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Long time no sushi! This time my dinner partner brought me to this Japanese restaurant in Wan Chai. Although Wan Chai was one of my most familiar districts, I had never realized that there was such a Japanese restaurant in one of the old buildings near the wet market. Interior renovations were actually very decent inside! Really couldn't tell. Their eating utensils also looked pretty decent, even for simple tea like this.For dinner, they offered sets ranging from sashimi sets, sushi sets, rice bowl sets and grilled dishes sets at different prices. The cheapest set was $105 and the most expensive one was $348. 10% service charge applied. There were also lots of special offer sushi at $13+10% each only with quite a lot of choices. As we were not very hungry, we decided to order 1 rice bowl set, 1 sushi set and a few more sushi to share. We saw these special summer beers and decided to try one. For Special Frozen Draft Beer with special flavours, the volume was 570ml at a price of $88+10%. It was quite a big jar of beer indeed. There were 3 flavours and we picked Cucumber and Mint instead of Organic red pomelo and honey peach flavours. Cucumber and Mint Special Frozen Draft Beer at $88+10%Special Frozen Draft Beer was actually beer innovation from Japan with a refreshing frozen foam topping. Taste-wise, it was like beer with the specially added flavours of cucumber and mint. It was quite refreshing indeed.The dinner set we ordered was Sea Urchin with Onions Tuna Toro Bowl. Seaweed miso soup, garden salad and Japanese steamed egg were included in the set.Sea Urchin with Onions Tuna Toro Bowl at $198+10%There were quite a lot of minced tuna which was super smooth and delicious! I really liked the chopped spring onion and white sesame on top which greatly enhanced the flavours. The amount of sea urchin was quite generous and quality was not bad - smooth and creamy without any nasty flavour. There was also a piece of Japanese egg with the name of the restaurant printed on it, some fresh greens and a slice of pickled lotus root in addition to some sliced seaweed added to the rice. The bowl itself was so pretty and presentation was also very nice with a cute yellow flower placed in the middle.Accompanying the rice bowl, the Japanese steamed egg was very smooth and perfectly seasoned with some mushrooms, Japanese-style fish ball slice and crab stick. Garden salad was fresh greens with some corn and cherry tomatoes in loads and loads of Japanese-style sesame dressing.Miso soup was simple with some seaweed and chopped spring onion.For sushi, we ordered a Supreme Tuna Sushi Set which consisted of 2 pieces of Supreme Fatty Tuna, 2 pieces of Semi-Fatty Tuna and 2 pieces of Tuna. Supreme Tuna Sushi Set at $238+10%I had to admit that the quality was better than the similar tuna sushi we had recently had at another sushi bar. We started to eat from the least fatty tuna. The tuna sashimi were all so rich in oil and yet super tender and fresh. Of course the fatter the better, as always. Yummy! The best dish of the meal! Even the 2 slices of onions were edible and also have you noticed the little cute yellow flower placed on top for a little bit of decoration?日本劍魚腩,象拔蚌&特大赤海老 at $13+10% eachGiven the special offer of just $13 per sushi, of course we had to try them out. We ordered 日本劍魚腩,象拔蚌&特大赤海老. 象拔蚌 was reasonably crispy; 特大赤海老 was really quite big and was fresh and meaty; 日本劍魚腩 was pretty fatty and tender. The price was reasonably justified by the quality.We saw 河豚料理 and decided to try out their  河豚白子. We were quite pleased as 河豚料理 was definitely not very common in HK.河豚白子 at $35+10%河豚白子 is supposed to be even more precious than 河豚 itself because it is the reproductive organ of 河豚. They were very very smooth in fact and had no nasty flavour at all as someone might imagine given the nature of the organ. In fact, they were a little bit tasteless. Maybe it was the reason why they added some spicy toppings as well as some chopped spring onion on top of the 白子 to add flavour. It was my first time to try out 河豚白子 and it was really quite an eye-opening experience for me. Overall, we were quite content with the food. In particular, the Supreme Tuna Sushi Set and the Onions Tuna Toro Bowl were both impressive. Their $13 special sushi offer was quite a good deal. Service was efficient as we managed to finish everything within 45 min. Seating was quite comfortable and we did manage to have a private chat on our own.  continue reading
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家賀屋呢個名係灣仔區都幾有名,一來食材都係由築地直送,保證新鮮,二來性價比高,價錢親民同時食材亦不馬虎,所以吸引左好多人放工去光顧,店舖面積唔大,裝修低調沉實,簡簡單單配搭雲石檯,一眼見哂餐廳座位比起熟食料理,餐廳主打刺身丼同壽司定食,款式都超過20多款,有不同配搭,圖文並茂,非常清晰夏日限定仲有冰啤,有紅柚、蜜桃、青瓜同原味------原味冰啤 $78冰啤好快就送到,上面層泡其實係冰,飲落更加冰爽同精神自家製焦糖玉子燒 $38玉子燒一口size,單邊加上一層糖然後燒成焦糖,口感比較厚實同挺身,切面工整,食落有啖啖蛋的甜味,不過印字個到只見賀字,不太完整旗本壽司定食 $238湯、沙律、唐揚嫩雞、壽司8件中本鮪魚腩、豐洲鮮魚、空運立魚、三文魚腩、油甘魚、赤海老、汁燒海鰻、蔥吞拿魚腩湯係三文魚頭湯,真係有三文魚頭係到,真材實料,比起一般麵豉湯鮮甜,沒有魚腥味,仲有魚肉食,田園沙律配搭芝麻醬,開胃爽口唐揚嫩雞一客有三件,炸得好食,食落有肉汁同幾嫩,不過唔係太熱同埋有兩件比較細件,唔太一致壽司真係幾吸引,特別係吞拿魚腩軍艦,非常之滿,仲加左香蔥同芝麻,更帶出魚腩蓉的脂香,海鰻醬汁真係錦上添花,腍身有點入口即化,赤海蝦肉質彈牙,新鮮,油甘魚雖然唔係厚切,但幾鮮甜同埋魚脂香味幾突出河豚薄切刺身 $280河豚視為高級料理因為非常考驗廚師刀工同處理方法,呢盤河豚刺身切得薄,而且晶瑩透亮,食落味道比較淡,所以建議配柚子豉油一齊食,或者正宗食法會包埋蔥花,更能帶出其鮮味河豚皮切成一條條,食落非常有嚼勁,加埋芥末,送酒不錯 continue reading
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Level1 2021-01-14
行過見到中午的套餐非常吸引, 決定上樓試下。今天試左角切魚生飯set。魚生份量不多,但可能係角切,魚生不太新鮮,茶碗蒸不錯,飯量亦不多味道一般。員工都算體貼, 但整體不太抵。 continue reading
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Level4 2020-12-23
呢間野就好似好出名咁,一早聽過個名,一直未有機會試。適逢晚市禁堂食,諗住去買個外賣自取,係有折扣情況下試,唔好食都冇咁肉赤嘛。不過呢間外賣自取竟然只有9折,係出面人人都最少8折甚至做到半價既情況下,就稍為遜色。不過唔緊要,都買一個試下,外賣都可以買dinner set,都係9折。不過dinner set比起單叫係貴左廿幾蚊,多個湯、蛋、沙律,其實都差唔多。可以慳番唔叫set都冇乜所謂。跟餐沙律,沙律可能係成個餐最好食既野D菜起碼正常,唔苦跟餐蛋,真係好似一pat蒸水蛋,好水,下面仲有堆粉絲既物體跟餐麵豉湯雖然預左係開水沖,但都唔係咁淡呀勁淡無味,得蔥味主角刺身飯有三文魚、甜蝦、玉子、油甘魚三文魚冇味,又淋甜蝦零味道,個頭好腥玉子冇乜味,唔甜油甘魚都唔香魚味簡單黎講所有刺身都冇味三文魚肉同蝦肉直頭係淋飯得好少,而且係零醋味,熱飯黎刺身唔好食,放題咁既質素,飯又少又係熱飯,咁都好意思收$198 continue reading
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Level3 2020-12-13
家賀屋真係非常好味,其實這次也是我第四次去進食了,平時中午的套餐也非常吸引,位於街市附近的位置要上一樓的,座位大概50個左右,晚上必吃生蠔,常常沽清的,他們近期也有入日本最時令的秋刀魚刺身,秋刀魚刺身真的冇得彈,我在外面吃到的很多時都有一點點小骨,但在這裏的真的非常好味,刀工非常好,肉質也鮮味,配上少少姜和聰的甜酸汁,味道非常昇華,我們四個人吃了1000多,但一定比起很多放題好,放題是很難做到這種質素的,但這裏的東西一定夠你吃飽,他們的丼飯也非常大碗我覺得以這個價錢我還會去食第五次第六次第七次haha continue reading
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