2-min walk from Exit B2, Sai Ying Pun MTR Station continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 15:00
18:00 - 23:00
Payment Methods
Visa Master Cash
Other Info
10% Service Charge
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Review (13)
Level1 2020-02-22
The worst experience I ever had in town !! I walked in and restaurant was empty , there’s a waitress who was being so rude to me just because I requested to sit on the sofa seat !! Unbelievable!!! If you dont want to ruined your day , NEVER GO !!!今時今日仲有d咁既服態度!係間無人既餐廳要求坐梳化位竟然要俾個waitress 話!簡直不能接受! continue reading
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Level4 2019-07-18
Summary: Meat-lovers rejoice! Top grade meat served  in a pleasant if not exactly comfortable setting at reasonable prices. Most of the menu is standard steakhouse fare, but the porkchops are amazing. Not a giant recommendation, but still worth a try.Big caveat: we didn’t try the steak. I don’t eat much beef anymore, so it’s not on me, but my friends inexplicably chose burgers and a porkchop over the steaks. So take this with a grain of salt.On the same street as Brut in SYP, Quartermaster shares a space with Blade and Bones, its butcher. Obviously all the meat is straight from B&B's coolers, and QM staff go across whenever a steak or porkchop  is ordered. As such, the restaurant itself is tiny – I think it fits 16 people uncomfortably, and it’s snug even so. It's a very casual setting, with the food served on wooden serving boards and such it's more like Big Bite by HKU, than a classic steak place. The corkage is expensive ($250 a bottle), but they have a strange deal where if you bring your own wine and spend over HKD 1000, you’ll get 10% off the entire bill. Drinks otherwise are not unreasonable for a SYP restaurant at $60-80 for a beer or glass of house wine. Service is great though, and they tried their best to get us a comfortable seat that avoided the leaky ACs on the ceiling. By the time this review is written though, they’ll have undergone some minor renovations so hopefully that will be dealt with.This is what we had for foodork Belly Bites Not much marinade or seasoning, so these rely on their inherent porkiness. Unfortunately, they were overcooked, so the pork was dry and a bit too firm, but it’s still 50% fat, so they were tasty enough with a squeeze of lemon and the special mayo. Nothing amazing but they were like $80 so a fine appetizer.Side salad with adorable mini bottle of oil and vinegar (hope it’s reused!!) Tastes exactly as it looksCrispy Chicken Peri-Peri Burger Nicely fried, but I didn’t get a lot of peri-peri flavour. Still good.Cheeseburger Heard it was goodMixed Sausage platter Very interesting mix of homemade sausages, which include Chorizo, Cumberland and two others I don’t remember. While they’re as flavour-packed as typical sausages, when you bite into them, they kind of fall apart, not holding together like typical commercial ones. I assume there are fewer binding fillers, which makes you question how much more crap (besides the standard questionable sausage meat) is in store-bought ones… Worth trying I think.Pork chop Unusually at QM, the pork chops are the same price or more as the beef– this is the cheaper one (not the Mangalitza), but it was still phenomenal. Juicy and flavourful in a way I’d never seen in a standard grilled chop – each bite is just packed with Maillard and umami. This is a porkchop to define porkchops. Simply delicious and a must-try if you like pork.Overall: QM is as no-frills as it gets. Some interesting dishes on the menu, but barebones atmosphere and presentation. It’s reasonably priced – we paid 360 p.p. for 4 of us, with 2-3 drinks each, though with just that one premium cut (the porkchop), and we weren't really full. Expect at least double that for a full steak meal, which isn't a terrible deal for great meat. Don’t bother going if you’re expecting fine dining or even a classic steakhouse. Recommended for a guys/girls night where you just wanna eat giant slabs of meat and drink. Try those porkchops! continue reading
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Level1 2018-11-15
The burger was on point. The patty tastes so good, the butcher of the same owner is literally next door. Plus, the waitress and manager were very nice and attentive. I would definitely recommend foodies to try this place out. continue reading
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Level3 2018-10-24
話說呢陣子要修身只能食肉所以每餐都搵有得鋸扒嘅地方搵到去西營盤 佢店面唔大店面分開兩邊 左邊可以買肉拎走亦可以買肉之後去右邊嘅餐廳烹調堂食肉嘅質素認真一流 亦都可以根據自己嘅食量選擇肉嘅大小食幾多gram由自己話事配菜唔算多選擇 主要係鋸扒食肉睇住佢煎每塊扒嘅時候都用timer計著同用肉嘅脂肪 代替油去烹調就算你塊肉有幾厚都可以做到你想要幾多成熟外面金黃香脆 裏面鎖到肉汁建議早少少去最好9點前因為之後個廚會收工由其他服務員代烹調 continue reading
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Level2 2018-03-31
I've been to Quarter Master twice now and really enjoyed the burger both times. I kept it simple on the first visit with just a beef burger with bacon (my preferred 'test' burger for comparison purposes), and was honestly thinking about the burger for weeks after so had to go back and make sure it was as good as I remembered! The second time I got the cheese and bacon burger and it was just as good as I remembered.What's great about Quarter Master: They make the patties fresh daily, sourcing the meat from their attached butchers (Bones and Blades) next door, so the flavour is very good. And they don't waste a good patty with poor grilling - these are cooked perfectly and the bun is toasted on the same grill, so you get a little bit of the beef fat on there. Pickles on the side (and I asked for extra, because I love them) so that you can distribute them on the burger yourself. Tomato sauce and mustard on the table. Bun did not disintegrate as I got close to the end of the burger and there was a good patty to bun ratio. Tried the garlic parmesan fries the second time. These were good, but not incredible. That's okay though, because I'm all about the burger. Would like to try some of the other variations of the fries (as well as the other burgers!). We also had the churros, which were a really generous serving size and very tasty.Verdict: A straight forward burger, well executed with high quality ingredients and good cooking. Will eat again.  continue reading
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