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With two Michelin stars, Caprice is a fine-dining restaurant. Other than having amazing French food, Caprice also has an incredible view of Victoria Harbour. Some of the signature dishes are beef-oyster tartare and carviar, Brittany lobster and confit sole with champagne sauce. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best French Restaurant (2012-13, 2015), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2009,2014-2018), Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2010-2013,2019), Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2018)
Good For
Romantic Dining
Business Dining
Special Occasion Dining
Opening Hours
12:00 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 22:30
Payment Methods
Visa Master Cash AE UnionPay JCB
Number of Seats
Other Info
Wi-Fi Details
Alcoholic Drinks
May Bring Your Own Wine Details
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Japanese cattle with mushroom Pan Fried Sole Fillet Langoustine Carpaccio, Marinated Cucumber, Wasabi Jelly and Osetra Caviar Warm Duck Foie Gras, Fennel Confit and Strawberries in Sweet Spices Sauce Pan-fried sea bass with garlic
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Level4 2019-09-22
昨天是五週年紀念,由於要加班工作的關係,未能到caprice 慶祝。所以honey 選擇今日公假和我到訪。還記得三年前還未開始體驗fine dining之旅,而caprice 就正正是我們嚐星級法國菜的第一間餐廳。那時候,她仍然是米芝蓮二星,而最近她已經是三星餐廳了。餐廳位於四季酒店內,帶有古典而高雅的感覺。而且落地玻璃窗透視著維港景緻,海景相伴,格外加分。午餐分別有Three courses $645, four courses $790,Five courses $895或可以單點。當然set lunch 性價比較高,所以我們都點了three course lunch.先送上Amuse broche這一道amuse broche 十分雅緻。冰凍的龍蝦湯造成湯凍,入口的沙冰感覺,隨之而來的是帶清甜蔬菜甜香, 和幼滑的鮮甜的龍蝦慕絲,味道清爽又輕盈,令味蕾甦醒一下,為前菜作準備。法式鴨肝配野菌啫喱伴開心果Foie Gras and mushroom jelly with pistachio 這法式鴨肝菜式真的美侖美奐,在圓形薄脆下是鴨肝茸和野菌啫喱。鴨肝質地幼滑,然而味道未有預期的濃郁豐腴,或許這就是清爽的野菌啫喱把鴨肝的味道淡化,當中的開心果令幼滑的口感中帶出點點果仁脆香 。整體味道濃中帶清爽,完全沒有太膩口的感覺。蕃茄濃湯伴牛面頰肉意大利雲吞伴杏仁泡沫Tomato soup with beef cheek ravioli, almond espuma這蕃茄濃湯蕃茄味極之濃郁,味道鮮甜酸香,質地稠厚而幼滑,和平日飲的蕃茄湯很不一樣。意大利雲吞一口一顆,牛肉味十足,加埋濃郁的蕃茄湯和輕巧的杏仁泡沫,是平易近人的意式風味,真叫人滿足。香烤龍蝦伴時令蔬菜配羅勒油Roasted lobster , summer confit vegetable and basil oil龍蝦煮得剛剛好,龍蝦鮮甜爽口,還有彈牙的口感,羅勒油令龍蝦肉更為油亮,又沒蓋過龍蝦的鮮味,味道不錯。可惜份量太少了,作為main course 不太足夠,或許作為middle course 更加恰當。法國鴨胸伴香梨及雞油菌Roasted duck breast with mirabelle and gorillas mushroom, plum sauce鴨胸切成小件,入口的大小剛好。鴨胸煎得外皮甘香,鴨肉極為油潤軟嫩,應該是先由慢煮處理再煎香表面,所以造到半熟幼滑。一口鴨肉油香,再配上淸甜多汁的香梨,減少了油膩感覺,加埋咸香的雞油菌,味道豐腴而平衡,超正!水蜜桃慕絲伴乳酪及紅桑子Peach espuma, yogurt cream and fresh raspberries 水蜜桃慕絲放在透亮的高身玻璃瓶𥚃,造形很美。先嚐一口,水蜜桃慕絲冰感幼滑,水蜜桃的清甜幽香在口中緩緩透出來,再伴上滑滑的甜香乳酪,酸爽的紅桑子和夾在當中的曲奇碎粒,真好吃!味道十分清甜輕盈,吃罷也沒有太多罪惡感。焦糖慕絲伴花生鳥結及朱古力忌廉Caramel mousses, peanut nougat and grand cru chocolate cremeux這道朱古力甜品真不錯!朱古力忌廉柔滑濃香,完全沒有過甜的問題,加埋香甜的焦糖慕絲,伴以脆脆花生鳥結,是Classic 的朱古力皇牌組合,而且朱古力味無咁單一,應該沒有人可以拒絕吧!Cappuccino 這泡沫咖啡十分甘香,泡沫豐盈,咖啡味道頗有層次。Flat white奶白咖啡口感幼滑順喉,而且咖啡和奶的比例剛好,甘香之餘又有豐盈奶香,及後還帶有after taste, 正!Petite fours小甜點分別有三款,造型十分精緻,而且每一款都有驚喜。那柚子一口撻柚子味濃郁又帶淸新氣息。一口泡芙皮透薄,一咬忌廉慕絲一湧而出,而那朱古力口感幼滑,是牛奶朱古力風味。呷一口咖啡,再吃一口甜品,真叫人滿足。這一天的週年紀念倒叫人難忘,尤其那無敵海景、典雅精緻的裝潢氣派,和那貼心的服務,唯餐點的份量偏少,或許點四道菜更為滿足。 continue reading
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It's been exactly two years since Executive Chef Guillaume Galliot took over the kitchen of Caprice and he has finally done it. The French chef from Loire Valley has finally guided Caprice back to its three-Michelin starred status (announced late last year).On a personal note, I have not been back to Caprice as much as I would like since the departure of opening chef Vincent Thierry. But now that they have re-captured the third star, I thought I should come back and check things out myself (at least once within this year).The weather has been pretty poor all day (so is my mood) but luckily, I was able to arrive at Caprice largely unscathed.Caprice is open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Sunday. For lunch, the restaurant offers a set menu varying by the number of courses (3-course $645, 4-course $790 and 5-course $895). There's also a 5-course omasake tasting menu priced at $1288 and of course the a la carte menu. I was a little hungry so I went with the 5-course set lunch menu this afternoon.Some homemade bread including my favorite brioche to kick off the meal.Lunch started off brightly with a small amuse bouche, silky green pea mousse topped with crispy croutons (Chef Guillaume Galliot in the background!).The clean flavors of the green pea was nicely matched with the saltiness of the cured bacon on the bottom while the croutons added a satisfying crunch to this otherwise soft and smooth dish.The first dish from the set menu was Aji fish carpaccio served on a tower of fennel and pomelo salad. This was a pretty "safe" dish to start the meal as one could never go wrong with the combination of refreshing raw fish and fruity salad. I thought the saltiness of the Aji fish really caught me by surprise while both the fennel and pomelo did very little to neutralize that saltiness. Decent start.The carpaccio was immediately followed by a heartwarming green pea soup, served with mint perfumed green pea tartare and bacon foam (same combo as the amuse bouche).The soup was accompanied by a green pea tartlet on the side.Following the starter and soup, my fish course was next and I went with their hake fish which was beautifully decorated with cauliflower crumbs and smoked pike caviar.The soft-textured hake was lightly coated with seaweed giving it wonderful texture and flavor. It was finished off brilliantly with a rich-flavored champagne sauce. A well-executed dish with a symphony of umami-rich flavors yet without going over the top. Without a question, the best dish of the afternoon.My final savory dish was roasted French duck breast with variation of carrots. There's really nothing more appealing to me than a gorgeous piece of French duck (Too bad they thin-sliced it!).A star anise sauce with ginger provided some extra heat to the dish (Interesting that the sauce actually tasted a bit like those in Chinese cuisine). If there's an area to improve upon, it's definitely the dessert department. I was looking for something rich and perhaps a bit cheesy so I went with the lemon cheesecake.This came with cédrat confit and a scoop of white sesame ice-cream. At this point, I was really missing Chef Nicolas Lambert (former executive pastry chef here!).I couldn't exactly remember when was the last time I enjoyed a slow day like this. I think I need more of this in the future.Petite fours are always something to look forward to at Caprice. Today's no exception.This is certainly one of my most enjoyable lunch at Caprice since the days when Chef Thierry was still at the helm. I'm not entirely sure about the three stars but one thing for sure, it's moving in the right direction. continue reading
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Level2 2019-12-03
永遠不會令人失望,近乎每年都會去一次的慶祝餐廳。set dinner以fine dining來說很抵食。前菜都已經可以食到調味好富層次,層層湧上味蕾的香料,提味之餘很清新很高級,每碟食到最少五六款調味。當然食得fine dining器具都很精緻。唯獨可改善就是以冬天來説口味清新得有點像夏天,早幾日食另一fine dine已經轉了南瓜磨菇這些fall/winter調味,這次就缺乏了一些winter feast的幸福感。 continue reading
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Level2 2019-11-10
好開心先生同我嚟Four Season 食飯!呢餐應該係我哋食過最貴嘅一餐飯,但係我想講真係一分錢一分貨,因為依餐晚餐真係我食過最最最好食嘅一餐!我哋叫咗個set dinner 然後upgrade咗個main course做鹿兒島和牛。中間最值得一提係阿拉斯加蟹肉冷盤配魚子醬,雖然好似好誇張,但係我感覺到我食咗成個海洋入口! 我形容唔到有幾好味😅其他食物質素已經唔使講, 一句講完,正! 整晚Service很好而且氣氛好浪漫💕坐喺窗前面望住維港食飯係再高一層次嘅享受。最後我哋食咗成三個幾鐘,感覺好完滿🥰 continue reading
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Level2 2019-10-31
三星餐廳,無論地點、景觀、食物質素、服務各方面都係冇得挑剔👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻當日我哋揀左3道菜單,再另外加餐酒。餐前小食好精緻,睇見都好開心🥳麵包除左個樣靚之外,味道亦非常好😋前菜:蕃茄伴水牛芝士😋主菜:香烤龍蝦伴時令蔬菜配羅勒油😍香烤法國鴨胸伴甘筍配八角汁甜品:焦糖慕絲伴花生了結及朱古力忌廉🥰香烤黃梅伴杏仁炊餅及雲呢拿配熱情果胡椒汁😅值得一提😄朋友喺OpenRice 訂位,註明左慶㊗️生日(我唔知)。當天到達後,未有見佢哋D同事與我地確認,就喺上甜品時,喺碟上放左蠟燭同埋寫咗啲字句,真係有D驚喜😆感覺又真係好有心🥰 continue reading
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