October Top 10 Restaurants
As the cooler season is approaching, the warming Korean School Food has replaced Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory as the first place of top 10 restaurants of October. But the lower temperature doesn’t seem to stop people from getting their sweet fix as many other OpenRice favorites are offering tantalizing sweet treats! But amongst them, it’s impossible to go without mentioning the Green Tea duo of Via Tokyo and Cha-no-wa, which are bringing the green hype back!

1 School Food   
2 HeSheEat 
3Via Tokyo  
5 Karl'z Cake Design
6 Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory    
7 Coffee Alley
8 Cha-no-wa
9 Fine Foods 
10 Simplylife Bakery Café   

* The rankings are based on the number of positive reviews after subtracting negative reviews in the past 30 days. They are further adjusted by timeliness, user seniority and other review quality factors.

New Highlights

No. 2 HeSheEat

(Photos by miub and applehoneyhk)

Aptly named as HeSheEat, the new desserts hangout in Mongkok has drawn swarms of young and foodographers with its hip ambiance and funky presentation of the sweet treats. Souffle lovers who also like for alternatives will be delighted to find the great variety of Souffle ($59), from Sakura, Kalhua and Baileys, and apple crumble, which are paired with Green Tea, Cookies and Cream, and Vanilia ice-cream respectively. The soufflés are raised nicely and boasts the desired lightness and moistness although some OpenRicers find the flavors like Kalhua and Baileys is not strong enough to be one’s liking.
【OpenRicers' say】:
supertaster mel:Kalhua + Baileys Souffle ($59) - souffles are made upon order and usually takes a while to bake. This is a good test of the consistency and skills of the kitchen because if they screw up, they will have to bake a new one again. The souffle itself wasn't bad - it was just undercooked as the inside was too soft and wet. There was also no taste of Baileys at all, and the ice cream was separate and an afterthought.

No. 3 Via Tokyo

(Photos by Dessire and rebecca_red15)

Via Tokyo is a new Japanese dessert café serving authentic Japanese Desserts, most notably Matcha delights! Combinations are plenty but they are primary soft ice cream served in small bowls of all kind of colorful goodies like shiratama (chewy mochi balls), anmitsu (aga jelly cubes), red bean paste, crispy rice, Okinawa black sugar, and assorted fruits. But general OpenRicers’ verdict is the side ingredients are more impressive as the soft serve is still somewhere behind Sweets House Cha Cha. Not that into Matcha? You can still happily sample Hokkaido milk ice cream, Affogato ($38) or many other iced and hot matcha or coffee drinks here, which are also approved by our members.
【OpenRicers' say】:
rebecca_red15 :My friend found her Matcha ice cream very filling so I had to help her out finishing it. I don't think I've had ice cream this dense before, no wonder she found it so filling. However, it was amazing! It was so rich, thick and creamy!

No. 5 Karl'z Cake Design

(Photos by herbert)

Karl'z Cake Design is an up-and-coming western bakery in Yuen Long. It quickly grabs the attention of desserts lovers nearby with its variety of cakes and goodies alike including Nougat Blanc, Opera, mousse cakes, cup cakes, and macarons. Recommendations are Valrhona 72% dark chocolate ($29) and innovative hazelnut mille-feuille with caramel crisps ($29). The shop owner and staff are enthusiastic in introducing the cakes and taking feedbacks from customers. Yet, most OpenRicers find the taste of cakes still leave much to be on par with its counterparts in town.
【OpenRicers' say】:
Yan~*:(Translated review)Valrhona 72% dark chocolate is nice as it is mildly sweet with the superb richness of chocolate. Satisfying! Hazelnut mille-feuille with caramel crisps is a combination that you don’t usually come across and the crispiness is nicely executed. But other cakes like Pink Lady (milk and strawberry) are only mediocre.

No. 8 Cha-no-wa

(Photos by missjans and < IVY > )

Another alert for Matchaholics! Hailing as the tea making master from Hiroshima, Cha-no-wa has opened its first overseas branch in Hong Kong. OpenRicers’ best pick is the Matcha Roll Cake. Refreshingly greenish, the soft matcha cake wraps nicely a layer of matcha flavored cream. Not only soft and moist, the cake offers the great taste of what matcha has to offer. Other scrumptious Matcha products include Matcha Baum Cake, Matcha Baumkuchen, Matcha Egg Roll Cookie, Matcha Chocolate Sandwich Cake and the list goes on! Available at city'super in Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui.
【OpenRicers' say】:
Fabulous Jay:(Translated review) The Matcha Roll cake evokes nature greenness. I’ve cut it into 6 to share with my friends. First of all, the cake is very moist and fluffy. But I think this time it is the cream within that steals our attention as the Matcha flavor is so strong with a hint of pleasant bitterness!

No. 10 Simplylife Bakery Café

(Photos by foodiechelsea and 歡樂女孩)

Simplylife Bakery Café is a European-style restaurant under Maxim group serving good Western dishes at a relatively low price. Choices of set lunch and dinner on menu range from salad, burger, steak, all-day breakfast to pasta and risotto. Despite the simplistic touch, the portions of food are generous that will fill your stomach. There is also a bakery serving a range of sweet treats that go well with a cuppa. OperRicers’ recommendations are its fruity Danish pastries. Fruits like strawberry and blueberry are fresh and go well with the sweet custard, cream cheese and flaky pastry altogether!
【OpenRicers' say】:
musecafe:The burger was delicious - the beef patty was nice and moist. While the crispy bacon provided the burger with a different texture and flavour. Despite a full stomach, we could not resist the sweet temptation so we ordered the strawberry cheesecake. This restaurant has become one of my favourites - for lunch, tea or dinner. The food that it offers is (as the name implies) simple but delicious and the prices are very reasonable.

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