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Hong Zhou Restaurant maiinly provide Hong Zhou dishes with simple chinese decoration.They provide excellent services and genuine cuisine.Special recommendation in clued Fried Noodles in Hong Zhou Style and Shelled shrimps with dragon well tea leaves.These two dishes bring you with fresh and special feelings. continue reading
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Braised Spinach in Superior Soup Duck Soup Boiled duck and wonton in casserole Fried Noodles in Hong Zhou Style Dongpo Pork Shelled shrimps with dragon well tea leaves
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特式杭州菜 Featured Review
Level3 2016-12-14
晚上六點半來到,不是太多人,但坐到七點便開始多人,結果全酒家坐滿,建議來這裡晚飯都是預先訂位好d醉乳鴿,眼見色澤比較深,食落果然酒味極之香濃。幹煎小黃魚,熱辣辣,皮煎得甘香,肉滑有肉汁,超正純菜魚圓湯,純菜是杭州特產,口感爽滑,魚圓非常特別,口感似豆腐,必食但高力豆沙就不合格了,非常油膩,需要改善另外這裡的服務也不錯,聽到我們說凍,便主動把冷氣關低一點 continue reading
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Level2 2017-02-15
俗語話:人不可以貌相,海水不可以斗量。你睇吓碟餸,簡單純樸,顏色分明,氣質優雅, 你又點會估到:係臭㗎,仲係好臭!!我諗起電影《國產凌凌漆》裡面,周星馳與餐廳夥計對答的一幕:凌凌漆:夥計夥計:係凌凌漆:你哋呢度啲豆腐又話最出名嘅?夥計:係啊凌凌漆:臭架喎夥計:出名臭吖嘛!凌凌漆:可唔可以攞啲出名好食嘅過我呢?夥計:都係豆腐囉凌凌漆:唔係啩?夥計:係呀,你當佢臭豆腐咁食,觀感就會fit哂。凌凌漆:咁畀多個炸嘅我吖 (大家對笑)…… 阿琴,香港嘅商場真係包羅萬有啊可?Cut ! 唔該講返碟餸。OK, 喺我面前呢碟叫「紹興蒸雙臭」,屬浙江紹興名菜。何謂雙臭?即臭豆腐同臭莧菜梗(stem)。真係臭到發癲,比炸臭豆腐更臭,臭到嘔,臭到冤崩爛臭,哈哈!點解咁臭?豆腐同莧菜梗首先經臭鹵水發酵,吸收唒臭鹵水後,再把臭莧菜放喺臭豆腐上面一齊蒸,那種酸縮,發霉,惡臭氣味透過蒸氣散發出來,問你點頂。加上臭莧菜和臭豆腐兩者在蒸嘅過程中產生化學作用,臭上加臭。雖然係臭,但係食得好開心,好好玩。每個人嘅反應都唔同,有啲搖唒頭,有啲用紙巾全程掩住個鼻,有啲笑到黐哂線,有啲講哂粗口,有啲搬碟餸去第二邊,有啲話冇問題不停食,現場的互動令到成餐飯都開心哂。不過,真係好臭,食到尾都仲感受到嗰陣臭味。我問坐我隔嚟嘅肥仔William感覺如何,佢帶著堅定嘅眼神咁樣答我:「臭 N.G.H. 吖!!」🙊🙊😲😲 continue reading
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Hong Zhou Restaurant which is located in the heart of Wan Chai was awarded 1 Michelin star from 2011-2015. They didn't get awarded a 1 Michelin star this year but the food at Hong Zhou Restaurant was still spot on. I've only had Hong Zhou food once or twice before but Hong Zhou cuisine is very similar to Shanghainese food and you know I love me some Shanghainese food!! The restaurant is your typical Chinese restaurant with simple decor. The restaurant had a full house when we went and was full of delicious aromas coming from the kitchen!Hairy crabs are backkkkkk! How could we not order them. Look at that juicy, fatty and amazing hairy crab roe. <3 #PerfectionThe hairy crabs are HK$320 for one!Shredded vegetables tossed with dried bean curd HK$68. I love this dish- the minced veggies had a strong sesame oil dressing to it that helped bring out the great flavors of the fresh vegetables.Braised Dong Po Pork Belly (東坡肉 served with 4 pieces of man tou | HK$100) – this dish is delicious- the ridiculously fatty pork belly is nicely marinated, rich, and saucy and slow braised in a combination of soy sauce, cane sugar and Chinese wine to get that amazing flavor and color.AMAZE-BALLS! The pork belly is ridiculously pic and tender. You then place the fatty, braised pork belly in between the sweet and fluffy man tou. Last step- Devour!! Absolutely loved this dish.Sautéed Pea Sprouts with Crab Roe, $268. This dish was great. The pea sprout dish came out piping hot and was flavorful, tasty and extremely appetizing. Gotta pack in the veggies.Steamed dumplings stuffed with minced pork, 4 pieces for HK$28. The xiao long bao dish was good but I thought the skin wrapping was a bit on the thicker side.Last but not least....this dessert!!! I wished the deep fried crust was a bit thinner but overall had a delicious dinner at Hong Zhou Restaurant. I'll be back to check out the rest of the other endless dishes on the menu. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Hang Zhou Restaurant has always been one of my all time favourite Chinese restaurant in town. It is one of the few restaurants in Hong Kong that specialises in Hangzhou cuisine, which is sort of similar to Shanghainese cuisine but only more delicate with flavours that are more subtle. It's recommended by lonely planet and the Michelin guide and it's an establishment that's been around for ages. More importantly, here you can get real authentic Hangzhou food at reasonable prices right in the centre of town, so what more can you ask for? The only downside I guess is that the decor and service here are typical of just any other Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong, so if you are looking for something hip and fancy, this is not the place for you.Now back to the food, 2 of us spent a total of HK$500 for lunch on a weekday and here are what we had:1. Drunken mud snail 醉泥螺 : I am not quite sure what the proper english name of this is so I apologise if it's not called mud snail. Anyways, these tiny mud snails with soft shells are marinated raw in yellow wine, with a texture that is similar to clams. They are often eaten in the Shanghai and Ningbo area. The flavour is extremely intense, it's like the taste of seafood mixed with sweetness explodes in your mouth. It's something that you would like if you like drunken crabs. I personally like it but because the taste is so intense, I can't take too much of it.  2. "Evergreen" cold salad 凉拌万年青: Again, I don't know what the proper name of this vegetable is but according to the restaurant, this is some kind of local vegetables in Hangzhou. The way it's made is very similar to 凉拌马兰头, cooked and seasoned simply with sesame oil and salt and eaten cold. The only difference is that the texture of this vegetable is more coarse. Overall, a refreshing dish. 3. Duck in sauce 招牌酱鸭 : This is a classic dish where the duck is marinated and cooked in soy sauce and spices such as nutmeg, star anise and cinamon and then left to dry. It's salty with concentrated flavours and the texture is a little dry, but this is the way this dish is supposed to be. A well made dish. 4. Stir fried eggplant with Hangzhou chilli 杭椒小茄子 : This is a simple vegetable stir fry. The chilli is a tiny bit spicy and I think the eggplant has been slightly deep fried in hot oil in order to retain its purpose colour. The colour of the dish is appetising and I like the combination of the chilli and eggplant. However, some may find this dish a bit too oily. 5. Deep fried stinky tofu 乾炸臭豆腐 : Another well made dish, the tofu is deep fried to perfection and it's not oily at all. Like the stinky tofu from street vendors, the tofu here comes with a chilli sauce and sweet sauce. For those of you who are put off by stinky tofu, don't worry, it has the fermented tofu taste but it's not stinky at all. 6. Fish ball with water shield soup 莼菜鱼圆汤: Water shield is a vegetable that is used to make soup in Shanghai / Hangzhou. It doesn't come with a strong taste but it's got a funny slimy texture to it. The fish balls here are not the same kind of fish balls that you eat with noodles. Instead, the fish balls here are soft and fluffy, hand made with grass carp fish (鲩鱼) . The soup has a light and delicate taste with shreds of Jinhua ham for added flavour, perfect for the summer. The restaurant gave us red bean soup for free as dessert, it's nothing spectacular but it's free. Just a side note, we came here for lunch on a weekday and managed to get a reservation half an hour before we arrived at 12:30pm. The place is quite spacious, so getting a table for lunch, if you don't come in a big group, should not be too hard.Posting the lunch menu here - as you can see, prices are reasonable for the quality of food  continue reading
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Level1 2016-07-27
和友人一齊來品嚐了這家充滿濃濃上海味道的杭州酒家,🦀️我喜歡這種醬油醃製的多過清蒸,黃花魚也是小香煎烤,淡淡的鹹味和魚本身的鮮味融為一體,去掉了腥味和油膩味,真的可以給9分,再多一分怕廚師驕傲!其他的菜就無法推薦了,因為兩個人吃不了多少,下次還會再去! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)