Full-Day Supply
Mon - Sun
Full-Day Supply
Steamed egg cake
Glutinous rice dumpling
Steamed fresh shrimp dumplings ( ha jiao )
Steamed spareribs with black bean sauce
Steamed beef balls with bean curd skin
Fresh Shrimp Siu Mai (With Pork)
Steamed dumplings & chiu chow style
Bean curd skin roll
Steamed spareribs with black bean sauce
Pan fried green prepper stuffed with minced fish
Baked bun with BBQ pork
Deep fried spring roll filled with shrimp & vegetable
Pan Fried Turnip Cake
Steam Rice
Steamed rice with chicken feet and spare rib
Steamed rice with beef and pan fied egg
Steamed rice with meat and dry cuttle
Black bean ribs on rice
Poached fresh seasonal vegetable
Congee with pork & preserved egg
Rice Rolls
Vemicelli roll stuffed stuffed with pig's liver
Vermicelli Roll with BBQ Pork
Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp
Vermicelli Roll with Beef
Stramed rice flour roll
Tonic medlar and petal cake