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With superb views of Victoria Harbour, Caprice offers contemporary French cuisine accompanied by the finest wines in stunning surrounds. continue reading
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Best French Restaurant (2012-13, 2015), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2009,2014-2017), Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2010-2013)
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Romantic Dining
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Mon.-Sun.: 12:00-22:30
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10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Japanese cattle with mushroom Pan Fried Sole Fillet Langoustine Carpaccio, Marinated Cucumber, Wasabi Jelly and Osetra Caviar Warm Duck Foie Gras, Fennel Confit and Strawberries in Sweet Spices Sauce Pan-fried sea bass with garlic
Review (217)
Level4 2017-04-09
Lunch at Petrus three days ago made me realize how much I miss French fine-dining. Since I knew I would be in Central this week, I thought I should go and check out Caprice's spring menu before my busy schedule sets to kick off at the beginning of April.I was pleasantly surprised to get a table despite not having secured one until late last night.We were offered a small nibble of sweet corn custard to start the meal. This was complemented nicely with two tiny slices of pickled duck breast and some popcorn. Interesting mix.Lunch finally got underway with the first starter of the afternoon. This sure looked a little familiar as I also happened to kick off my meal at Petrus with foie gras although with a bit of different interpretation.I thought the chicken and duck foie gras pâté en croute was pretty tasty. A bit of chicken consommé jelly helped to tie everything together nicely and the pickled vegetables on the side did well to offset the richness of the foie gras.As much as I like our first starter, there was no doubt in my mind which was the more appealing choice for starter. My mouth began to water the moment our server placed my Alaskan king crab in front of me. That was an incredibly big piece of crab leg right there!I love the fact that they simply served the poached Alaskan king crab with avocado purée, crab salad and citrus fruit chutney so what I had was predominantly the sweetness of the crab meat. That was a beautiful dish.After the stunning dish of Alaskan king crab, I knew we won't go wrong by sticking with the seafood theme. The Canadian lobster was really meaty and the sauce made with lobster coral was a nice touch.Slightly less successful was the other main dish, roasted duck with citrus endives and orange emulsion.Dessert has been the highlight of our meals at Caprice ever since the arrival of pastry chef Nicolas Lambert. We first began our sweet journey with this chocolate panna cotta, served along with chocolate sable, tanariva and Guanaja chantilly.This was not bad although I personally preferred a little more textures to it.The tahitian vanilla floating island, on the other hand, was a masterpiece. The ball of egg white with fillings of salted caramel ganache was light and airy. Crushed sea salted caramel popcorn provided lovely texture on the outside while a rich tahitian vanilla sauce put the icing on the cake. A perfect end to this remarkable lunch.Petite fours were mini pineapple macaron, raspberry chocolate and carrot cake (more like tart).For the second time this week, I left a restaurant with a big smile on my face and a pretty happy tummy. This would most definitely be my last visit to Caprice before chef Fabrice Vulin ends his tenure here. Let's see how chef Guillaume Galliot will revamp the menu once he gets his feet wet in Caprice in late April. continue reading
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Level1 2017-04-09
Caprice, 一直好想試嘅餐廳之一。終於星期日有時間,想起就一早打電話去訂枱,當然呢間餐廳必須係提早訂位先至會有位。好在有人取消枱,先有機會去試食。一入到餐廳環境氣氛、裝修及餐具比較普通,不像是頂級酒店餐廳。我們點了Three Course 的餐單 $590總括除咗食環境之外,食物質素完全不是米之蓮級數。職員服務不錯,有窗口位有幫助換位要求,有問我們食物嘅質素,但我們照實回答不是太好,我們有提出幫我們更換主菜,但我們已經太失望了沒有再點。最後餐廳為表誠意用兩個course 價錢收取餐費。 continue reading
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Level2 2017-03-19
It's been over 5+ years since coming to Caprice.   The last experience with the chef's tasting menu was extremely positive and had left an outstanding impression corresponding well with the restaurant's top ranking position for years to continue.   With the busy schedule of trying out numerous new restaurants in HK opening every month, there hasn't been a chance to come back again till now as a food-loving friend was in town for a visit.  The Caprice ambiance still upholds a very elegant mood and of course the Victoria harbour view makes the perfect complement.    The set menus didn't seem all compatible with what we wanted to try, so we chose to go with a-la-carte instead.  The bread was amazing - a warm and soft brioche. Amuse bouche - a generous portion of two items:Appetisers - Homemade Salmon Confit Glazed w Watercress & isigny cream $550 -   the salmon presented as a chunky roll felt a bit 'heavy', thanks to the green cream surrounding it, the palate was a bit more revitalized.Chilled Risotto, Sea Bass Capaccio, Spider Crab & Kristal Caviar $880 -  a much more refreshing choice vs the salmon.  Instead of the typical presentation, the capaccio is used as a wrap to roll up the fish.  The caviar added a nice uplift to the risotto's light taste.Mains - Roasted Blue Lobster, Lobster Claw Raviole, Brittany Artichokes, Spinach Leaves $890 -  the lobster was cooked to perfection with the just right texture, very tasty with the light cream foam.   The log of spinach leaves was like a mousse cake, tasted a bit too strong as a companion for this light delicate dish.  One precious raviole was served in a small bowl on the side in consumme, very small portion and did not feel matching with the taste of this main dish, only they were both made with lobster.Salers Beef Tenderloin, Wild Mushroom and Shallot Tart, Pommes Soufflees, Red Wine Sauce $850 - no special comments about the tenderloin but the cauliflower looking item on the dish we assume is the wild mushroom & shallot tart -  the taste wasn't much more appealing than the presentation.Dessert -  By now, we were extremely full (maybe too much of the lovely brioche at the start) .   The dessert menu consisted mainly of 'chocolate' choices if not the cheese.   We opted for something more fruity...not knowing  what this item was (and the waiter's description didn't help at all), we decided to take our chances.Orange Baba, J.M Rum Chantilly and Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream $180 - the rum hidden in the orange baba was overpowering and the bitterness threw us off a bit, in regret to not have ordered the safer choices.    I suspect it may not be a choice typical Chinese people would like.  Petit Fours - an abundant portion including the madeleines - a good way to bring our saddened tastebuds back to sweetness after the bitter orange baba. In overall, the dining experience was a bit disappointing comparing to the nostalgic impression I had from years ago.   The dishes and their presentation were honestly lacking excitement - perhaps nowadays there are so many more fine dining choices in competition that one would have much higher & beyond expectations from this long-time Michelin star contender.   The service also felt much less attentive,  hope it's not because we've ordered a-la-carte instead of the tasting menu.One other minor thing that gave this dinner a lower rating : There was a somewhat pretentious caucasian waiter whom made his smile into an instant smirk the moment he turned away after my friend had asked to clarify about an item on her dish.  Not what could be expected/acceptable from a Michelin starred / 5-star hotel restaurant.  I hope if I do ever visit again, that my perfect impression of "the" Caprice from before would resurface again. continue reading
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Level3 2017-03-11
It's been several years since I last visited Caprice. To be honest I personally have very mixed feelings for this restaurant, as the standards are sometimes not too consistent but nevertheless I guess it's worth trying again. The 2 set menus were not too attrative for me so we've all decided to a la carte. So I ordered a full portion langoustine with gnocchi and a bresse spring chicken to share with my buddy. Both dishes were very good, especially the chicken, which is divided into 2 separate courses, where the second course was a chicken meatball kind of thing with foie gras in it, that was pretty delicious. We had a tiramisu cake there which was pretty good as well. I guess in general I was pretty happy with the food there. However, I do have a feeling that Caprice is perhaps not the most creative fine dinning place you can find, it's relatively conservative in terms of presentation as well as the use of ingredients. Taste wise is pretty good but I guess we're probably not having enough visual stimulation. continue reading
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Level1 2017-02-23
My husband and I celebrated our anniversary at the Caprice. The ambience is very thoughtfully decorated. Staff are really friendly and experienced (you can tell how attentive they are). Each dish was very well executed! The flavour and texture combo were just spot on!I really love the lunch menu, which I think it comes at a reasonable price. The platter of cheese was absolutely wonderful! I will be back!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)