Hong Kong and Macau Michelin Awards 2023! An Array of New Star-catching Restaurants

The 15th "Hong Kong and Macau Michelin Guide 2023" was recently announced and as every year there are newly starred restaurants that we will introduce here.

Hong KongMacau
3-Star7 Restaurants(1 Promotion)3 Restaurants
2-Star13 Restaurants(2 New、1 Promotion)
5 Restaurants
1-Star58 Restaurants(6 New、3 Promotion)9 Restaurants(1 New、1 Promotion)
Bib Gourmand65 Restaurants(6 New)7 Restaurants
Green Star3 Restaurants(1 New)1 Restaurant

Promoted to a 3-Star restaurant:

High quality innovative French cuisine Ta Vie

From two Michelin stars to three stars, Ta Via cannot be ignored! The name of this innovative French restaurant has a double meaning, "your life" in French and "journey" in Japanese. On the road of pursuing delicious food, the Japanese chef Hideaki Sato uses the concept of "pure, simple, and seasonal" with high-quality Japanese ingredients to prepare innovative dishes such as "charcoal-grilled red crab with rice cakes and green seaweed sauce".

Promoted to a 2-Star restaurant:

Michelin Creative Chinese Molecular Cuisine Bo Innovation

A creative Chinese-style molecular cuisine restaurant that is popular among people who follow trends. It is managed by chef Alvin. The dishes he designed are extremely creative. He once used famous paintings from various places, such as "The Birth of Venus" and "Scream" as inspirations for his dishes that surprised everyone.

Other newly promoted two-star restaurants include Lai Ching Heen and Rùn

Promoted to a 1-Star restaurant:

Seasonal Traditional Japanese "Shun" Cuisine NAGAMOTO

Teruhiko Moto, the Japanese chef, is the founder and manager of this restaurant. He has nearly 30 years of experience in making fine Japanese cuisine. Using modern cooking methods and seasonal ingredients, he concocts traditional Japanese "Shun" dishes full of seasonal flavors, all of which are unique. From the dining environment, ingredients, utensils to the details of the presentation, the restaurant reflects the changes of the four seasons in Japan and the geographical characteristics of its island country. The open kitchen allows diners to appreciate the chefs' culinary skills while dining.

Sponsored by the hotel's high-quality Italian chef NOI

The Italian restaurant located at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong opened October last year, and was immediately awarded with one Michelin star, thanks to the Italian Michelin starred chef Paulo Airaudo being invited to take charge! Led by Airaudo and co-designed by Italian chef Luigi Triano, it uses top seasonal ingredients from all over the world. The two said: "The name of the store means "we" in Italian, which means that the team works together to lead the guests to experience the gourmet journey."

Refined and Innovative Italian Cuisine ESTRO

The restaurant is elegantly designed, and the name of the restaurant means "inspiration" in Italian. Chef Antimo Maria Merone is from Naples, Italy, and is one of the chefs who advocate rewriting the boundaries of Italian cuisine; he gets inspiration from his hometown, and uses modern cooking techniques to highlight the essence of Napoli cuisine, occasionally launches limited menus, bringing you a new Italian food experience.

Other new one-star restaurants include D.H.K., Five Foot Road ,Godenya ,Neighborhood ,The Chairman ,The Demon Celebrity, The Huaiyang Garden.

New Bib Gourmand:

Innovative Fish Snacks + Fish Noodles Fisholic

The founder of the restaurant, Hyvan, returned to Hong Kong from abroad. Because he missed the taste of Hong Kong studying abroad, especially fish ball powder, the restaurant uses fish as the theme, and uses sea fish such as nine sticks, red shirt, eel and skinned walleye to create A series of fish noodle dishes and creative snacks. Just like the signature Mexican fish skin and fried fish without chips, they use fish skin and fish meat to imitate Nachous and chips respectively.

Ancient method of making Xiguan rice noodles Sai Kwan Lo Jo

A small takeaway restaurant in Jordan, Xiguan rice noodles with black hair lard residue is the main product. The rice noodles are handmade every day, and the taste is soft and glutinous. A must-eat dish is a spicy preserved radish with Lard residue that is added to chopped green onion. Another must-eat dish is fried black hairy pork dumplings. Fried rice dumplings are a traditional street food that is almost lost, which is crispy on the outside and glutinous on the inside. Stir-fried Carrot Cake with XO Sauce and Supreme Rice give a Hong Kong-style flavor.

Authentic Thai Isan Cuisine  Restoran SAYA

Thailand calls the 20 provinces in the northeastern part, the Isan area, so the Isan cuisine in Tai Kok Tsui, which is managed by the Thai female chef Jan, is the interpretation of Northeastern Thai cuisine. The Isan area is also close to Laos and Myanmar, so the dishes are also influenced by these two countries. The Michelin introduction mentioned that the northern Thai curry golden noodles and Thai charcoal-fired salt-grilled fish are both good standard, and the chef's recommendation is Yishan charcoal-fired chicken.

Nostalgic Classic Cantonese Cuisine Ship Kee

This Cantonese restaurant in Wan Chai is managed by experienced chefs. For example, the chef in charge of Siu Mei has more than 40 years of experience. The Chinese dishes and dim sum here are in high standard. It is mentioned that the leek shrimp steamed roll is smooth in Michelin Guide.

Popular Chongqing Liangpi + Cold Noodles  Twins Liangpi Limited

A small shop that specializes in Chongqing Liangpi and cold noodles. It makes its own secret chili oil with the uses of three kinds of chili oils, which have different aromas and taste levels. Of course, the Liangpi is also a plus. It is smooth and chewy, and it is quite delicious with chili oil, cucumber shreds, coriander, peas, and cornstarch. If you don’t like spicy food, you can also try their brown sugar multicolored ice powder.

Homestyle Shanghai + Sichuan Cuisine Yi Jia

The restaurant specializes in home-cooked Shanghai and Sichuan dishes, such as fish with pine nuts in black vinegar, boiled fish fillets, grandma's braised pork, top-quality secret Jinhua ham, etc. The decoration is in a retro style, and there are antique furnishings and neon lights. The introduction to Michelin specifically mentions that you should try the creative Gaoli mango custard dessert!

Newly Selected Green Star Restaurant:

Chinese and French specialty restaurant Mora

The Chinese-French specialty restaurant opened by Romain Herbreteau, and the co-founder, Vicky Liu, the restaurant is based on the concept of a Parisian exquisite bistro, and uses light apricot and dark wood as the main tone, and the environment is elegant. The restaurant has also become the only newly selected green star restaurant this year, because it strives to practice the concept of sustainable development from the following three major directions:

1. Dishes: the use of soybean products as the theme to replace meat protein; the use of local ingredients (within 160 kilometers from Hong Kong) as much as possible to enhance the competitiveness of the community. The ingredients such as wine, fish, and non-genetically modified soybeans, which almost ingredients are sustainably sourced.

2. Community Responsibility: Exploring the characteristics of soybeans by inheriting its food material, while paying attention to employee welfare at the same time.

3. Environment: Aiming at reducing carbon footprints, implementing effective waste management, fully use homemade tofu as a meal, making full use of the remaining soy products, and reducing unnecessary waste and leftover food. In addition, abandoning the use of natural gas, which contributes to global warming, and switch to an all-electric kitchen to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

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