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Kakuryu Ramen Restaurant in Japan, its "Shoyu-Shoga Ramen" is inspired by the tradition of Niigata. It offers ramen and tsukemen with outstanding ginger flavor and handmade miso sauce. The restaurant also offers a variety of snacks; the dumplings are delivered directly from Niigata. continue reading
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11:30 - 22:00
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11:30 - 22:00
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疫情下很多餐廳都有優惠吸引客人,不過這間日式拉麵就保留正價,沒有堂食套餐。開揚日系裝修,光線充足而且一向崇日的我們就進去一試他們家的拉麵。以薑湯底出名,源自東京拉麵,湯麵質地不錯,軟硬適中,屬幼身。特別一讚是雞叉燒口感軟熟、雞咪濃,也沒有豬肉叉燒那種油膩感。湯底淡淡的薑味源自有一點點薑蓉加在配料旁邊。我個人比較喜歡沾麵,拉麵口感一流,很有咬口,咖哩湯底沒有太大偏差,是正宗的咖哩湯味。我們先要把拉麵和蕃茄肉醬伴好才沾進湯中;吃完後,店員會為你加茉莉茶進沾湯中...湯味道帶點甘茶味,after taste有點點苦和花茶香,味道好壞見仁見智。配料五花腩偏肥,所以我沒有試。不過沾湯是用瓦碗盛的,拉麵也是涷的,所以上桌不久就要一直吃涼又涷的麵😭。另外,餃子也煎得很香口,用蘿蔔蓉放進醬油一起吃,感覺清新。 continue reading
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Level2 2020-06-27
出嚟食嘢沙田行街,又搵嘢食見到有間拉麵好似未見過,應該唔係連鎖店,望落,所以試吓。我就揀咗一碗生薑醬油拉麵,餐牌寫係招牌菜。賣相好似好唔錯咁。好啦先講吓個湯底,通常食拉麵我都會飲埋個湯先因為湯始終係拉麵嘅靈魂!醬油湯底來講佢都算係偏淡口。佢個面質地係幼身既,有兩塊好大嘅雞肉,真係鞋到不得了,而且望落都冇味咁樣。所謂嘅生薑就係中間小小嘅姜蓉 ,撈左落個湯底之後其實都冇咩味。擺盤係好簡潔,唔錯嘅,餐廳都坐得幾舒服,可惜食物實在太唔吸引,試過一次就算,唔會再幫襯。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Usually, I would include photos in my food reviews, but this experience was so disappointing that I thought it was not worth it at all.  Whether the reviewers here are not as picky or the quality just dropped, please just avoid this restaurant. There is a much better ramen shop (Butao Ramen) just on the ground floor of the exact same plaza/shopping mall at the same price and much much better.  Now let's break down my experience.Expectations: This dining experience did not meet my expectations at all as I have seen raving reviews and people lining up for this restaurant when it first opened. I went into this restaurant full of hope and went out of the door with such a letdown! Atmosphere: Generally, this place looks clean and sleek like you expect a good Japanese restaurant would look like. However, it was so dreary with no one in the seats at all. My mother and I were a bit shocked and hesitant of this but decided to give it a try anyway due to how hyped up the reputation was. (My Lord, what a mistake that was!)Food: My mother and I ordered one bowl of their signature ramen with the famous ginger and chicken broth, with a side order of the tofu. The food quality was mediocre at best and the ramen was absolutely not worth the hype!Signature Ramen ($89)  - I'm going to start with the only positive that I can get from this bowl of disappointment. The noodles are decent with a smooth texture and a proper bite to it. However, that is not worth the price nor the hype! The broth was extremely salty to the point that I had to pour in a whole cup of water into it and it has absolutely no depth in flavour either. It was a simple chicken broth that I could randomly make at home (and definitely have many times!). There was one piece of vegetable inside and three/four slices of chicken on top of the ramen noodles but were mediocre with boring flavours and had no depth at all. We left the restaurant with only a few bites of the ramen. You may argue that the noodle is important and I agree, but in ramen, I would say the broth is its soul! With that completely screwed, you are better off cooking instant noodles at home. (Yes, that's how bad it was.)Fried tofu ($45) - A professional Japanese restaurant cannot screw up on a tofu dish at all.  (A great tip on knowing whether you are at a good Japanese restaurant) And thankfully, this restaurant did not screw up... but also did not offer up anything special. It was a regular fried tofu dish that you could find at a decent Japanese restaurant. With the four cubes of fried tofu and a pile of garnish on top, I would say it is not worth 45 dollars. The sauce they have added the dish was also not that special. Even though it was the highlight of the whole meal (in contrast to the ramen), it was still not spectacular and it did not wow me at all. Customer Service: It was not pleasant at all. The waiters and waitresses just served up the meal and disappeared into the corner of the restaurant to chatter and play on their phones. I found it quite disrespectful for a restaurant with such a high reputation. They did not even notice there were potential customers outside of the restaurant looking at the menu board, not to mention even greet them or try to invite them into the restaurant. Needs a lot of training and common sense before working in the customer industry.  In conclusion, this was a disastrous experience. I actually haven't uploaded on Openrice for a while until this restaurant experience just let me down so much. It's basically mediocre food plastered with a fake reputation and expensive price tag. You are seriously much better off going down a few floors to a real gastronomical experience.  continue reading
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Level2 2020-06-08
12點見無人入去成個lunch,款式唔多,幾款麵2款餃子選擇,叫一碗麵就免費跟一罐汽水,落左單無耐好快就上左碟煎餃,價錢嚟講還算可以,食完碟餃子好耐都重未上麵,其間望入 open kitchen見到個中年男人無帶口罩係廚房煮緊野,行嚟行去.唔知係咪老闆,但今時今日都唔帶口罩開工就非常出奇,樓下大排檔個大廚都識帶口罩啦!20分鐘過後終於上麵,擺款好靚,再聞一聞個湯底😵😵味道超唔好聞,可以形容有小小臭味,麵質都不好,98蚊一碗試過就算🥴都不會有下次 continue reading
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Level3 2020-06-05
疫情關係依家冇得去日本,唯有去附近食碗拉麵感受下日本風情。這間位於沙田新城市廣場7樓的拉麵店週日去到人流亦不算多,餐牌食物款式也不多,但係生薑醬油拉麵有點吸引我,所以我跟女朋友各自點了一碗,味道還不錯的,生薑配合醬油湯底令到拉麵味道有所提升,另點了一款炸雞也不錯,有機會會再試吓。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)