Restaurant: Tim Ho Wan, the Dim-Sum Specialists

To promote a new salt and sugar reduction (RSS) dietary culture and living style to the people of Hong Kong, the Food and Health Bureau, the Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food and the Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has launched the "League of RSS-friendly Restaurants" ("League"). Restaurants participated in the League will offer less-salt-and-sugar options to the consumer or even tailor-make less salt or sugar dishes in designated restaurants. Participating restaurants will be granted with the League Labels for displaying in the premises for public identification. For details, please click here, https://www.fhb.gov.hk/en/our_work/feh/rssf.html

8-min walk from Exit E, Prince Edward MTR Station continue reading
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Tim Ho Wan is a dim sum restaurant with one Michelin star where every dish is steamed upon order. Must-try items include baked pastry BBQ pork bun and traditional rice noodle rolls. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015-21), Best Guangdong Restaurant (2015), Best Restaurant in Sham Shui Po (2015)
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09:00 - 21:30
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09:00 - 21:30
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Level1 2021-04-17
添好運點心出名就係人都知,但係都幾失望吓🤯(聽講愈多分店,水準愈下降....)講返食物:叉燒包係最好食嗰樣!但同逸東x嗰個比,呢個輸晒😓😓馬拉糕夠鬆軟,但冇咩味!蝦餃個皮太厚,好難食順帶一提,員工服務都好一般 continue reading
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Level1 2021-02-05
第一次食縮水鮮蝦負皮卷。服務尚可。上菜速度算快。(唔知係咪一早己經半熱)再精就好快上台六粒負皮每粒都有半粒蝦。味道同相片差左至少一倍,唔該下次無負皮就早d同客講,我唔想寫80字咁多黎寫衰你 continue reading
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Level3 2020-12-30
很久很久沒寫食評了,現在抗疫疲勞,就寫一下這一間聞名已久的點心店吧!果然是名不虛傳,價廉物美,客似雲來!鮮淮山杞子燉烏雞湯,湯料很足,淮山/杞子/烏雞/瘦肉都不少。粉果和牛肉都很出眾,不是一般茶樓的貨色。大概這裡人流夠多,貨去得快,所以點心都很新鮮。現在好像外賣有85折,所以眼見外賣的也很多。大概也因為賺錢,這裏聘請的姐姐也算比一般茶樓多。可能因為這裡出名、所以她們的服務態度也頗省劣,忍忍沒事。另外洗手間也不是太能接受。如果是想邀請外國人來見識見識的話,就真是壞印象啦! continue reading
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Level3 2020-12-29
為左炸鮮奶你可以去到幾盡?香港地有炸鮮奶既地方已經買少見少仲要係好食同特別應該更加少當中有好多係好甜,今日特登嚟試吓呢個斑斕脆皮鮮奶,雖然佢有少少油但係味道還算幾好!對於我呢個炸鮮奶迷黎講呢個價錢算係唔錯 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Summary: Still the best value dim sum (not the best if money is no object). Pretty crowded so go early.The Goods: Very affordable for the price. All dishes are great, and freshly made. The Bads: Long wait (I didn't spend too much time - see below). The space is a bit cramp.  We were seated right next to another couple.Damage: We (2 persons) spent HK$165 (no SC applicable, but add HK$8 for 2 persons for tea). So that's HK$82.5 per person, not bad at all really.This is my 3rd time coming to this particular shop. Tim Ho Wan, through their Michelin 1-star branding, has a lot of branches in Hong Kong (and over the world really), but I honestly think that the quality at this Sham Shui Po shop is the best. Other branches are quite unpredictable in the quality; the 1-star is only applicable to this shop too, so that's not so surprising.I spent only 1 minute waiting because I went pretty early and arrived at 11.30am; that's just 30 minutes after the shop opens. Not to mention that it's still COVID and so, no tourists (I think). We were seated at a table for two, but it's right next to the other table. The good thing with COVID now is that there is a thin plastic board to block the 2 tables, so it feels more claustrophobic but at the same time, we were spared of the awkward stare with the next table. The space is very tight but that is to expect in Hong Kong's local eat.What we ordered;The Char siu bo luo bao (BBQ pork "pineapple" bun) came out very quickly. In case you don't know yet, there is no pineapple in the dish like the name suggests; it's only the appearance of the baked skin that (kind of) resembles pineapple. I think this is the best one in town really, very soft dough, crispy skin, and balanced/rich BBQ pork filling. The filling is not too sweet as in most other restaurants. The statement in my summary above does not apply for this one; although it's cheap it's still the best. It's good that it came out first too, as it really kicked off my appetite. Right after the BBQ bun came the Char siu cherng fen (steamed rice roll with BBQ pork). It's great too; the rice roll is soft yet a bit chewy, provided some texture. The BBQ pork is well seasoned, and compliments well with the sauce. It's also not too oily. The only complaint that I have is I personally prefer more BBQ pork .The Siu mai (pork & shrimp steam dumpling) and Ha gao (steamed shrimp dumpling) came together. Unfortunately I don't have the photo for Ha gao ...... sorry totally forgot because they're stacked togather. This is where my opinion is a bit undecided. Don't get me wrong, they're still great for what they are, but I think there are also better ones but not at this price. So, they're still the best all things considered; but if money is no object, then there are better ones. I personally prefer Ha gao to have some more pork filling so that it provides fuller flavour, while siu mai needs a bit more shrimp meat. I know! I sound arrogant, wanting more on one thing, and less on the other, but hey! balance is what distinguish good to awesome food. In any case, they're still very good. The bad ones are real bad, ranging from not enough texture (mush), not enough fat (yes, pork fat for flavour), wet skin, etc. These don't have any of those bad quality!They then followed by Mai gai (steamed sticky rice with chicken in lotus leaf). This one is a bit disappointing really. I remember last time was not like this. The rice this time feels like it need more time to cook - it's still pretty dry and hard. I'm not looking for wet rice - that's a bad thing - but it's really too dry. We got one mushroom bit in the filling, but it's the stem.... a bit weird because usually we discard the stem and use only the cap. That's it for bad things. It's still good as a dish, but I would rather order other things for sake of my belly :') We got the Fung zao (steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce) last. It tastes great even if we already ate a lot. it's very "fluffy" and soft; eating is is no hassle as the skin comes off the bone very easily. The sauce is well seasoned, and not too salty too - that's usually my problem with black bean sauce. All-in-all, I think Tim Ho Wan (this particular shop, not necessarily the other ones) really worth a visit if you're into local eats. If money is no object however you can go to fancier places for better ambient, better service, and maybe better food. When I say better food, it's only better ingredients, not the taste. continue reading
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