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Level4 2019-05-31
After visiting tai kwun, we searched for dinner nearby and found this restaurant looked so refresh.As we were so thristy after walking around in tai kwun, we ordered some drinks first.Staffs are very helpful and nice. Mariane greet us first and recommended us their made-to-order juices and icy cocktails to cool the summer heat. We ordered two.I think three P's is so fresh and very suitable for girlsif u look for a less alcoholic one, you can choose gin&juice the dinner menu have lots of attractive items!i like the homemade bread with chickpeas and the miso egg. the combination is healthy and fresh. so fit as an appetizer. while salchipapas is the best i think!the hash browns was so crispy and it served with the sauce including tomato salsa, green chilli and garlic yogurt which was so match! i definitely will come back because of this dish!scallop was soft and tasty.this fried rice mixed with three differnent types of rice(red, white and wild). it provided a new texture of the dish.i pierced the poached egg and let the egg yolk mix with the rice. it tastes really good.as my man is a meat lover, we chose both ribs as the other main.it includes pork ribs and beef ribs.it was tender and the sauce was delicious!the side dish is fried sweet potatoes(yellow and purple). its sweet is natural. it is compartively healthy!we must have a dessert to make a happy ending. donut sundae never lose!We seated inside which have cushioned area. it is comfortable and very cozy.staffs are very nice and friendly!really recommend to have a dinner here!! continue reading
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Level4 2019-05-23
Big Sur is actually a place in the States, which is a coastal area with beautiful beaches and hiking trails. You can easily spot this restaurant on Staunton Street with its red sign on a bright blue colour. Always attracted by people sitting leisurely to enjoy cups of coffee in the morning or groups of friends sipping on their happy hour drinks. This time I am coming to try their dinner!!!!The menu offers a wide range of food at reasonable prices. We picked a taco platter, a salad, a small dish, a big dish and a dessert to share.The environment is simply decorated with few paintings on the wall, the earthy tone makes it very comfortable and relaxing. Seating is spacious with adequate amount of privacy.Taco Combo $135This taco combo comes with three different tacos: Pastrami (beef); Baja (prawns); Tempura Fish (fish)My favourite is the Baja, the prawns are grilled and served with their home-made chorizo, the spicyness gives a hinge t of excitement to your taste buds.For the fish one, the halibut is deep fried to it utmost crispness, the cron salsa adds the crunchiness to the whole taco and balanced well with the creamy chiptole mayo.The beef one is funny, as the beef brisket texture is a bit off but then all the other elements work well with one another. Nachos $100A loaded plate of Nachos, still hot and crispy from the oven. Simple but the best snack for beers? haha I like the topping with cheese, seasoned beef brisket, refried beans, guacamole, and salsa.Salmon Confit $130This is indeed my first time to have a whole salmon fillet that is smoked. As it is cooked slowly in warm water, the salmon meat remains its juice and softness. The smoky flavour goes very well with the radish pickle. The brussel sprouts are so yum as well, especially with the chipotle rouille. Santa Maria Tri Tip $350Look at the plating of this beef, so beautiful!!! Santa Maria Tri Tip outside is rubbed with salt, pepper and smoky spice mix. The colours on both the outside and inside are perfect. The beef is able to remain its tenderness and moisture. BS Cesar Salad $150Oh my, even a salad they can do it so well. My favourite will be the croutons, its the whole wheat type but they are so crunchy! The dressing is creamy, matches the lettuce, tomato perfectly. Donut Sundae $90How could we miss the dessert? Even though we are so full, we still need a bit of sweetness to round up the whole meal. Vanilla ice-cream is homemade i guess? Very creamy and rich, goes well with the chocolate and half donut. Three P’s $90Well.. Dont think wrong, 3Ps, pear, pineapple and passion fruit. Very fruity taste with tequila .Gin & Juice $90BiG Sur specializes in making their drinks with fresh blend juice, so they are extra fresh and yummy, do remember to order one or few to try. We had the best experience at Big Sur, food is 99% yum and service is excellent, everyone treats us with respect and politeness, our friend is Marianne, who is super friendly with lots of good recommendations, will definitely come back for another good time! continue reading
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讚1. 無乜人,可以慢慢坐2. 野食份量好大,果然係美式菜風格3. 啤酒相當好,多元化,倒得都好3. 三文魚煮得質感唔錯,半生熟彈1. 菜式比新張時退步左唔少,意粉質感係港式既腍,醬汁又出奇地淡,沙律既醬又唔夠,蛋係煮到失左手既過熟2. 侍應有先理外國客人既傾向 continue reading
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Level2 2019-08-30
2 friends and I decided to grab a last minute dinner after comedy show in SoHo. A friend mentioned that she had gone for coffee the other day at Big Sur and suggested we check it out for dinner. We are a group of vegetarians and the menu had sufficient to cater to us. We had the following between us:-Chips & Guac Always a must whenever this is on a menu. They use fresh avocado and make the guac in-house. -Jalapeno Poppers Spring RollsPlump and well stuffed spring rolls. They did not stinge out on the ingredients which we appreciated. We ordered an extra round!-Caesar saladThe dressing had a miso thyme flavour which made is unique and different from the usual.-Hummus, Vege & EggThe veggies were perfect to make us all feel healthy. Hummus was spot on and better than a number of middle eastern restaurants.-Arrabbiata PastaComfort food, always! I also wanted to try the Sweet Potato Fries that comes with house mayo and spicy red child samba (sounds very exotic!) but we were too full to order anything else! But I’m coming back for you next time! Lively place with a great mixed crowd. Service was warm and efficient.  continue reading
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Level3 2019-07-11
以前經過已經想試,今日終於得閒同朋友嚟食。Big Sur係美國加洲一個地方,餐廳成間無論出面入面都好靚好有美國加洲嘅style。開放式設計,我哋坐咗係餐廳入面嘅窗口位,少小太陽曬入黎個vibe好chill,出面影相影入嚟好靚。Menu用皮做造好靚好有手感。我地叫左個凱撒沙律,份量好大,食材好新鮮好清甜。Meatball 嘅意粉好大份,好夠飽,真材實料但味道淡。美式甜品緊係揀雪糕新地啦!Mocktail mix 唔同嘅果汁好好飲,好refreshing!紙飲管好環保! continue reading
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