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ayuthaiya靈感源自泰國新一代時尚別緻的酒吧及餐廳。於繁華的曼谷鬧市中,年輕人常於該等酒吧及餐廳三五成群地享受悠閒時光。ayuthaiya薈萃區內一流的暹羅美饌、型格雞尾酒及曼谷節奏,讓賓客於香港中心地帶體驗泰國的時尚魅力! 柔和的木質及土褐色色調為ayuthaiya塑造時尚悠閒的氣氛。ayuthaiya由aqua餐飲集團創辦人David Yeo設計,靈感源自泰國新一代時尚別緻的酒吧及餐廳。充滿曲線美的誘人酒吧後有一道磚紅色牆,美妙燈光投射於牆上來自臥佛寺的泰式圖案。 繼續閱讀
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食評 (26)
卓越食家 2016-05-30
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作為一個節儉的窮人, 小妹經常去中環半山扶手梯do機慳那兩蚊車費。 每次都瞥見天橋下的這間泰國餐廳,好像很吸引。三、四年下來,一次也沒有去幫襯。最近終於與同事一起,3人同行試它一試。門口看上去是一間感覺悠閒的餐廳,但內櫳比門面感覺更精緻,橙紅色的燈光,有種modern的感覺。原來有兩層。燈光昏暗,上落樓梯真要小心。(我穿高跟鞋就更要用手左右撐著才敢往上走)店員都是外籍人士。又要搬出我蹩腳的英文,唉。lunch menu分為set lunch和Platter Menu。窮小妹馬上點了最便宜的炒金邊粉,可以選頭盤和飲品。我們叫了蝦餅、沙嗲串燒和春卷share來吃。上 - 牛肉沙嗲Beef Satay右 - 泰式鮮蝦豆腐米卷Fresh spring roll with tofu, prawn vegetables下 - 泰式蝦餅Thai Prawn Cakes剛好每款是3件,我們3人正好均分蝦餅與平時吃到的泰式蝦餅分別不大,一樣是充滿麵粉的感覺同事對蝦敏感依然能吃完而無事,可想而知蝦有多少勝在溫度夠熱, 甜酸醬夠多, 吃上去是好食的、彈牙的。不過3款之中, 它是最遜色的一款。牛肉沙嗲相當香,椰香味濃牛肉不算厚,不韌,而且沙嗲醬已充分滲入牛肉之中所以相當的好吃3款小食當中, 我最喜歡的是泰式鮮蝦豆腐米卷表面炸得鬆脆,裡面一層包著一層,口感豐富,內裡多涵,配上泰式甜酸醬,很美味!蝦金邊粉Pad Thai(Prawn)$98辣粉,花生粒和糖放在碟邊供你自行調配用度。材料有兩隻蝦, 豆腐乾, 肉粒, 芽菜和半夥青檸。我先打青檸汁擠在面頭,蝦已挖腸鬈曲成球肉粒融合在金邊粉之間,金邊粉炒得甚有鑊氣, 同時稍為油了一點兒金邊粉最怕炒得濕或漿住一塊塊,在這裡,以上兩種情況都沒有出現,很好!我更喜歡它的豆腐乾, 很有咬口, 吸收了醬油又不會太濃味。食完店員遞上糖水一碗(其實是大半碗的容量)椰汁芋頭紫米露非常香甜,充滿椰汁綿香,芋頭感覺很「糯」作為一個送的甜品,夫復何求?很少泰國菜可以做到由前菜、炒粉去到甜品都做出水準同事和我食完都覺得係「可以再食」的餐廳,認真值得推介, 仲要值錢不貴下次可以試下冬蔭公 繼續閱讀
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見習食家 2015-06-09
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Ayuthaiya is one of the best experiences in food that I’ve had in a long time. Having lived in Thailand for a couple of years it’s true to say that initially it’s fun to try new foods but after a while the expat in me reverts back to what is old and familiar. And boring! But let’s face it, we like what we like and I don’t believe in indulging myself all of the time – otherwise that would end up being boring too.Anyway, back to the main point of this scribe which is to describe, or try to describe, my thoughts on my first and definitely not last visit to this great restaurant.The first time I had Tom Yum Goong soup in Thailand it nearly incinerated my tonsils. For somebody who cannot take a lot of chilli, it was simply too much and I couldn’t taste the actual soup I was trying to enjoy.Ayuthaiya’s Tom Yam Goong was simply the right spiciness for me – but it may not be for all of you chilli-lovers. The lemongrass, the taste of Thailand, was present but not overpowering. The prawns (shrimps) were succulent, not chewy as they can often be.What followed was Goong Chae Nam Pla which may not be to everybody’s taste: raw, uncooked prawns (shrimps) served with a sliver of garlic and chilli on each and a sweet chilli sauce. Having eaten raw prawns before I was quite happy with them but some people may find this a little too much to handle. Fortunately, the chef at Ayuthaiya prepares them in such a way that they appear as tiny fish fillets and not raw prawns staring at you with their little beady eyes and long, fiddly antennae! Perfect.With the best will in the world, I could not fault what arrived next: an appetizer dish consisting of Por Pia Poo Nim, baby soft shell crab with mango and basil, wrapped up in rice paper; Tod Mun Goong, prawn cakes with plum sauce; Salmon Miang Khem – check out the menu for this one, you eat the entire thing wrapped in a betel leaf, absolutely scrummy!Accompanying all of this was a Monsoon Valley Colombard from Hua Hin’s Monsoon Valley Wine. Crisp and tasty.  Who knew that Thai wine could be this good?!A short rest was interrupted with the arrival of two signature dishes: Gaeng Kiew Nua, braised beef cheek and Goong Mung Gon Pad Karee, baby lobster with yellow curry. A side dish of perfectly cooked vegetables and steamed rice accompanied these. The word delicious is pretty well over-used but I can’t think of any other. If there was any fault with this it was only that perhaps some extra cutlery be provided in order that all the pieces of lobster could be extracted with ease, rather than just with a fork and spoon. I’m sure I missed most of mine. The beef cheek melted in the mouth, it was so tender and the variety of flavours with it was divine.Another Monsoon Valley wine, this time the Shiraz. A wine with a kick and that is all I will say, other than to mention that this vineyard is producing at least two pretty fine wines.Finally, we reached the end with two ice creams, Coconut Pandanus and Lemongrass. I preferred the Coconut but the Lemongrass was refreshing and a good palate cleanser. With the addition of mango and sticky rice, Thailand’s national dessert (!), our feast was over.If you have been to Thailand and are missing the cuisine, look no further. If you are looking for a night out with a group, or a romantic dinner, Ayuthaiya has just the right ambience for both. The service is slick, the music is at the right level.  I am smitten. And I will be back! 繼續閱讀
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入門食家 2015-04-28
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I booked this place 2 weeks in advance for my birthday dinner with girlfriends. I heard a lot of good reviews and I am so glad I found out about this place. Not only is it conveniently located in Central but it is super affordable and the food is really good.I requested a table on the upper floor because I thought it woud more private. There are still tables around but it is indeed more quiet and you get a view of what's happening outside (which is really only, the footbridge of the mid-levels escalators, a few bars & ebeneezers).For starters, I ordered beef satay, pork neck and crab mango roll. The pork neck was good with the sauce. For main course, I ordered Kao Pad Kapi (rice with shrimp paste), pad thai and 2 types of curry sauces. According to the waitress, she recommended Gaeng Kiew Wan, which is green curry with vegetables (I chose beef); and Panaeng Look Chin, which is red curry (I chose vegetables). Out of the two, I preferred the green curry. The flavor was very rich. It paired well with the rice.For dessert, we ordered a variety which included sweet pumpkin pudding, coconut pandan ice cream and mango & coconut custard sago pudding. The sweet pumpkin pudding was my favourite. It was not too sweet and the taste was very unique. Obivously you could really tell you were eating pumpkin and you can see the presentation of the dessert is almost as if it was carved out of a pumpkin (the skin is not edible - atleast to me, so be sure you don't put the whole thing in your mouth). I liked this place and for how much I paid for a party of 5, it was affordable and worth it. 繼續閱讀
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