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With Two Michelin Stars, Caprice is an amazing fine dining restaurant. Other than having amazing French food, Caprice also has an incredible view of Victoria Harbour. Some of their signature dishes are beef-oyster tartare and carviar, brittany lobster and confit sole with champagne sauce. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best French Restaurant (2012-13, 2015), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2009,2014-2018), Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2010-2013)
Good For
Romantic Dining
Business Dining
Special Occasion Dining
Opening Hours
12:00 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 22:30
Payment Method
Visa Master AE Cash UnionPay JCB
Number of Seats
Other Info
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Alcoholic Drinks
May Bring Your Own Wine Details
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Japanese cattle with mushroom Pan Fried Sole Fillet Langoustine Carpaccio, Marinated Cucumber, Wasabi Jelly and Osetra Caviar Warm Duck Foie Gras, Fennel Confit and Strawberries in Sweet Spices Sauce Pan-fried sea bass with garlic
Review (243)
Level4 2018-08-31
This French restaurant is located in Four Seasons Hotel, awarded Michelin 2-star status and headed by Chef Guillaume Galliot, who came from Loire Valley. Spacious with classic decor showing both elegance and chic, there are many tables with a majestic Victoria Harbour view which further adds to the wonders for the dining experience. We ordered the Menu Carte Blanche ($2080), which changes daily depending on the availability of the best in-season produce, with my wife requesting adjustments as she had some dairy allergy. Not an easy task given a lot of the dishes got cream or cheese, the chef did his best to accommodate, and we were happy for the changes made to meet our needs. Ordering a glass of champagne ($260) as aperitif, we were served an Amuse Bouche which included a Smoked Salmon with Caviar, Cheese Toast with Fresh Tomato, and a Puff with Curry Cream Fillings. All of them were good in taste and stimulate our appetite for the coming dishes. The first course was Gazpacho and Tomato Consomme Jelly, with Tomato Variations and Creamy Burrata. The tomatoes came from Loire Valley, with the jelly showcasing the freshness of the tomatoes. The different tomatoes on top added different texture to the bite, some crunchy and some soft, and the burrata further enhanced the overall experience with the creaminess and savory. I also liked the basil leaves which gave an extra fragrance to the dish. The wine paired was Domaine Ostertag Pinot Blanc 2015. The second course was Foie Gras Terrine from Vendee, with Duck Jelly and Medjoul Date. It had an interesting presentation, with the terrine looking like a mousse with duck soup jelly on top. Eaten together with the toast, the duck soup jelly added the flavors to the already rich foie gras, and the date provided a sweet balance to the savory, making it well-balanced and delicious. The third course was Lobster with Artichoke Variation. A beautifully rendered dish, the poached artichoke was cooked perfectly and giving a great contrast to the deep-fried crispy pieces, and they were complemented with the blue lobster, very fresh and seasoned well to highlight the delicate flavors, and for me this was one of my favorites in the evening. The wine paired was Roagna Solea 2015. The fourth course was another interesting creation. It illustrated the chef's journey in Singapore, being a Laksa with King Crab and Sudachi Lime. The crab meat is put inside the glass bowl and surrounding them are a laksa sauce, with pieces of toasted nut to add the crunchy bite and the Japanese lime giving the acidity and freshness to enhance the overall experience. It is great seeing how the chef integrated the flavor of the signature food in Singapore with Japanese local ingredients and presenting in a French manner. Another of my favorites in the evening. The fifth course was Racan Pigeon from Maison Bellorr, with Beetroot and Natural Jus. Maison Bellorr is a renown producer in France providing high quality products for professional chefs around the world, and coupled with the perfect cooking really gave us a wonderful culinary experience. The meat was so tender and juicy that we couldn't stop eating, and the beetroot and meat juice, though look simple, showcased the most important elements of a nice meal in my opinion - quality of the ingredients in its true flavors. Another recommendation. It was paired with Montevertine 2014 from Chianti. The sixth course was the Australian Beef Tenderloin with Celeriac Gratin. The beef was cooked to my required level, seasoned well and juicy, with the sauce rich and full of flavors. Personally I am not a big fan of the celeraic gratin however, even though celeraic is in fact good for health. The wine paired was Chateau Fontanes, from Pic St-Loup in the Languedoc. The seventh course was the Caprice Cheese Cellar, in which the restaurant did offer a wide variety of different cheese for me to choose. The selection was nothing inferior to most of the restaurants I visited in my earlier trip to France, and I ended up choosing four types of cheese. I really like the sheep cheese which was creamy and mild, and am quite sure for those cheese lovers this would be like a dream comes true with the big assortment. Coming to dessert, the eighth course was Figs and Port Wine Custard. Again very nicely put together, the custard was smooth and silky, and the port wine on top gave a touch of sweetness while not overpowering the more delicate pudding. The figs are now in-season, fresh and marinated beautifully, with the crumbles giving a contrasting bite. The touches of the mint leaves further added the freshness. The wine paired was Kracher Beerenauslese Cuvee 2015. Finally it was Coffee and Petit Fours, with each snack very nicely prepared and each a piece of art itself. And to wrap it up the chef also treated us an additional signature, an apple tart which we all could only eat a small slide because we were so full already. It was indeed very good in taste, with the tartness and sweetness in great harmony making it so appetizing. The services throughout the evening were wonderful, with the team coming over to explain each course when serving, and also having some conversations explaining to us some special features and backgrounds of the dishes, making the overall experience highly enjoyable. If I have to criticize I would say the wine pairings were not particularly impressive, and also considering the flight of wines the prices were also expensive.The bill on the evening was $6418, rather costly if I compare the many Michelin restaurants I just visited a few weeks ago in my trip in France, but again, this is HK and we were in such prime location... Still a memorable dinner which I would come back again. continue reading
Level3 2018-07-29
我們是衝著主廚而來的,希望他能填補我們在他上一家工作的餐廳用餐後的失望。歡迎小食有煙三文魚配酸忌廉,很經典的配搭。呑拿魚他他配芝士脆餅,同樣不會出錯的配搭。最後令我小鹿亂撞了一下的咖哩泡芙,香料味道層次多變,很不錯。麵包籃我選了辣椒牛油麵包,芝麻卷。牛油不玩花款,只有無鹽和有鹽。芝麻卷是像牛角包般的油酥麵皮卷成,香酥軟糯,牛油香,芝麻味突出。辣椒牛油麵包更為我所愛,暫時是唯一記得的麵包。很微薄的辣味刺激著舌頭,辣椒的香椒味,軟中帶𡁻勁的包體,很出色。鮮蝦他他鮮甜黏口,伴有切得非常細的青瓜粒增加口感。海膽甘鮮綿滑,魚子醬咸鮮但比平常的咸度低一半,碟子上更鋪有柚子香的啫喱,所有搭配更突顯整體的鮮美。鴨肝伴櫻桃啫喱醬配香甜鬆軟烤過的紙包麵包。厚重綿滑的慕絲,濃郁香醇的鴨肝香,面頭鋪有一層鴨湯啫喱,鴨香更見突出。 接著這一道菜,卷得美輪美奐的龍脷魚,以牛油煎煮,魚子醬墊很好吃的半軟脆薯仔切片,酸甜清新的蕃茄蓉,還有那個上癮的蕃紅花醬汁。當這些在口腔混合,那個味道是天上有的,真的感動到幾乎哭出來。東南亞風味的喇沙蟹肉,溫和的椰漿、香草和喇沙配鮮甜多汁皇帝蟹肉,但前一道的光芒太厲害,這道變相好吃但欠驚喜。法國菜中的乳鴿是我最愛的其一,鴿肉獨特的野味香氣,肉質嫩得來帶札實口感又多汁,面層也帶焦香,美味。不吃牛的我,主廚給我換成龍蝦。龍蝦彈牙鮮甜不在話下,更加有黑松露增添香氣,同樣是水準之作但驚喜欠奉。本來套餐的澳洲牛柳。實在很飽腹了,這邊特有名的芝士我們也只點了三款輕嘗,當然也絕對沒有投訴的空間。榛子慕絲,檸檬雪芭。End with cherry ice cream ,之後的甜點盒也吃不下了。 continue reading
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Level3 2018-06-01
第一次試fine dinning,獻給caprice 未叫野食之前,先叫左酒水先,貼心既職員隨後送上餐前小吃他們的服務真的很好,caprice雖然很高雅但他們的服務給人一種平易近人的感覺。有幸在window seat 坐下喝香檳看海景我們兩人叫了 MENU CONNAISSEUR(因為吃得太多麵包⋯很快飽了)左手邊這個麵包非常好吃第一道 青瓜啫喱生蠔: 味道頗fresh,但生蠔味可以更好第二道Alaskan King Crab -Prawn Jelly, Caviar Baerii from “La Maison Nordique:至愛,很鮮味,搭配得很好Green Pea Soup and Wild Garlic Custard -Snails, Aged Ham Emulsion, Snail Caviar Toast:對於青豆不太有好感,但味道還不錯Brittany Blue Lobster -Fava Bean Fricassée and Wild Garlic Sauce, Bresaola:至愛之一,龍蝦十分鲜美中場休息,職員安排我們參觀了kitchen和大廚合照,接下來上了主菜兩款也很好吃和牛上的洋蔥是重點,而pigeon 鴿味重,和onion purée 一起吃才好甜點前是cheese table 我比較喜歡light 一點的芝士。然後上了甜品結束美好的晚上。衷心感謝職員Ken的貼心服務為我們留下愉快的回憶。要成為一間優秀的餐廳,除了需要傑出的廚師,還需要優秀的員工 continue reading
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Level1 2018-05-12
Located in the Four Seasons Hotel. Elegantly decorated. Had this special moment to have a dinner in this 2-starred restaurant in the hotel. I was sitting next to the window, watching the sky from sunset to night, with a habour view. I'm not an expert in French cuisine, but it amazed me with great food and tasty white wine. I ordered the seasonal menu, with a Kagoshima wagyu A4 beef. The evening was just perfect, food, habour view, staff service, decent dressed customers talking in low volume. continue reading
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Level2 2018-04-03
食物差了很多很多,每一樣都放一些芝士,, the view is good, the cheese table so big and have so many kind, service is soso 裝修都舊了 continue reading
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