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早於1962年開業的舊式茶樓,天花板還掛著吊扇,沖茶取點心都是自助式,只做早市及午市。 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2016-07-04
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Located adjacent to the Red Market, this traditional style Cantonese tea house has a long history, which can be traced back to the 1960s. Walking up a flight of stairs, the first sight greeted us was the calligraphy and paintings. And the whole floor is basically surrounded by windows on two sides, letting in the air so even though it is in the hot summer and without air-con, there is a nice breeze making us very comfortable when seated at the table overlooking the balcony.The dim sum is self-serviced, which means that you need to go out to grab what you want. But first we ordered the tea, which is very good and I understand the owner is very proud and conscious of the tea quality, and there is in fact a wide range of different tea you could choose. Another point to note is that most people would perceive such a tea house to be dirty and filthy, but it is the opposite with the utensils neat and clean, the environment bright and orderly.Coming to the food I had grabbed siu mai, stuffed green bell pepper, spongy cake, steamed spare ribs, and fish meatball. The siu mai is made from a good mixture of fat and lean meat, and even though lacking the sophistication or flair of many modern restaurants with shrimp and other ingredients, the simplicity did provide a sense of homecoming and memory for the taste we enjoyed when still being a kid.The stuffed green bell pepper is also decent, though it is not hot and maybe the dim sum had been sitting in the trolley for quite a while. Still the fish meat was marinated well and the bell pepper crunchy but not raw. The black bean sauce also added the flavors to the dish.The spongy cake is always Ivy's favorite and the one from Long Wa is also quite well prepared, with softness and spongy texture while balancing well on sweetness.The spare ribs is my favorite on the day, however. It had got the right portion of meat, fat and cartilage so making it chewy, crunchy and juicy, each cut in small pieces. The seasonings are also done perfectly. While in today's standard it may seem a bit oily, the overall taste and texture really are a good highlight of the traditional dim sum.Fish meatball is another of my favorite dim sum, and the one I tasted here certainly lived up to the standard I looked for. There is not a lot of flour added to the fish meat, and the flavors of fish is still clearly identified, along with the spring onion and citrus peel. Even without adding soy sauce or white pepper powder the taste is a real treat.The price for the meal was fairly reasonable with five dim sums and tea for two persons totaling $155, with each dim sum costing $25 and the tea $15 per person. If you are looking for such old style tea house, I don't think there are that many in HK and Macau nowadays and Long Wa is certainly one I would recommend.My overall rating is 53/100. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-11-08
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Even though we knew the quality of food here is so-so, but it more than makes it up for their retro decor. As a tourist in Macau, i felt the urge to visit this iconic restuarant once. Under the hot and humid weather in September, the staffs never even bothered to switch on the fans, let alone having any air con in it. The only way to feel a bit of wind is to sit at the window seat to escape the unbearing heat. Dim sum here is at a flat price of $25 per plate, regardless of the type. Tea per person is at $15. We ordered a plate of spare ribs with black bean sauce and siu mai as well. Maybe they closed at 2pm and we reached at 12pm plus, the food generally were not hot when served. We need to get the dim sum ourselves at a common area, for putting dim sum there. Spare ribs was okay with the meat absorbing the bean sauce. As for the siu mai, i could not think of any suitable words to describe it. The meat was tough and cold, hardly able to eat anymore after taking a bite. I personally feel that price here was on the high side, i guess we are paying for the retro feel.   繼續閱讀
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星仔雖然來過澳門多次,但跟我來都是第一次。當然,他來澳門前又要做一番功夫,搜尋有甚麼好吃的。雖然一早知道這間茶樓,食物只是普通,但星仔作為一個遊客,對懷舊的東西總有一份情意結。雖然我多次跟他說,要懷舊可以去「美都」,但他總是嘮嘮叨叨,所以我唯有順他一次。要懷舊當要付出代價,而代價就是即使在炎熱的九月,不單沒有空調,連風扇都沒有!君不見天花上的風扇均沒轉動,只是用來裝飾嗎?不過你仍可找個靠窗的座位,冀望從偌大的窗戶,能尋求一點涼風,不過最後你發現沒有涼風,有的只是滾熱的空氣。你終於發現為何食客都慵懶地斜倚在椅上,盡量將動作放慢,為的是要幫助身體散熱,以至不會再流汗。你以為懷舊的代價就只是要忍受炎熱嗎?吃過這裡的點心,你就知道錯了。這裡所有點心都是均一價$25,即使是味道普通的豉椒排骨(後),或是大而無當的燒賣(後),價錢都是一樣的。豉椒排骨份量雖然不多,但排骨肥廋適中,也能吃到豉椒味,味道以這茶樓的標準計,可算是非常不錯了。至於燒賣,肉質非常實,一口過後,你腦中只會想到兩個字「」,但你可以做的,就是不再吃,或是多喝幾口茶,和著燒賣吞吃。忘記了,茶位每位是$15,所以即使你已經熱到不想再喝熱茶了,為了那$15,你唯有多喝一杯,但最後,你仍發現你們兩人都喝不完一壺熱茶。我不能否認這裡有真懷舊(很多食店現在流行「扮懷舊」)以這個價錢,無論找位子、拿點心、結帳......都是自助也不是問題但我能要求有味道合格的點心嗎? 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2015-09-26
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每次來到澳門一定來龍華。十分懷舊的地方。他們的茶比香港任何一家酒樓好。而最無敵的是招牌覇王雞:又滑又好味,特別是薑蔥油!今天天氣仍然熱所以點了肉片湯米、簡單得來又味道不錯。點心在這裡不是焦點,但是仍然可以來個一盅兩件的午餐啊。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-08-09
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我認識呢間酒樓,比我印象係電視台,話佢切雞靚,夠懷舊,所有今日來一試,去到一看價錢,點心全或一25元,真係唔平,20元一位茶,切雞飯72元碟,但來到點都試下,叫了水仙,茶幾清香,之後點了叉燒包,皮又乾又鞋,食左2個就無食了,料又少,燒賣更加是硬,實,之後的切雞飯好在取回一點分,蔥油好香,雞又好滑,控制熟的時間剛好總結茶可以,點心般,蔥油雞水準出色,服務就尚可,價錢比得上酒店 繼續閱讀
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