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在廚藝總監Richard Ekkebus的帶領下,米芝蓮二星及綠星殊榮的Amber一直為餐飲業的先鋒,以建基於法國烹飪技巧的精湛廚藝呈現純正風味及創新意念,滿足一眾時尚食客的需求。Amber餐單不含任何乳製品,減少使用精製糖及鹽,呈獻菜式最純正的味道。 continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best Buffet Restaurant (2008), Best French Restaurant (2014-16), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2009-24), Michelin Green Star Restaurant (2023-24), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2017-2021)
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Romantic Dining
Special Occasion Dining
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12:00 - 16:00
18:00 - 00:00
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12:00 - 16:00
18:00 - 00:00
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10% Service Charge
Sustainable Seafood
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Review (392)
Level4 2024-05-28
I have received many praises regarding this restaurant from friends and the internet. It is about time I came. From the moment I walked in, I knew the service would be top-notch. The environment is elegant and makes the small space seem spacious and heavenly. This restaurant does not use any dairy products which is great for a lactose-sensitive like me.$$$This is definitely on the far end of fine dining in Hong Kong with the weekday lunch sets priced at $928, $1,168, and $2,318 (including a kitchen tour). We went for the cheapest option and still left very full and satisfied.Amuse BoucheThe most memorable amuse-bouche is the phenomenal tomato and tofu dish that features a layer of tomato jelly, tofu, and tomato relish with Sichuan peppercorns. The tofu is extremely silky and creamy with a texture not dissimilar to burrata, working beautifully with the small heat emitting from the fresh tomatoes on top. Truly a great start to the meal.The other amuse-bouche included a creamy foie gras lollipop paired with gingerbread and a house brewed kombucha spiked with seltzer for a pleasant palette cleanser and appetite stimulant.BreadWalking away from the extravagant and overwhelming bread baskets, Amber focuses on simplicity and perfecting that. Their sourdough is fermented for 48 hours and utterly flawless from the chewy and tangy interior to the crispy and crusty crust. It is consistent and reliable, no wildcards with flavors and techniques here. The butter on the other hand is not like your traditional butter as it is made from caramelised enriched soy milk and lactose fermented cashew butter but it tastes exactly like cow butter with the same mouthfeel and creaminess that is mind-boggling. It’s lightly seasoned with soy sauce so you get subtle umami but really it is the pure creamy fat that you taste and goes so well with the acidic bread. Truly a remarkable albeit simple representation of bread and butter that showcases the team’s hard work perfecting their craft.StarterFor the starter, I chose their Nishimera salmon trout smoked in sakura wood topped with trout roe that made for an amazing twist on the mother-and-child pair. The trout is salty and bouncy whilst the roe is salty and gooey. The saltiness is balanced by the creamy, unctuous emulsion made from eggs and Junmai Sake that simultaneously offers lightness and richness. However, the true star of the dish had to be the perfectly cooked asparagus on the side that is brushed with kombu oil, taking this seasonal ingredient to the next level. Eating the crunchy asparagus with the tender trout was a textural umami bomb. This is by far the best starter I’ve ever had in any restaurant.MainThe umami-rich starter was followed by another umami-rich dish but still somehow wasn’t overwhelming. The toothfish with Normandy scallops is a delicate and sophisticated dish that highlights the ocean’s abundance. The toothfish is firm yet flaky (a sign that it is perfectly cooked) and the huge scallops are tender and slightly opaque (also a sign that it is perfectly cooked). Wrapped in kelp for a crunch and umami, served on house-made garum (a fermented fish sauce made from marine organs) using scallop organs. This umami-loaded dish is balanced by the sweet and silky turnip puree on the side.DessertThis short but filling lunch concludes with a parade of sweets from the chosen dessert to the complementary celebratory cake to the petit fours.My chosen dessert was the seasonal pineapple surprisingly paired with elements of rice and matcha. This was a refreshing and fruity choice that accentuated the naturally sweet pineapple.The complementary cake was a longan mousse filled with hazelnut chocolate and topped with a yuzu curd. Extremely light mousse with rich chocolate and zesty curd, what more could you ask for? A very balanced dessert and they are very generous with the size of the cake so do come for celebrations.Petite fours started with their deceptively light madeleine decorated with poppy seeds and a black lemon (basically dehydrated lemon/lime) gel in the middle. This shattered with minimal force and is easily the lightest madeleine I’ve ever eaten (I’ve had 3). Followed by a rich 70% chocolate encapsulating a yuzu and mikan (satsuma or Japanese mandarin) curd topped with toasty caramelized sunflower seeds. This indulgent bite is reconciled by the fresh fruit platter that reflected my childhood. The platter includes a variety of seasonal fruits imported from Taiwan, such as rose apple, mango, and a first-time milk fruit. This purple-fleshed fruit reminds me of mangosteen due to the white gel-like interior but the taste really does remind me of milk. Perhaps even more closely to coconut flesh which is also very creamy as milk fruit also has a slight crunch. An interesting fruit that you can only find in Amber in Hong Kong. We also ended with a fun tea called “Monkey Picked” which is under the subcategory of Tieguanyin, a black tea. This tea is shaken with raspberry jam and finished with Amalfi lemon zest for a refreshing final send-off.Final thoughtsGiven the high price tag, you can surely expect first-class service and food here. The food does not scream high innovation and unique ingredients but instead focuses on elevating existing and sustainable ingredients, creating surprising pairings via sophisticated techniques. I truly recommend coming here for a celebratory lunch and even ordering the cheapest option because you will surely be stuffed and satisfied. continue reading
相信大家都聽唔少米芝蓮二星嘅Amber。你地有無發現除咗咖啡奶茶,Amber 係無用 diary product 架~ 亦都可以做到無肉menu 😉 不訪可以打過去或去官網了解個Menu 😗 好欣賞成個menu 都有設計過,口感味道上無重覆,每樣做到好精緻。連餐具都有細心配搭 👏🏼 最緊要係食材都好sustainable 𝗪𝗛𝗔𝗧 𝗪𝗘 𝗢𝗥𝗗𝗘𝗥Amber Exclusive 7-Course Dinner Menu 2,788✨ David Hervé Royal Oyster 。Potato 。Horseradish。Salicornia 。Menegi。Caviar Bottarga新鮮採購嘅生蠔加liquid foam potato 🥔 食落係比較soft ,生蠔本身好飽滿。蘑菇奶凍啫喱,鴨肝用紅桑子做coat,再配蕎麥、olive oil 、蘑菇嘅茶🍵鴨肝個油膩感無咁重,再飲埋個茶,成件事係balance 得好好😌✨ Aka Uni 。Cauliflower 。Lobster Royal Cristal Caviar 。Acipenser Schrenckii X Huso Dauricus魚子醬、豆奶、椰菜花奶凍、海膽等好似個server咁講係神來之筆😆好似置身於海洋中🌊之後再食呢個海帶脆餅Perfect ! ✨ Normandy Scallop。Black Winter Truffle。Scallop Beard Garum 。Bamboo Shoot 食依到菜之前會黎個Kitchen tour ❤️ 參觀完會係廚房食依到菜。令我回憶返以前讀酒店個時嘅情景😂 真係呢 🤫黎自Normandy嘅帶子,用 12hrs 將 Truffle 同自己海水味道去”焗” 出黎。成個 Contrast 係哂到!食落好脆身。再落素食牛油 🧈 加浸咗 6個月裙邊同其他帶子部分做個點綴。 ✨ Foie Gras 。Brussel Sprout 。Black GarlicAged Black Vinegar 。Malabar Black Pepper旁邊有黎自中東嘅黑胡椒,黑蒜Foie Gras 上面有小白菜,鴨肝皮做脆脆等完成食到自身嘅油脂感同個香脆係到。好彩無用我最唔鍾意嘅berry sauce 哈哈哈🤣✨ 上主菜前會有個自家製sourdough 加 豆奶油、椰子油、豉油、堅果做嘅butter 。個”牛油”真係好想pack返屋企享受😂✨ Milk Fed Lamb 。Za'atar 。Hakata 。Senryo Eggplant。Black Garlic 。Kura Goma羊仔、羊鞍、羊肚、羊架將唔同嘅部位嘅精髓突顯出嚟先慢煮後炭燒✨ Wagyu 。Crystal Pear 。Red Onion 。Red Wine Vinegar 。Shiraz 。add 500日本宮崎和牛韓國水晶梨紅酒汁加和牛汁以上配搭係無!得!輸!✨ Dekopon。Heirloom Carrot。Ginger。Orange Blossom Honey 。Coriander柑橘、芫荽sauce、蘿蔔蓉去襯返柑橘sorbert,再用Ginger 🫚 脆片,一羹到底✨ Tasmanian Cherry 。Dak Lak Chocolate 。Pistachio食完依個仲有個dessert wine 🍷 送上做個結尾~✨Hot chocolate and green tea 🍵 真係熱朱古力都無得輸!⭐️ 𝐃𝐞𝐚𝐥 ⭐️用 HSBC Premier Mastercard® Credit Card, 有幾間 Michelin-starred 餐廳🍴可享有 buy-1-get-1-free on set dinners!咁優惠嘅事無理由唔開心share ! 而身為MO fans , 今次就緊係試下 Amber 嘅 7 course dinner menu 👏🏼 優惠由 1 January - 31 May 2024 😗 真係快啲上 HSBC 官網睇下有咩啱心水 ❤️‍🔥𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐞⭐️ Sparkling water 40/ppl continue reading
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HSBC Premier buy one get one free menuJoin左MO member仲有starters 同生日蛋糕送❤️服務一如既往的好,除左食物Amber嘅服務真係令我好enjoy☺️我最愛的鵝肝starter同caviar uni(佢地嘅signature dish)依然保持水準。另外tomato x Alaskan King crab都好好食,個味道好refreshing 今次有個kitchen tour,上main dish前會邀請你去廚房參觀,裏面有個Bar枱俾客人一路望住廚房企係度食,廚師會喺你面前擺盤,今次係食鯛魚,成個dish無用鹽調味,原汁原味。呢個section令到成個dinning experience 特別左。Main dish係pigeon, 我地揀咗medium rare, 肉質非常嫩滑👍🏻不過個side dish略嫌濃味鹹咗少少最後2款甜品都好好食,個人比較欣賞perilla x beetroot嗰款,比banana chocolate 有新意啲最後petites four同生果亦都係好好食,特別madeleine 嘅外脆內軟,真係做得好出色送嘅蛋糕最後食唔晒要take away客人走時會送塊75%嘅dark chocolate, 不過我覺得呢塊朱古力其實唔送好過送,因為真係唔係太好食🙈唔係佢哋自家出品,係攞貨嘅😂太濃同埋after taste帶酸,個人認為Lindt 好食過佢. continue reading
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環境係屬於比較modern, chill,輕鬆嘅氛圍,配以jazz Music。唔係屬於classical嗰種嘅高級感。開胃小吃酸酸甜甜嘅蕃茄同埋紅椒打成嘅醬,配以鮮甜嘅豆腐。整體都開胃好味。另外送上一杯以青瓜青檸同梳打嘅飲品放喺一個小碗度,味道比較東南亞。味道可以,不過放喺個碗到感覺怪怪的。如果放喺一個小玻璃杯,可能感覺啱feel d。 Nishimera Salmon Trout , Trout Roe Pertuis, Green Asparagus呢一碟好無謂。就係兩塊煙三文魚,上邊放咗d 三文魚子。完全冇廚藝可言。我嚟呢啲米芝蓮餐廳,無非都係想食吓分子料理,或者係新奇嘅味道。淨係食現成嘅煙三文魚加魚子醬,又使咩特登過嚟破費食?隔離有條蘆筍配以牛油醬。個牛油醬就幾好味。但係我撈個醬落去個三文魚到,又唔特別覺得夾。本身碟嘢嘅味道就正常,煙三文魚都厚切有口感。但個人覺得呢碟野個主角冇廚藝可言,算係求其。Aka Uni, Cauliflower, Lobster, Royal Cristal CaviarAmber 10幾年嘅招牌菜。魚子醬非常鹹香鮮甜,唔會只得個海水鹹味。龍蝦係將佢打成非常香滑嘅mousse, 又有非常濃郁嘅龍蝦味。整體係食得滿意。另外佢仲有兩大片海苔片。餐廳介紹可以撈埋一齊食。但我自己試過,我覺得係破壞咗魚子醬嘅香甜口感,所以我覺得都係分開食比較好。👌🏼酸種麵包 + 椰子醬個酸種麵包大大份,本身味道就冇咩特別。但係我自己就好鍾意佢嘅椰子醬。打得非常幼滑,質感非常輕盈,唔會太甜,只係帶淡淡嘅椰香味道。個味道就有啲似非常非常淡嘅椰奶糖味道,好欣賞佢嘅輕盈口感,同埋少少香甜嘅subtle 感。好味。Obsiblue Prawn,Guanciale di Montalcino , White Asparagus法國藍蝦鮮甜爽口,另外Guanciale 餃就冇特別食到風乾豬肉嘅鹹香味,都係正常豬肉餃嘅味道。另外配嘅龍蝦湯汁都濃郁好味。Foie Gras ,Black Garlic ,Home-Made Sourdough Bread Vinegar ,Malabar Pepper鵝肝如果唔配佢d 汁就咁食,就本身煎得冇乜特別,唔會話特別香滑。個精華係在於佢鵝肝底下面有個脆脆皮,面頭有一啲花同埋配菜,再點綴佢嘅黑醋汁,就會帶來同平時食到嘅鵝肝另一種層次嘅味道。要讚個黑醋醬唔會太酸太甜,個味道恰到好處。👌🏼Toothfish,Normandy Scallop ,Garum ,Kombu 一半鱸魚一半帶子,魚肉同帶子都係半生滑滑嘅質地。個汁係miso 醬嘅味道。味道同質感都正常咁啦。👌🏼Ping Yuen Chicken, Foie Gras,Morel Mushroom ,White Asparagus 一半嘅本地雞同埋一半嘅鵝肝醬。雞同鵝肝醬都整得好幼滑。個汁係類似中式嘅醬油生蠔撈埋再溝到淡淡嘅味道。由於個味道有啲中式,雖然係味道都唔錯,但又唔係特別impress。 甜品👌🏼 Blood Orange, Heirloom Carrot , Ginger橙味sobert,正常味道,唔算驚喜。唔覺得有薑味。Vegan Milk Chocolate,Coconut,Peanut ,Custard Apple 賣相靚。類似豆腐味雪糕嘅外層入邊包住一啲流心醬。個menu 貌似寫係custard apple,但食落唔似蘋果醬,反而有少少芋泥feel。偶然會食到一啲焦糖花生脆脆。整體口感新鮮又豐富。最後佢仲送咗蛋糕同朱古力,味道正常。十幾年前嚟過Amber,當時佢嘅味道真係帶嚟好多驚喜。今次重返,唔知係印象過於美好,定係其他因素,覺得個驚喜度只係屬於正常。整體來講,味道唔會令人失望,整體係decent ,但就覺得少左份新鮮感同埋驚喜。環境:★★★★☆ 食物: ★★★★☆ 推介指數: ★★★☆☆ continue reading
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