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b.a.r Executive is owned by Japanese bartenders and much of their alcohol is imported from Japan. They have over 300 different types of whiskey and are also known for their amazing fruit cocktails. continue reading
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Level1 2022-07-17
We have arrived the bar on Saturday evening (16th July). After doing a RAT test, we got admitted. I have ordered a Whisky Sour. The drink came after 30 mins wait and I simply asked if the it is the whisky sour. The bar tender felt so offended and said, “if you don’t like the drink, you can leave. Actually, you are not welcomed here.” and took away the drink. I was more than shocked. The female manager came for the apology, and said it must be a misunderstanding. The bar tender kept shouting that I could go other bar to have Whisky sour. I asked the female manager, if the customer in your bar can’t ask any questions. She kept saying sorry, but the Saturday night mood is all gone. No matter how great or how great he thought his drink was, that kind of service and arrogant attitude is unacceptable!!! All I can say is a very disappointing experience and unpleasant Saturday evening. continue reading
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Level4 2017-01-16
香烤加拿大天然豬鞍$178最期待的主菜登埸,其實當時也有飽意,不過豬鞍如此吸引,惜食的我每一道也要吃光光。加拿大豬鞍厚豬結實,肉味濃郁,啖啖鮮豬香氣。豬鞍以香草醃制,不沾上蕃茄醬汁也可以哦。媽媽吃的豬鞍部份微咸,但我的部份剛好,很好吃哦。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
上次在lime house和友人飯局時, 言談間說起喝威士忌的好去處, 其間有朋友提出想試位於銅鑼灣由日籍調酒師經營的B.A.R. Excecutive Bar, 於是便定下了日期; 來到約定之日, 先在附近的 menzo 吃過晚飯, 之後一行四人用走路的步行過來, 開始我們真正的品酒夜.可能因為酒吧是由日籍調酒師經營, 客人亦以日本人居多, 吧檯氣氛十分吸引, 可惜所有位置已經被訂下來, 唯有坐感覺較普通的四人檯. 除了兔之外, 我們三個都點了日本威士忌, 還刻意點不同牌子或相同牌子但年份不同的, 籍此可以試試味道上的分野. 兔則點了這裡的另一名物, 水蜜桃香檳品嚐.每檯都有香脆的伴酒小吃, 口感和味道都合格有餘. 吃著小吃期間, 第一輪飲料送到檯上, 淳厚的威士忌顏色深深地吸引著我們, 但更為觸動的, 是那顆晶瑩剔透的圓形的冰球, 這絕對是調酒師吹留先生的心機之作, 祇要行近吧檯位置, 很容易便看到吹留先生拿著冰刀快速地把冰劈成球體狀, 絕對是工多藝熟的表現; 把酒杯輕輕轉了一圈, 耳朵聽到冰在玻璃杯內"卡咯,卡咯"的聲響, 未把酒喝下已經有醉人的感覺.威士忌分別選了suntory 的"山崎", 年份是12年和18年, 另外再點了一杯"余市"20年, 兩款酒同屬單一麥芽威士忌, 但味道卻走著不一樣的路線; 在網上查閱了一些資料, 原來"余市"創辦人竹鶴政孝在蘇格蘭學成回歸日本後, 先和鳥井信治郎一起創立了"山崎"蒸餾廠, 一起經營了十年, 但最終因二人所享往的威士忌理念不一樣而拆夥, 竹鶴政孝選擇離開山崎, 找尋地理環境和蘇格蘭最為相近的北海道落腳, 創辦了"余市"蒸餾所, 希望能夠製作出更接近蘇格蘭口味的威士忌. 正正是上述的原因, "山崎"無論是12年或18年, 都能嚐到較適合東方人口味的清新怡人, 充滿花香的爽甜味道, 除著年份的不同, 木桶的橡木香味會不同層次的演繹; 反觀"余市"20年的味道則是深沉, 醇厚, 更接近蘇格蘭的濃烈味道; 對於威士忌初心者的小弟來說, 較易入口的"山崎"更為容易接受, 但在座的兩位資深級威士忌友人則更喜歡風格雄壯的"余市".試了一口兔的水蜜桃香檳, 水果味道突出, 用原個新鮮水蜜桃配合優雅的香檳製作出來的美酒, 女孩子一般會愛上的味道; 兔嚐了第一口也大為讚賞, 但當喝了大半杯後, 則認為甜味稍超過了一點, 假如可以把甜味再略為抑制一下, 整體評分會更高一些.喝完了第一回合, 很自然開始第二回合了, 兔的香檳還沒有喝完, 所以祇點了三杯飲品, 分別選了"響"21年和 "輕井澤"17年, 先說"響"21年, 味道近似"山崎"般的甜美芳香, 多了是那一點點朱古力和蜂蜜甜味, 感覺更為討好; "輕井澤"這個品牌不算熱門, 因為生產成本高昂, 輕井澤蒸餾廠在2000年已經停產了, 除了蒸餾機械以外, 其他材料都是由蘇格蘭直接輸入, 連做熟成的酒桶都要選用西班牙雪莉桶, 可見其認真的態度; 酒的味道比較淡然一點, 帶有一些花香和瓜果味, 也是一款喜歡清淡味道朋友的首要選擇.另外還點了巨峰提子配有汽酒, 同樣採用新鮮水果, 以日本巨峰提子配搭西班牙有汽酒製作出來的雞尾酒, 味道清甜芳香, 即使不是女孩子的我也會喜歡品嚐, 沒有如之前水蜜桃香檳般過份甜美, 是剛剛好的味道, 會推介這個.看看時間已經超過了零晨十二點, 大家雖然還有點意猶未盡, 但都拖著帶點醉意的身軀回家了; 下次想起要喝威士忌, 還是會再來的好地方. continue reading
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After a happy causal izakaya dinenr @ Yi Pai Ya, we decided that we should head for a second round - for some drinks @ b.a.r. Executive Bar. The huge array of whisky immediately caught my eyes. Of course there were all sorts of seasonal fresh fruits displayed at the table.A lot of premium fruits for cocktails, like peaches from Fukuoka, mango from Thailand, Kyoho grapes, passionfruits etc Nice selection of whisky! Some of my friends' favorites!Ichiro san was full of charm when he concentrated deeply in making the drinks for his customersThe giant ice balls hand-carved for cocktails and whisky. Daiquiri making in progress. If you see Ichiron san doing the "shake-shake" show, you will know why this place has such an attraction. Peach Daiquiri made with a WHOLE peach from Fukuoka, Bacardi, Peach Schnapps, and organic honey. This was a frozen drink (like a slushie) and it's SOOO delicious! I couldn't help but to slurp - and slurp too quickly I felt the effect...Mango daiquiri with Thai mango, Bacardi, honey, wand finished with a brûléed top. Also very delicious though I liked the Peach one betterMy friend's Peach Bellini and Passionfruit cocktail with rumI tasted them and they were lovely! We each had 2 drinks, and chatted till the night got old...More peach daiquiri, and I pretty much couldn't remember anything else.... But I certainly remember that it was a very happy night. And I am now addicted to their fruit cocktails! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
B.A.R. Executive is a very popular upstairs Whisky and Cocktail bar - operated by a Japanese Bar Tender and Mixologist! He does make some pretty interesting drinks, and the Ice-Sphere in the whisky drinks are in fact hand carved by him Ichiro-san on the spot! .A platter of Pretzels and Japanese Garlicky bread based snacks are given to the customers. A little too strong to go with the drinks tonight.... 6/10.余市 Nikka Yoichi 12 Years -This isn't a Japanese Whisky I personally nor usually order, as it is an entry level whisky compared to the more aged options! However I was just here for a casual drink and chat with a friend so price dictates more! If I really wanted to enjoy a better whisky I would pick the much higher priced options (obviously being charged a premium here!). This was mostly about malt sweetness to me but overall well rounded. Not much peatiness or oak, but with a subdued fragrance I suppose ! 7/10.Suntory Hibiki 12 Years - I have been drinking Hibiki since around 10-15 years ago already. Back then I really liked this! Over the years however I'm starting to find this to be quite fakishly sweet despite the very spiced fruitiness in the background, it's almost like it has sugar or honey added! A drink I appreciate for its unique flavour rather than outright embracing this approach! 7/10.Seasonal Cocktail -This is made from seasonal Kyoho 巨峰 grapes, together with a New Zealand wine of Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc. At $138 this is not cheap but was very tasty. I think it could do with a bit more 'wine' rather than the singular tumbler that was added in. Addictive, but not exactly value-for-money. 6.9/10***************OVERALL, this is one of the most interesting Japanese bars in HK and there's still a few I haven't visited yet. Appreciate here for their special cocktails, limited edition Whisky offerings as well as the Japanese atmosphere and the hand-carved ice spheres. But only if you don't mind pay a premium for the quality! continue reading
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