港鐵九龍站 C1/ D1 出口, 港鐵柯士甸站 B5/ D1 出口
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Tosca義大利餐廳的名字源自世界聞名的歌劇,餐廳天花板很高,設有開放式廚房,主打義大利南部特色美食。二星米芝蓮名廚Pino Lavarra,為客人呈獻一系列以經典食材配以現代及創新煮法的菜式。 繼續閱讀
米芝蓮一星餐廳 (2015-2016)
星期一至六:12:00-14:30;18:00-22:30 星期日: 11:00-15:00;18:00-22:30
Visa Master AE 現金 銀聯 JCB、Diners
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入門食家 2016-06-11
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為了慶祝太座生日,上開飯網搵靈感,發現這間餐廳甚多好評,便預訂試試。這間餐廳居高臨下,位於102樓,要先乘電梯至103樓酒店大堂再轉扶手電梯到該餐廳,裝潢高貴華麗,景觀開揚,坐近窗口位,能飽覽維港兩岸海景,未吃美食先吃靚景。我們分別點了三道菜和四道菜的套餐,先送上意式麵包籃,新鮮地道,再點上特濃橄欖油,滋味無窮。餐前小吃為西班牙凍湯,雖然不屬於地道意大利菜,但材料絕對是百分百意大利蕃茄汁再加洋葱汁調味,清新可口。跟著開始吃前菜,先來“sea tiramisu",這是將淡水龍蝦切薄片再壓成薄脆,再配上鮮味帶子,當中將青口加忌簾製成甜品蒂拉米蘇形狀,賣相特別,色香味俱全。另一道前菜是淡水龍蝦肉配蟹肉沙律,同樣出色,煎得香氣四溢。跟著再來一個手工自製扭扭粉,由廚師逐條親手扭出,很煙韌和有咬口,誠意爆燈。主菜先來個香滑鱈魚,魚肉嫩滑鮮甜,特別之處是以橄欖製成黑色薄片,感覺新奇。另一道為慢煮吞拿魚,半生熟的吞拿魚配上粉紅色澤,更能增添食慾。甜品是拿破崙蛋糕配冧酒,另一款為白乳酪慕絲,均非常吸引。最後奉上四小甜配香濃咖啡,令這頓生日宴劃上甜美的句號。值得一提的是這裡的侍應很體貼專業,給顧客一個五星級的享受! 繼續閱讀
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入門食家 2016-08-13
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黎tosca 食lunch set with wine menu, 但係吾飲得酒,價錢一樣,晒左。我同老公都叫左3 courses $598. Amuse bouche 好好味,個魚同個ricotta cheese 好夾。個頭盤墨魚兩食,熱食好食d.之後叫左spaghetti, 不過佢黎錯,竟然請埋我地食呢個ricotta cheese ravioli . 好味不過真係好細碟。 老公叫左個小羊仔肉,肉好嫩,全熟都好掂。Sword fish spaghetti 終於到,加埋頭先個ravioli 先啱啱好,呢個ok la.最後係甜品ricotta cheese ice-cream with fig.The fig was covered with honey, 有d甜過頭。petite 4 上埋送咖啡。埋單$1200+10。 繼續閱讀
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Today we are bringing you to a tasting journey with Mr. Pierre-Louis Araud, Brand Ambassador of Dom Pérignon at The Carlton Suite on 115/F in Ritz Carlton hotel, savouring some Dom Pérignon Vintage 2006 and Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage 1998, paired with delicacies specially designed by Chef Pino Lavarra from Michelin star restaurant, Tosca.Overlooking the amazing skyline landscape of Hong Kong, Dom Pérignon is the best way to pamper ourselves while appreciating this very unique city. Dom Pérignon’s creation has long been centered upon its absolute dedication to vintage wines and each evolution contributes to its beautiful singularity. The privileged moments where the wines sing higher and stronger are called “Plénitudes”. Each Dom Pérignon Vintage has three Plenitudes–P1, P2 and P3–and embodies its uniqueness with each breath of new life.Pierre-Louis guided us through a journey of extraordinarily elegant champagne and discovered the intriguing drama of the Power of Creation of Dom Pérignon. What's not to love to start off with some luxurious Prunier Caviar à la Royale? Currently having a pop-up shop in Pacific Place, Prunier Saint James caviar has a low salt content, traditionally served for high-ranking guests and royals, a perfect high-end way to kick start a champagne journey. White Pearl from France has a light seawater taste and creamy texture even June isn't the perfect month for oysters, but who can deny that champagne and seafood is like bread and butter in the sea? Before moving on to our next platter, we have switched the champagne to our main character of the day, P2, Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage 1998. A bottle of 18-year-old, with no deterioration, no contact with Oxygen, is now presented in front of you in its original unopened bottle. The smooth texture with silky fine bubbles and the perfectly balanced acidity from P2 complimented with a platter of savoury ham and cheese bites. Want more? Ozone is currently offering an indulging Dom Pérignon Sunday Brunch for just $1,180/per head, while a bottle of Dom Pérignon is costing a lot more than that price already. 繼續閱讀
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