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佛海浦團 南瓜咖哩盅配香樁包 荷塘吐艷 棗茸千層糕
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新晉食家 2015-07-03
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想食特色的齋菜,見‘心齋’評價好好,所以就去試下…‘心齋’網站的資料無更新…(原來4位下午茶已加咗價)~失望…去到只有4圍檯,好寬敞好清靜…見唔到侍應,要等一陣先有人岀嚟…坐低叫咗兩壺茶,但只嚟一壺,要叫兩次先俾…要問先會俾個下午茶餐牌,見到原來加咗價($208/4位,免茶芥,另加一)…埋單原本應該$208加一($228.8),但又收多$44茶芥…(埋單要睇清楚)服務真係一般…食物就唔錯,整體全部食物都唔會太咸,味道好好…沙律、粉果:味道一般生煎包:好好,有汁蘿蔔絲酥卷: 外皮鬆脆黑松露菇餃:幾特別,好菇味陳皮銀杏粥:非常好,仲配油炸鬼,好綿馬豆椰汁糕:馬豆應該係磨碎咗,相對馬豆濃,好特別,要食棗蓉糕:比較普通值得一試,推介~ 繼續閱讀
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卓越食家 2015-04-22
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I've got nothing against vegetables, but I usually pass on vegetarian food. I shouldn't though. We were here with a visiting animal rights activist (among other things) and he related an interview he did with [public intellectual X], where PIX basically told him, "I'm convinced by your arguments that it's wrong for me to eat meat, but I just don't like vegetarian food that much." That's pretty much my own position, but it's not entirely the most rational or ethical position to take.Anyway... onto the review.So we were 13 in total, and it's pretty difficult to get that many people organized enough to order things. Thus we asked if they had a set menu and indeed they did (they don't bring it to you automatically). They had a set for 12, and were able to adjust it for 13-- so, for example, we got 13 dumplings instead of 12.There were two kinds of dumplings and they were both filled with the sorts of things you might expect: mushrooms, green onions, lil tofu bits, that sort of thing. They were good and exactly what you'd expect from vegetarian dumplings. BThis dish was great though. Really big chunks of what had to be an enormous mushroom, sprinkled with some seasoning. The mushrooms were meaty in a way that could make you forget meat ever existed. Firm and juicy with a really intense flavor. Highly recommended. We asked what it was, and the server brought back over the menu and pointed to the Chinese which said, "abalone." So highly uninformative there. Excellent, AThis mushroom I didn't really care for. It was cold, had a kind of funny texture, and came with some sort of wasabi sauce. Carrots were nice though. OK, CThis isn't the world's greatest picture. Anyway, you can tell that the exterior ring is broccoli, and I will say that I liked both the presentation at this place and the bonus veggies. The things on the inside were little tofu-cloth sacks, filled with the usual suspects: green onions, mushrooms, etc. I have to say that I wasn't really a fan-- the tofu cloth stuff is just flavorless and an awful texture, in my opinion. C-I guess this was supposed to be fake shark's fin soup. It had glass noodles, mushrooms, and some tofu skin strips. Quite filling, and pretty good flavor-wise. Texture wise it was a little over gelatinous and again, I'm no big fan of tofu skin. Still, it was good. BPictured: mushrooms and rice rolls? I don't really know I never got around to this dish. [No Rating]This was an interesting dish. These packets had a crispy fried up exterior and were filled with mushrooms and vegetables. A little saucy, a little messy, but still quite good. BThis was a dish of nuts and beans. Other people eat way faster than me so again, I didn't have any. [No Rating]Before I continue, I should mention my favorite dish of the meal, which I apparently have forgotten to photograph. I'll call it 'kung pao tofu' it had cashews, bell peppers, large, fresh green chilis, lots of small dried red chilis, and cubes of tofu, with a fair amount of Sichuan peppercorns. I give that dish an A+. The veggies were nicely stir fried-- charred but still crunchy. And the tofu was quite flavorful.The fried rice was good. The grains were separate and glistening without being greasy, and there was a nice interplay with the other elements for texture and contrast: corn kernels and green onions, for example. BLong story short: I love noodles; lots of the places around here consider them an afterthought or not at all. These noodles were good. Certainly nothing mind-blowing and maybe a little soft for my taste. Mellow and filling. Good, B+There were three desserts: fruit, these gelatin thingies and a lotus-paste filled bun. I did not make it to dessert. [No Rating]Here's my view: I can definitely see how some people could come here and be disappointed. Some of the things we had weren't particularly good. Additionally, if you're into the fake meat, that's not really as much a thing here. Nevertheless, I do think the food is good. My personal recommendations are the "abalone" and the "kung pao tofu". Final score: Great, B+ 繼續閱讀
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This is my second visit to this vegetarian place with, again, friends who drive – this was of utmost importance since the restaurant was really located at a rather awkward location accessible only to drivers. The Buddhist decor found favour with my friends. They were also taken by the quality vegetarian cuisine.The preserved gluten appetizer was fresh and slightly zesty. The sliced white fungus was served as a cold platter and, interestingly, tasted like abalone sashimi – there was a spicy wasabi-like sauce which matched it quite well. The sweet and sour breaded konjac was not spectacular, but the vegetables including pineapple, bell pepper and plum/berries that went with it lent a special flavor to this slightly old-fashioned dish. The breaded enoki mushroom was prepared in parody of fried calamari with salt and pepper, and the separate breading and deep frying process must have been time-consuming. The “guava purse” formed from beancurd with fungus and diced celery inside was nice but there did not taste of guava as the name suggested. The miniature siu lung bao tasted of bamboo shoots or water chestnuts and were not particularly impressive. The beancurd roll wrapped with seaweed and added with fermented soybean sauce to imitate a traditional Cantonese dish (“fermented soybean mud carp”) and was surprisingly similar. The impressive and aesthetically pleasing “lotus beauty” which was designed to look like a giant lotus seedpod – it was formed from zucchini wrapped around boiled lotus seeds built over broccoli and the taste was light but not bland. For desserts, there was no trace of “bitter gourd” in the “bitter gourd sesame glutinous ball” which might be masked by the red bean paste; the moist date cake consisted of traditional herbs and had a chewy texture but was not too sweet.The service was better tonight and we figured $323 per head was good value for money. We were also introduced to the membership scheme with various boon – which we would seriously consider for future gatherings. 繼續閱讀
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