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L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon 環境高雅,法國菜式美味精緻,而且牛排分量十足。 繼續閱讀
米芝蓮二星餐廳 (2009, 2010, 2011), 米芝蓮三星餐廳 (2012-2016)
星期一至日: 07:30-10:00, 12:00-14:30, 18:00-22:30
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厚切和牛脊肉 焦糖奶凍伴開心果及可可豆 鵪鶉與鵝肝伴薯蓉
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見習食家 2016-07-29
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After visiting this restaurant I feel like the food were not too bad, the lobster was nice, but was a little too oily. Overall, it's a definite must try! 繼續閱讀
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新晉食家 2016-05-23
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L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon carries three of the prestigious Michelin stars and is therefore member of an exclusive group that consists of little more than 100 Restaurants globally. On this level you should expect absolute perfection and my review should be red under that perspective.The restaurant is located on the 4th floor of the Landmark, we were sitting in the l'atelier area, i.e. on high chairs around the open kitchen. I like watching the chefs preparing the food, but being served over the counter is a bit unusual (however the staff was very attentive and friendly). The interior of the restaurant is using the same black and red design that you can find at Joel Robuchon’s salon de the.The evening starts with an impressive bread basket, containing more than 10 different kinds of breads which is made in-house. While the taste is generally good while some of the textures are very chewy.The menu is surprisingly long, containing three different set-menus as well as an extensive à la carte section. As this is our first visit we opt for the long, 8 course “menu decouverte” (2080 HDK per person plus 10%).The wine list is thick as a phone book, mostly French and contains hardly any bottle below 1000 HKD. As a wasn't sure what to pick which an 8 course menu (and didn't want to go full pairing) the friendly sommelier recommended three wines by the glass (one champagne, one white, one red) to accompany two courses each which generally worked quite well (price per glass between 250 and 500 HKD).First to arrive was an amuse-bouche of white asparagus mouse with tomato puree and a fried bread stick (or something like that). Asparagus mouse was very light andhad a nice flavor, the stick a nice crunch.First dish was “surprise of imperial caviar with egg mimosa”. This is a cold, hard boiled chicken egg, yolk removed and replaced with caviar and topped with a mayonnaise-like sauce made from the yolk. First of all I have to say that I am not a big fan of cold, boiled eggs and this one even had a bit of the sulfuric smell that is that is making hard boiled eggs particularly unpleasant. Also the whole things was quite cold. Overall this dish seems quite old-fashioned and I didn’t find it very enjoyable.Next up “white asparagus with miso emulsion, espelette pepper and sea urchin”. Long plate with a couple a pieces of asparagus, around 5 sea urchin pieces and drops of a brown miso emulsion. We were told to eat all ingredient together. The sea urchin tasted great, the asparagus was good, but has a very inconsistent texture – some pieces were overcooked while others were very firm, the miso emulsion was quite salty and I decided not to use it after two bites. Good ingredients, but execution a bit sloppy.Next “girolles mushroom, and iberico ham raviolis with celeriac foam” (which is grammatically wrong the ravioli is already the plural of ravioli, but that's the way they put it on the menu). The ravioli(s) are fried on one side like Japanese gyoza, but the stuffing is very European – ham and mushrooms, always a winning combination and the Japanese inspired texture works well. In addition there are a couple of very small and very tasty girolles mushrooms and a quite unnecessary celery foam. Best dish so far.After that “grilled main lobster” with green peas and baby bak choy”. A very classical French dish - grilled lobster of good quality, served with a “bisque” style sauce of strong saffron flavor. Perfect texture of the lobster (the claw not so much) and very enjoyable sauce. Green peas and baby bak choy didn't add much. Good dish, but lacking creativity.Second seafood dish was “John dory fried with shiso tempura, cuttlefish ink risotto”. Good fish, but clearly fried for too long and therefore dry – I am sure every specialized tempura restaurant would make that better. Served on a little bit of black risotto, which was good, but didn't form a logical combination with the fish.For the main dish I went for the “pan seared Japanese Wagyu”. Consists of three stripes of (very, very good) beef, a fried pepper and a bit of sauce. This is served with Joel Robuchon’s famous mashed potatoes (which contains insane amounts of butter). What should I say – it is a very simple dish, but beef and mashed potatoes are heavenly.First desert is “pineapple compote with yoghurt ice and greed chartreuse jelly”, very fresh and light. Interestingly served with some herbs (tarragon?), more a palate cleanser, but nice.Finally “mascarpone with fine chocolate tuile and coffee ice cream”. These a basically mascarpone squares covered with a very thin layer of some kind of biscuit, quite flavorless. Al least the coffee ice cream added a nice bold flavor.Overall this left me a bit puzzled. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon uses outstandingly good ingredients, the preparations are mostly very classic while I would expect a bit more creativity for three stars (and more than 2000 HKD for that matter), lots of the combinations seem a bit random (lobster with pees, tempura fish with black risotto) and there are a couple of technical errors (overcooked fish, sulfur smelling egg, overcooked asparagus) that should not happen at this level.So overall I could see one star, the second one is already hard to argue (e.g. compared to Amber, which is in my view significantly better) and the third clearly underserved. 繼續閱讀
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卓越食家 2016-05-02
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今曰又是公假,沒有Monday blue, 我同hubby要echo 下robuchon 試試他們是不是真的不濟,因為上次的體驗非常一般,但大家都俾很高的評價,所以要求証一下。Welcome snack: 是咸的panna cotta 同白露筍配蕃笳汁,芝士條。白色的奶凍咸咸地,無乜特別,脆芝士條很脆口,充滿芝味醬,不錯!Bread basket: 牛角麵包:超好味!非常鬆脆!入口即溶,推介!煙肉卷,咸咸香香,又唔油膩;芝士包,有點煙韌,充滿芝士味。頭盤:le foie gras : 鵝肝醬配多士,鵝肝醬味道很濃郁,沒有蘇味,而車厘子有點藥水味,若果配清新的青蘋果,可以更好。Middle course: 青豆湯配龍蝦肉,青豆的草腥味過份突出,而香草也落得有點多,個人覺得重手左;龍蝦肉很嫩很滑,不錯。Main course: lamb saddle: 煮得剛剛好,很嫩,配上蕃茄茸,食味一流。而薯蓉非常creamy, 果然是signature, 又香又滑,好似薯仔雪糕一樣,必食!Main course: 龍蝦意粉,滿滿的龍蝦泡沬,用龍蝦膏煮成的意粉,味道十分香濃, 意粉煙韌有少少硬,可能是外國人口味吧!雖不及mic kitchen 同8 1/2 otto 的龍蝦意粉,但算是top three 呢!Dessert: le cafe 香濃的咖啡icecream 同朱古力互相輝映,朱古力味同咖啡味好夾!有甘香的味道之餘,甜味更有層次。Le milkado: 檸檬酸酸的sobert 同甜甜地的白朱古力好match, 甜甜酸酸又唔覺膩。味道雖不像mango 但又幾清新同好味!Cappuccino: 又香滑又醇厚,仲有回甘的咖啡味,不錯!Petite fours: 不過不失,ok la總結:加上上回經驗,這兒的湯,不論Asian 或western 都不合個人口味,頭盤同主菜不錯,甜品有驚喜,叫人回味! 繼續閱讀
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