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Lung King Heen commands spectacular harbour views from its fourth-floor location, and offers contemporary Cantonese cuisine at its best, created with the freshest local ingredients by a team of renowned chefs. Enhancing the dining experience, silver and glass accents – including an undulating silver-leaf ceiling – reflect Hong Kong’s glittering skyline and harbour lights. Lung King Heen is the only Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong to receive three Michelin stars. The only Chinese chef ever to receive this prestigious accolade, Executive Chinese Chef Chan Yan Tak is the master behind the intricately designed menu. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2009-2018), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2017)
Opening Hours
12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:00
Mon - Fri
12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun
11:30 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:00
Public Holiday
11:30 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:00
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Visa Master AE Cash UnionPay Diners,JCB
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Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Sea View
Signature Dishes
Truffle dumpling king Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Conpoy and Fresh Crab Meat Thousand Year Egg Grouper Rice Rolls Barbecued Pork with Honey and Crispy Scallop with Fresh Pear Abalone Noodles Lung King Heen Combination (Crispy Taro Dumpling with Sea Whelk in Portuguese Sauce
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Level4 2018-07-02
米芝蓮餐廳,點樣都要試一試呢個龍景軒, 早一個星期前book位都話冇曬位,好彩最後都加枱!服務非常好,當你啲茶無唒,侍應就即刻幫你沖,另外每款食物上枱時,侍應都會為你介紹。 豆腐好滑,上面啲醬係酒店自己整嘅,好香嘅蝦醬味。 呢個汁係酒店自家製嘅,左邊係辣醬,但係香而不辣,中間係磨菇醬,亦都係非常之好味嘅,最右邊係辣豉油,真係好辣! 呢個乳豬就不得了啦!上面係脆嘅豬皮,中間夾咗一塊麵包,底部就係乳豬肉,完美嘅配搭。食落完全感受到乳豬嗰種香脆。 呢個入面全部都係蟹肉嚟嘅,落咗少少醋之後就更加好味,蟹肉係新鮮拆出嚟,一絲絲。 呢一個係鮑羅萬有,隻鮑魚炆得好腍好入味, 最特別嘅地方係有豬蹄筋, 同樣都係炆得好腍, 一啖食落去都有陣陣鮑魚香味。 呢一個係得獎菜,一定要試喇! 佢上面有粒帶子,下面擺咗一個好特別嘅梨, 可食得到好清甜嘅梨味,又帶出帶子嘅鮮味。 呢個係炒蝦球, 蝦好爽,但係味太重,可以輕手少少,偏鹹呀!籚筍一般 呢個東坡肉入口即溶,我忍唔住都叫咗碗飯嚟食!杏仁露好滑,好重杏仁味。楊枝甘露比較特別,好似糕狀咁樣。馬蹄糕上面有啲薑絲,兩者好夾,比較特別同埋好味呀! continue reading
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Located inside Four Seasons Hotel, this Michelin 3-star restaurant is one of the most famous Chinese restaurant in town, specializing in Cantonese cuisine. In fact, it was so popular that I had to book close to two months in advance for today's visit. Seated at a table facing the window, before the meal we already had a wonderful feast of the gorgeous harbour view. The decor is contemporary, comfortable and warm, and the setting certainly wins us over from the beginning. We ordered the menu 'A Taste of Traditional Canton' ($2,980 each), with a total of eight courses, and the first serving was Crispy Suckling Pig with Chinese Pancake. As an appetizer, it is of bite size, with the suckling pig amazingly crispy, and underneath was the pancake with the Chinese BBQ sauce and the meat on the bottom. The overall impression was freshly out of the roasting oven, with a nice plating to give a new look to this traditional dish. It was so good that I could easily have a few more immediately. The second course was Deep-Fried Crab Shell Stuffed with Onions and Fresh Crab Meat. The crust was a beautiful golden brown in colour, with a generous filling. The crab meat was seasoned perfectly with the delicate taste highlighted, supplemented by the thinly shredded onion. On the side was a piece of parsley with some edible flowers and gold flake. Another combining an authentic Cantonese dish with a modern twist, it is one of my favorites for this dinner. The third course was Superior Pottage with Shredded Chicken and Fish Maw. The thick soup was highly fragrant, reminding me of my family's signature chicken pottage. Swallowing one would feel the syrupy body, full of flavors. There were also plenty of shredded chicken meat, fish maw, shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoot, wood-ear and hotbed chives, providing an interesting array of textures. The aftertaste had a special glutinous sensation. Somehow my wife thought the pottage was oily but I did not think so. The fourth course was Sauteed Superior Australian Wagyu Beef with Fresh Lily Bulbs and Lotus Seeds. Upon the first bite I could detect the vegetables were cooked under the traditional high-heat stir-frying technique, well-cooked while retaining the moisture inside. The beef cubes were seared before mixing with the vegetable, having a crisp surface and juicy interior. However I found the seasoning of the beef was a bit salty and because the veggie were all light in flavors it was even more pronounced. The fifth course was Braised Whole Oma Abalone (30-heads) with Chinese Mushrooms and Sea Cucumber in Supreme Oyster Sauce. The sea cucumber was fully soaked with supreme stock and infuse with flavors, but for sure the spotlight was on the abalone, which was perfectly braised and could be cut easily with the knife. And putting it in the mouth it created an explosion of intense flavors. Honestly it was a while since I had tasted such nice abalone and it was a testament to the quality of the ingredient here. The sixth course was Braised Seasonal Vegetables with Bamboo Piths and Maitake Mushrooms. It was again nicely done, with the mushroom and bamboo piths braised with the supreme stock to infuse with great flavors. The Australian baby spinach was tender and bright green in colour, cooked just right and performing a seamless transition for the dishes to the final two courses. The seventh course was Lung King Heen Fried Rice with Assorted Seafood. Already quite full by now, the fried rice must be good for me to finish all, and in the end there was nothing left behind. There was lobster, prawn, crab meat, scallops in the fried rice, and I also added a bit of the XO sauce which provided a spicy kick to the fried rice, making it even more delicious. The last course was Sweetened Almond Cream with Glutinous Rice Dumplings. The almond cream was delicate, not too sweet. But I also think it was a bit weak and I also preferred the dessert to be served hot instead of lukewarm. The rice dumplings were very soft but the amount of fillings were just inadequate. There was also a Fermented Red Bean Curd Pastry as well as a Custard Pastry to accompany, and they were equally good and tasty. The service was good, with the staff friendly and showing a lot of warm smiles, though I would like them to do a deeper introduction on the dishes instead of just saying what was written on the menu. At the end of the meal they came to ask for our feedback but honestly it should be done earlier and throughout the meal. Nevertheless the services did live up to the high reputation.Yes, it is pricey but the food is good. But when I thought about it did this create the excitement and positive surprises for a Michelin 3-star? Maybe not. continue reading
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Level4 2018-09-19
十號風球,駕車前來。 感覺用餐經驗不太滿意........很多食家其實也知道 Michelin Star 評分在Europe 常莫名其妙,讓人費解;另外就是一出歐洲就鬧笑話,不少人亦常讓驚訝其評分準則。其中一個例子就是此被眾人詬病多時的Chinese restaurant 。因為自己與朋友都覺得"伏",所以少來。果然今次又中伏。前菜平平無奇。炒飯既食具己經笑死人,碗蓋既比例又嚇死人(有圖有真相,自己睇,碗蓋根本不合比例,真係讓眾人懷疑3星其實點嚟?!)雞淡味到難以置信。粉絲菜煲亦根本煮唔出星級水平,講真,計埋裝修同地點,最多只值推介。但價錢又明顯想話俾人知高人一等,結果完全 not value for money. 還有衛生差,當天負責近門口上菜的男服務生嚴重感冒咳嗽,不用口罩但又上班?!(另外無關食評純客人吐槽:10號颱風下,餐廳仍不體諒客人的處境,堅持dressing code 。fine, 但提供的長褲又不合身卻又莫名其妙地堅持客人穿著........缺彈性與人情味) continue reading
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Level1 2018-08-01
Babies are only welcome during the weekend, so we have made the reservation 3 months ahead of time to secure our private room.We visited with a big group, total 9 people and got to try many dishes and dim sum. For dim sum:BBQ bun - 4/5Abalone Puff - 5/5Beef Dumplings - 4/5Vegetable dumplings with silver fish - 3/5Shanghai dumplings - 4/5For main dish:Suckling pig - 4/5pecking duck - 4/5pomelo eel - 4/5chicken fillets with lemon sauce - 3/5LKH fried rice - 4/5puntalette beef - 5/5Dessert:mango cream - 5/5almond cream - 5/5 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2018-07-06
作為全球第一家奪得米芝蓮三星的粵菜廳,龍景軒這十年來一直保持高度水準,更打進亞洲五十大餐廳(2018年排名24),揚名國際。星光熠熠的獎項,令龍景軒的預約一天比一天爆滿,午市的話平均要提早兩個月前預約,才能享受到這奢華的飲茶體驗。龍景軒的點心出名巧手精緻,在傳統的廣東點心基礎上,加入創新元素,用料講究。因此午市的比起晚市,預約難搶得多,近期甚至在國內還有代訂搶座位的服務出售,可見餐廳名氣之大。這次探訪之時,意外地遇上了小插曲,餐廳大意地把我的預約排在下一個星期,幸好侍應反應快速,照樣把我們安排到酒店貴客座位,令我這頓慶祝父親節的午餐安然無恙,還有綺麗海景相伴。梅菜叉燒腸菜單上點心眾多,一時難以選擇,經理見狀便推介了週末限定的腸粉,而是日精選的是梅菜叉燒腸。薄得透光的腸粉皮不單是以薄取勝,順滑中也不乏彈牙。包裹著黑毛豬叉燒粒,以及份量恰到好處的微甜梅菜,這絕對是坊間酒樓難以對比的質素,必要推薦。龍太子蒸餃蝦餃的進化版,便是這款招牌龍太子蒸餃。除了體積升級之外,內餡也相對提升了。有鮮蝦舖在頂層,翠綠的餃皮內還有龍蝦、帶子、石斑及蟹肉,可說是將幾種高級海鮮匯聚一起了。分拆一半而吃,感覺沒有預期中的特別,層次方面就反而不錯,彈牙感分別來自原隻蝦肉、餡料和外皮,符合三星點心的標。鮑魚雞粒酥另外一道人人讚賞的點心,便是這道鮑魚雞粒酥了。煮至柔軟的鮑魚容易咬嚼,加上貼心的切片處理,不至狼狽進食,但有絲微海腥氣。酥底則是入口即化,牛油香滿溢,與鮑魚雞粒配合得宜。龍帶玉梨香要數最精心巧手的一道,必然是龍帶玉梨香,連菜名也份外優美,還帶了個「龍」字,與餐廳名字相輝映。把蝦膠釀入帶子和啤梨中作夾層,沾上薄粉再淺炸,感覺有點像天婦羅。清甜的啤梨平衡油膩感,帶子和蝦肉的鮮嫩柔軟不在話下,還有各種材料附帶層次的巧妙,個人相當喜歡這道。炸鮮釀蟹蓋先揚後抑,事實上也不是每道菜都表現得稱心滿意。炸蟹蓋是龍景軒的名菜之一,照道理也要試上,雖然蟹肉份量充足,但與同級中菜廳比較的話,整體就未見突出。龍景軒炒飯招牌龍景軒炒飯與其他菜式點心一樣,也可點半份,兩人分享剛好。炒飯粒粒分明,米粒瘦長立體,乾濕恰當。同時再次以豪華食材如龍蝦、蟹肉作配料,每一口也吃到海鮮,不過都是未能驚艷我們,下次會考慮試試另一道以米形意粉代替普通米的「非同飯響」炒飯。侍應其後送上糖水杏仁露及小點,完滿了這頓午餐。很多食評反映價錢與食物不盡匹配,索價太過進取,但個人認為不能單獨以這兩點就得出結論,還需要考慮服務與環境。環境方面,酒店賓客大廳寬倘舒適,桌距適當,更有海景加持;服務質素甚至能打滿分,上菜節奏和經理侍應的舉手投足皆是罕見的恰到好處,因此對於這此龍景軒的午餐飲茶體驗,個人是相當滿意的。若你想要一個「360度近乎無死角」的奢華飲茶體驗,相信龍景軒是不二之選了。 continue reading
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