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香港 澳門 深圳
SEP 12

I have always wanted to try the baguettes here, but the location is far from the nearest MTR stations.

As I was coming by MTR, I could only choose between Jordan or Austin station to get off.
Made the mistake of choosing AUSTIN even though it was slightly nearer because you need to interchange trains about three times and the trains run on a five minute frequency which I could have walked from the Jordan stop.

What made it worse was that it was raining heavily that day when I got there so I couldn’t exactly give up!

Anyway finally got there and ordered the baguette.
Basically there were only three choices: garlic bread, small baguette and large bagette.
添記法式三文治的相片 - 佐敦)
添記法式三文治的相片 - 佐敦)
While I was waiting I saw some magazine clippings featuring their baguettes and there are four primary ingredients that they put in which are five spice belly, vietnamese sausage, salted pork knuckle, French pate (I am guessing it is french pate because I cant read the chinese).
添記法式三文治的相片 - 佐敦)
添記法式三文治的相片 - 佐敦)
When it was made, butter and mayonnaise was spread on the baguette first and it was filled with picked carrots, tomato slices and those four meats.

Usually I am picky and would pick out any fat pieces but when I knew it had pork belly after reading the feature it was too late so I left them in there, and secondly there probably wasn’t much pork belly in there in comparison to the baguette.
添記法式三文治的相片 - 佐敦)
Luckily all the fillings in the baguette were heavily flavoured I could not taste the pork belly and the squishy fat!
The salted pork knuckles and French pate tasted the strongest and nice too.
There was strong black pepper in the baguette too. In comparison to Mr Baguette at Fortress hill and Wan Chai, I prefer the baguette here because there is pate, but at Mr Baguette there are more choices.

I liked the pate so much that I ordered an extra piece of garlic bread and pate so I could get a better taste of the pate. I should have done that with the pork knuckle too.
Supersupergirl’s special order!!!
添記法式三文治的相片 - 佐敦)
To be honest I thought this tasted better than the baguette!!
Price: $4X
Service: OK
Yummy factor: Good
MSG levels: Slight
English Menu: No
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