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Ta Vie is a Japanese and French restaurant that aims to delicately combine the two cuisines. They focus on making their handpicked ingredients shine through in the dish. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2017-19), Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2016), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2017-2019)
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Mon - Sat
18:30 - 21:30
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Level4 2019-09-23
Ta Vie是二星裡面唯一一家我沒有吃過的餐廳了,但一直沒有專門想來的意願,問了幾個朋友,印象都一般。我常說,吃飯也好,餐廳也好都講究緣分,跟遇到一個人一樣,有的時候緣分到了,水到渠成自然而然,有時候緣分未到,強求不來。其實和誰吃也是一種緣分,同一家餐廳,陪伴的人不同,感覺和回憶也大不相同。8道菜的set menu,點了wine pairing,入座後,桌子上放著自家製作的黃油的介紹小冊子,很有心。 第一道caesar salad topeed with Hotaru squid with Hotaru squid Caesar dressing,螢光魷魚搭配凱撒薩拉,說真的我個人不是特別喜歡螢光魷魚,每年一到季節,各類日本餐廳都喜歡上螢光魷魚,總覺得腥氣太重,每次看到都不免頭疼。拋開對螢光魷魚的偏見,明目張膽的上caesar salad,我也不是很理解。不過搭配的日本啤酒很好喝。第二道是它的名菜house made pasta with Aonori seaweed sauce topped with Hokkaido Bafun uni 青海苔意面搭配海膽,這道真的非常好吃,整晚的最愛。 平時就喜歡柔軟口感的意面,這道質地柔軟,非常juicy,搭配的海膽又甜又鮮,醬汁味道濃郁。配日式綠茶。 第三道糯米釀雞翅,搭配黃酒醬汁和雲南羊肚菌,這道味道不錯,不過中餐做的好的釀雞翅實在太多,凸顯這道沒有太多特色。搭配法國白葡萄酒。第四道香煎龍蝦配奶油蘑菇龍蝦湯,味道不錯,但是顯得中規中矩。搭配的是henri billiot 的香檳。 第五道煒鮑魚,鮑魚柔軟勁道,味道很不錯。 沒想到搭配的竟然是西班牙的sherry,非常有趣。第六道羊排搭配了泰國的syrah,羊排非常好吃,一塊瘦肉較多,口感味覺非常棒,一道肥肉很多,香而不膩,大家都很喜歡。第七道甜品,裡面有桃子和山竹果肉,果味十足,樣子特別美。 搭配的是甜清酒,有點過甜了。最後一道是杏搭配羊奶冰淇淋,搭配了一小杯vodka base的cocktai整餐下來,記憶最深的就是第二道海膽pasta,時候回憶起來羊排也確實非常好吃。 其實每道菜的味道都是不錯的,但是卻沒有特色,無法讓人記住,搭配的酒卻很有意思,反而留下了深刻的印象。 如此8道菜加酒,價格上有一點over price,讓人不免覺得有些不值,本來確實是二星的菜品,但是還是讓人覺得到不了二星的整體體驗。 continue reading
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Level3 2019-08-07
店內裝修高貴典雅,帶有濃厚的藝術氣息。每道菜品都很用心,結合了嫻熟的日料技法,打造出餐廳氣質獨特的法餐。很喜歡炭烤龍崗雞腿肉,龍崗雞是非常棒的食材,適合炭烤,玉米慕絲質地超級輕盈幻滑,味道清甜。追求精致獨特的話一定要試試這家店。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
The food is good but honestly dont think the service and price is worth the 2 star level. Firstly we had the set with 'Drinks' pairing, surprisiny all kinds of alcohol with wine, beer and sake at additional 1400rmb, on top of a around 2000 per head set! The flavors were interesting but a bit too much for me personally. Then during the dinner we asked if one of the wines could be changed due to the fact we had it for pre~dinner drinks and didn't like it much, we simply wanted to try something else. The manager (I am guessing) who we asked straight away said no because that's what they decided for the menu which I can understand. However, for a high end restaurant what they should have said is 'let me check' (with a smile). Instead I was greeted back negatively. I have worked and live in Japan and shocked with the serviced provided by a Japanese Manager. I dont care if you are two star Michelin Chef but you need to get your Manager Lady align with a competitive market or no one is going to come back to this above market rate Fine Dinning place in LFK. The only thing that saved them from a negative review is the other staff's great service and a spectacular dessert and it was my birthday. Wife and I Dine every week and we are not coming back to this one.Michelin Dinning is not about the food quality but the entire experience and how it weights with service, cost, taste and the interior envirnoment. This was a truely a disappointment! continue reading
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Level4 2018-12-06
Helmed by Chef Hideaki Sato, Ta Vie offers an innovative fusion of Japanese cuisine, using French techniques of cooking and preparation of food.For dinner, the 9 course tasting menu is offered at $2080, which is reasonable for the quantity and quality of food you're receiving. Here's a picture of the menu on the night we went.This was the Kegani crab and avocado cocktail, which was presented on a beautiful plate surrounded by flowers. Very strong start to our meal, all the ingredients tasted very fresh and balanced.The chicken consommé served as a bit of a palate cleanser with a very light chicken broth and some mushrooms and wonton inside.We then moved on to the home made seaweed pasta with bafun uni placed on top. This was incredible, the uni was absolutely banging. Wish I could have had seconds.The jade eggplant with mackerel tartar stuffed inside and topped with Oscietra caviar showed the chef's great attention to detail. Every thing was prepared carefully, creating this amazing dish.This was the pan seared kinme-dai, which was pretty good. Not my favourite dish of the night, but I liked the generous portion of fish.This is one of Chef Sato's signature dishes, the civet braised abalone covered with abalone shell!Our final dish before the desserts was the charcoal roasted wagyu which was perfectly cooked and basically melted in our mouthes. The glazing of Arima pepper sauce on top was fire as well!The lotus seed/jasmine/banana dish which was a good end to our dinner. All the flavours were very balanced, therewasn't one that particularly overpowered the other.Ending the night with a cup of tea and some fruits.Ta Vie is a great choice to celebrate an occasion, and definitely worthy of their 2 Michelin stars! continue reading
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Level3 2018-10-02
Nice cozy fine dining experienceTasting menu 最啱啲每樣都想試,但又唔想費神諗食乜嘢嘅人。依度每一道菜都好精緻, 但係又唔會過份花巧 。really nice Japanese French fusion平時我都好少食海膽, 因為怕腥, 但係呢度嘅海膽意粉真係食到海膽嘅鲜同埋甜 。配埋自製嘅意粉仲有海藻,感覺好清新,意粉好彈牙。粟米mousse 配海膽啫喱都好清新。甜品仲有我最鍾意嘅焦糖香蕉 ,同埋見到雲呢拿籽嘅自製雲呢拿雪糕。 雪糕有好香嘅雲呢拿味,好滑, 配上少少酸o既熱情果醬,中和咗啲甜味。nice! continue reading
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