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Close to the heart of Hong Kong diners for 50 years, Chesa boasts three generations of loyal customers. This bijou and romantic Alpine chalet home- From- home is where welcoming and cozy meet affordable, authentic Swiss food and global wines, in an unpretentious and relaxed setting enduring hidden gem for a delightful experience to share with friend and family. continue reading
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Level2 2017-01-19
第一次食瑞士芝士火鍋,選擇了聖誕月份配合氣氛。是日天氣卻較和暖。餐廳用木材及深色裝修,加上適量聖誕飾物,節日氣氛濃厚。廚房門前設了即溶大芝士裝備,每次溶解芝士時,產生的氣味不太舒服。侍應異常忙碌,多次忽略我們的召喚。餐前飽預期好味。crab cake 也不錯,只是價錢較貴/份量少。羊架嫩滑主角芝士火鍋配麵包粒太飽肚,這種食法不是我杯茶。反而甜品生果配 Lindt 朱古力火鍋更啱我口味。另外附上朱古力及薑餅也不太合口味。 continue reading
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Level4 2016-11-15
Chesa 系半島酒店內,除咗今佐,其它餐廳都冇試過!這晚細妹同妺夫相約,可以試下瑞士餐廳,瑞士菜式都不是常吃,只知有芝士火鍋及瑞士三角朱古力。記得當年去過瑞士,景色十分怡人,還有物價好貴,吃了一個麥記的魚栁飽餐要成$100!Chesa 佈置像小木屋內,有長長蠟燭襯托伴枱的乾花,很討好!雖然環境不是寬躺,但有微暖的燭光,像置身於外國感覺,可以幻想窗外還下雪中!哈,太多幻想吧!可能太餓了,麵包有著暖又軟,吃不停哩!寫文當天,剛巧轉涼又下雨,啖一囗熱騰騰的洋蔥湯,很暖身!洋蔥也下得多!Crab meat pancake。蟹餅。蟹肉很多,pancake 很軟滑,同外邊用煎的方法,是不同口感!Hot melted cheese阿妹的至愛,她說她自己可以一個人吃兩碟!用伴菜一起吃不過腻!Pan-fried goose liver煎得香口的鵝肝,還有蘋果同提子。除左妹夫,我地都系細食之人,主菜叫了兩款。Boneless beef spare rib將牛切成小片很易吃,而傍邊的薯餅尤其好吃。Lamb 羊架妹夫讚口不絕!甜品要了Chalet Swisse, 外表可愛的屋仔,內𥚃vanilla雪糕及忌廉!這個多用作celebration!另一個系Swiss chocolate mousse,朱古力香濃,mousse 很柔滑!最後餐廳送的甜點,只嘗一口,不太習慣的味道。還有冇影到的咖啡,真是完美的一餐! continue reading
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This Swiss restaurant is located in The Peninsula, decorated like a small cottage on the Swiss Alps, offering a cozy and comfortable environment as well as good food to customers looking for a romantic and comfortable dinner. Seated on a couch we ordered the dishes recommended by Maitre D' Lau for sharing. For starter, we had the Crab Meat Pancake with Lobster-Armagnac Cappuccino. One of the signature of the restaurant, this crepe is really good, with a soft pancake wrapping a good filling of crab meat, with the sauce prepared from lobster bisque and Armagnac, adding further flavors to the crab meat and enhancing the overall enjoyment to the next level. Certainly the best start for dinner on the night.The other starter is Garden Fresh Tossed Mixed Salad with Hard-Boiled Quail Eggs. Very fresh mixed vegetable, with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, avocado and mushroom, the salad has different dressings for you to choose, which we opted for French dressing as it paired well with the garden green. It is a good and healthy salad which balanced the richness of the other dishes. Originally I planned to order two main courses plus the fondue, but per the recommendation by Lau that would be too much so we only went for Seared Scallops and Shrimps with Seaweed Mashed Potato and Noilly Prat Sauce. The scallops are beautifully seared, tender and juicy, though I would say the shrimps are a bit salty on the seasoning. The mashed potatoes is rich and creamy and a perfect complement to the seafood with the seaweed and vermouth added.Then we had the famous Fondue Montagnarde, with Emmentaler, Appenzeller and Gruyere finished with Parmesan and smoked mountain bacon, served with Marconi and Boiled Potatoes. This fondue is not as pungent as Fondue Moitie-Moitie, which is to our liking. The bacon provided the savory notes to the fondue and dipping the marconi and potatoes into it, is truly a fantastic treat in a cold evening in the Swiss cottage, and I have to say this whole experience brought us to that scene. To wrap up I also ordered a dessert, Ballon Chesa, which is Schnapps-marinated Mixed Berries with Redberry Yoghurt and Raspberry Sherbet. With good acidity on the berries, the fruit got the right balance with the sweetness of the sauce and yoghurt. The sherbet also is a palate cleanser and removed the heaviness of the fondue we had earlier.The service of Chesa offers a further enrichment to the whole evening, with Lau not only friendly and funny, he had that passion on the hotel that one can easily feel and resonate. And regarding the price it is also very reasonable, and considering the fame of the hotel and restaurant, it is close to being 'inexpensive'. With all the dishes I mentioned, two bottles of water, and a cup of coffee, the bill was $1827.My overall rating is 83/100. continue reading
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Level3 2016-05-26
男友比驚喜之生日飯,我地睇完戲男友就話同我去食飯,行下行下行入半島,原來佢book左哩間餐廳同我慶祝生日飯,我好驚喜好開心,因為我地去瑞士旅行無食到芝士火鍋而且一直都耿耿於懷,所以佢話就要陪我係香港食番,真的好開心丫!男友突別安排的屋仔蛋糕。好好味層朱古力,入邊係雪糕!三文魚超級滑口,好鮮甜,個汁都好香好味!環境真係好舒適好浪漫丫!個芝士火鍋真係食完第二日都仲好回味,好濃厚的芝士味好滑身的芝士好香口,點一點麵包食真係好正丫!ham好有外國味道。但我就覺得濃味左少少!餐包好正。都有不同的味道!唔捨得走丫完全!好鍾意哩度! continue reading
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Level1 2016-05-20
Nice Decor although a bit dark. Raclette was made in the oven and not how it's made in Switzerland. For the steep price not appropriate. I went there specially to eat Raclette because I miss eating it in Switzerland. Unfortunately it was very dry and and not creamy. Starter and dessert were better. Extensive wine selection but a bit too expensive. I know the restaurant is located in the peninsula but nearly 700$ for a simple Fendant is a lot. continue reading
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