Late Night Eats after drinks at Lan Kwai Fong
After a night out, there’s no better way to wrap it up than with a bite of delicious, juicy food - the problem is, most of your go-to’s will be closed by then! Through polling partiers and late night workers, here are some choices for delicious midnight food.

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Inspired by the classic all-American diner, Burger Circus is perfect for late night burger cravings. With 10 different burgers to choose from, including a Classic Cheeseburger with homemade circus sauce, Spicy Chicken with jalapeño and jack cheese or Fish Fillet with Wisconsin cheddar and tartar sauce, there is a burger for everyone. For vegetarians, Burger Circus has a Veggie Burger with miso mayonnaise. In addition to burgers, Burger Circus also offers delicious Circus Fries with onions and cheddar, boneless stripped wings with a variety of sauces and tater tots. Visit Burger Circus to get your late night burger fix while enjoying fries and shakes!

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Only a 5-minute walk from LKF, The Flying Pan serves an extensive list of all day breakfast items. From Ranchero Eggs and Frittatas to French Toast Stuffed with Nutella and Banana, this restaurant will satisfy any of your breakfast cravings. For those that don’t want their night to end just yet, The Flying Pan also offers Buzzshakes (alcoholic milkshakes) and classic cocktails made to order. Dig into the Chocoholic Chip Cookie - an Amaretto, Bailey and Lychee Liqueur shake topped off with oreos, caramel and Tutti Fruitti for a remarkable night. 

Photo by: Tai Tau Kay
Open 24 hours a day, Ichiran is THE place to go for late night ramen. Unlike most restaurants, Ichiran only has their one signature dish -- a piping hot bowl of al-dente ramen served in a mouth watering tonkatsu broth.  But don’t feel as if you have no choice - Ichiran allows consumers to customize their bowl however they like by choosing your own broth strength, richness, noodle texture, green onion portion and more. Ichiran is perfect for the intoxicated soul as diners are placed in individual booths with their own water dispenser - removing the inconvenience of having to desperately wave down and ask for your 10th glass. For even more convenience, Ichiran has changed up how to order as well, making it as simple as filling out an form and pushing a button. Going to Ichiran at 4am is the perfect way to avoid their long lines during the day! 

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With 10 locations around Hong Kong, Cali-Mex is a popular food chain that serves California style Mexican food. For the Cali-Mex Flagship in LKF, the menu features a more sophisticated touch with Baked Lobster Tail, Sizzling Garlic Chilli Prawns, Slow Roast Duck, Cheese Burger and Iberico Pork Chop. Other signature dishes inlcude Chipotle Pulled Pork, Beer Battered Baja Fish or Vegan Soy Chicken, there will be something you enjoy. If you are craving something sweet instead, Cali-Mex also has authentic Mexican Churros covered in chocolate sauce and a Tortilla Ice-Cream Sandwich. Open until 5:30am on Fridays and Saturdays, the greasy and rich Mexican flavors served here are a perfect way to sober up and prevent a next-morning hangover.

Photo by: chungchungbb and Yan~*
Another 24 hour restaurant near LKF, Tsui Wah first opened in 1967 and now has over 25 restaurants in Hong Kong. This branch on Wellington Street is the most famous of all Tsui Wah Restaurants, attracting Asian celebrities like Daniel Wu, Ron Ng and Bosco Wong. Since its first restaurant opening, this “Cha Chaan Teng” (tea restaurant) has diversified and expanded its menu. Now, customers can enjoy dishes like Malaysian Beef Brisket Curry, Jumbo Frankfurter Hot Dog. Fish Balls & Fish Cakes with Flat Rice Noodles and Condensed Milk Crispy Bun, all at one location. The quick service, relatively inexpensive prices and diverse menu make Tsui Wah ideal for a post night out eatery. 

Written by: Audree Wang

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