Delicious USA Introduces Spectacular Dishes across 25 Restaurants

In light of COVID-19, we urge readers to take precautions and comply with government regulations. Many of the Delicious USA dishes are available for takeaway or delivery. Please check with each restaurant for their latest arrangements before placing an order, as promotional offerings and hours may change depending on the latest government restrictions.

What first comes to mind when you think of American food? This summer, Delicious USA is going all out to re-define what you think of as American food. The United States produces high-quality food and beverages that not only are delicious, but are also features of dishes you will see in many fine dining restaurants that serve different cuisines. You can try a variety of these great food and beverages during Delicious USA from July 16 to August 16.

Delicious USA is organized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Trade Office in Hong Kong. It has lined up 25 renowned restaurants for this festival. Restaurants are serving over 40 exclusive dishes featuring an array of premium U.S. ingredients.

High-quality U.S. Ingredients
The range of cuisines in Delicious USA is unexpectedly wide, from American, Spanish, and Italian to Asian, including Thai, Indian and Korean. Let’s have a look at the dishes of North and South America and Europe first!

ICHU Peru – Alaskan Salmon, American Wagyu, Chicken
Specializing in Peruvian cuisine, ICHU Peru offers culinary delights that are uncommon in Hong Kong. Dishes are exquisite and the ingredients are very innovative. Exclusive Delicious USA dishes are Salmon Tiradito, XOXO Chicken, and Bistec de Wagyu.

Salmon Tiradito

XOXO Chicken

Te Quiero Mucho  - U.S. Scallops, U.S. Black Angus Beef
Te Quiero Mucho is a Mexican restaurant in a boutique hotel. The chef proudly brings flavors from his homeland to Hong Kong food lovers. One of the exclusive Delicious USA dishes is a traditional tiradito dish of sliced sashimi served with a sauce specially prepared by the chef.

Black Angus steak is also recommended for its extraordinary texture and is cooked perfectly to deliver excellent flavor to pair with authentic mole.

(Left) Scallop Tiradito, (Right) Carne Grillada

The Butchers Club - U.S. Pork Shoulder Butt
The Butchers Club dry-ages beef on its own to enhance the flavor and texture. You can try their unique dish, the Hogtown, which features a combination of beef with U.S. pulled pork and goes best with sweet potato fries.

The Hogtown & Sweet Potato Fries

Red Lobster - Alaskan King Crab
The Red Lobster brand comes from the state of Florida. Here you can indulge in great seafood dishes, especially lobster, from across the United States. This time, the chef preserves the umami taste of Alaskan King Crab and Snow Crab that are perfect when enjoyed alongside truffle fries.

King & Snow Crab Combo with Truffle Fries

La Paloma – U.S. Short Ribs, U.S. Figs
La Paloma is a lively, colorful, and cheerful restaurant. What makes it great is not only the good vibes but also the enticing Spanish tapas that utilize quality ingredients from various regions. You can order tapas as appetizers and enjoy the exclusive Delicious USA dish, Short Rib Mollette with Fig Jam, as a main course.

Short Rib Mollette with Fig Jam

Popinjays - U.S. scallops & Rice
Located at the rooftop of the legendary hotel – the Murray, Popinjays is a contemporary lifestyle bar and restaurant serving modern European gastronomy. The Delicious USA exclusive dish, curry risotto made with pan-seared scallops and lobster coco sauce, is exceptional and rich in taste. 

Curry risotto with pan-seared scallops and lobster coco sauce

America & Europe Restaurants Featured in Delicious USA

Restaurant NameParticipating Menu Item Name USA Food and Beverages Featured
Acquasala (Italian)1) 28 Days Dry-Aged Ribeye Steak ($280)

2) Carbonara ($140)

3) Egg Omelette with Bacon ($88)

1) Saffron Fields Pinot Noir 2015 Oregon ($950)

2) Saffron Fields Chardonnay 2012 Willamette Valley Oregon ($690)

U.S. Beef, Fries, Eggs, Smoked Bacon
Big Sur (Western)The Big Sur ($300)

Eve on the Rye ($95)

U.S. Short Ribs, U.S. Cream Cheese
The Butchers Club (American)

(Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tai Koo)
1) The Hogtown ($160)

2) Sweet Potato Fries ($33 or $20 if added to The Hogtown)

U.S. Pork Shoulder Butt, Sweet Potato Fries
Flying Pig Bistro (International)1) Chicken Schnitzel ($188)

2) Hanger Steak with Sweet Potato Fries ($288)

Chicken Breast Fillet, American Wagyu, Sweet Potato Fries
Fofo by el Willy (Spanish)American Lobster in Tempura with Rice Crackers ($225) 
American Lobster, U.S. Rice, U.S. Flour
Franks (Italian / American)Braised Short Ribs ($249)

Fetzer Cabernet Sauvignon ($379)

U.S. Short Rib, California Wine
ICHU Peru (Peruvian)1) Salmon Tiradito ($170)

2) XOXO Chicken ($120)

3) Bistec de Wagyu ($360)

Alaska Salmon, California Almonds, Chicken leg meat, U.S. Flour, American Wagyu, U.S. Cream Cheese
La Paloma (Spanish)Short Rib Mollette with Fig Jam ($188)
U.S. Short Rib, U.S. Dried Figs
Lobster Shack (International)1) Potted Crab ($148) 

2) Lobster Tail (250g) ($338) 

3) Lobster Mac & Cheese ($218)

Alaska Snow Crab, American Lobster, U.S. Cream Cheese
Mr Brown (Western Grill)Pork & Jalapeno Sausage, Caramelised Cabbage Pasta, Pickled Cucumber

(Available as a main course weekday 3-course lunch menu ($148) with a supplement of $48)

Pork Shoulder Butt
NOSH (International)

Offical site
1) Southwestern Pulled Pork with Brown Rice and Mixed Peppers

2) Apple Cranberry Crumble Overnight Oats

3) Texan Beef Chili with Brown Rice & Mixed Peppers

4) Thai Basil Impossible™ Mince with Brown Rice & Lettuce Wrap

5) Impossible™ Veggie Chili with Brown Rice & Zucchini

(Available as part of NOSH meal plans from July 16 to the end of the month. Dishes will be featured across multiple plan types, ranging from $500 for a 3-day Veggie package, to $6,300 for a month-long plan)

U.S. Pork Butt, Brown Rice, US Granny Smith apples, Dried Cranberries, U.S. Ground Beef, Impossible™ Products 
Popinjays (Western)

(The Murray, Hong Kong) 

Curry Risotto with Pan-seared Scallops and Lobster Coco Sauce ($278)
U.S. Scallops, Rice
Prohibition Grill House & Cocktail Bar (Western)

(Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel)

Grilled Corned Beef Boneless Short Rib with Fermented Cabbage, Corn Purée ($398)

Merlot, Thorn, The Prisoner Wine Company, Napa Valley, 2013 ($320)

U.S. Short Ribs, U.S. Corn, California Wine
Red Lobster (American / Seafood)King & Snow Crab Combo with Truffle Fries ($398)
Alaska King Crab, French Fries
Shake Up!Meatball topped with Cheddar ($38)

Toffee Apple Milkshake ($53)

U.S. Apple, Cheese
Te Quiero Mucho (Mexican)

(Sheung Wan) 
1) Scallop Tiradito ($140)

2) Carne Grillada ($350)

U.S. Scallops, U.S. Hanger Steak
Test Kitchen (International)"Flintstones" - Bone-in Short Ribs with Chu Hao Spicy Sauce, Braised Daikon Beef Consommé (Main course in Chef Peter's Pop-Up Dinner Menu) $1,480 (8-Course Dinner & Wine Pairing)
U.S. Short Ribs, U.S. Butter
The Peak Lookout (International)1) Steamed Whole American Lobster with Linguine Pasta, Chive-Cream Cheese Sauce ($388) 

2) Open Flame Grilled U.S. Double Pork Tomahawk Chop with Pecan Nut Crust, served with U.S. Sweet Potato Fries, Grilled Asparagus and Mushroom Cream Sauce ($488)

American Lobster, Cream Cheese, U.S. Pork, Pecans, Sweet Potato Fries
Treehouse (Vegetarian)Lilac ($128)
U.S. Kale, Sweet Potato Fries

In addition to the Western restaurants, Korean, and Japanese restaurants also highlight the quality and versatility of U.S. food through the high-quality dining experiences they offer.

Kelly's Cape Bop – U.S. Egg Product, American Chicken Leg Meat, Dried Cranberries
Kelly's Cape Bop specializes in Korean healthy snacks. Their rice rolls are made with lots of vegetables and no MSG is added. Fresh Chicken Salad without Rice Kimbop is made with American chicken leg meat, American egg product and with dried cranberries.

Chicken Salad Without Rice Kimbop

Uma Nota – U.S. Short Ribs
The Brazilian-Japanese restaurant serves food with Brazilian and Japanese culinary techniques. Don’t miss the Short Ribs Bao with Pickled Eggplant-Cucumber, a fabulous fusion style delight. 

Short Ribs Bao, Pickled Eggplant-Cucumber

Gunpowder Indian RestoBar – Alaska Salmon, Cream Cheese
A Classic Indian restaurant that serves Indian cuisines paired with various special herbs. For the Delicious USA exclusive dish, Gunpowder features Alaska Salmon, a nutritious and flavorsome ingredient that tastes great with U.S. cream cheese naan bread.

Salmon Naan Slider

Asian and Fusion Cuisines Restaurants Featured in Delicious USA

Restaurant NameParticipating Menu Item NameUSA Food and Beverages Featured
Gaylord Indian Restaurant (Indian)Malabar Salmon Curry ($188)
Alaska Salmon, Almonds
Gunpowder Indian Restobar (Indian)Salmon Naan Slider ($168)
Alaska Salmon, Cream Cheese
Kelly's Cape Bop (Korean)Chicken Salad Without Rice Kimbop ($80)
Chicken Leg Meat, U.S. Egg Products, Dried Cranberries
Namo Avant Thai (Thai) 1) Silken Salmon ($238)

2) Chicken Charm (Tapas - $98, Regular - $138)

Salmon, Raisins, Chicken, Almonds
Silencio (Japanese)1) Otaku ($188)

2) N.T. Rice ($258)

U.S. Short Ribs, U.S. Short Grain Risotto
Uma Nota (Japanese)Short Rib Bao, Pickled Eggplant-Cucumber ($190) 
U.S. Short Ribs, Flour

To complement the enjoyment of great dishes, you can also participate in the Delicious USA Instagram Competition with a chance to win restaurant vouchers with value over HK$6,000. 

You may also view the Delicious USA site for more information. 

* Information released by the respective restaurants shall prevail in the event of discrepancy between the information in this article. 

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