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Under the culinary leadership of Richard Ekkebus, Amber is a two-Michelin-star French restaurant. It is listed No. 24 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants List 2017. The signature dishes here are the Hokkaido sea urchin, foie gras Lollipop and Kagoshima Wagyu beef. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best Buffet Restaurant (2008), Best French Restaurant (2014-16), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2009-20), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2017-2020)
Good For
Romantic Dining
Special Occasion Dining
Opening Hours
12:00 - 14:00
18:00 - 21:00
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 14:00
18:00 - 21:00
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Visa Master AlipayHK Alipay Cash AE UnionPay JCB Apple Pay WeChat Pay
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Alcoholic Drinks
May Bring Your Own Wine
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10% Service Charge
Review (226)
Level4 2020-03-11
今時今日香港以至全球的氣氛令人透不過氣, 趁着週年紀念, 與愛人到AMBER吃餐好的, 寵一下自己我們大概十二點去到食午餐, 可能因時間還早, 我們可以「包場」大概半小時! 整個午餐時段約有十枱客人, 枱與枱之間的間隔遠, 私人空間十分充足, 完全沒有壓迫感我們今次要了Full Amber Experience. 總共有六道菜.麵包一向是我的至愛,這裏的Sourdough外脆內軟, 好吃到不得了! 愛人怕撐著肚子不敢多吃, 我一個人吃了三大塊呢 我們要了Wine Pairing. 可從特選酒單中挑選三杯(香檳,紅/白酒和清酒). 我們選了香檳,白酒和紅酒, 全都不錯.第一道菜是蠔.撥開上面白色的泡沫,下面有一片片的蠔, 蠔煮到半生熟, 味道很香.第二道是Amber的名菜, 據說Amber重新裝修後, 菜單上就只有這道菜可以留低, 可見其重要性.這道菜的組合是魚子醬、龍蝦啫喱和新鮮北海道海膽, 建議用匙羹一勺舀下去將三種元素一次過放進口內品嚐.那種鮮味甜美非筆墨所能形容. 然後再舀一勺放在紫菜脆片上, 口感頓時提升! 然後不能自已一勺勺的吃, 駭然發覺整個菜很快已吃完, 齒頰留香之餘卻又無比惆悵.第三道菜是魚.Tooth fish是深海魚, 這裡煮得剛剛好, 魚肉嫩滑有油香.牛骨髓醬汁釀進去紅洋蔥內面, 吃下去軟軟的又爽口,感覺十分特別. 紅酒醬汁偏酸了一點, 個人覺得魚肉就不去蘸醬汁比較好吃第四道菜是鮑魚.原隻鮑魚用清酒煮了5小時, 醬汁方面是用了鮑魚肝加上黑松露和枝豆熬成.整個菜配合得天衣無縫, 非常美味第五道菜是和牛.我要了medium的, 肉煎得粉紅色, 咬下去油香四溢, 入口即溶, 當然是一點兒渣也沒有.配菜有很出色:薯蓉的牛油味很香; 圓形薯波波很可愛; 焗香了的金菇吸收了切牛肉時擠出來的肉汁, 很是好吃甜品出場.橙味啫喱造成的類似腸粉皮的東西, 裹著一條純黑朱古力.朱古力的那點苦澀配上橙啫喱的那點酸, 伴在旁的蜜糖雪糕, 蜜柑和蜂巢脆糖則為這個甜品帶來一點甜, 整道菜層次豐富, 為頂級甜品的完美示範最後有小點心伴手冲咖啡.沖繩菠蘿又香又甜, 自家焗製的貝殼蛋糕也很不錯, 為這頓盛宴要畫下完美句號. continue reading
Level4 2020-07-01
Amber has recently changed their menu and they have launched their discovery menu where early diners(arriving 6-6:45pm)/late diners(8:15-8:45pm) can enjoy a 5-course dinner with wine pairing for an additional 298.The only item on the menu that I have tried twice was the dessert Pine Nut and they kindly agree to replace it with their Chocolate dessert.First came their amuse bouche. It was very refreshing and the flavor of the roe and peas balanced each other well, preparing you for the coming food.The first course was absolutely stunning. Who knew Shiso can be made into a sorbet? The tomatoes were all fresh and sweet and the aromatic shiso sorbert was very delightful for the palette. Even though I like strawberries more, the tomato and the shiso was definitely the star.The second course was again lovely. They thought of everything carefully and instead of adding the finishing yuzu zest in the kitchen, they added it in front of the customer as they wanted us to enjoy its fragrance to the maximum. The scallops were cooked perfectly and was fragrance for the yuzu and shiso made it all the memorable.I didn't add additional truffles to this course but already it tasted full of truffle and earth flavors. There is a small cup of soup served with it and the server will remind you not to add it to the dish but drink it as you eat it.The main course came. The lamb was extremely tender almost melting in your mouth and seasoned well. The red miso added extra flavors to the whole dish. Definitely star worthy quality.The chocolate dessert came and it was lovely with the smooth outside and the crispy textures on the sides. Despite its richness, as the previous dishes were all very appetizing, I was still able to stomach this rich dessert.Their petit four chocolate tart didn't changed but they changed it to another fruit. Looking forward to their next menu. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2020-06-03
一間好嘅餐廳除左好嘅食物之外Service同Presentation都好重要michelin 二星果然沒有令人失望今晚我地好好彩遇到一位好好嘅Captain 為是晚晚餐加添左無限歡樂😚這間我認為是性價比很高的米芝蓮餐廳食物材料質素高 服務好比起灣仔另一間主打創意的這間來得腳踏實地 我們二人點了 9道菜的full amber experience 最尾送來的紀念蛋糕已飽到完全吃不下最後決定打包去了 Captain特別提及 餐廳是不用牛油調味的所以不會有油膩之感👍🏻由第一道菜開始 已體驗到廚師十分擅長玩layer同balance 每道菜都有驚喜特別是signature dish 龍蝦湯jelly夾在魚子醬和海膽中間令人感覺到置身天堂配以紫菜脆片 咁多年都保留在menu 是有原因的我想我這輩子也會記得這味道 尾二的一道朱古力甜品也令我特別深刻外脆內滑已是基本要求吃到中間架啡味才突然湧上舌頭而這個味道轉眼即逝再吃下一啖 已再找不到 captain跟我們說:想再體驗就要再來😂非常難忘總括來說非常推介 環境好 食物好 氣氛好 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
6pm booking for a table of 2. We arrived between 6:05-6:10. But for some reason we still had to wait outside for 5 minutes for the restaurant "to get ready for us" before going in. not acceptable for a michelin starred hotel restaurant. Shouldnt you guys be expecting us and ready to serve?Ordered the Full amber experience menu. Food was solid but not adventurous. the combination of tastes and ingredients are not as creative/innovative or you can say - outdated. Weak courses - Spanish beef tenderloin with black garlic and black vinegar sauce (tough piece of meat and boring sauce). Coconut  custard with palm sugar  and raisins(would have been better if they 'brulee-d it in my opinion, but still too simple for a restaurant this caliber).By the entree/main course (tenderloin), i felt a CUT/PINCH ON MY LIPS. I realised the wine glass for the bottle of wine that i ordered was chipped. Informed the sommelier, John, about it. He simply said sorry and took away the chipped glass and returned with a new glass and left. I would have thought he would give me a new glass of wine but anyway, maybe i was asking for too much. I still had roughly one glass of wine left in my bottle but the empty glass stayed on my table. no one never-ever bothered to check and bothered to fill in the empty glass sitting in front of me. This EMPTY GLASS sat on my table for at least 10 minutes. So, should i pour for myself in a michelin-starred restaurant or what? Felt super awkward . I even tried to act like i was pouring for myself a few times and no one ever paid attention to pour for me.  Again, this lasted for at least 10-15 minutes ,with am empty glass sitting in front of me. Felt Super embarrassed and I finally had to someone to pour for me. They obviously apologised but the damage had been done - chipped glass, non-attentive service. THIS IS NOT MICHELIN SERVICE. Maybe I really should have grabbed the bottle and poured for myself pitifully.The rest of the meal ran smoothly but the damage had been done. The bill came and I had been charged for the full bottle of wine even thought I had been given a chipped glass for a majority of my meal and cut my lips with it. No one poured my wine after complaining about it. No one came over to apologise after the meal as well.  Maybe they were trying to give me a lesson? Not sure . overall food was OK but too safe. I think more creativity could have been there and challenge our palates. Unfortunately, given the service this place neither worth the star nor the money.  continue reading
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Level3 2020-05-31
重開嘅Amber因為唔係好啱我,所以一直冇機會再去,現在更新左有返我鍾意食嘅嘢,好開心可以再去😍裝修後嘅Amber變得好光亮,狐形設計嘅間隔令座位感覺好舒適,又好有特色👍🏻因為我二人都唔係好飲得,所以冇叫United We Dine menu,只係試左Amber Experience 3 courses @778雖然只係3 courses,不過都已經足夠,好滿足嘅一餐Fine Dining 😘餐前小食:青豆+魚子睇見已經開心,好似花園,食落有清新感覺,即時感覺好肚餓😅Sour dough with salted butter 😋外脆內軟嘅麵包,又係必食👍🏻Aka Uni. Cauliflower Lobster. Daurenki Tsar Imperial Caviar (+298)名菜即係名菜,好食到現在仍回味緊😋聽聞換餐牌,只有呢道菜仍然保留,可見幾掂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Foie Gras. Four Spices. Yellow Beetroot. Sea Buckthorn. Marigold. Anise Hyssop. Jumbo Raisin鵝肝油香,再配合上面嘅酸酸地嘅卷,中和油膩感覺,真係非常好嘅配搭,另外亦有兩片自家制提子麵包,同食亦係另一不可錯過嘅組合😍Suckling Lamb Loin. Gunpowder. Peppermint. Lardo di Colonnata. Kabu慢煑羊,只係睇蘿蔔上面嘅🌼已經夠開心🥳再食羊肉Tooth Fish. Bone Marrow. Red Onion. King George Mushroom. Pinot Noir魚🐟先蒸後煎,仍然保持入口即溶,軟滑感覺👍🏻Amao Strawberry. Hibiscus 🌺 Almond. Pink Peppercorn. Egg White 呢個我至愛,福岡士多啤梨🍓面層蛋白脆餅已經充滿士多啤梨味,底層係杏仁、雪芭+福岡士多啤梨🍓好好味😋Arabica Coffee. Dark Gianduja. Bitter Chocolate🍫 Hazelnut. Rice朋友至愛,多層次、多質感嘅朱古力體驗,呢個完全🈵️足佢嘅需要😂即場調制嘅餐後酒,睇住佢整,好得意❤️ 餐後水果,沖繩菠蘿小食,朱古力餅Earl grey tea continue reading
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