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I've always wanted to try out Dough Kitchen as I heard they make their own pasta and is focused on pasta dishes. I love pasta and other than Pici who is an amazing pasta focused restaurant, there aren't that many else out there. So, I came here for lunch to give it a try.The place wasn't very busy but I always find the Tai Hang area fairly quiet on a weekday. It's not very big with an open kitchen on one end.Menu is in English only. Apparently, they are no pasta focused but also offer pizza and risotto as well. They also do not offer lunch sets which was surprising to me as majority of places do offer a lunch set on weekdays. Another surprising thing is that they charge you for water. When asked for water, they said they only offer distilled or sparkling. No regular. Than why place water glasses on each table if you do not offer regular water? I thought gone were the days of  charging for water in Hong Kong. Even places that offer fine dining  also offer you regular water. I found this ridiculous and a sly way of forcing you to order a drink.They gave me a slice of toasted bread with truffle butter. This was ok. The butter was soft and very spreadable. The bread had  few herbs in it.I ordered a crab with seaweed pasta ($198). This was really fabulous. The pasta was al dente. It was the right thickness and clung to the sauce well. There were huge chunks of fresh crab meat. But what I loved was the seaweed. It was made into a sauce which I thought was ingenious. It gave that complete moment of umami. Service was nice with constant thank yous. I think just paying got me at least 4 thank yous. Food was pretty delicious. Though price was a bit steep. Including my drink, I left paying $260. It is no wonder they are so quiet. There are far better deals at lunch time with the same quality of food elsewhere. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2019-09-18
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經常都聽朋友說這餐廳的手工製意粉十分有特式,這天晚上終於決定跟朋友到訪一下,主要是跟兩個朋友慶祝生日。縱使我們遲到了15-20分鐘,餐廳亦有為把訂好的枱hold起來。來到餐廳的時候,我便問職員餐廳會否收切餅費,他們說不用,更樂意替我們把蛋糕放在雪櫃,態度十分友善。餐牌上沒有太多的選擇,但每款pasta/ risotto皆充滿心思、創意和新鮮感,主廚把一些我沒有想過放在西式意粉的食材和調味配搭在一起,有種fusion的感覺。除了餐牌上的常有菜式,餐廳內更有小黑板寫著那週的special pasta/ risotto/ appetiser/ wine。點菜後,餐廳會送一籃小麵包,因為是自家製和熱熱的,我們很快便吃光。當我們想多要些麵包的時候,才知道只有第一籃是免費的。前菜方面,我們點了2碟Stewed Cloudy Bay Diamond Clams with White Wine (由於遲到的朋友說他想試試) 和 1碟Seared Parma Ham Wrapped Hokkaido Scallop with Caviar。這個蜆比一般外面吃的白酒煮蜆大得多,味道亦很鮮甜,卻完成不會有沙和腥味,而白酒的味道亦十分適中,有酒味但不會太鹹,就連伴碟裝飾的小蕃茄也很甜。不出十分鐘,我們便把這碟蜆清光了。至於那碟北海道帶子,presentation是有心思的,有三粒厚厚的帶子放在一旁,而parma ham則鋪在帶子上面,旁邊有三片鋪了caviar的薯仔片,碟上更有些少黑醋醬。帶子沒有特別的調味,把parma ham跟帶子一起吃的時候則能突出帶子的鮮味,帶子亦煎得不錯,不會太「韌」。但從質感上評論,感覺這不是最頂級的日子帶子。若覺得parma ham太鹹的話,可以蘸點黑醋醬中和一下。吃旁邊的薯仔片跟caviar亦是同樣的原理,主廚只把薯仔微微煎香,淡淡的薯仔味正在襯托了caviar的鹹和鮮味。我們點了最有名的海膽意粉、一個當晚有的special dish - XO醬和牛面頰肉配闊麵和Parma Ham Pizza。手工製的意粉很「煙韌」,口感一流,亦有很香的蛋味,真的跟外面那些普通意粉差天共地。最先來的是XO醬和牛面頰肉配闊麵,第一口吃的感覺是XO醬味道很濃郁,有點微辣。那牛面頰肉是切成粒的,吃前還有點擔心會否炒到有點「韌」,但吃下之後發現牛面頰肉很「林」,牛的濃味亦不會被XO醬的辣味蓋過,兩者的味道超夾。之後來的是海膽意粉,廚師在海膽醬均勻地撈在整碟意粉中,而意粉中間則放在新鮮海膽 (份量不算多)。海膽醬的味道算是挺濃的,把海膽撈在海膽意粉上一起吃會更能帶出海膽的鮮味。但是剛才那碟XO醬意炒味道太濃了,這碟海膽意粉的濃度頓時被比下去。Parma Ham Pizza的味道也不錯,Parma ham的份量很多,基本上每片pizza都有至少一片parma ham,芝士的份量也挺充足。我們亦order了一瓶Chardonnay (因這是友人至愛),我們4人每人大概有2杯,Chardonnay大致上跟我們點的菜式味道很配合,尤其是有海鮮的菜式。整體來說,這裡的手工製意粉真是必須一試,我們亦十分欣廚師的fusion配搭,有新意之餘味道亦是很「夾」的。侍應很友善和勤快,吃完前菜後他們會主動給你換碟;而他們得知我們仍在等一個在加班的朋友後,亦不會催促我們叫主菜;在吃蛋糕時,侍應亦會主動在桌上的東西收走,換些新碟和餐具,再給我們的蛋糕點上蠟燭,替我們拍照。溫馨提示:由於餐廳面積不大、位也不多,所以來吃晚飯最好預先訂座。 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2019-09-12
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今日補祝閨蜜生日~三位女生選定日子後~因爲同行女生剛搬到銅鑼灣區,就推介呢一間小店~女友人訂位時,預先跟店員預訂了生日甜點~超窩心🥰還有她極力推介house wine,也非常正!入正題吧~食物水準很好!我們叫了salad, pizza & pasta for sharing! 三位女生剛剛好~我另加了一杯酵素飲品,甜甜酸酸的,好喝!Pizza 底薄薄香脆~芝士味豐富!最驚為天人的意粉(我竟然沒有拍照😭)個醬汁尤其出色!下次再要再試~~~甜點是lemon tiramisu 又靚又好味😋 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-09-09
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Dough kitchen is a secret gem on my restaurant list. Loving the handmade pasta freshly made here and it never fails to surprise me. Handmade pasta isnever easy to make, when you mix and knead a little bit too hard or too soft, the texture can be completely off and nothing can be done to recover. If I am asked to pick only one dish from this restaurant, the sea urchin pasta is one of favourite and I will not leave without tasting this delicious pasta. The pasta itself has a smooth looking but it is kind of chewy, not stiff, which makes the flavor much more long lasting in the mouth. The sea urchin is so creamy that I feel like I’m eating caviar or briny oysters. The urchin sauce slowly cooked with heavy cream is slightly thick which can perfectly glides on the pasta and everything just blend in nicely in the mouth. Love it! Here also got many other handmade pasta, appetizers etc, a wide range of choice but all with top, fresh, great ingredients. Flavors are balanced and the staff are really nice.This is certainly one of the best cozy restaurant in Tai Hang.  繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-08-27
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尋晚幾左男朋友食飯,佢話一早訂左枱,去左大坑呢間handmade pasta 食dinner , 叫左佢最出名既海膽意粉,白酒蜆肉蒜味意粉,同埋叫左個Parma ham pizza,先講個海膽意粉,超級好味,個海膽味sauce好好味,再加上個海膽都好新鮮,個pasta好煙韌的感覺,好味。至於個白酒蜆肉蒜味pasta都ok既,蒜味比較重,都食到白酒味。至於個Parma ham pizza 用左rocket菜,再加了點橄欖油,好香好crispy,好好味呀!👍🏻我地仲叫左杯可樂!service都不錯! 繼續閱讀
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