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An iconic restaurant in Hong Kong, Fook Lam Moon in Wanchai is a long established brand of classic Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong since 1948, offering the finest traditions of Cantonese cuisine and dim sum, with its gourmet specialties highly renowned in both Hong Kong and overseas. Over the years, restaurants have earned numerous reputable awards including a one Michelin Star in 2020. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015-2016,2020), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2010, 2012)
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Review (131)
Level5 2020-02-15
This famous Michelin 1-star Cantonese restaurant is located in Wanchai. Established in 1948, it has the nickname 'Canteen for the Rich and Famous'. This branch in Wanchai is the flagship, with four levels in total. Coming on the Valentine's Day, we were greeted warmly by the staff when approaching the restaurant, and after checking our reservation, courteously took us to the private elevator to the third floor main dining hall.The setting is decent, but not extravagant, with ample space between tables, allowing private conversations. Even with the coronavirus going on most of the tables are occupied, showing the popularity of the place. We also saw a famous old-time singer at another table.The first dish that came was a signature here, Baked Stuffed Crab Shell with Onions and Fresh Crab Meat ($200 each). The beautiful golden brown crust on the outside is nicely done, and personally I like to add a few drops of Worchestershire sauce on top which makes it even more appealing with the acidity. The stuffing is very delicious, with abundant of fresh crab meat, delicate and sweet. The onion further added the flavors while not dominating the taste. A really good dish and one of the best stuffed crab shell I have tasted in town. The next dish originally was frog's leg but unfortunately the restaurant did not have that on the night, so we changed to Honey Roasted Fresh Eel ($260) instead. The eel is fat and meaty, with the chef grilling it to perfection, having a crunchy skin while the meat is moist. The honey sauce added the sweetness and fragrance to the eel, which is seasoned well. Again a very good dish and did not disappoint us even though we could not have the frog's legs we want.Upon ordering we were told the big garoupa was not available on the night for the wok-fried fillet we would like, so they recommended us to try the Stir-Fried Fresh Lobster with Black Beans and Chili ($1200). The staff also suggested us to have about 4 tael of lobster for the two of us. Honestly the presentation might not be the best but the taste was amazing. The lobster was was cooked just right, not a bit of overcooked or rawness, maintaining the best texture and sweetness of the ingredients. The black beans and chili added the savory and slight spiciness to enhance the overall complexity, and it was really good. The portion also was appropriate. If you like lobster but don't want to bother with the shell I strongly suggest trying this dish.Next was a dish recommended to us: Crystal Noodles in Soup Flavored with Dried Flounder and Choi Sum ($230). Seems simple when it was served, but I like this dish very much. The choi sum was very young and tender, and fully absorbed the flavors from the supreme broth, very delicious and tasty indeed. The glass noodles on top are sprinkled with some dried flounder powder, and that alone was another wonder, fantastic in taste as well. The broth was so good I had the urge to drink it. Highly recommended.The last dish we ordered was Stewed Chicken with Huadiao Wine ($360). The staff alerted us beforehand that it would take a 40-50 minutes before serving, and so we waited patiently, with the other dishes already finished. But it was worth the wait. Served in a clay pot, it was heated again beside the table. When first opened, the intense fragrance of the huadiao wine came to the nostrils. The chicken was tender and the unique flavors from the huadiao had penetrated to the meat. The sauce was really good and I could finish a bowl of rice just with the sauce alone.For dessert we had the Steamed Leaf Wrapped Glutinous Dumpling with Red Bean Paste ($55). A signature dessert for the restaurant, the dumpling was chewy with the red bean paste appropriate in sweetness. A traditional dessert but the restaurant managed to add elegance to it in my opinion.Last I had the Sweetened Almond Soup with Egg White ($60) while my wife opted for the Sweetened Red Bean Soup ($55). The dessert was good, with concentrated almond flavors but in my opinion a bit too sweet.The service throughout the meal was excellent, and despite we are not frequent customers we were not 'left out', but you could see how the staff interacted with the others who are definitely familiar patrons.The bill on the night was $3003, a bit expensive but that is mainly from the lobster. The other dishes I would say is fair for a high-end restaurant. Overall a good place to enjoy nice Cantonese cuisine. continue reading
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There are too many fancy and fusion dim sum places around Hong Kong yet the traditional one is my forever fav. My frd and I came for lunch and we ordered several dim sum as well as their signature egg yolk duck and crispy pig. They were just amazing. I esp. love the shrimp dumplings as the bamboo shoots were incredibly fresh and the shrimps were unexplainably juicy. Taro cake was crispy outside and rich flavored inside. A must try for taro lover. Crispy pig might not be the best that I have ever tried yet it must be in the top range. Egg yolk duck is a must try. I personally don’t fancy duck and seldom have it, yet I finished half of the dish this time and got real satisfied. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
第一次嚟試呢啲貴點心,味道整體嚟講幾好食但係唔值得咁貴,質素就似利苑,如果大約$50一款我會覺得幾好。個煎餃好難食,韭菜份量唔多,小到唔係好食得出係韭菜餃。同埋入邊啲肉餡好似唔係豬肉定係雞肉唔係好食得出。種感覺係$12.3隻個種街邊貨式;同埋煎得唔夠香脆同埋唔夠熱。流沙包算好食,鹹蛋黃味濃。灌湯餃個湯好醇厚同埋魚翅份量唔少,我個人唔係太鍾意食灌湯餃軟林林嘅餡,所以個餡我冇咩評語。蝦餃燒賣同牛肉腸都係高於一般水平但係唔值咁貴,果幾十蚊可能係消費嘅分隔。安排坐喺近收銀嘅位置,有個經理定係高級啲嘅人喺度好大聲講電話佢或者同佢同事傾計,超級大聲唔顧及客人會聽到好煩擾。不斷喺度擦存在感自己放完假,一堆野等着自己做嗰類野。所以可以嘅話要求坐入啲好緊要。同埋有個阿姐當我係大陸遊客,同我講普通話,無所謂既,但成世人都未試過咁樣,最緊要係之後同佢溝通用返廣東話佢又唔記得左,轉頭買單嘅時候又同你講普通話,好好笑。我就冇遇到主動斟茶同埋揭開個蓋都要等一陣先加水。 continue reading
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Level2 2020-06-13
本身不太喜歡食中菜,難得應邀,可以去食這間「豪門飯店」,真是要慢慢品嚐😍食了好多款的點心,食得出用料好新鮮,不同坊間的點心店,蝦餃、燒賣好味,啲蝦好大粒🥰叉燒是啖啖肉,肉質軟屬,口感不錯👍鴨舌都是味道合宜,好好咬😍食了幾款甜品,較深刻是奶皇千層糕,新鮮、奶皇味道同平時食開的不同,好香,而且不會太甜,有機會必定再叫😊整體感覺不錯,想不到點心都會有如此一翻風味!好味😋有機會想試下晚飯🥰🥰🥰 continue reading
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Level2 2020-05-25
福臨門在香港享譽盛名,過去不容易定位,受疫情影響,當天訂位就幸運有檯。午市有點心可以選擇,一籠的價位落在70-80元晶瑩鮮蝦餃鮮蝦大而鮮甜,皮的厚薄度適中,更彰顯的做點心的功夫蟹籽燒賣皇叉燒肉質肥瘦恰到好處,烤的既香又略帶甜味蛋白杏仁霜來福臨門一定不能錯過甜品!甜品以杏仁霜做結,杏仁霜不會過甜,香而濃郁,推薦一試餐廳環境氣派,桌距寬敞,服務好,進出餐廳都會有侍應warm welcome,適合做為家宴和商務宴客之處 continue reading
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