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With two Michelin stars, Caprice is a fine-dining restaurant. Other than having amazing French food, Caprice also has an incredible view of Victoria Harbour. Some of the signature dishes are beef-oyster tartare and carviar, Brittany lobster and confit sole with champagne sauce. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best French Restaurant (2012-13, 2015), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2009,2014-2018), Michelin 3 Starred Restaurant (2010-2013)
Good For
Romantic Dining
Business Dining
Special Occasion Dining
Opening Hours
12:00 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 22:30
Payment Method
Visa Master Cash AE UnionPay JCB
Number of Seats
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Alcoholic Drinks
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Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Japanese cattle with mushroom Pan Fried Sole Fillet Langoustine Carpaccio, Marinated Cucumber, Wasabi Jelly and Osetra Caviar Warm Duck Foie Gras, Fennel Confit and Strawberries in Sweet Spices Sauce Pan-fried sea bass with garlic
Review (254)
Caprice has recently regained its 3 Michelin stars. Maybe it's about time to go back for a visit. Our first visit was over 5 years ago. 5 years had passed and the restaurant itself looked the same with not much changes while the visitors had aged with pretty significant changes in life.A table for two had been reserved a few weeks ago but window seats couldn't be guaranteed. Fortunately they still managed to give us a nice table overlooking the Kowloon side across the Victoria Harbour.Service was pretty good as soon as I stepped into the restaurant. I noticed that my skirt was made dirty for some reason and the server offered to give me a wet towel to clean it. There was a small stool to place my handbag beside our seats, which was a really considerate arrangement. Service was pretty attentive although they could have refilled our hot water faster. They did try to remove the bread crusts from our table from time to time. They also tried to offer bread as soon as we had finished those on our plate. If all of the servers could have worn even bigger smiles on their faces, it could have been even better for a 3 Michelin stars restaurant in an international branded hotel like this.We had the luxury to order lunch sets of 5 courses with 1 appetiser + soup + fish + meat + dessert at $895+10% including coffee/tea. Each of us chose something different so that we could try more dishes.A bread basket was brought to us shortly after we had placed our orders. Here are all the choices of bread. The chilli and butter roll was pretty soft and buttery. It was actually slightly sweet and slightly spicy. It was also very ductile. I think it tasted quite good. The sesame roll was even better. It was slightly crispy with soft and pretty ductile interior! It smelt really good. It was slightly oily though.The chestnut bread was too cold and not good.The baguette had really crispy crust but was nothing special. The unsalted pyramid butter was really too tasteless. The salted butter was ok.Amuse-bouche (Lobster Mousse)The lobster mousse tasted ok but it was too salty after finishing the whole thing. There seemed to be some yuzu on top and some crispy crisps on top and at the bottom to add some texture to the mousse.Here you go our appetisers.Scallop Carpaccio with Cauliflower VariationFresh scallops which tasted like having been marinated. The cubes were so crispy and were like apples both taste- and texture-wise but we were told they were made from cauliflowers and celery. A refreshing dish. Overall, it was ok but nothing too special.Foie Gras Terrine with Cocoa, Fresh Mandarine and MarmaladeThis dish was quite special with cocoa powder and a layer of cocoa coating on the terrine. Overall it was slightly sweet due to the cocoa and mandarine and marmalade. It was not greasy at all. Then it comes to our soups.Pumpkin Variation with Truffle CreamThe truffle cream didn't taste very strong. We didn't add $250 for black truffle. The crispy cookie(?) in the middle was good to add some texture. The pumpkin soup was of course very good which was really concentrated. There were quite some pumpkin cubes too. Good soup but I had expected more from a 3 Michelin stars restaurant.Mushroom Cappuccino with Parmesan Cheese EmulsionAgain the soup itself was good which was really concentrated. There were also some mushroom cubes too. The parmesan cheese emulsion was not strong at all. There seemed to be a thin slice of mushroom skin on top of the soup.Then we had our fish dishes.Turbot, Fennel and Orange, Saffron Sauce The Saffron sauce on its own was a bit spicy. The turbot itself was tender but could have been even more so. The dish was overall good but again nothing too special. I had expected more.Spelt Risotto with Brittany Seafood, Sea Urchin FoamThe spelt risotto was very special. Never eaten something like this before. They were very very chewy and didn't taste like pasta. They were more like crispy seeds without their skin removed. The sea urchin foam wasn't too rich in sea urchin. The Brittany Seafood actually included one piece of lobster, squid and 2 small clams. The lobster was pretty fresh. The squid was ok while the 2 small clams seemed to be below average. Overall a better than average rating due to the surprising spelt risotto, although I actually preferred normal risotto more.Then we were served the meat dishes. They had taken a relatively longer time to serve them, maybe to let us take a longer break.Roasted Lamb Saddle with Eggplant and Black Garlic, Natural JusThe plate with butterflies looked very pretty! The lamb saddles were roasted quite well with a layer of black garlic coating which was crispy. But they didn't smell or taste particularly good, just tender enough. The eggplant was too salty though. There was 2 slices of crisps on the plate. The sauce was ok. I would say the most special point about this dish was the black garlic coating. The lamb themselves could have been even better. The portion of the dish was quite big though!Burgaud Duck with Quince and Celeriac PureeThe duck breast was cooked quite well, which was pretty tender and juicy with a layer of crispy skin! It was slightly sweet due to the quince and celeriac. The toppings on top of the duck breast added some crispy texture to the duck breast. I would rate this dish 4.5 although I was never a fan of duck breasts. This dish was really quite good. Finally our desserts.Grapefruit and its Jelly with Timut Pepper, Meringue and Mint EspumaThis one was very light with sufficient ingredients. It was really refreshing. However, I preferred the other because of personal preferences of chocolates Hazelnut Sable and Jivara Chocolate Cream, Hazelnut Ice Cream It was a crispy hazelnut sable with jivara chocolate cream which was really my favourite. The hazelnut ice cream was good too! Delicious! I think there could have been more layers and different textures in the hazelnut sable though.Iced Chocolate with Skimmed MilkCoffee/tea was included in the lunch set. Sugar was served on the side and the waitress kindly reminded us to try a sip before adding the syrup. The chocolate was ok and was sweet enough without any syrup although we had had even better iced chocolate elsewhere.Petit Fours Unfortunately the waiter didn't introduce the pastries to us! The chestnut(?) pastry on the leftmost was yummy. The jivara chocolate tart in the middle was crunchy enough although not too crispy. The plain milk chocolate was ok with nothing special. I wish there could have been something fruity.Let me attempt to compare this dining experience with those recent experiences at other top-notch French restaurants:CapriceBread: 4Amuse Bouche: 4 Appetisers: 3.5Soup: 4Fish: 3.5Meat: 4Desserts: 4Environment: 5Seating: 5Service: 4.5Price: $990 for 5 courses for weekday lunchMandarin Bar + GrillBread: 3Amuse Bouche: 1 Appetisers: 4Pasta: 2Meat: 4Desserts: 3Environment: 4Seating: 3 too close to another table for non-window seatsService: 4Price: $760 for 3 courses for weekday lunch without coffee/tea or petit fours (but with takeaway madeleine)https://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/review/%E9%A3%9F%E7%89%A9%E5%8F%83%E5%B7%AE-%E4%B8%8D%E5%80%BC-%E8%A9%A6%E9%81%8E%E5%B0%B1%E7%AE%97-e3218542Gaddi's Bread: 3Amuse Bouche: No! Appetisers: 4Meat: 3Desserts: 3.5Environment: 5Seating: 5Service: 4.5Price: $660 for 3 courses for weekday lunchhttps://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/review/%E7%94%A8%E9%A4%90%E7%92%B0%E5%A2%83no1-e2973016L'Atelier de Joël RobuchonBread: 4Amuse Bouche: 5Appetisers: 3.5Soup: 5Meat: 3 One dish was great but another was a failureDesserts: 3.5Environment: 4Seating: 3Service: 4Price: $660 for 4 courses for weekday lunch. Great petit fours!https://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/review/%E9%87%8D%E8%87%A8%E7%B1%B3%E8%8A%9D%E8%93%AE%E4%B8%89%E6%98%9Fl-atelier-de-joel-robuchon-e2935289PetrusBread: 4Amuse Bouche: 3.5Appetisers: 3.5Soup: 3Fish: 4Meat: 4Desserts: 4Environment: 5Seating: 5Service: 4.5Price: ~$700 for 4 courses for weekday lunch without coffee/tea. Great petit fours!https://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/review/fine-dining-petrus-e2925968 continue reading
【Michelin 2 starred capricehk 】Celebrating 4 Years anniversary | — Five Courses (Appetiser +Soup+Fish+Meat+ Dessert) at Michelin 2 starred Caprice 🍽 Foie Gras Terrine with Figs and Walnut 🍽 Obsiblue prawn tartare with jelly and mango 🍽 Mushroom Cappuccino with Parmensan Cheese Emulsion🍽 Pumpkin Variation with Truffle Cream 🍽Roasted Lobster, Beetroot and Lobster Sauce 🍽 John Dory, Potato Gnocchi and Dolce Forte Sauce 🍽 Chicken, Sweet Corn and Chicken Leg Ragoût, Foie Gras Sauce 🍽 Roasted Pigeon Breast🍽 Poached pear with yuzu & chocolate brownie and pear sorbet🍽 Hazelnut Sable and jivara chocolate cream and hazelnut ice cream • continue reading
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Level1 2019-03-19
是日慶祝男朋友生日,選擇了岀名食到齊款芝士的Caprice慶祝。因為遲了訂枱所以坐不到窗邊位置,店內樓底較高,所以用了很多水晶燈做佈置,坐位闊落,適合情侶或朋友聊天。我們點了個tasting menu, 頭盤有三個小食,味道不錯,特別是中間那個😂😂(題外話,岀頭盤是剛好是放煙花的時候,我們岀去看了大概十五分鐘煙花才回來吃的🤣🤣)到了湯,前菜及主菜的部分,龍蝦湯味道很濃但學多了略嫌太鹹。蛋殼入邊裝嘅除咗蛋之外仲有松露另外個底係有蛋黃組成食落有驚喜味道不錯。另外魚子嗰個都好食感覺好refreshing。至於個韓牛略嫌肥肉多咗啲但牛味燶,overall口感都OK。到左男朋友最愛的芝士時間,服務員會搬出成枱芝士俾我哋揀。因為個人唔係好鍾意食芝士,所以揀嘅味道都係偏向淡味。而我男朋友係十分喜愛芝士,佢每樣都試啲,因為有某幾種款嘅芝士出邊係好難買到。最後甜品有焦糖vanilla 乜乜乜同一個甜品盒,入邊嘅甜品就比較甜。 continue reading
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今天閨蜜之夜、自從很多年前本身三星米之蓮的大廚走了後、轉了一個從法國南部來的廚師、食物非常難吃有沒有再來、在IG見到朋友看這裏的食物他說換了個廚師這個可以試試!就和女友一起來了、頭盤嗰三個小吃不錯、那個蛋入邊是松露下面是蛋黃都OK、帶子煮得有點熟、那個魚子都不錯、個龍蝦湯都唔錯!反而龍蝦主菜有幾快瓜包住正常吧、和牛那個主菜一啲都唔好食、食到成口油好肥膩!吃了一口吃不下、送的小甜點也不錯因為不太甜如果你唔鍾意食咁甜嘅其實佢都OK嘅!總括嚟講、食完唔會特別想好想返返去食囉、以前最少book兩個星期、依家即日book都有!係有原因的!我覺得三星米之蓮係服務質素真係幾好嘅、食物就正常吧⋯⋯ continue reading
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