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After a long time waiting, the brand new shopping mall "The Wai", on top of Tai Wai Station was officially opened on July 22! The total floor area of the shopping mall is about 650,000 square feet. The building will be 4 storeys, bringing together nearly 150 merchants, serving food, entertaining and shopping. There are a variety of restaurants open, so take everyone to see what popular restaurants are open, no matter what you like to eat, you can easily choose as there is a restaurant for everyone!

NOC Coffee Co. Pure White Breeze Coffee Shop  

The new coffee shop is in pure white and has large floor-to-ceiling glass windows with high lighting. They have specialty coffee, pour over coffee, latte art coffee and all kinds of exquisite light food that are all based on self-roasted coffee beans. The coconut pandan coffee limited to the new store is based with coconut green water, paired with espresso, pandan juice, and a layer of milk foam. The gradient is IG-able and the taste is refreshing. For dessert, you can try the egg tart, the outer layer is crispy, and the filling has a lot of egg but not too sweet.

Noda Coffee Specialty Store X Hair Salon Under the Roof

The 4,000-square-foot Japanese coffee shop uses traditional Japanese architecture as a blueprint, using roof beams, wooden columns, cement, dry landscape and sea wave feature walls, making it a must-visit for the literati! The coffee shop is divided into three parts. "Noda Coffee Bean Shop + Roasting" has a fresh roasting room where guests can watch the coffee green beans roasting and brewing process. There is also a Cupping Laboratory test room to experience coffee brewing. For the Cooking activity, "Wild Sweet House" Western Food Dessert Department that provides a series of Japanese-style creative desserts, and "LOBBY by Hair Corner" has a light styling area, which can change your look in 30 minutes!

Chatterbox Café, Famous Hainanese chicken rice restaurant

A well-known Hainanese chicken rice restaurant from Singapore, the second Hong Kong branch is stationed in this new shopping mall. The signature Mandarin Hainanese Chicken Rice is tender and smooth and the rice is cooked in chicken broth and oil so it is fragrant but not greasy. The Wai’s Store will also take the lead in bringing the first summer seafood promotion in Hong Kong, including Sin Chew crispy wheat-skinned sea prawns and Singaporean asparagus goldfish. The taste is authentic!

Modern Shanghai Imperial , Authentic Huaiyang Restaurant

If you want to find a place to eat in the new shopping mall with your family, this Huaiyang restaurant is just the right place. The Wai’s new restaurant continues to be managed by Chef Luan Huahong, an executive chef whose ancestral home is Yangzhou. In addition to signature dishes such as pan-fried buns filled with soup, crispy eel in honey sauce, and braised pork with abalone, there are limited dishes for the new restaurant, including Babao Steamed crab with meat patty, the umami of the crab is soaked in the sun-dried meat patty, making it juicy; steamed West Lake white fish with distiller's grains is tender and smooth with a light aroma of wine, and there are scallions and money tripe mixed with dried fragrant, scallion shrimp balls, and home-made Shanghai Dongrong sesame cake are waiting.

Khao San, Tropical Casual Thai Cuisine

 Photo: DollyLing

This is an exotic Thai restaurant that specializes in modern Thai dishes. It recommends charcoal grilled skewers, which are grilled over an open fire. The grilled skewers are particularly delicious, charred on the outside and tender on the inside, with satay sauce and peanut fragrance. The aroma makes the layer richer. Crab curry with pancake is really a mouthful of flavourful crab meat, the pancake is crispy but not too oily, and the curry is really superb.

The Captain’s House, Hand-cranked Seafood Bag

 Photo: Foodie.therapyyy

The most famous American seafood restaurant must be the shake shake hand-cranked seafood bag. You can choose the size, type of seafood and sauce yourself, which is very flexible. Seafood is fresh, such as sea prawns, clam meat and scallops are very fresh and sweet. And for the more adventurous, you can choose Matsuba crab legs and Boston lobster. The sauce is recommended to be ginger-garlic sauce, which is hot and spicy, but does not overwhelm the freshness of the seafood.

Toriten, Diverse Japanese Izakaya

 Photo: Foodie_Ooli

An izakaya full of Japanese flavors, serving a series of Japanese dishes such as sukiyaki, rice bowls, yakitori, sushi and ramen. The lobster mixed sashimi bowl is recommended. There are many types of fresh sashimi. The most important thing is the lobster is really sweet; the bird ten squid roll is worth trying. The fresh, crispy and salty squid wraps the fresh and sweet sea urchin. The flavour and texture contrast is so great but surprisingly match with each other!

agnès b. Café, Soft green tone brand cafe

A branded coffee shop featuring soft green tones and a refreshing style~ It serves a series of coffee shop delicacies, served with roasted coffee and Mariage Frères tea. Now that the coffee festival is being held, 4 types of limited cold brew coffee are available such as coconut cold brew coffee, extracted with sweet and moist coconut water that is very sweet. There are also a variety of coffee cakes, such as coffee double chocolate tart, coffee eclairs and espresso croissant waffles with vanilla ice cream, all of which are rich in coffee flavor.

Galbi Gung, Signature Prime Beef Rib

For those who love Korean BBQ, this is the place to be! The meat served here is of high quality, such as the signature dish of the best beef ribs, the meat is tender and fragrant, and the beef flavor is strong. The urn marinated beef ribs are marinated in a Korean secret sauce, which is sweet and savory. In addition, there are many kinds of Korean dishes, such as 1++ Korean beef ,raw beef stone pot rice, stewed wagyu beef tongue tofu pot, and Jeju abalone ginseng chicken soup, all of which are authentic in flavour.

BRICK LANE, British style bar restaurant

The restaurant focuses on traditional British cuisine combined with modern elements. The new The Wai’s restaurant covers an area of about 2,000 square feet. The decoration is based on the Stratford style of East London, which is comfortable and full of vitality. The restaurant serves a wide selection of the most famous English breakfasts, as well as new flavors of Eggs Benedict, croissant waffle, Roman pizza, and a series of classic pub dishes, such as English fish and chips, puff pastry stout stew Beef and other options.

Coucou Hotpot‧Tea Break, Popular table-top hotpot + tea rest shop

This popular Taiwanese hot pot and tea shop will open on 28th August! The theme of the decoration is "Island of Time", which incorporates the humanistic feelings and natural scenery of Tai Wai, such as the use of the water pattern glass and a variety of garden landscaping, with a unique design. The restaurant's main Taiwanese spicy hot pot, uses chicken bones and beef bones to simmer slowly for 6 hours to make a broth, and then add various Chinese herbal medicines to concentrate and cook for 2 hours, combining six flavours of "spicy, mellow, spicy, pungent, sweet and tangy"; Enjoying the hot pot while drinking Taiwanese beverages made from Dahong Pao, Longjing and other famous and precious leaf teas, is both spicy and flavourful. During the new opening period, if you take a seat from 2:00 pm and leave before 6:00 pm, you can enjoy a 15% discount on pots and tea drinks; and if you take a seat after 9:00 pm during the late night period, you can get a 20% discount.

Yamamotoya, Japanese Dragon Casserole Udon Shop

The popular casserole udon shop that opened in Nagoya with a history of nearly a hundred years has arrived in Hong Kong! This is the first overseas branch of the brand and is headed by Aoki, one of its fifth generation successors. The udon is freshly made every day with selected Japanese wheat flour and filtered water, combined with traditional hand-made techniques. Each piece of raw udon is four millimeters thick, and then stewed in the restaurant's original Iga-yaki casserole.  As for the soup base, there are miso, curry, and clear soup flavors. Among them, Oyako Udon and Gillette Pork Chop Udon are worth trying.

We've also received news that more popular restaurants will be coming in, so stay tuned if you want to know the latest news!

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