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Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant is a Cantonese style restaurant that is famous for their barbecued pork and minced chicken pastry. continue reading
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I try this Fu Sing  Chinese Restaurant on 24-11-19 (Sun.).  The food is not good as reputation.I try two dishes: 1.) 蝦蚊2.) 燒賣Both the two dished are just so, so.  The price is HK$ 125.Even the tea needs me HK$ 25, it is not worthy.  continue reading
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Level4 2019-03-26
中午食lunch, 來到魚翅鮑魚專門店飲茶。來過好幾次,食物質素同價錢成正比,所以今次是farewell同事才來的。蝦醬單骨雞翼雞翼厚肉,炸得很好,香脆美味!葱爆墨魚嘴惹味!墨魚嘴配上四季豆,京葱等墨魚嘴是彈牙的但不脆的。芥辣蒜片牛柳粒芥辣是分開上的牛柳粒香口,肉質腍,是好食的。脆皮叉燒包外脆內有豐富的半肥瘦叉燒肉底部較油膩蝦膠蘿蔔糕香煎蘿蔔糕上面配上炸蝦肉蘿蔔糕粉多,粉粉的但不覺有蘿蔔條這次真是期望越大,失望越大從前這個很好食的。 松露小籠包Size比較大粒小籠包內的湯不會很油淡淡的松露味道肉質ok蟹粉鍋貼咬落是啖啖的蟹肉有黃油流出,可以一試!皇帝菜苗餃(與小籠包同相)我不吃皇帝菜,不知道味道。金色奶黃包外表閃亮✨,食落是普通的奶黃包食晒點心,小食後還未夠喉。富聲是有甜品送的。今日就有兩款選擇,分別是薑汁湯丸和南瓜馬蹄露。總括,小食都得惹味,味道偏濃。 continue reading
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Level1 2019-03-22
我幫襯咗富聲超過十年,食物質素最高,就算價錢唔平,都只去佢個道飲茶和食晚飯。平均一個月一次。有外國客人就更加一定帶佢地來食好食的廣東菜。最緊要食過其他所謂高級中菜餐廳,全部都得個名,又貴又水準平平。富聲的質素都比我初初去時退步了少少啦。但係,都重係香港最好食的廣東菜。豬肺花膠一定要叫,乳豬都超好食。樣樣點心都好好食。我原本以為佢地最貴,原來大錯特錯。佢哋最貨真價實。又送飯後甜點,而且係好有水準的甜品。服務呢,0k啦!多客的時候係可能會唔夠人手,但睇得出樓面都盡了力。鬼叫香港租金貴,又每2年被增加租金,係咁㗎喇。資源去咗租金到。總之,想吃超高質素廣東菜,富聲最貨真價實。希望佢地點都keep 住的超高性價比的水準呀。 continue reading
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Level2 2019-01-30
It is not our first time to eat in this restaurant or the other restaurant in the same group.  However, the experience in this restaurant this time was terrible, we had a long wait for our food plus poor services from the restaurant managers.  The restaurant is short of staff and the managers who works there do not seem to entertain guests whom they are not familiar with.   We ordered the following 6 dishes: 1. Pig lung soup 豬肺湯 which is one of their signature soup,2. Cha Siu 叉燒 which is one of their signature dishes;3. 花膠海鮮煲 4. 聖子 recommended by the male manager who took our order5. 魚湯烏東 fish soup udon(3 碗)6. 1/2 炸子雞 We met this male manager few times when we dined at Fu Sing causeway bay restaurant, but did not have good impression of this male manager.   叉燒 arrived first followed by 聖子, then 炸子雞.  After these 3 dishes, nothing came, we waited for 30 mins, we tried to follow up with the waitress/waiter/managers, but we could hardly see one in the restaurant.  When we saw one or two walking around, we waved to them but none of them looked at us.  I had to walk out to the cashier to follow up and asked the female manager to check out order.  She did not even bother to hear what dishes are outstanding and simply said our soup is in preparation, the other will come next.  I went back to my seat and waited for another 15 mins, obviously nothing came.   I talked to another male manager (different from the one who took our order) and asked him to check if our orders were taken as i afraid that some orders were missed.  The male manager simply said 'ok' then walked away and did other tasks, he did not even walk to the counter to check the computer to find our orders.     The male manager who took our order at the beginning disappeared after taking our orders.After another 15 mins nothing came, i asked the female manager (the one who ignored me) to check, and again she said 'they are coming'.  I finally had to yell at her and said you did not even asked what dishes were missing and simply said they are coming.   After another 15 mins the missing dishes  except the fish soup udon arrived and we quickly finished and asked for the bill.   When i checked the bill, they counted the fish soup udon, and i said the udon did not come, the male manager who took our order so happen was standing aside of the cashier and said 'oh, yes, we sold out all fish soup'.   Thank you very much for telling me that the fish soup was sold out when i paid for the bill !!!  Though the food is still good, but the services and experience i had in this restaurant will not attract me to visit this restaurant again.   More to say is their price is not cheap, their tea 茶芥 is $25 per head (this is definitely comparable to the Chinese restaurant in a 5 or 6 star hotel), they also add $20 for the peanut which is put on your table.  This group used to be very good in terms of food and service, but the way how they run the business now would definitely deteriorate the good ranking of this restaurant.    continue reading
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This post isn't about the food. It's about the appalling service we received at this restaurant. For the short form summary, scroll down to the end. The long storyFirst time visitor with my wife and baby, and with another family who kindly booked the table for us for a dim sum lunch. Excluding our baby (who dididn't eat), we had 4 adults and 2 children in the party. As we entered the building and into the foyer, there was no sign as to where the restaurant was, we had to ask the security guard who guided us down the corridor connecting to the foyer. Admittedly there was a large sign next to the lift, but you wouldn't be able to see it from the front glass doors, and 30 metres down a dark corridor. The illuminated sign next to the lift, and additional A4 posters in the lift boast about the restaurant being a Michelin star restaurant. But as soon as you enter, it makes you wonder how such recommendation was given by the prestigious international food guide.  The look and feel of this restaurant is no different from any other 1980s or 1990s banquet restaurant - and it hadn't looked like the decor had been updated to reflect that it's 2018. The place was functional, and the tables were well packed in to fit as many people as possible.  During our 2 hour stay, we were served by two people, one at the start, the other midway through. We arrived at midday on Sunday (day of posting), and only 3 tables out of about 25 were occupied at this stage (the restaurant seemed to be split off into another large section).  At the table we were given a stack of multi-coloured menus to pick from, all in Chinese. Our friends didn't read Chinese, and my Chinese is limited, save for the usual dim sum courses. We were also given 2 other menu booklets, and before we could ask the waitress about any recommendations, she disappeared. It took another 5 minutes to grab her. Several dishes in the main booklet were 'not available' (not even an explanation as to whether they had sold out, but just 'not available', which could be interpreted as, we can't be bothered to prepare those anymore). The most obvious 'not available' dish was the deep fried tarot dumpling, which any banqueting restaurant worth their salt, would sell.  She was also on a mission to sell us several dishes that the group as a whole weren't interested in, such as the char siu, and wouldn't take no for an answer at least 4 times. She also stated that the restaurant doesn't sell stuffed sharp tipped peppers (which my wife asked for) and would we settle for some char siu!  Reluctantly we said yes, if they don't sell it, but she came back a few minutes later and said that they do sell stuffed sharp tipped peppers!  Given the confusing array of menus, we asked her to write down our order for us . All the while she was trying to rush us with our ordering, and kept threatening to walk away if we even breathed in between calling out dishes - at this stage, the restaurant hadn't yet started to fill.  She promptly made one more appearance 5 minutes later, to sell us some unappetising food on a tray that she seemed desperate to offload. Then, poof! She disappeared. Our food came in piecemeal fashion and with large gaps of time. During this time, a new waiter comes along to serve tables around us. We realised there were a couple of dishes missing that we asked the waitress to take down, and asked the new waiter to follow up our order. One was chilli oil dumplings, the other conpoy stir fried e-fu noodles. He disappeared for 10 minutes and comes back with a print out of our order. The dumplings were on the list, but not the e-fu noodles. We highlighted this to the waiter and asked him to take down a few more items, to which he gives us another stack of menus. All the while, the expression on his face was, 'why are you inconveniencing me? Just eat your food and go'.  This was pretty much the attitude he had with us, half turning each time he arrived at our table, as though he was about to walk off midway through our conversation.   At the end of the meal, he states that there is free dessert for our party of 6, either Tong Yuen sweet dumplings in sugar cane soup, or red bean paste soup. We ordered 5 Tong Yuen dumplings and 1 red bean paste.  He comes back with 6 red bean paste soups and says, 'no tong yuen available'!  And to top that off, he still missed another of our extra dish orders, and in usual banqueting restaurants, you could hear the immense clatter of plates and dishes thrown in the trolley of dirty dishes. The food? It was generally ok, but nothing that overwhelmed us to earn praise. The highlight were the deep fried spring rolls, surpisingly good, the baked pork char siu pineapple buns tasted a lot better than they looked (if you want top notch char siu pineapple buns, head down to Tim Ho Wan above HK Express Airport). The rest of the food we ordered was no better, no worse than you'll find in any common banqueting restaurant across the length and breadth of Hong Kong. But no way does this restaurant justify a Michelin star or other recommendation, nor their inflated prices, particularly with the sub-standard service received.  The owners need to retrain their staff, motivate them, pay them more (to reflect the overpriced menu), and should have at an extra 2-3 waiters. Many of the staff were in their 50s and frankly looked jaded and weary from having probably worked at the same restaurant for many years.  And the whole place sorely needs a facelift, a full on makeover by a F&B consultant. Whilst it's possible to book a table, the subsequent appalling service drags the whole experience down to nothing more than a regular cha chaang teng. At least with the latter, there's no service fee or pretences of what they are.  The short story - summary: - Incomprehensible menu system, and staff giving attitude when you ask them to write down the food for you- Dishes missed out from order list, and some not turning up at all- Food not to the standard of Michelin. - Service was painfully slow (lack of staff)- Quality of service not congruent with the prices charged (high), nor the supposed Michelin star - Decor and overall ambience is much like any other standard Cantonese banqueting/seafood restaurantWhat other Michelin restaurant expects you to write your own order down and charges you 10% service charge! Also, the average per head may seem low for dim sum, and Michelin star restaurant at that, but of our party of 6, two were children aged 7-8, so we didn't order in volume. Most dishes were $45-65. Avoid.  continue reading
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