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Jump into a world of sweets, cakes and syrup in Hong Kong, a place well known for both their innovative and traditional sweet shops. From mango pudding to layered crepe cakes, here are some top picks for dessert places that will keep you coming back. 

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A historic pastry and dessert shop founded in Paris, France, Dalloyau has expanded to become an international brand. Being the first brand to introduce macarons to Asia, Dalloyau now has over a dozen flavors to select from, including Yuzu Chocolate, Champagne Rose and Earl Grey. Dalloyau’s signature cake, the Opéra Cake, is extremely popular. Rather than having a thick layers of cake, the Opéra Cake contains thin layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup with ganache and coffee cream layers in between. Customers can enjoy this signature cake in four different flavors - original, truffle noire, cognac and raspberry. In the spirit of Hong Kong's ice cream renaissance, Dalloyau has also come of with their own soft serve, offering both hazelnut and truffle chocolate flavors. Customers that want to innovate further can make it into an affogato (ice cream + espresso/ chocolate) or into a truffle ice cream float. Visit any of their four locations in Hong Kong to enjoy some original and unique French pastries.

By fusing together the flavors of two different cuisines - Italian gelato and Hong Kong traditional egg waffles, Oddies has created the ultimate dessert combination. They make their own homemade gelato, often coming up with new exciting flavors, with great textures packed full with a mixture of ingredients. One of their flavors, More S’mores, combines a vanilla gelato with burnt toasted marshmallow, chocolate chips, chocolate fudge and graham crackers, creating a delicious treat. Night Wolf, the signature dessert at Oddies, is a combination of two scoops of soft creamy ice cream and a hot crunchy brownie chocolate chip eggette (egg waffle), topped with butter crumbs, passion fruit panna cotta and crunchy flakes. Serving a wide range of desserts from gelato to meringues to cookies and pastry puffs, Oddies can cure almost any dessert craving. 

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Famous for their coconut flavored desserts, Heart’s Dessert is a local Hong Kong style dessert shop. All of their signature coconut desserts are served in an iconic coconut shell with a jelly/ pudding base made from thickened coconut water. The coconut jelly pudding is often topped with ice cream, caramel pudding or mango with mini dumplings. Heart’s Dessert also serves a variety of desserts from different inspirations, from Western influenced waffles and molten chocolate lava cake to Chinese sweet soups and durian pancakes. For those that want to balance the sweet with savory, this dessert shop also serves savory toasts with truffle, beef and salmon on top. Be sure to visit Heart’s Dessert during the day to avoid the long lines!  

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Owned by award winning pastry chef Janice Wong, Cobo House by 2am Dessert Bar is her second restaurant in Asia. Trained by famous chefs like Thomas Keller and Pierre Hermé, Janice Wong creates unique artistic Western desserts with Asian flare and ingredients. Her desserts are intricate yet artistically designed, fusing together a countless number of flavors to create her masterpieces. One of her signature desserts, Cassis Plum, was inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom and created purely from her imagination. The dessert includes a Cassis bomb composed of blackcurrant and white chocolate with a yogurt elderflower foam - a harmonious sweet and sour mixture. On the weekends, Cobo House has begun to offer an artisanal “Cha Chaan” afternoon tea. With only 10 seats available per day, guests can try their savory food and an assortment of desserts. Not only are her desserts intricate and artistically plated, but each bite is filled with an explosion of flavor. 

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Currently ranked number one on OpenRice for desserts in Hong Kong, HeSheEat is a Western styled dessert restaurant. They offer a wide range of desserts, ranging from waffles and crepes to panna cotta and hot cakes. While their Salted Caramel Hot Cake and Green Tea Fondue Cake (perfect for matcha lovers!) take a while to prepare, they are definitely worth the wait. A couple of their other signature desserts include the Mixed Fruit Yogurt Panna Cotta and Lemon Crepe Roll with honeycomb crisps and yogurt ice cream. For those that prefer to drink their calories, HeSheEat also has three different kinds of Coffee Frappes, an Oreo Milkshake and a Matcha Milkshake. If guests are overwhelmed by the extensive menu, don’t worry, all the desserts here are fantastic!
Written by: Audree Wang

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