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Best French Restaurant (2012-13, 2015), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2009,2014-2017), Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2010-2013)
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Japanese cattle with mushroom Pan Fried Sole Fillet Langoustine Carpaccio, Marinated Cucumber, Wasabi Jelly and Osetra Caviar Warm Duck Foie Gras, Fennel Confit and Strawberries in Sweet Spices Sauce Pan-fried sea bass with garlic
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The swapping of chef de cuisine at Caprice and The Tasting Room has officially completed last month with chef Fabrice Vulin, formerly of Caprice, taking over the reign at The Tasting Room in Macau while chef Guillaume Galliot going the other way. This is something that is extremely rare and unusual in the fine dining business but as someone who is less curious about what has happened behind the scene, all I care about is how it would translate to the new menus on both sides.Amid much anticipation, chef Galliot finally launched his new menu in mid June, his first since arriving at Caprice (And good to know that the prices remain unchanged).Like most foodies in Hong Kong, I was really looking forward to this but before we got into the thick of things, a small amuse bouche helped to set the tone. The foie gras crème brûlée came with some crushed hazelnut on top. Not bad.Lunch officially started with a seafood tartare that was served with lobster jelly and flying fish roe. When I got the first glimpse of this, I couldn't help but think of another similar dish - the lovely starter of lobster jelly, creamy avocado and prawns that I grew to like so much at Seasons by Olivier E.Funny how this is also reminiscent of our traditional Chinese steamed meat pie (蒸肉餅). Sitting on top were diced lobster and crystal prawn mixed with little cucumber cubes while topped with dabs of flying fish roes and avocado cream. This whole thing was placed on top of a thin layer of lobster jelly which was surprisingly light and mild in flavor. Pretty good start but it could have been even better if they made the jelly a little stronger (Grade: 3.5/5).Second course was an exuberant pairing of poached lobster, green pea fricassé and oyster emulsion.This was very delicious. I never like lobster with heavy seasoning so this was just perfect. The oyster emulsion was obviously the catalyst here providing a nice finishing touch to the elegant dish (Grade: 4.5/5).My meat course was Racan pigeon served with shallot purée, popcorn, stuffed confit legs and jus.The pigeon was really nicely done while the shallot and popcorn provided different textures to the mix (Grade: 4/5).Ever since the arrival of pastry chef Nicholas Lambert, desserts have become a very memorable part of our meals at Caprice. While chef Lambert's signature Fraisier Gariguette was not on the menu today, there were 3 pretty exciting options for us to choose from.The first was a combination of almond sablé, cherry cream, roasted cherry and Kirsch chantilly which I thought was pretty refreshing. Never hurt to have a bit of wine there to spice things up too (Grade: 3.5/5).But I was even more impressed with the second dessert, crispy hazelnut, chocolate biscuit, Macae cream and hazelnut praline (Grade: 4/5).My love affair with hazelnut praline goes way back and this was a good-looking dessert that used hazelnut praline brilliantly along with chocolate and Macae cream. A very nice exclamation point to this wonderful meal.Mignardises were the usual suspects of profiteroles (coffee flavor?), macaron (raspberry) and dark chocolate.Despite just hitting the ground running, chef Galliot showed us a glimpse of what we could expect from his kitchen which is a very elegant interpretation of modern French cuisine. I will definitely come back in a few months to check on their progress once again. continue reading
Level6 2017-04-09
Lunch at Petrus three days ago made me realize how much I miss French fine-dining. Since I knew I would be in Central this week, I thought I should go and check out Caprice's spring menu before my busy schedule sets to kick off at the beginning of April.I was pleasantly surprised to get a table despite not having secured one until late last night.We were offered a small nibble of sweet corn custard to start the meal. This was complemented nicely with two tiny slices of pickled duck breast and some popcorn. Interesting mix.Lunch finally got underway with the first starter of the afternoon. This sure looked a little familiar as I also happened to kick off my meal at Petrus with foie gras although with a bit of different interpretation.I thought the chicken and duck foie gras pâté en croute was pretty tasty. A bit of chicken consommé jelly helped to tie everything together nicely and the pickled vegetables on the side did well to offset the richness of the foie gras.As much as I like our first starter, there was no doubt in my mind which was the more appealing choice for starter. My mouth began to water the moment our server placed my Alaskan king crab in front of me. That was an incredibly big piece of crab leg right there!I love the fact that they simply served the poached Alaskan king crab with avocado purée, crab salad and citrus fruit chutney so what I had was predominantly the sweetness of the crab meat. That was a beautiful dish.After the stunning dish of Alaskan king crab, I knew we won't go wrong by sticking with the seafood theme. The Canadian lobster was really meaty and the sauce made with lobster coral was a nice touch.Slightly less successful was the other main dish, roasted duck with citrus endives and orange emulsion.Dessert has been the highlight of our meals at Caprice ever since the arrival of pastry chef Nicolas Lambert. We first began our sweet journey with this chocolate panna cotta, served along with chocolate sable, tanariva and Guanaja chantilly.This was not bad although I personally preferred a little more textures to it.The tahitian vanilla floating island, on the other hand, was a masterpiece. The ball of egg white with fillings of salted caramel ganache was light and airy. Crushed sea salted caramel popcorn provided lovely texture on the outside while a rich tahitian vanilla sauce put the icing on the cake. A perfect end to this remarkable lunch.Petite fours were mini pineapple macaron, raspberry chocolate and carrot cake (more like tart).For the second time this week, I left a restaurant with a big smile on my face and a pretty happy tummy. This would most definitely be my last visit to Caprice before chef Fabrice Vulin ends his tenure here. Let's see how chef Guillaume Galliot will revamp the menu once he gets his feet wet in Caprice in late April. continue reading
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Level2 2017-07-12
因為大家都各有家庭要約Dinner極難約, 所以今年生日🎂大家決定食lunch, 大家就黎就去, 終於約左日平日(星期五)大家又放假, 所以比較易book到位, 仲非常幸運地我地去個日, 天氣極好☀️😎(之前連續落左7日雨⛈⛈)我地被安排坐係window seat, 朋友知道時都不禁講超好彩; 一直都知Caprice正💯, 但估唔到去到呢個level都仲對自己既服務有更高要求, 不但服務好, 仲有好多小心思,餐前小食同餐後甜品絕對係驚喜 continue reading
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Level1 2017-07-11
第一次光顧米芝蓮🏅🏅🏅餐廳,感覺賓致如歸,食品和環境滿分。服務員更非常窩心👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻很欣賞他們廚房內員工圑隊的認真和熱誠。對選材和食客的感受均全面照顧周到。雖然中途發生一段小插曲,原本餐單上的湯換了另一份餐單上的湯。而小妹正好喜歡換來的餐湯。閒談中跟服務員笑説是否厨師給我的驚喜?😉害得那服務員不好意思,連忙道歉。其實這才令我感到不好意思,怪自己多言😜。然而這個小插曲令我充份體驗到他們的應變能力極高,令小妹的生日錦上添花😉⋯⋯最後要多謝我 big boss WIllie for the treat 🎊 continue reading
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說到女生的浪漫,大概是打扮得漂漂亮亮到法國餐廳吃一餐法式浪漫。說到法式浪漫,Caprice可以說到城中性價比最高,會想一試再試的餐廳。並非第一次到Caprice,心知其兩星榮譽人氣高,所以早早就麻煩男朋友幫忙訂位置,還特別安排了窗口位置,讓我們一邊看到漂亮的海港景色,一邊細味精緻的料理。在座位安頓下來點了餐後,侍應都會捧著一個漂亮的麵包籃子給你選麵包,麵包的款式有三至四款,款式和半年前來的時候差不多。本身我就有做麵包的習慣,來到兩星餐廳當然每款都選了一個,品嚐一下法國麵包的技藝。侍應放下了兩款像小山丘款的鹽味/原味牛油。首先要品嚐的,一定是法國麵包的代表--法包。迷你法包非常香脆微暖,麵包的香氣撲鼻,配牛油吃更加感覺到麵粉的味道,但男朋友因爲喜歡吃軟麵包,所以他吃了一口就放棄了。另外一款麵包是鹽味軟包,外皮滑身味道偏咸,感覺新鮮。另外還有一款健康人士最愛的麥包,麥包表面印有蝴蝶圖案,非常高雅。本體而言麵包非常新鮮,與其他酒店相比未算突出,牛油香味未算令人驚嘆,但也算高水平之作。然後就來到會令人驚喜連連的開胃小食,小小一份開胃小食配上獨特的醬汁,味道令人好奇,這正是Fine dining 與一般西餐不同之處。男朋友點的前菜由半熟蠔配蕃茄煮成的凍湯。廚師把蠔煮成半熟,蠔的鮮味完全保留而且多了蕃茄的甜味,非常有趣。牛油果最近打著超級食物的名號成為了人人追捧的美食,看到餐單上出現我當然毫不猶豫選了。牛油果配上魚生粒,非常軟滑容易入口。再來的是青豆蓉湯。原本沒有對這道菜抱有甚麼期待,但最後卻成為了我最驚喜的菜式。青豆湯非常濃郁也沒有豆腥味,湯入邊有牛油酥餅碎,牛油香氣四溢但不膩,也令湯的口感提升至更高層次,非常出色。男朋友選的主菜是龍蝦意大利飯,一上菜見到濃濃的泡沫覺得奇怪,但一嚐你才體會到人生中最濃郁的龍蝦味道,一啖泡沫醬汁,彷彿一碗龍蝦湯,非常出色。不過,法國菜果然要保持優雅的吃,我不小心把醬汁弄在裙上,大大破壞了心情。我到洗手間整理裙子回到座位時,發現侍應細心地用蓋蓋住食物,完全配得起兩星的服務。我選的主菜是牛肉,牛肉顏色煎得漂亮而且不難入口,醬汁有微微酒香,味道不差,保持一般水準。接下來的一定是女生最期特的甜點時間。Caprice的甜點一向非常出色,還記得上次來吃酥餅後我回家念念不忘好幾天,今次見餐牌依然存在,所以叫來讓男朋友嚐嚐鮮。由於是跟男朋友慶祝周年紀念的場合,平時表現木訥的他想不到也會特別叫餐廳安排慶祝的字句,侍應上菜時也主動提議拍照和送上祝福,謝謝男朋友把我像公主般的寵幸著呢。酥餅依然酥脆,配上滿滿雲里拿籽的Cream,甜度剛剛剛好,絕對係我心目中數一數二出色的酥皮!由於甜品真的好出色,所以最期待的綠茶蛋糕也上來的。綠色不是日式蛋糕般濃烈的綠茶味,淡淡的茶香配上果仁、忌廉、巧克力,絕對是法國甜點的幸福感。最後登場是細緻漂亮的珠寶盒,我大力推介男朋友一定要試試馬卡龍。平時他總是說太甜太貴,但這兒的甜度剛好之餘也有脆口,淡淡玫瑰花味配忌廉夾心,要我吃十件也可以呢。是次午餐是拍拖周年紀念,看見平時總是T-shirt 短褲的男朋友也特意打扮得帥氣十足,穿著西裝的陪我吃法國料理,實在非常令人心甜。Caprice環境很好,美中不足是背光的關係未能與維港有漂亮的合照。但食物質素高,份量大再配上侍應的細心的服務以及不會因為不是熟客就不熱情招待,正是我多次到訪的原因。法國料理之所以浪漫,因為食物像藝術品呈現。但想一想,其實身邊有個陪你吃飯,對你細心照料的男人,每一餐都是浪漫的一餐。謝謝你給我的浪漫。 continue reading
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