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Showcasing a diverse range of premium ingredients, Aurora brings you the very essence of the Italian spirit by injecting innovative ideas to authentic Italian recipes that have been perfected over generations. Guests can enjoy the elegant décor of our main dining area or be dazzled by the stunning panoramic view of the Macau peninsula at our outdoor terrace.
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Marinated Sea Bream with Cucumber and Oyster Leaves Lobster Ravioli with Cauliflower Puree and Lobster jus Mediterranean Style Turbot with Blue Feet Mushrooms and Confit Onions Suckling Pig Porchetta with Espelette Potato and Celeriac Puree
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Level4 2021-07-31
「奧羅拉Aurora」係我收藏口袋清單裡最想試的一間,趁住慶祝活動過來試下先。餐廳主打意式美食,環境開闊,陽光透過落地玻璃打入去,感覺幾舒服,可以訂位時跟服務員講需要坐靠窗邊位置。廚房開放式,好容易見到廚師調理的畫面,另外餐廳內更設酒吧調製各款雞尾酒和飲品,晚上食飽飯可以出戶外露台望住夜景飲番杯!.今次選擇中午過來食飯,目前除了單點外,另提供一系列午市套餐,分別是單人二道菜、單人三道菜以及二人午膳套餐。兩個人的話個人建議叫呢個 #二人午膳套餐 ,有沙律、湯、主菜、薄餅、甜品和飲品,而且一個咁靚咁舒服環境入面用餐,坐窗邊位望住藍天白雲,人均都只係一百五左右🤩,完全平過出面cafe食飯啦,午市整體CP值不錯!.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~二人午膳套餐 ($258)前菜:羅馬生菜沙律 / 粟米濃湯主菜:炸魚柳青豆意大利燴飯薄餅:意大利辣肉腸薄餅甜點:雲石芝士蛋糕飲品:咖啡 或 茶 或 果汁是日推廣生蠔半打 (約$40-50/隻)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~餐前麵包提供三款,中心位的麵包脆棒咬落香脆,令人忍不住一口接一口,蕃茄包和橄欖包淺嘗幾啖,味道不錯。.先上單點冷盤生蠔🦪半打,配檸檬汁、紅醋和Tabasco三款醬汁,由於我唔係特別鍾意生蠔,就等大家去試。.前菜 #羅馬生菜沙律 ,每一塊生菜都沾滿青醬汁,同時灑上芝士粉,整體味道比較濃郁。#粟米濃湯 滿滿粟米清甜味,好creamy唔會有渣,湯內加入煙肉粒,鹹香味的確令到成個湯更出味,不過對我來講偏鹹。.而主菜要二選一,分別是是日精選海鮮意大利燴飯或牛小排長通粉,被海鮮兩個字吸引左,果斷選擇前者。是日精選炸魚柳,魚質偏鞋身,個人唔鐘意食魚關係,所以有少少後悔揀佢,好在意大利飯燴湯汁鮮甜,旁邊泡泡味道似龍蝦湯,一人只能試幾啖,飯份量增加少少就好。.#意大利辣肉腸薄餅 餅底薄脆,邊位煙韌咬口,剛出爐上枱時做到芝士拉絲,但芝士味較淡,邊位無餡會造成味道單調。一個薄餅一開八塊,份量真心多,可能餐前面包試太多,到最後再食澱粉質飽到不得了😅。.對於甜品,再飽都有「第二個胃」來食,芝士蛋糕甜度剛剛好,賣相夠靚。 continue reading
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Wrap up下Aurora嘅一餐晚餐💁🏻‍♀️總括嚟講,食物配搭幾有心思,fine dining嚟講性價比唔錯,但某一兩道菜調味過多,唔能夠完全食到食材嘅原味呢。大家不妨lunch黎,又抵食又有景睇。(帶定個頭盔,個menu不時會轉,online menu都唔一定up to date,最好打去餐廳問下🤭)·Highlights:🐟Signature Marinated Seabream🥩Aurora Ibérico Beef Tartare 最得我歡心嘅一道菜!天然草飼嘅Rubia Gallega牛肉肉質爽滑有咬口,牛味濃郁甘甜,製成tartare係一個唔錯嘅選擇。以蛋黃撈埋乾蔥同雞油菌,鋪上熟成comte芝士同黑松露片(加一小片extra fancy嘅金薄🥴),呢個豪華鼎盛嘅陣容真係不得了呢♥️ 不過隻黑松露夾埋其他食材就唔夠爭氣,差咁啲香氣,濃啲就perfecto。🍗Guinea Fowl Two Ways 🥩Smoked Mountain Beef Striploin 單講肉質,高原山牛西冷係真係無得頂,肥瘦適中,肉質鮮嫩帶嚼勁,但!經過煙燻,本身濃郁嘅牛肉味被蓋過左😕 所幸煙燻味香醇,上碟時用玻璃罩燻著,一打開有陣陣嘅木香味,同牛排本身都夾嘅;加埋紅酒汁同伴碟之一嘅黑蒜豐富返個層次感,整體都係唔錯嘅。仲有Amuse-Bouche嘅caviar on crab meat都好唔錯 continue reading
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Level3 2017-07-30
我已經在這家餐廳前後吃了五次的 Brunch。由最初的三百多元,到依家的四百八十八(還沒加一)。唯一讓我一來再來的原因就是鵝肝。我很愛吃鵝肝,第一次享用他們 Brunch的時候,鵝肝是不間斷的煎給食客享用,而且要拿多少就拿多少。第四和第五次再去吃 Brunch,發现不但沒有了香檳免費提供,而且鵝肝出貨的次數也少了,每位食客也衹可以一次拿兩片,其實心裡是有些小失望的 lah。食物方面是我喜歡的貴精不貴多的那種,整體上都很美味。最近看見其他食客在 open rice 寫到餐廳又再次提供免費香檳,讓我有一股衝動要第六次再"圍攻"鵝肝。有機會去澳門不妨來吃這裡的 Sunday Brunch,慢慢享受三個半小時悠閒時光。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2016-11-25
Booked this Michelin restaurant 2 weeks in advance via their website seems to be sufficient in time. The upscale Aurora is located at 10th floor of Altira hotel in Taipa and the moment you stepped in, you will be surrounded by a medium-intensed fragrance, guiding you to the restaurant and bringing you to a whole new experience. The copper tone theme with spacious seats blended well together with the open bar and open kitchen. It also has an open view to the sea which is gorgeous. The waitress kindly took over our heavy luggage and brought us to the table.  We were offered the best table that is facing the Macau's skyline. After presenting the menu, bread and olive oil were offered. There were only 2-3 different kinds of bread and they were good in taste. We both decided on the 3 courses lunch set.Complimentary amuse-boche were offered on top of our 3 course meal!It was scallop dices  with barley sauce topped with some pickled cucumber strips. Scallop is fresh and the taste is good. Appetizer 1 - "Crudo"It is sea bream marinated with lime/lemon. Lightly salted and layered on top of thin sliced cucumber. As we know the cucumber can be very crisp if cut in thick chunk, but the skilled thin slice cucumber matched well with the texture of the sea bream. the citrus cream and sided oyster leaf does match the dish well.Appetizer 2- "Vitello tonato"The bluefin tuna is just superb. Partial seared tuna paired with soft deep fried quail egg is interesting.  Tuna was seperated by milk-fed veal and caper berry, the dish is really enjoyable.Main 1 - "Costatine"This is a 24 hour slow cooked short rib sitting on top of sunchoke puree.  The short rib is indeed tender that you can mesh the meat with just your tongue. The sweet-nutty sunchoke puree is indeed waking up your palate especially the sweet taste. The onions are also fully cooked to avoid the sharp tone disrupting the harmony.Main 2 - "L'Agnello"This lamb is also cooked to desired perfection. The topped herb crust matched the lamb well, yet quite an unfamiliar pairing. Tasted in detail to extract the taste to see what herb it was and realised that it was a olive mash!! Suprising matching but goes well with the lamb and sided with deep fried potato. Both were bridged with tomato-like pepper sauce bring the dish together. With such a good main dish, I ordered a Chianti Classico with DOCG. The sangiovese based wine gave a deep mature colour and its solid spcie with hint of oak, it does match well with both the short rib and the lamb. Medium coarse tanin merge with meat's protein and the exotic hint of smoke added flavouring especially to the olive crust!~ Enjoyed both main with the wine very much.Before the dessert, Aurora gave us another compliment drinks which they homemade. The "buddha lemon" was named due to its shape. The citrus yet hint of sweetness kind of clean your palate before your dessert and more importantly, i think it matches with our next dessert quite well.Dessert 1 "Limone"Lemon tart with lemon ice-cream base. Dessert 2 "Tiramisu"I like this blue mountain coffee ice cream very much.  The espresso rounded crunch has intense flavour. The 3 course meal was good with smooth transition. Enjoyed the food and the environment together with the service.  Space between table also seems sufficient and could imagine that it would be such a good experience during important dates or anniversary. continue reading
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Level4 2016-06-09
小晴晴又出門了. 說真的, 帶小晴晴去旅行, 真的好不容易. 還未夠兩歲的她, 很多事情是似懂非懂, 人在外, 更加要好好看著她. 這次兩日一夜在澳門的時光, 真心愉快, 而且Studio City實在是非常適合親子旅行的好地方. 由第一站說起吧, 我們首頓午餐, 就在新濠鋒的Aurora.其實新濠鋒也是新濠旗下的酒店, 這裡有四家高水準的餐廳, 上次來吃過天政, 這次就來到Aurora. 這裡的Sunday Brunch, 很馳名. 當然, 吃a la carte, 才是最見真章.一坐下, 小晴晴就要吃包包, 這裡的香草包跟grissini也有水準, 其實, 吃意大利菜, 總要有好吃的麵包來開始一餐.麵包之外, 還有甚麼給小晴晴吃? 番茄意粉好嗎? 酸酸甜甜, 挺開胃的.Amuse Bouche: Panzanella Salad, Burrata Stracciatella 意大利麵包沙律配布拉塔芝士先來個Amuse Bouche吧, Panzanella Salad本身就是清爽的沙律, 這裡的版本, 加入了Burrata, 食味更為豐富.Carpaccio: Wagyu Beef, Truffle, Parmesan, Citrus Dressing 生牛肉薄片配巴馬臣芝士及柑橘汁雖然我一向不太吃刺身, 但有水準的, 又沒有問題. 這裡的Carpaccio, 吃的時候, 就完全不會覺得太生, 因為加上了松露, 巴馬臣芝士, 以及柑橘汁之後, 是相當惹味的. 而且和牛薄片本身也油脂分佈很動人, 教人怎抗拒.Risotto: Milanese Style Saffron Risotto, Roasted Langoustine and Veal Jus 番紅花意大利飯伴小龍蝦及牛仔肉汁吃飯就最合我意, 這裡的Risotto, 當然不會煮得過淋, 有咬口, 味道濃郁. 而小龍蝦就相當鮮嫩, 很討好.Baccala: Slow Cooked Mediterranean Cod, Caponatta, Aged Balsamic 慢煮地中海鱈魚伴茄子及香醋至於另一道主菜是地中海鱈魚, 也分了不少給小晴晴吃. 厚厚的鱈魚, 大廚仍然能夠把肉質保持鮮嫩的狀態, 伴上香醋, 就是美味.Tiramisu: Mascarpone Cream, Espresso Jelly, Blue Mountain Coffee Ice Cream 意大利軟芝士餅伴咖啡雪糕吃完主菜, 吃甜品, Tiramisu常常吃吧, 但這裡的, 內容有mascarpone芝士, espresso啫喱, 以及藍山咖啡雪糕, 單看陣容, 也知道是幾濃, 幾強的版本, 小孩子不要吃, 但愛喝咖啡的朋友, 就應該很滿足. 是咖啡先行於甜味的版本.一餐精彩的意大利餐, 又怎少得一杯好咖啡. 我的心水, 當然是latte, 喝慣了, 不會去改. 咖啡味濃, 奶香突出, 喝得滿意.也要來點甜的來配咖啡, 這裡的Petit Fours, 水準不俗, 如chocolate truffle, 就相當香濃.澳門吃意菜的地方不少, 但要找家靚景的, 還數Aurora. 而且這裡菜式有水準, 兩口子在浪漫一番, 也好. continue reading
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