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It is a ramen specialty comes from Sapporo, Hokkaido. The restaurant uses the Japanese sweet shrimp head to simmer the soup. You can match the soup with Hokkaido Miso, soya sauce and salt flavour. continue reading
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Level4 2019-07-10
We used to come to this place for Japanese-style curry but recently learnt that it had become a ramen bar instead.We passed by on a weekday afternoon and decided to drop by to try the ramen given that there was no line after the busy lunch hours. Lucky us!The menu was very simple but had quite a number of different choices of ramen with top-ups at a cost. We decided to order 2 different ramen and 1 dumplings to share. For ramen, of course we ordered their signature shrimp broth ramen.This Miso Rich Shrimp Broth Ramen with extra BBQ Pork was the most expensive ramen on their menu. Maybe most of the additional cost went to the BBQ Pork because there were 5 big slices of BBQ pork, but at a great value for money. I first tried a sip of their broth. Indeed it was pretty rich in shrimp. Surprisingly I didn't find it too greasy although I could easily tell there was oil on the surface. That said, I couldn't finish all the soup given that it seemed too heavy and might be too salty if I went on to finish the whole thing. I asked for normal level of chewy-ness for the ramen and it was quite good - really al dente which was my favourite level of chewy-ness. The BBQ pork was ok - not particularly outstanding but ok which was not too fat but still contained some fat. They were not really tender though.  But with $20 more for 4 more pieces of BBQ pork seemed to be quite a good deal. The marinated egg was done pretty well with the egg yolk flowing out in a pretty good texture and slightly sweet flavour which I really enjoyed eating. There were loads of sakura shrimps on top. Overall quite a high quality of ramen I would say - much better than other famous ramen bars in the same district at a similar price!This Flamed Soy Sauce Rich Shrimp Broth Ramen smelt super good. After eating, the flamed soy sauce still lingered in my mouth for a long long time! We had asked for the hard ramen and maybe it was a little bit too hard. It seemed that the normal level of chewy-ness was about right even for people like me who really loved al dente noodles/pasta. The bad thing was that there was only 1 piece of BBQ pork but there were loads of BBQ pork pieces at the bottom of the soup. The broth was really much less rich in shrimp compared with the former ramen. The presence of black fungus and veggies added quite some texture to the ramen which was quite a bonus. Actually I would say this ramen was actually comparable to the former ramen, just that there was less BBQ pork. My lunch partner said this one was even better than the former ramen so it was really a matter of personal preferences. This broth obviously seemed much less oily than the former though. By the way, some minced garlic was served on the side with the ramen but I didn't try.We just ordered 1 side to share. The dumplings were pan-fried pretty well with super thin and crispy wrapping. The stuffings obviously consisted of shrimps as the name tells although I honestly think that the stuffings could have been better with more meaty shrimps. Anyway, I would say they were good enough given the price. Good to eat with the vinegar on the side of the table.Ramen in HK is really expensive, especially when compared with those in Japan. Given the quality of similar ramen in town, I would say the ramen here were pretty good. Definitely worth visiting.  continue reading
Level4 2019-09-10
{歡迎大家follow 食評ig: bigbellyhk} 上環既信德中心, 除左係碼頭⛴ 其實都有唔少食肆🍽 今日揀咗「緣屋拉麵」🍜 中午稍早時間黎到, 避開左人潮✌️係舖頭外邊已經見到一排排既枱櫈, 面對面既都係有擋板,  極力估吹「一人前」既概念👨‍💼如果兩個人黎坐真係要坐同邊囉👯‍♂️內部有一批四人枱, 方便番多人食飯聚腳👨‍👨‍👧‍👦裝修黎講就無乜特別喇, 配色紅襯啡, 用上好多紅色寫咗日文既幡布去做裝飾🏯 還好店員同你講「歡迎光臨」, 而唔係「郁世媽瀉」。拉麵有成9款, 不過佢力推蝦味濃湯🦐 係唔滿客既情況下, 都差唔多等咗10幾分鐘先黎, 有點慢❌要咗單價最高既味噌叉燒蝦濃拉麵, 一黎度見到啲櫻花蝦係側邊多到唔駛錢咁💵 叉燒都有五塊, 而溫泉蛋已經半熟🙄一如以往先試湯底, 淺啡色澤唔透光, 油份係表面飄浮🛢 麵豉味主宰左湯底, 蝦味只係弱小既存在🔅 麵身揀咗硬, 掛湯度還好, 不過本身既韌今佢唔太吸收湯味❌ 叉燒有成五塊咁多, 厚度2-3mm 左右, 雖然肥瘦均秤, 但係就唔多入味❌ 另外加既煎蝦餃子, 一碟五隻, 成35蚊, 即係7蚊一隻, 不過饀料好少, 同埋又係唔駛錢咁加晒啲櫻花蝦落去❌埋單三個人315, 講緊成百蚊一個人💸無錯個價錢比係中環幾間拉麵平少許, 份量都好足, 不過味道稍遜一籌👎性價比大概只係合格水準👌  continue reading
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Level4 2019-08-08
今日同朋友去澳門前醫醫個肚,見到緣屋既元祖蝦濃湯底拉麵好似好正咁,就入去試一試~一入座,Bar枱可以睇到廚師煮拉麵,整小食等等,有幾下好大火表演咁,可惜我座左卡位,只可以遠距離睇到😝辣味噌蝦濃湯拉麵:湯底超香濃蝦鮮味,多左一層辣油,更突出蝦味,唔算太辣,亦都岩唔太食得好🌶既朋友,配料有大蔥、肉粒同蔥段,望落份量唔多,但超飽肚!醬油蝦濃湯拉麵:湯底顏色橙紅,同蝦膏顏色相約,飲一啖,好香濃既蝦味,亦有醬油既甜甜味道,配有櫻花蝦同半熟蛋,櫻花蝦既脆脆口感,增加左入口層次,麵質亦彈牙,叉燒肥瘦分明,入口都幾嫩!蝦多士:蝦多士個層蝦膠好幾彈牙,多士炸得夠鬆軟,而上面好特別有層乳酪醬咁酸酸甜甜既醬汁,唔錯既小食~煎餃子🥟:中規中矩,拉麵同餃子絕配之選! continue reading
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小肥放大假第二日☺️難得天氣總算好返啲啲之際😆🌤去搵朋友行街街下之前🤪當然要食返餐好既醫下肚補充下先啦🤤🍴🍜位於上環信德中心既緣屋拉麵👨🏻‍🍳🍜由上環站D出口直行沿住行人隧道過黎都算方便😆而呢度亦大賣日本地道風格🤩🇯🇵木枱高櫈以及日式傳統壁畫☺️配合埋日式風格擺設盡顯特色之餘😆更以櫻花蝦做主打作招徠打起生招牌😆盡顯其招牌特色🦐☺️🤤再度Encore味道依舊保持高質素☺️😋元祖蝦濃湯沾麵鍾意沾麵既你亦可一嚐原味蝦鮮香之餘☺️🦐麵質軟硬度適中爽口☺️🍜麵亦好掛湯吸收左唔少沾麵湯底既精華😆另外以豚肉粒、溏心蛋同埋櫻花蝦蔥絲既配合😆豚肉脂肪比例均勻啖啖富有油香之餘😆🐷溏心蛋更煮出100分既絕佳流心效果🤩🥚小肥亦忍唔住另外追加多一份🤤🥚配合蝦濃湯更將拉麵湯底昇華🤤🦐帶出更佳質感及散發濃郁蝦鮮香🍜😋配合櫻花蝦亦增添更多口感及提高鮮味🦐🤤🤩此沾麵乃蝦鮮香愛好者既大愛之作🤤🍜煎餃子餃子皮都算薄身之餘🥟內裡肉餡脂肪比例均勻唔會太過肥膩😆肉質都夠滑嫩Juicy及口感🤤🥟 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)