‘OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2019’ View From Winners

OpenRice Restaurant Awards 2019 has finally come to an end. Once again, congratulations to all winners and we wish them a successful future. They are happy to share their views and experience with all of us.

A Happy Pancake (Best Dessert, Best New Restaurant):

First of all, we are very grateful to OpenRice, and all our supportive customers! We hope to make use of the quality ingredients from Japan and all over the world to bake the fluffy pancakes to spread the taste of "happiness". The winning way is to maximize the aroma and taste of the ingredients without any additives. Japan headquarter is developing Hong Kong limited flavor, and we hope that we’ll open branches, we call for your continued support!

Tiger Sugar (Best Southeast Asia Restaurant):

To stand out in a highly competitive market, we are very grateful to every customers’ support. There are different types of Taiwanese pearl milk tea, but our philosophy is to be as simple as possible, to make our brown sugar boba milk with a strong brown sugar taste. We also have seasonal products, like Hershey's chocolate brown sugar boba milk for Valentine's Day. We also plan to open a new desserts shop in July, to bring sweet but not too sweet Taiwanese desserts to Hong Kong!

Flame Japanese Cuisine (Best Japanese Restaurant):

We are very grateful to OpenRice! Flame Japanese Cuisine started up from 2014 in Hong Kong. We are successes to bring Japanese-style grilled seafood to Hong Kong customers. We are able to earn recognition today. We are willing to express our thanks to all customers. Our restaurant will keep progress continuously. 

Haidilao Hot Pot (Best Hot Pot):

We would like to express our gratitude to customers and all voters. This is the first time to set up our branches in Hong Kong. Our aim is customer-friendliness and first service forever. We hope customers can experience the best service. We are willing to accept any comments and opinions. Meanwhile, we want to learn more from other restaurants in the same line and keep the healthy competition. At last, we will expand our brand and set up more branches in future.

Dazzling Cafe (Best Cafe):

Dazzling Cafe was brought from Taiwan to Hong Kong for the sixth year. We are very grateful to Hong Kong diners for their love. We have always been passionate on introducing Taiwanese dishes to Hong Kong. We hope that Hong Kong people can also see the beauty of Taiwan and enjoy the local taste. Recently, the pearl milk tea toast launched in crossover with the Twinings Earl Grey series is very popular. Dazzling Cafe is planning to do more  crossover with different brands in the future. 

Gala Cafe (Best Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing Restaurant):

Compassion and the human warmth are the main reason that the decided to take over Gala Café. As Gala Café is opened in Tsuen Wan for more than forty years, the old neighbours used to have their meal there every day. It is a pity to lose such a good gathering place. Therefore we would like to continue their spirit. As you know, it is difficult to find the similar restaurants in Hong Kong nowadays.

Almost of our food is in a large portion and low price. For example, we use four to five eggs for one omelet, and the sandwiches are 5 inches thick. And the taste of the food is still remaining the same as before, because we employed all the old staff.

HeSheEat (Best Mongkok Restaurant):

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hong Kong citizens who voted for us and my team of staffs. Mong Kok shop has been opened for more than five years, we still insist on serving freshly made to order, hand-made desserts, and everyone can use a reasonable price to enjoy food at high level, such as our signature salted caramel hot cakes. We also listened to the customers' opinions and added mains in menu, and the reaction was good. The brand may open a new line later, with fusion or new elements, we wish customers will continue to support.

Camper's (Best Eastern Restaurant):

The Hong Kong catering industry is very competitive and I am very grateful to have customers who keep supporting us for many years. Always committed to make healthy dishes at reasonable prices, I hope that healthy eating is no longer an expensive and luxury choice, and at the same time trying to break people's stereotypes of "healthy dishes are not tasty". Camper's is going to open a branch in Japan to integrate health and happiness into more people's lives with well designed cuisines.

Fei Jie (Best Snack Shop, Best Classic Restaurant):

I like specializing in selling luwei. I was being in this industry for such a long time. When I was young, I helped my father, there were several decades till now. I like this industry. And for our luwei, the taste had never been changed as we keep doing quality check all the time. We have a high standard to our food, for example the thickness of the luwei is always counted, it can’t be too thick or too thin that people are difficult to enjoy.

We think that old restaurants are so important; however most of them are facing the rental problem and may be closed down. People can enjoy the food in old restaurant, as well as the human warmth. Therefore we insist to maintain the same source and same taste from years to years. We hope to bring the human warmth to all the customers whenever they come.

OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2019:www.openrice.com/info/awards2019/index.html

Photo: Calvin Kwok, Tom Li
Text: Kar, Cathy, Yanica, Kenna

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