Charming Vegetarian Restaurants in Hong Kong
While Hong Kong is known for their wide variety of cuisines and delectable food, it has long been lacking in vegetarian and vegan food. Luckily for vegetarians, Hong Kong has recently ushered in a boom in these types of restaurants. Try these charming, hole in the wall, exclusively vegetarian restaurants that even your carnivorous friends will love.

Run by the Japanese couple that own Ishiyama in Causeway Bay, Isoya is a quiet and intimate vegetarian Japanese restaurant. Importing most of their ingredients from Japan, Isoya has created 3 different set menus for guests to select from. Their Vegetarian Sushi aesthetically mimics that of real fish, but is really made out of eggplant, red pepper and pumpkin. Some of their other dishes include their house-made bean curd, cheese mochi, pumpkin dumplings and grilled origiri (rice balls). After each dish is served, the servers will explain every ingredient and technique used to create these complex dishes. While this restaurant is not entirely vegan (still serve egg and dairy), the chefs are extremely accommodating and are willing to make substitutions. The number of Japanese vegetarian restaurants in Hong Kong is still very limited, so this is definitely one to try out!  

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Serving ready-to-go meals made from personally selected ingredients, Fresca aims to bring healthy, nutritious vegetarian food to Hong Kong. This restaurant allows customers to create their own salad and rice bowls, creating a rich blend of flavor perfectly suited to your needs. First, customers can select either a salad or rice base, after which they choose up to 3 different toppings. Their toppings change daily but a few of their popular ones are Roasted Black Sesame Cumin Pumpkin, Korean BBQ Paste Tofu and Apple Beetroot. In addition, Fresca also offers freshly made cookies, muffins and pancakes, home baked everyday. The simplicity of their meals is reflected in the minimalistic design of the restaurant. With white walls and wooden furniture, it is ideal for relaxing with friends or trying to catch up on work. Visit fresca to try their already-made salads, perfect for busy Hong Kong business people! 

Tucked away on the first floor, Branto, while difficult to find, will please those who search for authentic Indian Vegetarian food. The fragrant smells, delicate aroma aroma and traditional atmosphere will transport you to India itself.  Offering dishes from both Northern and Southern India, Branto has an extensive menu that will not disappoint. For those that still cannot find their favorite dish, the chef may even make items at your own personal request! Highly recommended dishes here include their Masala Dosa (dosa with potato filling), Dahi Puri and Pav Bhaji. The quick service at Branto makes it a great place to grab a quick bite or eat at during lunch breaks. 

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A classic hole in the wall vegetarian restaurant, ChangLe has a comprehensive menu ranging from dumplings and  sukiyaki pots to rice and noodle bowls. Reasonably priced for Hong Kong standards, ChangLe offers a lunch set menu, perfect for hungry workers. Try their signature pots, which include yams, enoki mushrooms, carrots, snap peas and more!As for the carnivores out there, ChangLe doesn’t disappoint, with a wide range of mock meat served in a variety of ways. Guests can try their Braised Mince Mock Pork on rice (滷肉飯), Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) and Grilled Mock Pork Cutlet with Teriyaki Sauce. If you ever feel the itch for vegetarian food in Causeway Bay, this is the place to hit up. 

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Blending Asian and Western vegetarian cuisine lies VeggieSF, a fun retro restaurant with a 1950’s theme.  Popular for their burgers, noodle bowls and dessert, VeggieSF has become a staple for Hong Kong vegetarians. Their signature “I Am Fabulous” burger offers a wholesome beetroot cashew lentil mushroom patty, topped with home-made soy basil mayo, alfalfa, onion, potato and pumpkin wedges. Their noodles are no joke either. The Oakland Breeze delivers Vietnamese style rice noodle with herbs, fried tofu, cashews and homemade dressing,while The Supreme Truffle combines linguini, a garlic black truffle cream sauce and portobello mushroom. Not only are their desserts delicious, they are also all vegan! Try their Chocolate Molten Cake, Banana Nut Cake or Deep Fried Sweet Toast.

Written by: Audree Wang

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