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Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill offers authentic American steaks, ribs, sandwiches and salad in a friendly, lively and upscale atmosphere. The philosophy behind is to serve consistently genuine, uncompromised American food to a standard exactly as one might expect in big-city restaurants across the United States and at a price that customers regard as high value. continue reading
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About Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill:
Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill promises culinary passion everyday and a heartfelt commitment to guests, with the obsession of delivering a modern American dining experience. Enhancing your lifestyle, this hip urban American inspired atmosphere combines with 1960’s jazz music, outdoor café settings and open bars.

Our commitment to the best, freshest ingredients in modern healthy recipes and classic favorites served hot off the grill by knowledgeable bar staff and friendly servers allows you to enjoy an upscale, lively and relaxing environment and a little piece of the authentic Chicago lifestyle.

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Level4 2017-01-24
好同事調職,大家都想同佢食一餐,佢想食豬肋排,所以搵間公司搭車方便嘅美式餐廳,事先打電話問清楚泊車優惠,因為有幾架車要泊,問清楚泊車優惠可唔可以一張單做幾架車,店員有禮話只要消費$300就分單碌信用卡!當日去到,店內嘅裝修西餐廳深木傢具,但啲極大動物標本公仔裝飾就幾嚇人(我唔識欣賞🙄)8個人坐一張長方枱,傾偈食飯都唔太方便,要下下傳菜同傳話叫咗食物陸續到!餐包:一籃幾款,個鬆餅好好味,又鬆又香牛油味!麵包麥香夠,但比較硬!超營沙律($168)呢個好驚喜,一向唔喜歡啤梨,估唔到香甜啤梨片加啲野莓醬好味!蔬菜加上彈牙藜麥,健康都可以好好味!綠色女神沙律($168)賣相靚,蝦肉爽口,蔬菜好新鮮,加上油醋汁酸酸地開胃!芝加哥拼盤($268)--香炸黃金洋蔥圈:香脆但略乾!--紐約人氣水牛城芝士:酸酸辣辣雞翼,雞肉唔乾好味!--烤焗美國薯皮:芝士煙肉碎薯皮,又香又濃煙韌,無得輸!奇趣卷($138)炸春卷香脆,入面嘅餡好似肉醬,入面撈咗酸青瓜,好惹味,最正係個沾醬,芥末味微攻惹味!好好味!炭燒大西洋三文魚扒($298)燒得滑,完全唔膻,剛剛熟到滑不溜口,正,伴碟嘅烤南瓜香甜,椰菜仔爽口,墊底嘅薯蓉滑,但太淡味!傳統燒烤美國烤排骨($338/全排)同事喜歡,一排切開,攞起肉比較乾,好似叉燒醬嘅醬汁入味!薯條香脆,沙律好好味,蔬菜絲爽口,嗰種水水嘅沙律醬好喜歡,好味!超級斧頭牛扒($888)嘩!賣相贏晒,做到叫嘅medium! 外面熟,入面粉紅色,牛味濃又唔會有筋,沾埋邊位嘅粗鹽粒,微鹹好味!伴碟嘅烤蒜頭好香,無晒辣味,只有香味!同皮薄嘅新薯仔都好好味!招牌甜品拼盤($178)賣相好繽紛,款式好多!美式朱古力蛋榚配咖啡雪榚:無咗焦糖漿仲好味,濃濃嘅朱古力配香滑咖啡雪榚!紐約芝士蛋榚:隻芝士味幾蘇!一般甘荀蛋榚:餐牌有,實物無蘋果批配雪榚:可能我食邊位,好脆但比較乾,呍呢嗱雪榚幾香滑!好味自家製抹茶白朱古力:平時我不喜歡白朱古力,總覺得太甜,又無朱古力嘅甘香,今次有驚喜,,可能加了我喜歡嘅甘香抹茶粉,平衡了甜味,白朱古力軟身,好滑溜!正士多啤梨牛奶朱古力:朱古力滑,士多啤梨酸甜!流心暖意($88)即係心太軟,尺寸比平時見嘅大個,好流心,不過朱古力漿唔算香,蛋榚較實!一般!呍呢嗱雪榚幾香滑!好味特級香濃布朗尼($78)布朗尼蛋榚好濃朱古力味,質地煙韌,加啲脆口果仁,有淋上圍邊嘅焦糖漿,我自己對焦糖一般,沾少少食都好味,咖啡雪榚好香好滑好好味食物幾好味,不過店員就唔係太醒目,好似餐包咁,問佢先再比,比碟仔佢比隻放一隻點心咁大嘅碟仔,我哋叫佢先比返隻正常尺寸嘅碟我哋!不過態度係有禮嘅!如果有圓枱就更好! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2017-02-20
Surely one of the best set in the town, portion is Absolutely generous and we can barely finish them.The pork is well seasoned with herbs and pepper and smashed potatoes defines what top quality is. And the steak is also stunning to and tender to enjoy. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
It seemed more than a decade since my last visit here, and so is my friend. I used to dine here a lot after finishing my evening class at CityU. The patronage stopped with the completion of my course. Then there are so many new dining choices to explore. It's really hard to keep customers loyal these days.Actually Dan Ryan was not the first choice for tonight's gathering with friends. As the Chinese New Year is drawing near, Chinese cuisine was the preferred choice. But the Maxim chain at Festival Walk was fully booked. So finally we went for a nostalgic choice.As soon as I entered Dan Ryan, I did not feel nostalgic at all with the decor setting. I remembered that the lighting used to be romantic, I meant much darker than now. It also felt more cozy before, afterall I had spent a lot of time here with the old decor setting. Later I checked with a waiter and learnt that the restaurant had renovation completed during last September. The menu was brand new in design and content too. I remember in my old days of visit there was only English menu and no photos. But now there is Chinese and English menu side by side, and there are photos of dish highlights. The presentation doesn't look like my familiar American style. It was in more Asian contemporary fashion.My friends favoured hot dishes and stomach-friendly comfort food, so we ordered onion soup and risotto. As the photo of the Mexican-styled tortilla looked attractive in menu, we simply went for it. The muffin and bread basket was a free treat at Dan Ryan. I highly recommended the muffin to my friends. To me it was Dan Ryan's signature. The taste was uniquely delicious. My friends agreed too. I like it more than those I bought at Mrs. Fields and Simply Life. It's the texture and the balance in sweetness. The soup was cheesy and tasted ok with no complaint. The seafood tortilla was a must-try. It tasted as good as the look in the photo in menu. Six pieces of lobster/crab/shrimp stuffed tortilla came with two handsome bowls of avocado and cream cheese sauce, a Mexican dip and some slices of Mexican-flavoured tomato slices and a half lemon baked. The risotto was ok too. It was really a sort of comfort food. We also ordered the molten chocolate cake as dessert. The portion was really American style. It was big enough for sharing by three adults, actually even four. The plate was big, and the cake too. Comparatively speaking, the ice-cream was too small to go with cake for a full satisfaction.We started our meal there at around 7pm, and left at nearly 11pm. The booth table was comfy, the food was good, and the time spent with friends simply flied. It was so fun and happy and felt so good to catch up with each other. The restaurant played an important role in the happy time tonight. Thanks Dan Ryan.BTW, a male waiter there was so smart to offer photo shooting for us with the molten chocolate cake just when we needed. Thanks waiter. continue reading
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Level1 2017-01-13
Dan RyanDan Ryan is a popular restaurant in Festival Walk. I went there with my family on Jan 2nd 2017 to have lunch there. We ordered French Fries and fish stick.  The French Fries were soggy and oily.  The fish was over cooked because the fish meat was crunchy.  It made my mouth painful after putting a mouthful of it in my mouth.  I thought I was chewing fish bones.  This worst fish meal I have ever had in my whole life.    Our family also ordered three steak meals.  When the meals arrived after a long wait they were cold and burnt.   The steaks were dry, chewy and salty because the chef had put too much seasoning in the steak.    It was a terrible experience to experience such poor quality of food.  When the bill came my dad nearly had a heart attack after looking at the bill. It was over 1500 dollars for five people dinning because the bill didn’t include drinks.  I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to anybody because of the shocking experience I have experienced.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2016-12-31
好友自己㨂咗呢間食生日飯,我之前食過兩次,覺得一般,不過佢想食,於是就俾多次機會佢。今次食又覺得好食喎,可能之前叫嘅唔ok,今次叫凱薩沙律、海鮮飯、焗薯皮&蟹餅都好食,我哋仲開咗支酒飲。開心嘅一餐! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)