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We tried LucAle’s free flow brunch menu at HKD380 (+10% service). Great value for quality food and wines!The burrata, no doubt, was one of the highlights, tho was expecting it to be more melty for videos 🤪 Another surprise was the not-so-photogenic salads, but all were perfectly mixed with the right amount of dressing. Celery salad with seafood was my fav among the three styles. 🦑For the add-on items, liked ragu pappardelle and clams spaghetti chitarrino (somehow tasted like ramen tho). Lamb chop was nicely cooked, but you can probably find this in many restaurants. The gnocchi tasted alright, but wished the pesto sauce to be more direct.Reserved a week in advance, and it was definitely a well-spent brunch day. Cheers! 🥂—Free Flow Brunch Menu* Cold cuts & cheese (including burrata)* Mixed salad (cesar, beetroots, squid)* Dessert (choose 1: lemon cream mousse/tiramisu)* Prosecco, white & redAdd-on ($)* Pappardelle with white bolognese ragu* Potato gnocchi with pesto and walnuts* Spring lamb chop with roasted potatoes* Spaghetti chitarrino with clams, bottarga, zucchini — continue reading
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水牛芝士係我心目中芝士界嘅翹楚!可愛圓滾滾嘅外型,奶味香濃,口感幼滑,每食一啖都洋溢幸福嘅感覺,太美妙啦上網見到呢間由Conrad 同香格里拉大廚主理嘅意大利餐廳,吸引我嘅並唔係名氣,而係佢一大舊嘅水牛芝士加上Parma ham,見到軟綿綿好似雲朵嘅mozzarellas cheese,我又淪陷咗啦!有圖有真相,當然先貼為敬!我食嘅水牛芝士都唔算好少,你當我扮野都好!佢真心我食過最好食,最新鮮,佢入面極度水潤,食得出鮮奶嘅鮮甜味,真係令我忍唔住咪埋雙眼,好好咁去享受嘅芝士,以往食嘅都係比較有彈性,但呢種係你一揭開芝士嘅表面,佢入邊嘅芝士係會傾倒出嚟....好滑好鮮呀!我上網睇返,原來佢嘅芝士係由意大利直送到港,一旦食過新鮮嘅,返唔到轉頭....咩冷藏保存的水牛芝士,乾巴巴嘅加工品根本無法相比!飛機直送已經可以咁好食,佢令我燃起到意大利食新鮮嘅慾望!究竟可以幾好食呀!!!!如果有同好,我極度提議你加多一粒芝士!你唔會後悔!巴馬火腿,都整整兩大兜!我個人係舊芝士度好似薛家燕咁轆轆吓,完全忽略咗嘀火腿!係好食嘅,但印象唔深因爲我呢個係FreeFlow wine brunch,只係$380紅,白酒,甜白酒任飲,三個沙律係前菜,兩大兜巴馬火腿再加兩個甜品,我女仔好夠食,但如果你大食底,加$128 有main dish,但我真心推!加多粒水牛芝士啦!better than sex佢兩個甜品重要好好食,加上任飲,加上靚芝士,加上神級Tiramisu,我嘅人生太快樂啦!我好想好似我隻狗仔,開心到轉圈圈呀!一餐滿足嘅brunch,愉快愉快! continue reading
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Talk about leaving a bad taste in your mouth - figuratively and literally! Atrocious service. We ordered the - inedible - beef tartare, sent it back, did not have it replaced and still had to pay the full price for a dish we barely touched. I understand times are hard, but do consider earning an honest living, like maybe serving decent food? Please visit if you think life is too good and would like to endure some bad service as a reality check. Else even plain yogurt with blueberries would make a better meal. continue reading
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Level3 2020-08-20
This delish weekend brunch was a very pleasant surprise from my . I didn't know what to expect. The restaurant is tucked away (seriously) behind Potato Head in SYP, an area that I like going but didn't like the ramps and stairs. The decor was earthy and peaceful and the staff very attentive and pleasant. The menu was a bring-to-the-table appetizer brunch along with choice of main (pastas mainly, and a few other options). The staff highly recommended their rib eye, which we ordered, as they said it was highly sought after from their dinner and they only included it in the brunch menu after high demand. I didn't find it spactacular (so, it was a steak) and from the photos, the tomahawk style steak that they served for dinner looked much more attractive than what they served for lunch. At an almost $300+ extra charge for the steak option, it was not worth the hype. However, the appetizers were amazing. We had three small salad bowls of beetroot,  type of waldorf salad and a caesar, followed by a huge plate of iberico ham surrounding a buratta cheese, and another huge plate of cold cuts, some feta and tomatoes. The appetizer was the bomb!As mentioned, we ordered the steak, which was a steak. The vongole pasta with a type of salty fish egg paste was super delicious.  We ordered one of the lemon creme and tiramisu. The lemon creme was beautiful.  Would definitely go again for the charcuterie and the pasta.  continue reading
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Level3 2020-06-19
LucAle is such a popular place where I find the first round dining is a bit too short. For a party of four, we started with two appetisers. Got two pastas and a steak for main. The wine menu is also quite nice, always love to explore a restaurant’s selection. Very nice Burrata “Deliziosa” from Lucale. Different from most dense burrata, this Deliziosa burrata is light creamy and have this vanilla taste. Match so with the sweet cherry tomato.LucAle’s Shovel. This cold cut platter is amazingly appetising, my friends couldn’t even wait for me to take a photo of it. The chef was so nice in explaining each type of ham and salamis. There are total six variety and paired nicely with the pickled pearl onions. Felt so happy starting our night digging into this.Cappelletti Di Bolognese Bianca, Crema Di Parmigiano D.O.P. 24 Mesi E Crumble Di Parmigiano 18 Mesi. Home made cappelletti with meat and ricotta filling. The simple carrot and celery made this not overly heavy. A homie little hat pasta dish.Chitarrino Al Tartufo Nero, Crema Di Pecorino Di Pienza E Briciole Di Pane Alle Noci. This homemade Chitarra Style spaghetti with black truffle, Pienza Pecorino cheese and walnut crumbs. This spaghetti is so creamy and rich. Mouthful flavour from the cheese and walnut crumbles. It looks simple but the flavour is amazing. It is a bit rich, so better to share.Happy feasting the 1kg of top quality steak. When you are with a group of great friends, of cause the best is to share. Fassona Rib Steak served with oven roasted potatoes and eggplants plus this not too creamy cream spinach. continue reading
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