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Chef Barry Quek pays homage to his Singaporean roots in his new venture Whey, delivering a unique cooking approach towards his hometown cuisine with influences of his culinary experience around the world. Barry embraces seasonal and sustainable ingredients, and builds the menu around fresh locally grown produce with exotic flavours of Singapore. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2022)
Opening Hours
18:00 - 23:00
Mon - Sat
18:00 - 23:00
Payment Methods
Visa Master Cash AE UnionPay
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Alcoholic Drinks
May Bring Your Own Wine
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
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新年期間食咗呢間一星Singaporean fine dining🤭 呢間唔算難book,嚟慶祝嘅話佢哋會喺menu印上慶祝字句👍🏻 總括嚟講係令人滿意嘅一餐,Lunch Menu $988p.p.,有7道菜可謂分量多!新加坡融合北歐菜帶嚟嶄新體驗,成餐飯都驚喜,整體偏濃味☺️ 呢度環境舒服唔拘謹,服務唔止友善更可以話係親切細心👍🏻 ♥ Sotong Pie Tee | Chicken Parfait 雞肝凍賣相💯 好似一個秘密花園咁,入面有兩粒紅色果實🍒 雞肝凍幼滑兼入口即溶,表面甜甜哋嘅,味道層次豐富,數種味道喺口腔綻放,撻皮薄脆👍🏻 魷魚撻係將魷魚切成小粒狀,味道新鮮清新,相比之下雞肝凍更加出色!♥ Hamachi超靚!啲醬汁好色彩鮮艷,加埋caviar同兩片Hamachi,好似藝術品咁🪄 好有美感😆 Hamachi用蘋果木煙燻過,醬汁混合galangal、lime同lemongrass,幾開胃🌿♥ Scallop好大粒北海道扇貝,煎到好金黃,香氣遠遠都聞到,帶子嫩滑鮮甜,不得了🉐 仲有片scallop chip喺側邊都好香口,同埋有啲椰汁喺底幾特別~♥ Aged QuailQuail 微微粉嫩配少少辣嘅沙嗲汁🤏🏻 Quail有好似奄列嘅外層包裹著,輕輕燒過表面,伴碟有homemade yogurt, baby onions同chervil root purée,中和辣度👌🏻♥ NT Pork Bak Kut Teh 2.0 (+$258)呢道菜係肉骨茶變奏版,已經升級到2.0版本😂 見唔少食評話之前個版本偏鹹,我食完呢個2.0版本覺得調味啱啱好!選用本地豬肉烹調,當中個Pork rib好wow,入口軟嫩,肥美脂香四溢🤩 配埋黑蒜醬同白胡椒肉汁,好惹味!另外仲有嚿日本蘿蔔~ ♥ Dry Curry Laksa Mee乾撈laksa手工麵,麵條係homemade有咬口,伴香口大澳蝦米同澳洲鮑魚,鮑魚厚肉彈牙,鮮味濃!加埋Sambal醬,完全係昇華哂,相當提鮮🦐 遇到呢個特別好食嘅Sambal醬,我都忍唔住問職員有無得賣😂 點知真係有!職員即刻叫Chef入一樽俾我,$158樽都唔太貴👍🏻 不過因為無防腐劑,最好一個禮拜食完~♥ Maoshan Wang Durian Ice Cream (+$168)呢度嘅招牌,榴槤雪糕好香濃幼滑!榴槤控必試🙊 caviar配榴槤雪糕看似九唔搭八,配搭起嚟居然無衝突,但我又唔會話係非常之夾😂 反而底下啲milk crisp鹹鹹哋脆脆哋幾夾個榴槤雪糕😋 ♥ Pandan Chiffon Cake班蘭味好濃重,蛋糕好輕盈好fluffy,配埋開心果雪糕,好正!😝♥ Mignardises當日係嚟慶祝,所以有個美祿cheesecake,鹹鹹哋都ok啦~ 另外仲有兩款甜點都係ok 啦~ 紅白色嗰個朱古力好似精靈球😂😂 餐廳推薦度:8.5/10可惜今次試唔到佢個招牌Brioche,搵日再試!買到樽Sambal醬都夠我開心😛 服務體貼有心,有賓至如歸嘅感覺👏🏻 continue reading
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Rising recently on the radar of the fine dining scene was the new entry Whey. Somehow, it wasn’t difficult to book and so we went to see how the Chef (with strong Singapore influence) would serve up gourmet dishes. Quoting from Michelin’s guide on this one star restaurant, “Championing a zero-waste philosophy and committed to local sustainable sources, Whey serves a tasting menu comprising modern European dishes with influences from the head chef’s hometown, Singapore. Recipes are also informed by his travels and work experiences across Asia, Australia and Europe, as well as his childhood memories.”The footprint of the restaurant was rather small but cozy and of modern design. There was only one menu for lunch priced at $988. One should be careful with the other charges like water. They charged $38 per head for Nordaq water be it hot or cold (still/sparkling). Tea and coffee was not included in the menu. Sotong Pie Tee : this was a street food re-imagined by the Chef. The wafer-thin pastry shell was filled with diced squid and chopped spring onions. The flavour reminded me of Shanghai style spring onions jellyfish though for the present case, the spring onions sauce was too intense and overpowered the squid.. Chicken parfait: the plate was adorned with a vibrant greenery, and the bright red tartlets stood out and looked all the more inviting. The pastry shell was thin and crisp, and the filling had a creamy texture made from chicken liver with a coating made from raspberries, giving it a bright red sheen. The acidity of the raspberries cleverly balanced the creamy chicken liver filling, making the dish sumptuous and presentable. Hamachi galangal, finger lime : two slices of hamachi sat on a sauce infused with ginger , lime and dill oil. There were caviar also swimming in the sauce. The zingy sauce enhanced the mild taste and creamy texture of the hamachi and the dish was generally very flavourful . Scallop sunchokes, kuah: the scallop was beautifully seared on one side and when served, one could still smell the charred fragrance emanating from the scallop. On the side, there was a fennel and apple salad (which tasted fresh and light), sunchoke purée and coconut foam. Even though the scallop was cooked perfect, juicy sweet and tasty as it was, I had to special mention the sunchoke purée - the Jerusalem artichoke was cooked in brown butter, hence reason for the colour but the taste of it was amazing . Jerusalem artichoke had a rather mild flavour but the Chef was able to accentuate such flavour in a small portion of purée which was amazing. Aged Quail chervil root, peanuts - the quail was being wrapped in an egg like texture, with chervil purée, baby onions in yogurt and peanut satay sauce. The staff mentioned that the egg wrap omelette (using quail egg) was first steamed and then torched. The quail was tender and pink and cooked just right. It paired very well with the chervil root purée which was earthy sweet and smooth, reminiscent of parsnips. Personally, I found the peanut satay too spicy to go with such a delicate piece of meat. Dry Curry Laksa Mee abalone, sambal - the abalone was slow cooked then charcoal grilled, and the mee was homemade with spinach and there were the chef’s own sambal sauce to go with the mee. To me, the abalone was overcooked and was a bit dry and rather chewy. The mee was slightly too soft too……Pandan Chiffon Cake pistachio ice cream, gula melaka- the cake itself was light and even with the palm sugar that sat between the cake and the ice cream, the dessert was not too sweet. Mignardises - there were two: a financier made from nut, and a dark chocolate with black garlic which was interesting. The black garlic was not too strong - a savoury ingredient used well and in harmony with the chocolate in a sweet dish. General/Overall : in terms of service when compared with a Michelin starred restaurant located in a 5 star hotel, the level of service of this restaurant seemed not up to par. For example, some of the staff that served our table were good in explaining each dish to us whilst there was one who seemed reluctant to explain to us how the dishes were cooked when asked. The Chef’s Asian exposure had certainly brought another dimension to the flavour profile of this restaurant. continue reading
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😍今次介紹嘅係米芝蓮一星嘅新加坡fine dining ~ 首先就係預約,佢地有online website比你去揀time slot, 仲十分仔細問有冇任何food restrictions, 細心得黎都好方便。服務方面都非常唔錯,每一道菜都好仔細同你解釋。食物方面真係好特別,每一道菜都有驚喜!🥰首先係佢個雞肝,好幼滑,個撻皮好脆,再加上少少細粒嘅魷魚,形成一個好得意嘅配搭。Hamachi都好出色!唔單止賣相好靚好鮮豔,味道酸酸地再加埋caviar,都幾開胃。其次係肉骨茶pork ribs真係好入味,好重嘅肉骨茶香~再黎係個乾撈laksa手工麵,味道好香,個麵好彈口,仲係home made架!至於佢個Brioche, 外脆內軟,再加埋少少甜甜地又有少少nuts嘅味,我自己真係好中意食~值得一提嘅係個red velvet cake, 係流心蛋糕黎嘅(食個陣要小心熱),個cream超香,而且仲唔會太甜!如果唔係怕肥其實有少少想encore個蛋糕🤤 總括黎講都係十分唔錯嘅tasting experience, 對於本身細食嘅黎講我係岩岩好!🫠價錢方面,我就覺得有少少貴,海膽同個肉骨茶都要額外價錢,所以計埋加一最後兩位$5000幾。-Tasting Menu 🌟3.5/5 💰1888ppSotong, Oysters, ChickenHamachi Galangal, Finger LimeAbalone, Petai Bean Miso, LeeksWhey’s Brioche, Buah Keluak EmulsionSea Bream, Pearl Onions, Winter Black TrufflesAged Quail, Chervil Root, PeanutsNT Pork Bak Kut The 2.0, White Pepper, Black Garlic +💰258Dry Curry Laksa Mee, Lobster, SambalMarigold Cream, Pickled StrawberriesRed Velvet Cake, Ganache, Gingerflower-食物:7/10環境:8/10服務:8/10 continue reading
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🦑Sotong I 🦪Oyster I 🐓Chicken Refreshing & Umami w/ a stunning mix of Western basil & Oriental Chili Sauce which creates multiple layers of flavours & textures🌎🐟Hamachi galangal, finger lime Beautifully presented🌸Saw some caviar yet can't taste them, bit unnecessary 🍲Scallop sunchokes, kuah Super umami Asian/Jap/Korean style broth🍲The mussels were super silky & umami🍞Whey's Brioche buah keluak emulsion Buttery & Fluffy Broche. First time to see this fruit, taste bit like cocao yet not sweet. Funny 🦞Grilled Lobster jackfruit, prawn floss Springy, al-dente & umami🐦Aged Quail chervil root, peanuts Intensive quail taste. Tender yet Springy. Coated w/ a layer of omelette in an appropriate thickness - able to taste the egg aroma & omelette texture🍜Dry Curry Laksa Mee kuruma prawn, sambal Marigold Cream pickled strawberries Super Asian Dish w/ springy noodles. Love the flavorful prawns which reminds me this dish was an elevated version of street food/comfort food💚Pandan Chiffon Cake pistachio ice cream, gula melaka Strong Panda Taste. Light, Airy & Fluffy Chiffon Cake. Who doesn't like pistachio ice cream😏💓AmbianceAttentive & Friendly staff. Love that they always have smiley faces & cheerful voices☺️🧡They serve Amber Wine produced by HKers🇭🇰#tastingmenu #foodreview #foodreviewer #restaurantreview#restaurantreviewer #hkrsetaurant #foodstagram #hkfoodblog #hkfoodie #foodphotography #foodlovers #foodlife #foodofinstagram #食評 #餐廳食評 #料理好きな人と繋がりたい #グルメ好き #グルメ #グルメ女子 #グルメ好きな人と繋がりたい #香港グルメ #中環餐廳 #香港餐廳 #相機食先 #centralrestaurant continue reading
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Book枱時可以選擇食物敏感或偏好,而且個questionnaire 問得好細緻。reconfirm 時話個menu係fixed冇得變(咁booking時就唔好問有冇food allergy 啦),重要一定要你confirm 係food preference or allergy,救命啊~環境都ok,係張櫈好睇唔好坐,designer chair 咁又點呀!menu 有幾樣sub charges好容易missed 睇唔到,又冇人溫馨提示。食物及食材係ok,food presentation was very good, 睇得出個chef 有用心去做,只不過可能個人口味原因,我覺得有啲咸同埋有啲dishes 味道冇驚喜。重點:未去過又想試的話,去一次就可以了。 continue reading
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