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Level3 2019-04-19
When i am not very hungry or eat too much outside around the days,i’d like to go to this Ebeneezer’s (this one you can sit inside) but still many take away orders. My favorite Lunch is Roast Chicken Salad,it is so delicious, looking good, taste is good! With salad you don’t feel very oily. Roasted Chicken is crispy and tastysmell very good. Only need to pay more attention is when waiter taking your order, they are always like dreaming, can be easily taking your order wrongly or miss your order. Once I was with my friend there, the restaurant is not busy but it takes us more than 30mins to wait until we knew they missed our order. Don’t expect any service there. continue reading
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Level3 2018-05-08
係附近翻工,每日都尋覓新餐廳等自己食lunch既時候冇咁悶,酒吧街入面好多餐廳每次都好吸引我,今次就試下呢間中東咖喱。上菜速度都算快,lunchset一個飯仲包softdrink。Chicken tikka biranyani其實姐係雞炒飯,飯有配小小沙律菜。講翻個飯先,係印度長條型既米,小小咖喱味,有小小辣,可以接受,較重既係中東香料味,不過食得中東菜其實都要預左所有野香料味都會較重,我就接受到,而且仲幾鍾意tim!雞肉唔鞋口,份量都算多!總括黎講都幾好食,值得一試! continue reading
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Level4 2017-10-12
#ShouldTryEbeeneezer is known for its good value kebab. If you want is a hearty good wrap, this is the place. It also provides other dishes like curry and greek salad. The staff was warm, the food was good. There are more stools seats and also a cheap beer deal, so I am guessing it’s catering more towards the drunk peeps at wanchai. continue reading
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Food:  Absolutely EXCELLENT.  The Mango lassi I ordered was sour but they brought me out a fresh one immediately when they saw my face.  So, it is ok.Ordering:I ordered the set lunch which came with Kebab and fries.I wanted cheese on my fries.  I noticed they had a regular food item - fries and another fries with cheese.  It was 10 HK extra.  So, I thought i would just pay 10 HK to add cheese to my fries that were part of the set lunch.  I THOUGHT!So, I POINTED (I wanted to make 100% clear what I wanted, since I didn't know how perfect his English was) to the set lunch fries and said I want extra cheese on the fries.He said "Extra cheese?"I said "Yes, on my fries"He said again??? "Extra cheese?"I said "yes" (all the while pointing to the fries as part of the set lunch.  No confusion, right????Well....They gave me fries first.  No cheese.  I laughed.  I complained.Then they brought me out a larger order of fries with cheese.  I "THOUGHT" they were saying sorry, so I happily ate the fries with cheese getting many sides of ketchup (my goodness those sides of ketchup are sooo small).Then came out my kebab with cheese!  haha.  How in the world did he confuse cheese on fries with cheese on kebab?  Anyway I ate.  It was absolutely delicious.  Like I said, they have wonderful food!Then time for my bill!  It was about 70 HK more than I expected!  OUCH!They charged me for cheese on my kebab - about 29HK (around this amount - I forgot exact amount).They then charged me 48 for fries and cheese.  I complained and they said (get this) - we don't add cheese to fries, so we gave you the normal order.  I said "How was I supposed to know???  I clearly told him what i wanted"  The server should have told me "sorry we don't do that, but I can get you an order of fries and cheese".  They ended up reducing my charge by a WHOPPING 10 HK!  UGH.  So, I ended up paying between 60-70 HK more than I expected all because the server messed up BEYOND comprehension!  How could he mess up so much when I was EVEN pointing to the items I wanted!????But, again the food was absolutely delicious.  It just reminded me of the famous American "Bait and Switch" when it came to ordering and paying.  So, I was VERY disappointed! continue reading
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Curry and chips. The main reason you should visit Ebeneezer's, if you haven't already, is because they have seemingly invented curry and chips. Chili cheese fries are okay, but now imagine pouring a bowl of your favorite Indian dish over that plate of hot, crispy, fresh-out-of-the-fryer chips instead. Brilliant, right? And they do Indian pizzas, too.That said, the Ebeneezer's chain is a bit inconsistent across the board. One restaurant serves your fries in a square bowl, another on a round plate, and a third in a plastic kiddie basket. Some locations are proper sit-down restaurants with complete menus where others are little more than grubby take-out stands for the college kids and drunkos that wander past; to list one gripe, I usually order coffee when I go to Ebeneezer's but have been told in some venues that all they have is bottled soda and beer. At present, I'm convinced that the Gold Coast location is the best, both for seating and taste; their chef actually cares enough to add to the base recipes, giving his dishes more of a homemade and authentic flavor. Yup, that's verified. Walking through Wan Chai, I first passed the cramped food counter at 89 Lockhart Road, where there were two sad little tables and one lone stool between them. I didn't feel like fistfighting the people at the third table who were hogging the rest of the seats, so was quite pleased to discover that this other location, just down the road, had the real tables for the grown folks.I ordered the Chicken Tikka Makhani with chips for $60, because I've eaten this dish at other locations and wanted a good comparison. The same dish at Gold Coast had more of a fresh tomato flavor, really savory and tart, and was exactly the same bright orange pictured in all the Ebeneezer's menus. This recipe was clearly not the same, as the end result was browner in color and the taste didn't pop; I also wasn't as impressed by the juiciness of the chicken here. That doesn't make the concept of curry and chips any less incredible, but this particular rendition was not the best that Ebeneezer's is capable of. TL;DR: Good restaurant, but go to the one at Gold Coast. continue reading
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