August Top 10 Restaurants
The question of where to eat today has never been tougher when you have so many restaurants to choose from in a compact city like Hong Kong. And going eenie-meenie-minie-moe may not always be a smart move. So why not browse OpenRice Top Restaurants Chart on our index page, whose results are derived from genuine reviews by some of the most discerning foodies in town?

The Top Restaurants Chart in August has seen a mash up with a good number of new debuts, from fusion cuisines to a casual all-day dining Italian restaurant. In the run-up to the Fall season, do you find your palates fancying a little different goodies too? Now, check out the latest hot eats below!

2 School Food 
4Fine Foods
5 Urban Bakery
6Bene Pizza + Pasta    
8 Lab Made
9 Ramen Taifu  
10Greyhound Café  

* The rankings are based on the number of positive reviews after subtracting negative reviews in the past 30 days. They are further adjusted by timeliness, user seniority and other review quality factors.

New Debuts

No. 2 School Food

(Photos by ringow)

Landed on Times Square last month, the international Korean chain is fast becoming one of the top must-try spots for local foodies. The range of specialty Mari is the popular choice, including Spam Mari II ($62) made with mozzarella cheese, spam, and egg as well as chewy and savory Squid Ink Mari ($68). A fusion dish Carbonara Topokki ($62) is set to impress with rice cakes soaked in creamy Carbonara sauce.

Better still, the prices are competitive with most à la carte dishes costing not more than a hundred. Perhaps theses explain why the queue can be long. And the restaurant doesn’t take any reservation.

dimshum:Whilst I enjoyed the shrimp mari, the squid mari was even better: each piece of mari had squid-ink coated rice, with marinaded squid pieces and Jjang-A-Chi pickles in between. I've never seen squid ink incorporated into sushi before so needless to say I was excited to try this dish out! The result was a sweet, spicy, sticky, chewy, inky explosion of flavours which was both unique and satisfying.

No. 6 Bene Pizza + Pasta

(Photos by Jason Tsoi427 & Jart)

Retail shoppers of Olympian City may want to mark down this casual, all-day dining Italian restaurant, whose offerings are not exactly a mark up from those you find at white-tablecloth restaurants. The very Italian choice recommended by OpenRicers is Prosciutto ham, Gorgonzola & Arugula Pizza ($128). Thin and crispy, the pizza crust exuding an aroma of flour is topped with generous ingredients. Other hearty choices are home-made pasta dishes and an array of savory snacks like Fries with Black Truffle Mayonnaise, and Battered Vegetables.

suechan2003 :(Translated review) When Prosciutto ham, Gorgonzola & Arugula Pizza ($128) was served, I was amazed to find it looked pretty much the same as the one I’ve tried in Italy. I moved on to have a bite, finding it tasted so good despite being less salty. I found it very authentic as I enjoyed so much the outburst of flavors with salty ham, mild bitterness of Arugula and the subtle hint of wine in Gorgonzola cheese.

No. 7 VeggieSF

(Photos by 為食小豆)

Green diet is the catchphrase. And a modern take on the vegetarian diets like the items at VeggieSF would be extra motivation to embrace the lifestyle. I am Fabulous Burger Set ($128) offers soy patty and giant mushroom as filling, plus an alternative of beetroots that are moist and scrumptious, making the burger a good contender to the meaty counterparts.

Try something refreshing with Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli ($98) which features superb imitations of meat skewer and deep-fried nuts as garnishing. All are set to present you with a vegetarian dining experience that is so different!

GW98 :Among the three choices of burger fillings, the waitress recommended the soy patty for a good imitation of meat burger. The burger bun was with a crispy crust and so was the soy patty. No wonder the most popular dish, I didn’t feel like having a veggie burger at all. Both the deep fried potato and pumpkin wedges were delicious too.

No. 8 Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory

(Photos by 港女老婆)

The wondrous icy treat is not exactly something new. But the good news is now that the treat extends beyond Tai Hang to revelers’ hot spot, Tsim Sha Tsui. From chewy purple rice desserts, to crispy crust of toasts, and grainy salted duck egg yolk in Chinese Custard Bub, there is nothing quite like these ice-cream treats that offer such interesting and versatile textures. But the real trick that keeps foodies coming back for more is the rolling out of new flavors every two weeks. Expect various limited flavors for occasions like Halloween and many other festives year round! Ice-cream per servings is $39 up.

supersupergirl :On this visit, you could see a perfect spherical scoop of icecream!! The temperature of the icecream was colder than usual too!! Anyway, the taste of the icecream was delicious, it tasted exactly like tofu pudding in milky icecream form with a thin liquid of yellow sugar on top and black sesame sauce. Overall, the sweetness was just right and not too sweet.

No. 9 Ramen Taifu

(Photos by 熱血冒險王 & Lemon Tea)

As one of the very few Japanese ramen eateries tucked in Tsuen Wan, Ramen Taifu offers Tonkotsu Gyogai Ramen ($78) as an alternative to the hot craze of pork bone broth ramen. Gyogai refers to the fish and shellfish powder that gives a distinctive aroma and taste, spicing up the already savory pork bone broth. OpenRicers like the fact that ramen here comes in a larger proportion and with a complimentary half-boiled egg. But most find the roasted pork (char siu) in the ramen leaves much to be desired.

梵高將軍:The "Red Storm" ramen (gyogai tonkotsu with special chili oil) ($83) is very good. It’s not as overpowering as Musashi or Hide. The gyogai taste is probably similar to Agura but mixed with very smooth Tonkotsu , almost remisant of a light version of Buta O. Very good. The noodles are springy with pronounced wheat taste.

No. 10 Greyhound Café

(Photos by MissVenusian & Marshy)

The last hit that made to the Top Restaurants Chart is the hip and stylish café originating from Thailand, offering Thai-Western fusion dishes on top of the classic favorites. Hot on menu are Salmon Carpaccio in spicy hot sauce, Pad Thai version of stir-fried gemelli, and the smartly crafted Greyhound iced lemon tea with ice cubes made with tea. But it is the Fresh Coconut Crepe Cake ($78) that wins the heart of many OpenRicers.

yoshi_kichi:We each ordered greyhound's famous lemon tea. This drink never goes light in flavor as the lemon tea ice cubes holds its taste. Extremely smart move! Salmon capriccio in spicy hot sauce is my favorite. The spices, garlic and salmon compliments one and other perfectly.

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