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Japanese cattle with mushroom Pan Fried Sole Fillet Langoustine Carpaccio, Marinated Cucumber, Wasabi Jelly and Osetra Caviar Warm Duck Foie Gras, Fennel Confit and Strawberries in Sweet Spices Sauce Pan-fried sea bass with garlic
Review (219)
Level4 2017-04-09
Lunch at Petrus three days ago made me realize how much I miss French fine-dining. Since I knew I would be in Central this week, I thought I should go and check out Caprice's spring menu before my busy schedule sets to kick off at the beginning of April.I was pleasantly surprised to get a table despite not having secured one until late last night.We were offered a small nibble of sweet corn custard to start the meal. This was complemented nicely with two tiny slices of pickled duck breast and some popcorn. Interesting mix.Lunch finally got underway with the first starter of the afternoon. This sure looked a little familiar as I also happened to kick off my meal at Petrus with foie gras although with a bit of different interpretation.I thought the chicken and duck foie gras pâté en croute was pretty tasty. A bit of chicken consommé jelly helped to tie everything together nicely and the pickled vegetables on the side did well to offset the richness of the foie gras.As much as I like our first starter, there was no doubt in my mind which was the more appealing choice for starter. My mouth began to water the moment our server placed my Alaskan king crab in front of me. That was an incredibly big piece of crab leg right there!I love the fact that they simply served the poached Alaskan king crab with avocado purée, crab salad and citrus fruit chutney so what I had was predominantly the sweetness of the crab meat. That was a beautiful dish.After the stunning dish of Alaskan king crab, I knew we won't go wrong by sticking with the seafood theme. The Canadian lobster was really meaty and the sauce made with lobster coral was a nice touch.Slightly less successful was the other main dish, roasted duck with citrus endives and orange emulsion.Dessert has been the highlight of our meals at Caprice ever since the arrival of pastry chef Nicolas Lambert. We first began our sweet journey with this chocolate panna cotta, served along with chocolate sable, tanariva and Guanaja chantilly.This was not bad although I personally preferred a little more textures to it.The tahitian vanilla floating island, on the other hand, was a masterpiece. The ball of egg white with fillings of salted caramel ganache was light and airy. Crushed sea salted caramel popcorn provided lovely texture on the outside while a rich tahitian vanilla sauce put the icing on the cake. A perfect end to this remarkable lunch.Petite fours were mini pineapple macaron, raspberry chocolate and carrot cake (more like tart).For the second time this week, I left a restaurant with a big smile on my face and a pretty happy tummy. This would most definitely be my last visit to Caprice before chef Fabrice Vulin ends his tenure here. Let's see how chef Guillaume Galliot will revamp the menu once he gets his feet wet in Caprice in late April. continue reading
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Level5 2016-07-08
My best mate had not been to visit for over eighteen months, so when he set out the criteria for our reunion dinner, there were two considerations. It had to be French fine dining and there had to be a memorable fromage.There are many high quality French fine diners here in Hong Kong, but there is only one with a cheese platter that can only be carried to your table by two wait staff. It ended up being an easy choice, so we booked into Caprice, located at the Four Seasons.My first and last visit to Caprice had been memorable, enjoyable, but not spectacular, so we were taking a bit of a risk by recommending it to the Big Boy. If it didn't live up to expectations, we'd be hearing about it for many years to come.With Two Michelin stars, Caprice is one of the best restaurants in our adopted city, and even though it lost a Michelin star in 2014, chef Fabrice Vulin has maintained an incredible standard of dining. (For more information on Fabrice Vulin, check out my previous post).Access to Caprice is through the beautiful Four Seasons hotel, and you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd entered ancient Greece with all of the marble leading up to the front of the restaurant. An interesting dichotomy, there is just a simple plaque leading up to the doors that open automatically before you're granted access to a decadent and plushly decorated dining room and a magnificent and massive open style kitchen. The kitchen itself is staffed by countless supporting chefs and it's almost impossible to make out Chef Fabrice in the organised chaos of the kitchen. It actually felt as if there were as many chefs preparing the Caprice menu as diners seated at the tables. It was an impressive sight for the girl and I who'd seen it before, but all the more spectacular for the Big Boy, who had not.Seated at our table, we were provided with a rundown of the menu options which included a special truffle dinner and wine pairing from head sommelier Sebastian Allano and Chef Fabrice. We were tempted by the special menu, but given my status as a non-drinker, and the fact that we'd tried the degustation on a previous visit, we opted for the simple a la carte.I say simple, but the menu at Caprice is anything but simple. There was a raft of options that looked tantalising, making it very difficult to decide on a final selection, in fact, it wasn't until the very last moment that I'd been able to decide on a starter and main. Thankfully, I'd been given a little extra time by the girl and the Big Boy having similar such dilemmas. It's customary to enjoy a glass of champagne when dining at a fancy French restaurant, and both of my dining companions opted for a glass before the meal commenced. Our sommelier seemed a little disappointed that I'd decided not to drink, and even more-so when I turned down the option of a cocktail.An amuse bouche arrived at the same time as a semolina bread loaf and a rather mild olive oil. Looking very pretty lined up as a trio, it was almost a shame to select my my avocado tartlet with fennel and salmon roe. The short pastry and creamy avocado was lovely and I soon forgot about breaking the aesthetic of the presentation. The warm semolina bread was extremely interesting in that our mild olive oil was perfectly matched to balance out the sweet earthy flavour of the semolina (purified wheat middlings of durum wheat). On its own, the oil was quite sharp and peppery, but became much more mild when combined with the bread.A second amuse bouche was presented and the diced potato topped with French egg sea foam, sliced truffle and potato chips was wonderful. Presented in an egg shell, the salty foam balanced out the earthiness of the potato, giving a contrasting flavour as it dissolved on the tongue. Truffle helped with the flavour and potato chips added texture. It was a sharp punch to the palate and really prepared us for the meal to come.The Big Boy started his meal with the 'Le Foie Gras d’Alsace, La Rhubarbe'; duck foie gras terrine, with a duck consommé jelly and accompanied by a rhubarb chutney. We were impressed with the size of the foie gras, which was a huge rectangular slab that was precisely prepared and placed on the plate. The chutney was strategically placed around the plate, ensuring that there was just enough of the tart condiment to help balance out the richness from the terrine. Plenty of toast was provided to help with texture, making it quite the spectacular dish.As good as the foie gras was, it paled in comparison to the 'Homard des Côtes Bretonnes'; poached Brittany blue lobster with bouillon, vegetables and coral mayonnaise. A very generous portion of immaculately prepared lobster, claws sitting by the side and the perfectly poached lobster tail sitting amongst the bouillon jelly and diced vegetables. I simply loved the simplicity of the expertly prepared lobster as it contrasted with the much more complex flavours of the bouillon and coral mayonnaise. Each mouthful was a delight and I was almost saddened when I finished my last mouthful (although I was immensely gratified that I'd ordered the dish to begin with).The girl had also selected the poached lobster as her starter and was equally impressed. She was also delighted with her main choice of 'La Poularde de Bresse'; Bresse chicken with the legs prepared as a caillette and served with confit tomato in Romaine leaf and a side of crushed potato. Bresse chicken is simply the best available in the world, known for it's incredible flavour and purity of breeding. Rare in Hong Kong but more common in France, the Bresse chicken was a simple and tasty dish that left a staggering flavour on the palate once the last bite had been devoured. The big boy and I both chose the beef as our main, with one small exception. I'd splurged on the Japanese wagyu, whilst the Big By had settled on the Salers beef tenderloin. Both were served with pommes soufflés and spring carrots then finished with a sticky dolce-forte sauce. I never tasted my mate's steak, but did provide a piece of my Wagyu for him to sample, to which he simply stated 'perfection'. And it was perfect, the medium rare beef was as tender as any meat I've eaten and had a deep, rich flavour that was accentuated by the sticky jus. It would have almost been too much if it were not for the lightly cooked carrot topped with a carrot puree, the earthy yet sweet vegetable balancing out the fatty flavour of the wagyu.It was time for desserts and as we ordered, the excellent maître d' took us for a tour of the kitchen and the secret cheese cellar located 'out back'. It was incredible to hear how Caprice secured and stored its cheese in a temperature controlled room. To ensure the perfect storage, the cheese sat on straw, making sure that it never came into contact with the wood panelling. It was an impressive sight to behold.Back at our table, our desserts finally arrived. Well, I was the only one eating dessert, which was the tahitian vanilla souffle with Bergeron Apricot compote and streusel. The exquisitely risen soufflé was presented on a plate that had been painted with apricot in a wicked spiral. It was simply delicious, light and sweet (but not overly sweet) and a wonderful example of everything you'd expect from a Two Michelin starred kitchen. The girl and Big Boy probably had the last laugh though, by putting their trust in the wait staff to provide a fromages platter, they'd completely lucked out with so much cheese, with such variance of types and flavours, it was impossible for me to keep up. Needless to say, I've never seen my six foot five friend beaten by any cheese course before, but this was the exception, as much as he tried (ably helped by SC) he could just not finish every bite.There were a couple of stand outs from our evening, the food and the service. You expect a lot from a Two Michelin star restaurant, and rightly so, but the service on the night had far exceeded any realistic expectations of good service. The entire team were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and all too willing to share our dining experience with us. The tour of the kitchen and cheese storage room were fun and informative and really added to the experience. In fact, our service was faultless. We simply could not have asked for more.So too was our food and, for the girl and Big Boy, their matched wine selections were exquisite.Initially I'd thought we were taking a risk by going to Caprice with our mate, but at the end of the meal I knew I'd made the right choice. Last year, Caprice only just missed out on my Top Ten meals of 2015. I can guarantee that it won't happen for 2016.It was simply the best dining experience we've had this year.@FoodMeUpScottyThe best lobster dish I've had in HK, possibly anywhere!It was an expensive cut of meat at $1300 HKD - but it was worth every dollarThe view of the kitchen from the chef's table - which led to the secret cheese cellarSpecialty cheese at Caprice - they turn over a lot!And with the biggest and most comprehensive fromages that I've seen anywhere - it's no wonder they have a special storage roomCaprice is a special occasion restaurant - and very beautifulOur petite four were almost too much! But we did our best to finish them offThe path to culinary heaven continue reading
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展現多面向感受 Featured Review
Level4 2016-06-02
周末約朋友一起吃頓美好的午餐, 舒緩一下平常工作的悶氣, 選了這間位於中環的四季酒店六樓法國餐廳 Caprice 。窗外便是維多利亞港, 景色相當好。廚房空間相當地大, 用上著名的是中央的開放式廚房, 可以看到大廚們大展身手。週末的午餐套餐,可以任選2道菜 (前菜+主菜,HK$495)或3道菜 (前菜+主菜+甜點,HK$560), 再附贈一杯餐酒。先送上麵包盤, 搭配有鹽與無鹽牛油, 無鹽的是尖塔狀, 有鹽則是另一個, 而麵包則微熱。Amuse Bouche 是法式水煮蛋, 裡面的蛋黃要生, 蛋白也要帶點生, 因為法國人喜歡吃半生熟的蛋, 好吃。包餐酒一杯, 要了紅酒。前菜為牛仔肉簿片伴吞那魚忌廉配水瓜柳, 都幾大碟, 賣相不俗, 牛仔肉入口即溶, 滿有肉味, 有水準。另一為法國精選生蠔件牛仔頭肉配香草啫喱, 看名就一流, 入口就......腥得很, 失望。跟著是主菜鱈魚柳件海鮮韃靼, 莧菜配杏仁脆多士薄片, 鱈無柳正常出品, 而海鮮韃靼因太碎影響口感, 杏仁脆多士薄片只是作點綴, 整體印象不深。另一為香煎澳洲羊鞍伴中東米配時令雜菜, 以法國菜來說同樣算大碟, 煎羊鞍美味可口, 肉質嫩滑, 能鎖緊肉汁, 出色。甜品為法式軟蛋白伴焦糖爆谷配雪呢拿汁, 賣相出色, 但個人覺得太甜。另一為脆香咖啡忌廉伴意大利芝士慕絲, 這出品甜度適中, 咖啡味一定, 較合心意。Cappuccino 在意大利除了早餐外, 很少人會在其他時間喝, 因為喝完會非常飽, 也沒什麼提神作用, 但人在香港想喝便喝, 其水準不算出色, 奶泡很滑, 只是嫌味道淡了一點。友人要了 Latte, 沒有拉花, 其咕一聲喝完, 應該是可以。當然少不了 Petits four,  用珠寶盒裝來, Petits four共有三種, 非常精緻。Caprice 在味道上展現多面向感受, 設計賞心悅目, 添用餐氣氛; 但開放式廚房最終都有點油煙味, 而食客也聽到在廚房工作時的聲响, 另以法國菜來說上菜速度感覺太快, 其小瑕疵另整體減了一點分數, 但有這樣的環境及質素, 這個午餐的價錢是可以。記得預先訂檯,Walk-in 機會渺茫。 continue reading
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今天和朋友到了Caprice慶祝生日。一行7大兩小訂了貴賓房。房入佈置華麗,放上一些中國瓷器做裝飾。就算大廳都空間感十足,不會覺得餐枱都擠在一起。我們各人都點了四道菜的set lunch. 每道都很有水準。連麵包都好好吃。甜品更是令人喜出望外!只有一點是這裡沒有兒童餐或較適合小朋友吃的餐點。所以建議有小朋友的話,要考慮一下這裡的菜是否適合他們口味。我們給小朋友點了香草意粉。但出來的時候香草太多,結果小朋友也受不了太濃烈的口味。但比起Petris我會覺得這裡會值得更多。 continue reading
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Level2 2017-05-01
和好友慶生,選了這間餐廳,貪有維港景色之餘,還真想試一試聞名已久的法國餐!結果,很滿意!招呼親切、食物精緻、食材新鮮也夠花巧,讚!This restaurant was chosen to be the one to celebrate my friend's birthday. Longing to taste the French cuisine here, added on the harbour view, there's no reason to resist such temptation. Ended up everything was just above satisfactory level! Looking forward to the next round! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)