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With Two Michelin Stars, Caprice is an amazing fine dining restaurant. Other than having amazing French food, Caprice also has an incredible view of the Victoria Harbor. While all of the food at Caprice is delicious, some of their signature dishes are beef-oyster tartare and carviar, brittany lobster and confit sole with champagne sauce. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best French Restaurant (2012-13, 2015), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2009,2014-2017), Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2010-2013)
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Romantic Dining
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Visa Master AE Cash UnionPay JCB
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10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Japanese cattle with mushroom Pan Fried Sole Fillet Langoustine Carpaccio, Marinated Cucumber, Wasabi Jelly and Osetra Caviar Warm Duck Foie Gras, Fennel Confit and Strawberries in Sweet Spices Sauce Pan-fried sea bass with garlic
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The swapping of chef de cuisine at Caprice and The Tasting Room has officially completed last month with chef Fabrice Vulin, formerly of Caprice, taking over the reign at The Tasting Room in Macau while chef Guillaume Galliot going the other way. This is something that is extremely rare and unusual in the fine dining business but as someone who is less curious about what has happened behind the scene, all I care about is how it would translate to the new menus on both sides.Amid much anticipation, chef Galliot finally launched his new menu in mid June, his first since arriving at Caprice (And good to know that the prices remain unchanged).Like most foodies in Hong Kong, I was really looking forward to this but before we got into the thick of things, a small amuse bouche helped to set the tone. The foie gras crème brûlée came with some crushed hazelnut on top. Not bad.Lunch officially started with a seafood tartare that was served with lobster jelly and flying fish roe. When I got the first glimpse of this, I couldn't help but think of another similar dish - the lovely starter of lobster jelly, creamy avocado and prawns that I grew to like so much at Seasons by Olivier E.Funny how this is also reminiscent of our traditional Chinese steamed meat pie (蒸肉餅). Sitting on top were diced lobster and crystal prawn mixed with little cucumber cubes while topped with dabs of flying fish roes and avocado cream. This whole thing was placed on top of a thin layer of lobster jelly which was surprisingly light and mild in flavor. Pretty good start but it could have been even better if they made the jelly a little stronger (Grade: 3.5/5).Second course was an exuberant pairing of poached lobster, green pea fricassé and oyster emulsion.This was very delicious. I never like lobster with heavy seasoning so this was just perfect. The oyster emulsion was obviously the catalyst here providing a nice finishing touch to the elegant dish (Grade: 4.5/5).My meat course was Racan pigeon served with shallot purée, popcorn, stuffed confit legs and jus.The pigeon was really nicely done while the shallot and popcorn provided different textures to the mix (Grade: 4/5).Ever since the arrival of pastry chef Nicholas Lambert, desserts have become a very memorable part of our meals at Caprice. While chef Lambert's signature Fraisier Gariguette was not on the menu today, there were 3 pretty exciting options for us to choose from.The first was a combination of almond sablé, cherry cream, roasted cherry and Kirsch chantilly which I thought was pretty refreshing. Never hurt to have a bit of wine there to spice things up too (Grade: 3.5/5).But I was even more impressed with the second dessert, crispy hazelnut, chocolate biscuit, Macae cream and hazelnut praline (Grade: 4/5).My love affair with hazelnut praline goes way back and this was a good-looking dessert that used hazelnut praline brilliantly along with chocolate and Macae cream. A very nice exclamation point to this wonderful meal.Mignardises were the usual suspects of profiteroles (coffee flavor?), macaron (raspberry) and dark chocolate.Despite just hitting the ground running, chef Galliot showed us a glimpse of what we could expect from his kitchen which is a very elegant interpretation of modern French cuisine. I will definitely come back in a few months to check on their progress once again. continue reading
Level1 2017-08-24
美食.美景.伴生日的美好時光進門已被一系列巨型水晶燈收引視線安排到窗邊座位,是日風和日麗是日餐牌我們各選4道菜appetisersclassic beef tartaretomato and lobstersoupvery good homardine, shelfish Ragoutmain coursesroasted duck and drinks& othersfantastic moment continue reading
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Level2 2017-08-18
家姐臨時臨急約咗即晚食飯同我提前慶祝生日,選址四季酒店法國餐廳 Caprice。有三個 set 同 a la carte,我哋揀咗 chef's tasting menu,侍應問我地想唔想知道有啲乜嘢食定係每一道菜黎到之後先至介紹。我哋選擇咗每一道菜嚟到先至介紹,兩個家姐都話唔食魚。侍酒師介紹咗呢枝Reuilly白酒,係幾好飲喎。一口一件的前菜,食落有好多味道層次。之後有artichoke柚子黑松露沙律開胃。然後呢碟鮮甜蟹肉有魚子同椰汁配撘,蟹肉特意煮得咸小小加上小小甜的椰汁都幾特別。跟著呢客calamari真係一百分,好tender好鮮,另外特別之處就係呢朵釀咗龍蝦海鮮mousse嘅青瓜花,成朵食曬。到肉類喇,連續三個肉類course有鴨肝鵝肝鵪鶉、鴨胸同和牛,其實如果有魚就好喇,相信都會好好味。係甜品之前,有一系列嘅法國手造芝士選擇,侍應會問清楚每一個人嘅口味然後幫佢選擇幾款芝士,我比較為食同埋鍾意試新口味,所以佢揀咗五款比我,其實條邊係會食埋,只係如果硬芝士而條邊又太硬先至唔會食。見我哋對每種芝士都問又攞多碟四年嘅Comte chess比我哋試,Comte chess係法國芝士入面嘅高級芝士,呢款芝士咬落仲有D結咗晶嘅crystal,質地好鬆化。另一款好食嘅芝士係Mimolette,外形成個哈密瓜咁,入面嘅芝士係橙色嘅,味道好多元化一啖入面有木味煙熏味果仁味,食芝士同品酒一樣,一流嘅享受。最後甜品,個朱古力香蕉蛋糕上面嗰片香蕉乾都要做返香蕉形呀!個朱古力盒最後係打包走,完全食唔落喇😋😋😋😋😋 continue reading
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Level4 2017-08-02
香港知名米其林/米芝蓮法國餐廳 - 四季酒店Caprice,一直想來造訪,好友在我生日時請我來午餐,剛好是餐廳新廚Guillaume Galliot上任,選了他的tasting menu。美輪美奐的用餐環境,服務相當貼心有禮而專業,整個用餐過程高雅舒適。香檳是酒店招待我們的。多款餐前麵包,尤其欣賞這裡的布里歐麵包brioche。一旁的奶油高質美味,忍不住塗了不少配麵包吃。由於沒有菜單,以下有些菜式並沒有店方給的菜名,是我以菜式內容而定名的。第一道是 Tartare bœuf-huître et caviar - Beef Tartare with Caviar 牛肉他他魚子醬 牛肉他他混了些生蠔,讓牛肉的味道多了些層次,整體來說調味不重,藉此襯托魚子醬的鹹香。Laksa de homard - Lobster Laksa 龍蝦喇沙大廚的太太是新加坡人,加上他之前有在新加坡工作,處理這醬汁有他的一套做法。嚐起來不是吃喇沙粉麵湯頭那麼的濃郁,香氣比較重,龍蝦以鮮味開首,配搭起來具創意亦富心思,旁邊的果仁跟香葉帶起了喇沙的獨特味道。Turbot, Consommé de crevettes - Turbot with shrimp sonsomme 多寶魚配蝦清湯多寶魚肉質鮮嫩,但以海鮮的味道來說被蝦清湯搶了,湯頭鮮甜十足,不是說多寶魚不好吃但或許配蝦會比較搭。Pigeon Rôti, Cuisses Confites, Variation de Betteraves et Sauce Porto - Roasted Pigeon, Confit Legs, Beetroot Variation and Port Wine Sauce 烤乳鴿、油封鴿腿、紅菜頭佐砵酒醬汁我們都是因為這道主菜而決定吃這個嚐味菜單的。乳鴿皮脆肉嫩,油封鴿腿就更不用說了,醬汁的酒香與紅菜頭的甜度把鴿肉襯托得十分好,絕對是大廚的招牌菜,我們都很喜歡。Sélection de Fromages Affinés - Caprice Cheese Cellar 起司拼盤這裡的起司一直都很有名,來貨非常優質,全部的起司類型我都吃的,配上他們的果仁乾果酸種麵包特別好吃。最後的四小甜,還有好友特意安排的生日甜點 - 開心果慕絲拿破崙 <3 非常感謝好友的美意,也謝謝這裡的公關送上這甜點給我。期待下一次到訪吃晚餐。 continue reading
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