OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2017 View from Winners

OpenRice Restaurant Awards 2017 has finally come to an end. Once again, congratulations to all winners and we wish them a successful future. They are happy to share their views and experience with all of us.

Meat Pie Gor (Best Tsuen Wan and Kwai Ching Restaurant)
Meat loaf is my comforting food, and my mom has been cooking it for me since I was small. I started this restaurant with my partner because I think meat loaf is a dish that I can put creativity in it. Also there isn’t any specialty eatery focusing on this dish. I would like to thank my staff for their effort and hard work and the support from our customers. We have created three new dishes inspired by our fans at our Tsuen Wan branch, and there will be new dishes at our new shop at Tai Wai too.

Mage Kitchen (Best Kwun Tong Restaurant)
The reason we opened our restaurant in Kwun Tong is because of cheaper rent, so that we can spend more on the ingredients we use. For example we use a whole rib in our signature slow cooked Tomahawk, and we present three different cheese dips for another popular roast spare ribs. I would like to thank everyone’s support. We will continue to introduce more seasonal dishes and we welcome you all to come and have a try!

Hiroshi (Best Tsim Sha Tsui Restaurant)
We have never imagined that we gained so much support when Hiroshi started five years ago. At first our Japanese owner thought that there were only chain stores for cakes and desserts in Hong Kong, and choices were so limited especially Japanese flavours. He insisted to use only high quality matcha and milk imported from Japan. It is an honour for us to be a trendsetter of matcha roll cake and ice cream and thank you for our customers’ support.

Si Sun Fast food (Best Kowloon City Restaurant)
First of all thank you all for the continuous support and recognition. Our guests do not mind about our old interior or uncomfortable seating. We have received this award for 7 years in a row because of our persistent in quality. From the time when my grandfather started until now, we insisted to provide freshly made food. The taste of the burger stays exactly the same as I had when I was small.

Seoulmate Café (Best Central and Western Restaurant)
I appreciate the support of all neighbours and students in Central and Western area, as well as customers from all over Hong Kong. When I was on trip to Korea, I found that there was not a single authentic Korean dessert café in Hong Kong, even though Korean food was so popular. That’s why I started Seoulmate with my Korean partner from scratch. We try to blend in traditional and modern style in the décor. The rice cakes that we are using are made by Korean also. Our Korean staff are young and energetic. We hope to create more innovative dishes for all our customers.

汀汀烤活魚 (Best Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai Restaurant)
After 8 years of operation, we finally get recognition and support from all returning customers, and we are very happy about it. When chicken pot was a boom 7 or 8 years ago, we would like to introduce something new to the food lovers in Hong Kong. So we went on a trip to different places for a research. That’s how Ding Ding, which specializes in roast fish pot, was born. The most popular fish is Giant Grouper from Sabah, since the flesh is the sweetest and thickest. Each fish is cut-to-order to ensure it is fresh to serve.

Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong (Best Snacks)
Our family and company would like to thank you all for voting for us, as well as OpenRice for the award. We are happy that we have received the awards for several years. There are many customers who heard about us through the Internet, and it has broadened our market to the international level. The most popular dish at our shop is definitely hot tofu pudding. Our customers can see directly the production by our chefs, which is freshly made every 1 or 2 hours.

Yum Cha (Best Guangdong Restaurant)
Yumcha is a tradition of Chinese. As time changes, we found that youngsters are not interested in this cuisine. We hope to revitalize yumcha and encourage young people to come with their family. That’s why we try to create new dimsum with cute presentation that are photogenic and instagrammable to attract our young customers. We are happy to be awarded and gain recognition from our customers. It boosts our confidence to develop further to make yumcha trendier.

To Kee Coffee Shop (Caring Restaurant)
Thank you OpenRice for presenting the ‘Caring Restaurant’ award to us and all your support. We will continue to work hard and giving out congee to the needs in the future. With the help of our volunteer friends, there will be free haircut service very soon. We hope to benefit the elderly in Sheung Shui and other areas. We also wish to gain support from our neighbourhood to service our community.

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