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烤珍寶大蝦 菠菜蓉芝士 精選雜錦燒烤 牛油紅茄燴雞肉 香草烤羊柳 雞柳香料炒飯
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Level4 2016-10-28
Gaylord is one of the oldest Indian restaurants located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, serving traditional and authentic Northern Indian cuisine since 1972! FeedmeGuru has partnered with indian restaurant  for a Champagne and Wine Pairing Tasting Menu from just $788 for two, and $1,088 for two including 2 glasses of wine and 1 bottle of mini Moet champagne. Sev PooriComplimented with a selection classic Indian sauces and chutneys, our first amouse bouche comes to this small crunchy bite of Indian  street food that consists of some fried noodles, diced tomato and herbs. Chicken SamosaWhile the chicken samosa is pretty basic, packed with shredded chicken in thick pastry shell, great to enjoy it with the mint cilantro chutney. Paneer AmritsariA whole slab of soft cottage cheese being deep fried in slightly spicy orange-coloured batter. Naughty but very comforting if you are a cheese person. Tandoori Salmon in Dill ButterThe dill butter on top is definitly on point, the sweet and sour taste brings out the flavour from the flaky salmon fish fillet. Lamb Seeh KebabOne of the best ones I have ever had because the kebab is not mixed with any weird soft bone or fat, but a piece honest meaty juicy kebab. Most importantly, it is not gamey at all when being mixed with the strong Indian spices. Cumin PotatoPotato is one of the main source of carbs in Indian cuisine, the cumin gives a pungent unique flavour to the soft almost buttery potato pieces, classic and highly addictive! Kadai Prawn A bright colour type of curry which is tomoto based mixed with some mixed pepper. And thick consistency is even more delicious with the freshly stone-baked garlic naan bread and perfectly cooked cumin potato on the side.  Palak Paneer KoftaComplimenting the Korma curry, paneer users its traditional way to prepare cheese in a heavy cilantro sauce topped with cream and a drizzle of chili oil. It seems that cheese has never been this refreshing! Garlic NaanCrispy bottom, fluffy dough, with just the right  amount of flavourful garlic and cilantro on top! Chicken "Gold Leaf" Saffron KormaA creamier type of curry using blended cashew for the sauce. With some gold flakes, and saffron on top, this luxurious bowl of curry is thick, nutty, and really satisfying. What's not to like to share different kinds of curry with a group of friends? Peshwari PullaoYou do not want to skip the coconuty sweet raisin rice when having an epic Indian meal. The nuttiness and sweetness from the rice counterbalance with the strong flavours from the curry, a simple alternative to naan bread. Kulfi Homemade saffron ice cream can be found in some of the Indian restaurants in Hong Kong. The strong saffron taste from the semi-frozen ice cream is truly for royal!Gulab Jamun Flambé with Grand MarnierA super sweet flour ball being  soaked in flaming Grand Marnier, are you getting drunk already by our food pics? Masala TeaAfter a long satisfying Indian dinner, a cup of nice masala tea is much needed to ease our digestion!We have also tried some of the traditional Indian sweets and gourmet chocolates which can be bought at Gaylord from the upcoming Diwali festival!  continue reading
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Level3 2017-03-11
呢間Gaylord Indian Restaurant有多年歷史,入面環境寬闊雅緻。我哋係假日去嘅,以尖沙咀嚟講午市時段仲咁寧靜,實在非常難得。不過無幾耐就有唔少食客入座,同埋好多都係印度人或外藉人士為主,侍應亦主要以英語溝通。睇咗睇餐牌,覺得散叫都唔係好抵食,權衡之下決定食百幾蚊一位嘅Lunch Buffet。食物都算有幾多選擇,啲菜式嘅中文名係我上網搵,可能會同實際有啲出入,分別有Vada(小扁豆冬甩)、Idli(白米糕)、Saffron Pulao(印度米飯)、Vegetable Samosa(雜菜餡角)、Fish Amritsari(炸魚餅)。同埋Sambhar(燉小扁豆)、Chicken Malai Tikka(香料烤雞)、Vegetable Jalfrezi(雜菜咖喱)、Chicken Makhani(牛油雞)、Lamb Bhuna(羊肉咖哩)、Saag Paneer(菠菜茅屋芝士)、Dal Makhani(豆子咖喱)。另外仲有四款特色沙律以及多款醬料,甜品方面有Soan Papdi、Mango Phirni(芒果米布甸)、Gulab Jamun(蜜汁圓球)、Seviyan Kheer(米粉布甸)。呢度有啲菜式之前都未食過,感覺都幾特別。同唔少印度菜館一樣,佢哋嘅Naan(烤餅)係廚師晌店入面烤製,可以拎嚟點唔同嘅咖喱。呢個Dosa就係第一次食,薄薄嘅班戟皮入面包住薯蓉之類嘅嘢,有少少似食緊法式可麗餅咁。其中我最鍾意嘅係Saag Paneer,入面嘅茅屋芝士質感偏硬,食落好似硬豆腐,打成蓉嘅菠菜就無乜辣味,感覺都幾健康。Fish Amritsari同Chicken Malai Tikka都係第一次食,前者微辣而惹味,後者就有好香嘅燒烤味。Vegetable Samosa就幾健康飽肚,Saffron Pulao入面啲印度米長長哋,粒粒分明黏性低同比較乾身,咬起嚟比我哋平日食到嘅白米脆口。 甜品方面我只係食咗Gulab Jamun, 原來係將牛奶揉成小圓球再落油炸, 之後就浸晌糖漿之中, 食落甜味極高, 就好似食緊一粒吸滿煉奶嘅小蛋糕咁, 不過都幾解辣。 continue reading
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Level2 2017-03-06
The appetizers and venue was good , but the most important dishes were not , that being the lamb madras and chicken Rogan josh, very disapointing , lacked flavor and spices, didn't taste authentic enough for our liking.The curry was not hot enough and it seemed the texture did not seem right , will probably look for another place if it doesn't improve continue reading
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Level2 2016-10-23
想找一間環境好嘅印度餐廳,上網見到呢間於是試吓!一進餐廳,環境很好,沒有重慶的擠迫和味道。。。。心想㨂對了,可惜開心得太早了!叫侍應落單,無人理!三個人,再加網上訂位有85折,埋單都要八百幾百,真係只食環境! continue reading
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Level2 2016-09-14
I am very upset with this restaurant because o f their misleading pricing strategy.  I ordered the set meal for two. The menu said $315. The food came and it was quite good. Not great. But good. Imagine my shock when I got the bill: $630! I was horrified. It turns out that the set is $315 PER HEAD. I have been going to Gaylord off and on for 15 years. But this experience has ensured I will never go back. The service was also a bit disruptive. There is no need to ask over and over "is everything ok sir". continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)