6-min walk from Exit D4, Causeway Bay MTR Station
2895 0885
Good For
Casual Drink
Opening Hours
Mon.-Sun. 12:00-14:30, 15:00-17:00, 18:00-22:30
Payment Method
Visa Master Cash
Other Info
Alcoholic Drinks
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Sea View
Outdoor Seating
Featured Reviews (116)
Trainee Gourmet 2016-06-06
It was by far the WORST experience I had in any restaurant in my last 27 years that I HAD to make an account to comment.It was my 2nd time there and last time although the service was slow and rude since it was busy I thought maybe it's better when it is not. And I just wanted to have a quick drink and I'm already in the area so why not.Today it definitely was NOT busy. I was sitting outside and only 3 tables (including mine, which is only 2 ppl) were there at 4 or 5 pm. There were seriously MORE servers than customers.But some how my drink NEVER came. I waited like an hour without her telling me anything. She just said it's coming. I finished my food, my bf finished his drink. I still waited. Then the cocktails drink of ANOTHER table came when they ordered only 10 min ago. By this time I was furious. I just told him to get the bill and leave. He asked the server why my drink never came, and she said cuz the bartender was not there (for an hour) First, if you know the bartender is gonna be gone that long, YOU SHOULD LET ME KNOW. I don't need a cocktail, I can change. The thing is you didn't let me know, and made me wait SO long.Second, they served another table BEFORE me when I ordered first, like AN HOUR before. Third, she was NOT sorry until my boyfriend (who is super nice and polite, usually NEVER confronts anyone) asked her WHY that she said sorry in a rude tone. continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2016-06-03
周年紀念搵個好氣氛d既地方。餐廳環境天氣熱就坐室内算,室外望到維港既境系幾吸引,但系可以要受下d 煙味喇整體食物味道咸左(濃?)小小服務就。。。好得意带位員净系带位,坐低左又冇水又冇menu埋单又系冇人理,要自己行去叫人 continue reading
Veteran Gourmet 2016-05-21
今日朋友生日,選擇咗呢間有露天嘅餐廳,諗住可以睇埋日落,飲下酒,非常浪漫。傍晚時候我哋先到達飲野,雖然裝有噴霧式降溫風扇,但其實香港天氣,特別係室外食飯,真係熱到成頭汗,最不滿就係多蚊,一邊被蚊咬,一邊抹汗。其實我成日都好懷疑露天餐廳,特別又種有花草嘅,驅蚊呢一個環節點解仲梗係做唔好?客人真係好掃興。食物方面,呢度嘅嘢食價錢中等,適合大家share. 但酒水就唔平,我哋今晚9個人飲咗四支白酒,加其他無酒精食品,埋單5000幾6000,酒水同食物嘅價錢各佔一半。蘑菇 Rosetto 唔錯, 其他食物質素都還可以。呢個豬手,肉汁幾好,但係個皮硬到食唔到。最後我地諗住叫個大嘅蛋糕慶祝,但係佢地最大得一磅嘅蛋糕,所以我哋九個人唯有叫兩個一磅既,两個接近$500蛋糕,其實真係麻麻哋好食,尤其是呢個啡色既蛋糕,得個甜字。甘既質素都要二百幾蚊,非常之唔抵勸喻,下次如果同朋友慶祝來呢度慶祝,用同等價錢去酒店買個啲好食嘅蛋糕,相信選擇會更多、更美味。呢餐每人夾成六百幾蚊所食嘅西餐,下次都未必會再嚟。不過見今晚嘅氣氛唔錯,大家聚得幾開心,就俾個OK佢。 continue reading