they take a definite backseat to the PEAS and tomato sauce. We finished it because it was 300$, but I'm not sure where the cost of this dish goes. Very odd, and I don't recommend you try it. Overall, I think Lucale is worth visiting, if only to try the homemade pastas, which are unique, delicious and well-thought out. They're more interesting than the pastas at the Capo restaurants for example, at roughly the same price. Apart from that though; the cured meat platters are fun, but nothing special, and the one main we tried was frankly a flop. We paid just over HKD 1,000 for the two of us with no drinks (but mandatory mineral water), which seems like a lot. I might go back and limit myself just to pasta, but it seems quite a compromise. This is the state of italian food in HK though, I suppose. continue reading
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Level4 2021-02-06
🇭🇰LucAle·好耐冇約朋友仔出街食飯 今次去咗西環呢一間意大利餐廳度食brunch😎😎佢$388包左6個前菜 意粉 同埋紅酒白酒prosecco任飲 佢其實咁樣已經好夠食㗎啦 因為我啲相影出嚟其實只係二人份量所以都真係幾多😌不過因為我哋想試吓佢啲意粉 所以我哋都加錢嗌左2個😈😈·burrata with 24 month aged parma hammixed cold cuts我覺得佢個parma ham好好食 本身個鹹香味好夠 而且唔會話太肥膩😌之後個burrata都唔錯幾creamy不過我自己覺得有啲漏 唔可以食太多🙊😂😂個cold cuts又係揀得好出色 佢個salami雖然就咁食真係偏鹹 但係配佢嗰麵包好夾 之後個ham質素都唔錯😎·buffalo mozzarella with camone tomatoesmarinated salmon with green apple balsamic vinegar saladslow cooked chicken breast with pancettakale salad with gorgonzola cream佢個mozzarella芝士味都幾濃 而且口感唔錯 之後啲蕃茄都超級juicy兩樣嘢幾夾😌三文魚都唔錯嘅 我好鍾意佢嗰汁 超級甜 之後個雞胸都ok既 不過我自己覺得無咩特別 而且我覺得佢面頭啲pancetta有啲太鹹🤭最後個kale salad我就真係唔識欣賞啦 我覺得佢有啲太多cream整到個味有少少怪 而且佢啲合桃都冇好脆 所以冇乜口感咁 不過其他人話幾好食🤣🤣·homemade fettuccine with mussels and clams +$178homemade chitarra style spaghetti with black truffle $198我自己幾鍾意個闊條麵 我覺得佢個質地好 而且佢煮到啱啱好 索晒啲海鮮味😍另外個黑松露意粉都唔錯既 真係勁重黑松露味 不過我覺得佢有啲太creamy 所以就算我地4個人分我都覺得有啲膩🤣🤣·tiramisuchocolate and cardamon with guava ice cream個tiramisu我地大家都覺得幾好食 不過我自己最鍾意都係pizza project個個😏😏今次我反而鍾意個朱古力多啲 我覺得佢朱古力味好濃 不過我就唔係好識欣賞佢嗰石榴雪糕 我覺得個味有少少怪🤣·#rbyeat#rby西餐#rby西環·📍西環西營盤第三街100號A地舖 continue reading
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Level2 2021-05-29
黑松露雲吞 ($408)侍應一黎到就係我地面前刨新鮮嘅黑松露落個巨型雲吞。一切開個蛋黃就流出黎 。依個係好岩相機食先不過CP值低。黑松露意粉 ($268)松露好香個醬好creamy,意粉口感煙韌,簡單嘅煮法就已經好好食。銀鱈魚 ($268) 個魚相對地比較清淡,但係橄欖太多,佢個味道蓋過d鮮味。帶子龍蝦意粉 ($198)簡單清新嘅煮法,每一口都食到海鮮嘅鮮味。Tiramisu ($88)有一層焦糖脆脆係面,打開佢入面係勁多吉士醬,但係無咖啡味無酒味無餅乾,普普通通。朱古力批 ($88)見唔到有批,淨係見到啲碎左既曲奇餅,有啲朱古力醬係面,平平無奇,無難度可言,沒有期望沒有失望🤭整體來講依家啲野食係影相一流,fine dining 價錢卻不及fine dining 體驗和服務。Black Truffle Ravoili ($408)The cured egg yolk oozed out was the knife gently cut into the giant ravoili. Freshly sliced truffle scent instantly hit as the waiter prepared the dish at the table. Undoubtedly IG worthy but does with comes with a hefty price tag 🤑. B&W Taglielini ($268)The aroma from the shaved truffle was noticeable, coupled with a creamy truffle infused sauce. Paired with a generous portion of taglielini that was cooked al dente. A simple dish yet cooked to perfection 🤤. Black Cod Medit ($268)Dish was slightly underwhelming compared to others, with taste overpowered by the olives. Chitarra ($198)Spageiltti was cooked well coupled with generous bites of fresh seafood ingredient. Simple dish with distinctive flavour profile. Tiramisu and Nutella Pie ($88 each)The tiramisu was served with rich and generous mascarpone cheese, although lacked coffee flavouring, whilst the ladyfingers was nowhere to be seen. Nutella pie was essentially pieces of crushed cookie paired with rich Nutella flavoured ice cream. Both desert mediocre, possibly ideal for those that enjoys a sweet bite after meal, although don’t expect anything overwhelming to avoid disappointment 🤭. Popular restaurant with limited seating so suggest booking in advance. Unfortunately despite the good food, the pressure to turnover tables ma tode the experience less enjoyable. _________________________Price 💰💰💰💰💰Quality 🤤🤤Customer Service 🌟🌟Ambience 🥂🥂Please follow us on Instagram @honestfoodie.Hk if you like our review 😊 continue reading
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TLDR: stay away from this place if you are looking for a good time. It is hostile and obnoxious.The food was alright. That’s all I can say about the food.I have had better service in a McDonald's; at least in a burger joint, I don't need to worry about the staff and how long it takes to finish my meal.I am not sure if it's the training, or the lack thereof, that enables such unprofessional staff. Perhaps they have forgotten their manners during the lockdown?During the course of the meal, we were reminded multiple times by numerous servers that we had to return the table at a certain time.  They were also doing little gestures like checking their watches while walking past us, while we still had like an hour to go.  We ain't cargoes and you ain't FedEx.  Why are you in such a hurry?But that’s not all. I had trouble understanding our server when she was explaining the dish because she spoke English with a heavy accent so I asked to be served by another waitress. Sure, another came to help and it’s all good but an Italian guy (the owner, I assumed) came to our table afterwards and asked, mockingly, if I understood his accent. Then he made an offensive comment in my face saying that I had a Hong Kong accent. That’s the tipping point for me. I could pretend to overlook all the impoliteness, but this is just straight up being racist. I personally speak with a fairly standard American accent and if I look too Asian and not Anglo-Saxon enough to the owner to deserve some kind of respect, that speaks volumes about their business. And perhaps this is exactly the reason why they are operating so unprofessionally. Perhaps they aren’t trained to have manners in the first place. Who knows?If there are only Asians in your group and you are looking to have a good time, stay away from this place. They don’t care about you. Fun fact: In their Instagram profile, it says the restaurant was in a "discreet, charming alley".  What they mean is a dirty alley next to a couple of huge dustbins, and they have outdoor dining area right next to them.  It makes me wonder behind all the facades if they have a rodent problem. Thank you for reading my rant/review. continue reading
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Level3 2021-04-27
What a hidden gem full of flavors & reminders of Italy! 🇮🇹 This causal place is as authentic as it gets in HK!! Even most of their staff & chefs are Italian. Pretty much felt like I was back in a lively & cozy trattoria in RomeOur Italian server was very handsome and explained the menu in detail to us. Gave great recommendations on the wine 🍷 too.Their homemade pasta 🍝 was well made and perfectly cooked to al dente perfection. Full of flavors as well.From appetizers to desserts, everything was on point Bellissima! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)