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Da Domenico is known for the finest Veal Chop meals, its signature dish. All meals are prepared daily with the freshest and finest ingredients for your dining pleasure. The restaurant offers a wide selection of Italian wines and cocktails. Da Domenico also provides an elegant and atmosphere! continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Crayfish Seafood specialties from Italian Weever
Review (35)
If you like to pay exorbitant prices, coupled with average decor and poor (bordering on rude) device, then this is your dream dining destination.As soon as we sat down we realized it was a mistake. We had to ask several times for a menu, then despite being only half full the waiters were too busy to pay us much attention. This was a recurring theme during our meal with us constantly trying to get their attention for anything... In the end we had a couple of pasta dishes which was ok but not worth the 700hkd...I don't really understand how restaurants like these survive with so many other choices in Hk. Best avoid this place if you want to go out and actually have a pleasant dining experience. continue reading
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Level2 2010-10-27
Da Domenico is a restaurant that I still sit on the fence about, after a few visits. While the food is very good, I can't decide if the price tag really matches the food and the environment. I've read the reviews of other Open Rice members, and the restaurant does split opinions down the middle - the food is good, but not great, and service can be horrendous. The bruschetta ($180) - it used to be $150 but now the prices have gone up. I don't know if paying $150 or $180 is worth it for 3 pieces of toasted bread with tomatoes, garlic, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The tomatoes are fresh and sweet, but I wish there was some herbage. Their burrata ($320) - just simple burrata cheese, accompanied by tomatoes and balsamic (like the bruschetta) and rocket. The famous Linguine Gamberi ($520) - it's one of the highlights of coming to Da Domenico; I would sum it up as a very intense shrimp bisque pasta. Pasta is cooked perfectly. It's good, but not over-the-top fantastic. The clams ($520) were very fresh, sweet and succulent. Nothing fancy, just some parsley on top. I'm not the type to put a lot of weight on service and decor when I write reviews, but when the pricing of dishes is in the same tier as other 5-star hotel or 2-3 star Michelin restaurants, it really made me wonder what I was paying for. Is it really that expensive to import all those ingredients from Italy, or am I just paying for bragging rights? Clearly the money isn't really going into the decor or service. On top of which, the chef/owner is known for having a temper and when I was there he refused to cook for a table because they were late for their reservation and he didn't want to cook anymore.Da Domenico is worth trying - just make sure you can stomach the sub-par service and the bill. Original review @ http://pleasuresofeating.blogspot.com/2010/10/da-domenico.html and a subsequent review @ http://pleasuresofeating.blogspot.com/2010/10/revisiting-da-domenico.html continue reading
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Level4 2010-05-02
My friends keep talking about taking me back here for a meal, and it finally happened tonight. They know the staff well, and were hoping to introduce me to the staff so that the service will be a little better than normal. The poor service (or lack thereof) here has reached legendary status, but the regulars keep coming back on account of the food.We ordered everything to share, which was great and frankly the right way to do it.The burrata is always nice with arugula, and came with really ripe and sweet cherry tomatoes. The cheese itself was so creamy and milky... really delicious with a drizzle of aged sweet balsamic vinegar. The bruschetta was pretty awesome for something so simple. You have again the ripe cherry tomatoes, arugula, and the warm bread has a bit of garlic sauce which was a little raw and spicy.The mussels were incredibly fresh. I'm a guy who never orders mussels, thanks to Kitchen Confidential. But even I was happily downing these creamy and sweet mollusks, which are among some of the freshest I've had.I wouldn't imagine leaving here without ordering the grilled scampi. My last visit here was a revelation, and I really wanted to have these yummy things again. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed... Yes, these were still pretty yummy in terms of flavor, and I happily used my hands and sucked out everything I could from each crevice. But you know what? The scampi wasn't really fresh. The texture of the tail was a little mushy, and the claws were kinda liquid and runny. They haven't exactly gone bad, but they're just not the freshest around.Then came a pair of pastas...the fettucine vongola verace, the waiter's suggestion, was a little disappointing. I thought the clams were OK, but it would have been better by itself instead of making it into pasta. This paled in comparison to the other pasta dish.I finally had a chance to try the linguine gamberi, made with gambero rosso. The flavor was every bit as yummy as I expected...so full of the shellfish taste. But once again, it was obvious to me that the prawns were not fresh. My similar plate of pasta at Tuscany by H two days ago was better - and cheaper - with fresher prawns.The waiter suggested peas, and what arrived didn't look too appetizing. While they were really sweet to the taste, they were so plainly overcooked that they started to turn yellow. I must admit that after peeling the skins off each pea two weeks ago, my standard for peas are even higher than before.The veal liver was a good way to finish the meal. Thinly sliced and pan-fried, it was simple yet delicious. I was pretty glad to have come back, and overall the food was pretty good. But as I said to my friends... if I'm paying this kinda money at a restaurant with zero decor and service that is legendary poor, then I'd be pretty upset if the ingredients weren't the freshest that money can buy. The food tonight definitely did not measure up to my high expectations. I'll have another chance to return in a few weeks, so we'll see what happens...original blogpost with pictures and wine notes: http://chi-he-wan-le.blogspot.com/2010/05/dado-dado.html continue reading
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I heard of this restaurant for so long and finally was taken by a freind there last nite!they have a reputation for bad service and unforutnately that is very true. we had a booking but when we arrived, we stood there for 10 minutes without anyone coming to take us to our table! At last we had to walk to the table without being served!The bread was cold and the dipping was so little for a whole table of people. That is not nice.The deco is not much to mention as it is just so plain wiht a few pictures on the wall. put it this way, I can't tell its uniqueness and italian elements!!! The food was ok but not surprising. It simply is not bad but just ok. It is certainly not Great Italian good that I would agree or recommend! As one of my friends in the dinner quoted, it is Roman trattoria at 5 star prices. continue reading
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I was looking to see how a restaurant in HK can charge such an expensive price, even more expensive than 5* hotel restaurants like Mistral and Sabatini's. I was hoping for out-of-this-world Italian food and was quite disappointed.The food was average at best. I could probably make a pasta sauce and also soup better than this place. The veal was ok but nothing special. For very average food, they rob you blind. Service was non-existent. It's not that the staff has poor attitude. Instead, they were simply not paying attention or weren't trained properly. How could any restaurant put your plate of food on your table without telling you what it is? Even the local tea cafe would do that. The girl waitress was so shy and passive; the male waiters were inattentive and ignorant. I disagree with the other poster that we should stop complaining about service. If you pay this much money ($2,000 for two people), I expect perfect service. It doesn't have to feel like a 5* hotel, but it has to feel comfortable and attentive.If you want better food, go to Mistral. I am not a huge fan of Sabatini's because of their relatively stuffy atmosphere and tiny portions, but I'd go there and still have money left vs Da Domenico. If you want good Italian food, go to Grappa's at Pacific Place instead. A dish of Spaghetti Marinara there costs around $150, the Ragu $100. Here, it costs three times as much and it doesn't taste that great.On a value vs what you get scale, this place gets negative marks. With the price Da Dominico charges, you can buy your plane ticket, fly to Italy and have better meals for much less. continue reading
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