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Ta Vie is a Japanese and French restaurant that aims to delicately combine the two cuisines. They focus on making their handpicked ingredients shine through in the dish. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2017-20), Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2016), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2017-2019)
Opening Hours
18:30 - 21:30
Mon - Sat
18:30 - 21:30
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The Restaurant is not big but the seats are wide and confortable, the environment is soft, quiet, relxed and romantic. We look forward to food tasting there soon.The First are two warm housemade breads was fluffy and crispy. Shiro ebi was a very fresh baby white shrimp and green asparagus tartar topped with Oscietra caviar. Housemade pasta with Aonon Seaweed sauce topped with Hokkaido “Bafun” uni. The sea urchin in the was so creamy and rich. The Grilled Hotaru squid from Toyama Bay with organic Chinese kale Gai lan salad was tasty and refreshing.I liked delicious. Simmered Whelk Matsubu twist clam with fresh Yunnan morel mushrooms, potato stir-fried with beurre. Pan-fried 活鯒 with tapenade beurre blanc sauce, the Pan-fried 活鯒 was fresh and sweet. Maybe I don't like the taste of lamb, I didn't eat too much of the Roasted Aveyron Lamb with Yuzu kosyou sabayon. Almond tofu with peach compote, had fresh lychee and oolong tea which jelly was so juicy and sweetie.A cake was Blueberry, lavender & chocolaee mousses, the cake is not too sweet. Not bad! Conclusion - We greatly loved this dinner. Every dish was delicious and of good quality. continue reading
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餐廳名 Ta Vie 是法文,意思是「您的人生」,同時也是日文,意思是「旅程」,主廚佐藤秀明是希望透過食物讓客人用味蕾來體驗這一餐法日式料理。餐廳裡的佈置卻富懷舊感,同時感覺似在一個大客廳,灰綠白色直條梳化,古董擺設,牆上貼了黑白舊照片,幾有特色。餐廳裡面不大,只有10張枱左右。除咗老闆娘之外,也只有另外2個樓面同事,不過服務貼心也很有效率,所以此店已經連續4年(2017-2020)獲得米芝蓮二星的殊榮,也曾經是亞洲50最佳餐廳之一 (2017-2019)。在今年的餐廳週活動,此餐廳更是「頂級精緻餐廳」的得獎者,所以我可以以HK$650 (另收加一服務費) 享用3道菜的一餐。前菜:鵝肝及無花果乾法式肉醬 Foie gras & dried figs terrine這片凍法式鵝肝醬很特別,因為中間釀了一些無花果乾,這樣食起嚟不會覺得只有肥美奶油的鵝肝,也多了一些無花果果甜清新的口感,食完不會覺得成口油膩。配上一片脆口的多士,可以與鵝肝醬一齊食,正呀👍🏻麵包:酸麵包配淡牛油和茅屋芝士 Sourdough with lightly salted butter cream and cottage cheese熱辣辣的酸麵包,外脆內軟,塗上茅屋芝士或淡牛油真係好好味,不過我比較喜歡茅屋芝士多一啲。食一件酸麵包唔夠,老闆娘發現我想食多一件,就再提供多一件熱辣辣的酸麵包,滿足😃意粉:自家製意粉配青海苔汁伴馬冀海膽 House made pasta with “Aonori” sauce, topped with Hokkaido “Bafun” uni這碟是餐廳的招牌菜,薄切的自家製意粉煮得煙韌度適中,也很容易掛上青海苔汁。北海道馬冀海膽份量多,肥美又有奶油口感,可惜不夠鮮甜,有少少腥。主菜:烤法國勃根地奶牛日本冬季蘿蔔伴鼠尾草碎 Roasted French milk fed veal from Burgundy粉紅色的奶牛肉排,是稀有食材,因為不是度度都有。奶牛肉啲肉質鮮嫩多汁,牛味濃郁,非常美味。配上煎得一層脆皮的蘿蔔和薯仔,外脆內多汁,好味。 continue reading
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Level4 2020-03-30
Located on the 2nd floor of The Pottinger, the restaurant is neither glamorous or fancy, it’s indeed very simple, humble and has a tranquil atmosphere that elicit proper etiquette from whoever walks in.It is seemingly a French restaurant, but is running Japanese blood at its heart. Their cuisine emphasize on clean and refined flavors. Japanese influence is projected manifestly in the delicacy and precision of its cooking and their choice of ingredients. I’ve long been interested to visit this restaurant, and there is no better time to pay a visit with its restaurant week offer of 3-course lunch at $650pp. Can’t say it’s a bargain cause it’s still very expensive but it’s a much better deal for a restaurant that normally charge $900pp at lunch.Starting off with a Japanese rendition of a sourdough, using a very traditional Japanese ‘nukazuke’ (rice bran pickles) to ferment the flour. It truly infuses the sourdough with a unique Japanese identity. Whilst the second bread served is a reminder of a conventional sourdough, made in exceptional quality, amazing fermented flavor and very crispy crust.The tartar starter is such a beautiful display, simple yet elegant. Crunchy green asparagus forming the base, layered with creamy avocado and fresh translucent shiro ebi (white shrimp), caviar on top to give the extra umami oomph. Hands down my favorite dish of the day.The foie gras and dried fig terrine is served with a lovely brioche toast, the sweet fig balances the richness from foie gras but I personally think the sweetness from figs has slightly overpowered the earthiness of foie gras. The walnut and fig salad with sherry vinegar on the side is refreshing and delicious. The uni pasta is their signature, served with green seaweed sauce and tops with Hokkaido uni. The house made pasta is very finely cut, thin and al dente, cling on the sauces nicely. The mellow seaweed sauce is the background act to support the leading star - the Hokkaido uni which is creamy and rich, but lacking the fresh umami sweetness that I was looking for. The housemade short pasta has some bite to it and chewy in texture, duck ragu sauce is rich and strong, undoubtedly the most deeply flavored dish of the day. The black truffle has sadly been disparaged as simply a garnish, the much needed truffle aroma is absent from the plate, shaving fresh truffle a on table side might help. Don’t be mistaken, those ‘white’ meat is not chicken, they are milk fed veal! The veal is succulent and has great meaty flavor despite its pale appearance. The dish is quite lightly seasoned, would prefer a richer and thicker veal jus to enrich the flavor and give more depth to the dish. Fresh enormous Hokkaido scallops perfectly cooked, slightly caramelized on the surfaces and edges but still opaque in the centre. All the accompaniments including the anchovy brown butter sauce, cauliflower, bamboo shoot and antichoke crisp are very light with subtle flavors, allowing the delicate scallops to shine through.The meal didn’t end with dessert because the dessert offerings are just not enticing enough to justify an extra $200. A souffle or mille feuille may deserve my money but a compote with crepe or sakura dessert? nah, I’m good thanks.To be frank, I am a bit underwhelmed. Dishes overall are very delicate and subtle, nothing gives the the wow factor to blow my mind or excite my palate. If you are the kind who favors strong bold flavorful food, this may not be the right choice for you. I might sound a bit harsh in this review, the quality just did not live up to its exorbitant price. continue reading
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Level3 2020-03-17
$650/per person 呢口價2⃣️🌟餐廳🍴真係要試吓😍一入門口已經比門口個“旅”字logo吸引,忍唔住要同餐廳logo影相😂店內只設約10張枱,應該係方便老闆娘可以照顧到所有客人嘅需要。因為你可以感受到由落單、上菜、講解全程由老闆娘親自處理,呢方面係做得好足,抵讚👍🏻至於食物方面,雖然與晚餐一定有分別,但仍然可以食得到2⃣️🌟水準,尤其要讚👍🏻頭盤,兩樣都好掂,而甜品亦超水準😋😋😋離開前,大廚出嚟打招呼🙋🏻‍♂️,非常好嘅體驗🥰影相位📸Drink: “Rose” Monkey pick🐒 Fujian (Oolong) (+80) / 1 teapot 210ml,味道甘香麵包🥯配自家制忌廉及牛油“Zuwai” snow crab and cherry radish salad賣相已吸晴,最正係好鮮味😋Foie gras and dried figs terrine 䳘肝中間夾左無花果,估唔到咁夾,而且中和左太大片䳘肝嘅油膩感覺,旁邊再配新鮮無花果及沙律菜,提升開胃🈯️數,我自己就十分欣賞😅House made pasta with “Aonori “ sauce, topped with Hokkaido “Bafun” uni意粉🍝夠彈牙,而uni食🉐️出好鮮嘅海水味,份量都唔少,並無因為將貨就價🥰House made short pasta “Strozzapreti” duck ragu sauce with black truffle鴨肉食落有D似肉醬意粉😆Roasted French milk fed veal from Burgundy 肉質鮮嫩多汁,伴菜嘅蘿蔔上面有D蓉好好食,而薯仔🥔味道都好好😋Pan seared Hokkaido scallop呢個要扣分,三粒帶子、三粒口感都唔同,有D怪怪地😅Kumquats compote with crepe, cream cheese ice-cream (+200)法國餐廳嘅甜品,唔叫走寶😆不過價錢有D貴,份量亦少左D,但絕對絕對要叫來試吓!好好好好食😍😍😍 continue reading
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Level4 2020-02-28
My friend and I grabbed the chance to try out Ta Vie’s lunch menu during restaurant week. The dining experience was very ordinary, which didn’t quite match up with its 2 Michelin stars.My friend and I are huge bread lovers. These warm house bread got our heart with their crispy crust and fluffy bread. Second round of sourdough was great too.I chose this Foie gras and dried figs terrine as appetizer. The foie gras was great, not too stuffy nor heavy, probably because of the refreshing figs sauce layers in between. The peanut butter on figs was a nice surprise that went well with the foie gras and figs.Second dish was this House made pasta with “Aonori” topped with Hokkaido “Bafun” uni. The sea urchi was so fresh and sweet, very delightful. The seaweed was so refreshing. A delicious dish indeed.Main course was Roasted French milk fed veal from Burgundy. The seasoned turnip and potato pieces were actually more attractive than the veal itself. The veal was really ordinary...The overall dining experience was okay, and the food was great, but not up to our expectations of a Michelin 2-star restaurant. Luckily we got a deal from restaurant week to try out this lunch menu without feeling really ripped off. continue reading
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